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    Crossing several games in the past, I found my way into the ArmA universe around 2008. Making sounds for games like Counter Strike, Half Life, Battlefield 2 and other, more casual like games, I found the perfect solution between sound-mod-ability and gameplay in ArmA. As far as the game allowed it, I recreated every single sound I could imagine, making the game to my own, personal world of sound. Sharing this little project (JSRS) was just the side effect and a gift to the community I like to play and share my time with. Audio design was the first thing I wanted to do for a living and it'll be the last thing I do before I past...

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  1. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Hmm, you have any informations in your RPT file right before the crash? Could be turret sound related. Maybe try disabling the JSRS_Soundmod_Air_Vehicles_CFG.pbo file and try again. That would disable all helicopter / jets sounds. Tho this kinda sounds like some sort of workload issue, utilization issue... Had like 100 vtols yesterday flying behind each other in a cycle for 30 minutes straight just cycling. No issues. Tho the action of gunner movement seems to be odd for a reason. I might try again today with multiple helicopters engaging things. Thanks for your input! 🙂 LJ
  2. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Will do, mate! I'll take a look at this today and report back if I can find anything. Thanks, LJ
  3. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Hey Jobo, the ctd happened with vanilla jets/vtols as far as I know. And my support for RHS vehicles was and is very limited. I do CUP vehicles tho but no one mentioned any issues there. Thanks for testing. Let me know what you find 🙂 LJ
  4. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Hello, Thank you all for the kind words. 😊 I'll update you soon with a video demonstrating some of the new sounds. Also I am aiming for the last couple of issues. On Steam, some people said their game crashed multiple times when playing with JSRS and flying jets or vtols. Can someone confirm that? I haven't noticed it yet. LJ
  5. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Hello everyone, I would like to apologize primarily for my hastily and sort of unprofessional handling of my situation. It was in no way my intention to abandon this project. The current anticipation of subscribers shows the great and constant interest in my work, and I would like to continue this. I'd just like to explain my situation and the idea as on how to continue. For some clarification: I get informed like each day about content ripped off from my work, being used in other mods I did not support or reuploaded as a so called "extended" of even "fixed" version by others. The daily inform about the stolen content is exhausting and straining. The other thing is that my efforts move slowly away from modding towards commercial business projects. Which is a really hard decision to make and a tough learning curve. Tho, lately I worked ahead of things, so I got time to chill and think about how to handle my work and this mod. Made me see clearly that I want to continue with modding, as some sort of stress release. But the anticipation by me won't be the same as of timely reasons. A good point I might can bring to your attention, is that if you are an artist, let's say a musician, it's likely that you are unable to work on two different tracks the same time. Like one is a hip hop song, the other is orchestra. You can't mix these two simultaneously and swap back and forth with them. So you need to go step by step, song by song. Same goes for my sound design. I can dig deeply into one specific idea of how a sound/game should sounds like, by watching its style, design and gameplay elements, but I can't work on two games with different sounds and styles the same time. At least I couldn't. I found out that I need some time of transition between the both in order to fully get back into one idea and style of a sound. It's hard to explain. But if I don't want both to sound the same, I need to distance myself from one to fully focus on the other. And the time in between these two is key. Earlier, when I tried that, I needed a break from sound design completely. I took a break, went and played other games, watching movies, got away from gaming at all. Took me a couple of days or even weeks to get back with the idea I needed. Nowadays the transition time, based on focused training and keeping both ideas always looping in the back of my head, takes a little more than a day. Making me to able to work on multiple projects with minimal effort to get into the other Sound design. So all that was taking a lot of time to train and maintain the technique. Might be easier for others, was a sharp learning curve for me. But I got it. So when ever I get the time off of my commercial projects I can and will spent some time back into this. I used the last couple of free hours to work myself back into JSRS, which I did not do since the last update in January, and it felt splendid to be able to have basically no rules in a non commercial project again. It's the kind of work that you don't have to worry too much about as of consequences or licenses or commercial pressure, deadlines, comparisons, QA issues and so on and on. You are the one making the decision, you go as you like. So, to capture all this in a simplistic way: The theft upset me, the commercial project grabbed me and the learning curves where horrible at first. But, and that's a big "but", I guess we can all benefit from this. My idea of clean and slick sounds are different now, I have access to some of the best libraries I can imagine, get to travel the world, meet new people, learn new things, techniques and learn about new software, and I can all invest this into JSRS at some point. Now, that I've stated what's going on lately and why sh*t hit the fan for me and I'd like to throw in a topic that we have to talk about. I need someone to help me out in the future. Mods do update, and when I want this mod to still support other mods, and ArmA3 itself, I'd have to keep track of all those things. So I'd like to give the maintaining part in different hands. Someone who's able to work on sound configs, knows about correct file patching and class updates, error fixing and all these stuff. I can probably fix most issues, but the time is my problem right now. So maybe there is someone with us here knowing something about modding, is reliable and trustworthy and loyal to ArmA and its community. If you think you're the one, let me know and send me an pm. For a final note, as I said earlier, I'd like to thank you all for the support, and I know its a bit of a back and forth with this thread. But I should have kept this open right from the beginning before I had to beg R0adki11 to open this again. Was a bit hasty and bitchy, I know that. On a good note back on the topic, as I proceed further into the sound design section and get more and more really amazing sound libraries, I was able to grab one that Squad mate its distinctive sounds from! Sonic Cracks, Explosions, heavy machine guns and cannons will surely benefit from it. I'll see if I can at some point be a bit more precisely on how the sound of the future JSRS will change! For now, thank you, hope you have a nice week, and I will be back with more! I hope I could elaborate my situation and acting a little, and hope to have you around for my future work! As a side note, you can expect my work in an upcoming CDLC project and its going to be spectacular! So even if I'm not here, I'm still around 🙂 Thank you! -LordJarhead
  6. LordJarhead

    Global Mobilization - To higher price to pay

    The whole thing behind this is to support young fresh teams entering the commercial video game development. It is a tough choice to make and you have to invest your own money to realize the product. So the prices will benefit the new teams and help Bohemia to keep ArmA3 alive while they can mainly focus on a new project but still deliver this community with fresh, maybe innovative ideas and contents. It'll support the new teams by giving them a chance and Bohemia by making some money while they don't really have any other new games to sell nowadays until their next big thing. The price is OK in my point of view and it's nothing that you have to get. Unlike any Bohemia dlc that you have to download anyways as it's part of the Plattform. This you can just ignore if you don't want it, but have it running independently if you want. It's a really great idea. This CDLC will give you some amazing products in the near future, just trust me! LJ
  7. I personally think that this cDLC is a great start and it shows that Bohemia is giving a chance to any team that is capable of producing and developing a commercial product. That there are high quality mods out there that might deliver more content is not to be argued, but this is a different process in some ways. For the commercial process you have to deliver licenses and prove that this is all your work, made from scratch or bought for commercial use. A mod can be made with stolen or copied content. RHS is big in size, but used many assets of Arma2. JSRS_Soundmod might sound good, but has many part used from YouTube or from libraries. In the commercial process all these ways are not allowed or you pay a price. And considering the size of the GM Team, I think this very first CDLC is a really well made product! Bohemia does provide the QA (in terms of functionality and other things such as political issues, signs and what not) so that the content is to their standards (not as much as quality but more importantly functionality and no duplicated content, copied mods and so on). The rest, the development, is made by the external teams. The jets DLC showed that it is possible to work with external teams and it showed the potential of outsourcing the work to others. It was a win win (win) for both, our team (Bravo Zero One) and Bohemia and the community I think. So don't be too hard on things, lads. We just got started and I'm really really thankful for Bohemia to open this door for us and help us to get a foot in the door for commercial video game production. There are many good projects going to come, I'm pretty sure 😉 Thanks GM team for you dedicated work to the German Wall history, a story that is rarely been told and used as scenario. Good job!!! LJ
  8. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    I updated my post. I`ll keep things available over Steam Workshop. Only the thread here can be closed, please.
  9. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    INFORMATION For private and professional reasons, I can not continue this project until indefinitely. In addition, the theft within our community continues and not only destroys the reputation of the original authors but also provides for problems within different versions. Therefore, I see myself forced to take this step. I ask for understanding. Thank you for years of support! It was a splendid time! I`ll keep the mod available over Steam Workshop, License and copyrights stay intact! But that wont stop the theft and multiplication of further, mixed versions that will cause problems. -LordJarhead
  10. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Thank you guys for all the nice words 🙂 New update: JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0130 Changes: Fixes - Fixed Missing M197 Gatling sounds for RHS AH64 Apache - Fixed Wind sounds were way too loud - Fixed Wrong bikeys in some RHS Compat versions Additions - Added Ricochet Shell sounds for 20-40mm and Shell rounds Thanks, LJ
  11. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Thank you mate :) you're welcome! LJ
  12. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Well I tried to get the screamy loud cracks more audible, so I added some new distance steps (Very close) which are very screamy cracks. Also I added a little more bass to the distance (pool) sounds but kept them mostly rather flat. I kinda like them like that to be honest. JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0127 Changes: Additions - Added Very close distance cracks (Loud, screamy) Tweaks: - Tweaked Soniccracks got one more step (4 sets of cracks per ammo type) - Tweaked Distance sounds got a bit more bass - Tweaked Increased distance volume and distance values - Tweaked Distance filter threshold Thanks, LJ
  13. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    Yeah would help to clear the temp folder every once in a while :( I'm sorry for the inconvenience JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0126 Hotfix Changes: Fixes: - Fixed Distance firefights around 300 meters were barely audible - Fixed Soniccracks were too low Tweaks: - Tweaked overall loudness of firefights LJ
  14. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    I'm trying to find a fix, hold on
  15. LordJarhead

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Paused

    JSRS Soundmod - 6.19.0126 Changes: Tweaks: - Tweaked Explosion volume and distances - Tweaked Weapon sounds are a little more poppy - Tweaked Volumes for overall firefights - Tweaked Soniccracks to have more variants - Tweaked Weapon distance effects to have more variants - Tweaked 3D Processors for explosions and weapons Additions: - Added Wood creak sounds for moving inside wooden floor buildings - Added Tiles sound effects for moving inside tile floor buildings CUP: - Added RPK74 was not covered - Added Launchers to the covered weapons - Tweaked multiple vehicle sounds - Added New vehicle effect Thanks, LJ PS: I hear some people dont like the new updates, but I think that is with all changes and tweaks I do. Many think its an improvement, some dont. I always consider my own opinion and the highest priority. I use JSRS to maintain my skills and try new ways and styles. That means that some things will change. I hope for your understandings.