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    Crossing several games in the past, I found my way into the ArmA universe around 2008. Making sounds for games like Counter Strike, Half Life, Battlefield 2 and other, more casual like games, I found the perfect solution between sound-mod-ability and gameplay in ArmA. As far as the game allowed it, I recreated every single sound I could imagine, making the game to my own, personal world of sound. Sharing this little project (JSRS) was just the side effect and a gift to the community I like to play and share my time with. Audio design was the first thing I wanted to do for a living and it'll be the last thing I do before I past...

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  1. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    Can we now stop this stupid discussion? Yes you don't like it. Others do like it. That's normal. And JSRS is in constant change. Because I don't let it rest, for good. I would never stop improving myself and my work, that's my hobby. If you want things to stay that way I'd have to stop modding... People like this and hate that, that's normal. Now it hit you and you are upset but honestly, no one else seem to care much about that change?!?! So I really don't change things to peoples liking anymore, mate. I'm way past that point and certainly never want to go back to that. The community has changed and I adapted and honestly don't care enough anymore to listen to other people rather than my own opinion or taste. LJ
  2. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    It would be cool if you know what weapons are involved, exactly. Long range weapons, OK, but what exactly. Like, only USAF or the Russian AFRF as well? Or even some weapons from the GREF, SAF? LJ
  3. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    Well basically it could if I don't inherit correctly. Which I certainly don't at the moment. That's probably a major issue with JSRS currently... LJ
  4. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1222 Changes: Tweaks: - Tweaked New MX Sounds for firing have changed - see Fixes - Tweaked All weapon sounds got revised for correct stacking in the audio engine - No more independently working sounds in distances resulting in multiple pop of only one shot Fixes: - Fixed MX Weapon entries were mixed up - Fixed Wrong inheritance for jet sounds - Fixed SoundSet.frequencyRandomizer': Missing ';' at the end of line - Fixed CAS1 Main Cannon sounds restored to (not correctly working) sounds - Fixed AAF Buzzard were missing all engine sounds - still heavy WIP By this update I wish you guys great holidays and a pleasant time with your loved ones! Thanks for all the support this year and I hope to see you all in 2018! -LordJarhead
  5. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    Yes John, tell us... what are your arguments of liking something? You can't like something if there is no evidence! LOL Just calm down, Mickey, there has been a mix up in the config entries. The MX was using the AAC sounds for SMA weapons mod. Tho as John said, after I realized the issue, I started to like the new sounds^^ But you are right, the AAC sounds are made for a different type of weapon and I will maybe make a mix up of the two. Personally, I FRIGGIN HATE my MX rifle sounds, the old ones that you like so much! I hate them, I did before, I do now and I will always do because I can' get used to that weapon... to me its... like a toy gun, not by sounds, I mean by look or the way it is... its just ... weird. I cannot get a feeling for this weapon like I do for real weapons that really exist. I dunno... Just wait for the next update but be sure that these MX sounds will be gone in future for sure! I personally think that these sounds are my weak spot... I can do make every weapon sound exactly like I want but this one... I dont know. And to be honest it should have the BEST sounds, as that's the "main weapon", the benchmark of the user will always start the game using an MX (Vanilla game). Its like the M16 in Operation Flashpoint, its the first thing we all fired^^ LJ
  6. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    JSRS Soundmod - 6.17.1218 Changes: Additions: - Added New Jet sounds got added - WIP Tweaks - Tweaked Gau8 sounds got changed, not really working great because of missing SoundSet system - Tweaked Cannon sounds for Blackfoot and Kajman - Tweaked Interior vehicle weapon sounds were too loud Fixes: - Fixed RPT "Sound: Error: File: jsrs_soundmod_snd_helicopters\sounds\shared\\gear_up_in.ogg not found" - Fixed Sevaral RPTs "Missing ';' at the end of line" - Fixed Missing Cas01 cannon sounds - Fixed CTD after Kajman firing main cannon
  7. Hello, I have a rather odd request for the development. It seems that the 'new' soundset system is not available for gatling weapons such as the 20mm Blackfoot cannon, the 30mm Kajman or, and that's the greatest disappointment, the CAS1 plane main cannon, the Gau8 so to say. Currently they still use the old soundbegin parameters that allow no controllers or any sort of parameters controlling the sounds. And that's a real shame as the weapons sound weird, does not work with distance filters or 3d processors and such. And not distance sounds. When ever soundsetshot is applied to these weapons, they are muted without any rpt... They just don't work. In that case we can not create good sounds for that type of weapons. I know it might be a performance reason but with the controllers that are connected to Soundsets we can limit certain things and make it performant enough. LJ
  8. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    The SVD sounds similar to an AK, yes. But there is no way M4 and Ak47 sound the same, neither in JSRS nor in rhs Oo LJ
  9. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1222

    There is no such option, at least no in the new sound system. The old one separated between each sort of material (wood, Stone, Metal and so on) but the new one has just "SoundSetExplosion" and that handles everything by controllers, and there is no such controller to separate materials. At least not that I know.. There is a list with current controllers and where they get applied. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sound:_SoundControllers These errors can be tweaked. The last CTD is probably caused by the looping sounds of the gatling cannon. Do you play in 64bit? That might also have an impact. I get these things tweaked asap. LJ
  10. Where did everyone go...

    Same here, but I believe that it is more of my personal relax therapy that I need to calm down. Because I can forget time, trump, ISIS, money, health or job or what ever is bothering me, because I'm "busy". I mod, I'm not playing, so I need my mind and thoughts to concentrate and focus on it, otherwise I couldn't create something. A game where I only need to hold a button down and aim for something that's moving, that's not really relaxing of any sort... But being creative, creating something that's worth sharing, and having a thought like "I did something today, I created something" makes me more happy than playing stupid games for endless hours and ask myself where the time went... Hehe yeah thats right. I kinda feel like an old timer sometimes just to see there are people that "serve" these forums for way longer, so I'm kinda like the new generation kiddy I'm so furious about hehe LJ
  11. Annoying Turret Crackling

    Got acknowledged. Not sure if they're really doing something about it. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127322 LJ
  12. Where did everyone go...

    Oh I have these moments very often when I kinda archived everything I set in goal earlier. I make myselfs some goal for modding and when I get things done I either got something new on the way through or I'm there with no ideas and motivation... Then I drift away from ArmA and modding and focus on other things. Like other games. That's the period I go out in the steam store and buy all that shit I didn't when it came out and it's cheap now and I need something new. Like lately I got the new Mass Effect and thought it was pretty cool. So I spent like a week playing with that thing when ever I felt like it and left the community behind. That's also one of the times I realized that things have changed here, back in the days when you didn't gave responses people started asking for you... Today that rather demand you to answer and if you don't they start a discussion that we Modder are kinda like a company that should serve the customers and deal with their problems lol
  13. Annoying Turret Crackling

    Yap. And reported it.
  14. Where did everyone go...

    Thanks Donald Trumpffff :P Yeah I know what you mean. Its a dark time somehow, even if we are not at World War but seriously, I have the feeling that even back then, not in the center of germany maybe, but even 1945 the world stood more together and shared more moments of being "human" and living together and having a conversation and all than we do today! I mean it might sounds idiotic, it maybe really does, but besides your friends and family, your colleagues or the mail man, WHO are you really talking to these days? I mean who are we talking to that we actually dont have to? NO ONE You say hello to the bus driver and sit next to a total stranger and try to not even LOOK at them. Eye contact is like absolute overkill and makes your heart rate shoot up. Being in an elevator people suffocate rather than loudly breathing or having a sneeze... and at ZERO CONDITIONS you are allowed to touch another human being, are you crazy??? This sort of behavior that kinda spread around the world makes the human kind sick sort of and makes it weak the same time! We are THE WEAKEST of our kind, today! Think about that just for second! We made ourselves dependent to an always working, never failing infrastructure... lets have a power failure for like .... 5 days or so... I'm not an expert at such things but I'm pretty sure there will be dead people all around the globe!!! And not by being killed or something... they poison themselves because they dont know how to cook meat and eat shit raw and die... Imagine there being no internet for 2 days... companies would be broke after that because the financial market went crazy! The stock market would drop unimaginable... machines would stop working because they lost contact to their servers. Nuclear power plants wouldn't be controllable for at least half their functions. I mean even more trivial, some time back Facebook was down for a couple of minutes... people went crazy! Even top-class new agencies reported about it like North Korea finally hit South Korea with a missile... http://www.computerbild.de/artikel/cb-News-Handy-Facebook-ist-down-19154525.html I mean maybe it was always a bit weird, the internet is certainly a think that connected the world and it is a good thing! No question, we need it. But in a top shelf survival situation we all, EVERYBODY, made himself vulnerable like a baby, except Bear Grylls maybe but you get the point. Well this went a little off-topic as my initial question was more about this forum, this community. Well, I think as Valken said, ArmA2 didn't made a step forward to ArmA3. Something happened and separated the community into ArmA, DayZ, Argo and maybe even many other sub categories that I don't know about. Because ArmA3, as it was announced and revealed, it was so... controversy? Is that the right word? It was ... out of the ordinary... special, new, something else... but maybe the wrong game for a community like the original ArmA2 community. Because they had something whole different in mind! We were having a debate about ArmA2 not being too realistic... it was not enough! And then.... boom, 2035... Nato... CSAT.... Greek... what the.. And I know a lot of people who left the community because of that decision from Bohemia... and I can understand it. As you said Valken, I can only hope ArmA4 is getting better and really catching up where people are stuck... back in the last days of ArmA2 when everything was about slow, thoughtful, tactical and immersive gameplay, when this whole niche thing was OUR thing. My honest opinion: Bohemia wanted to make money, but the ArmA2 community was never big enough because its a niche product. When they saw what can happen when DayZ as a mod came alive, they had a different point of view, and so they made a decision. So they made a game that in their opinion would catch way more people out there... and the kiddies and generation Xbox... all would come and pay. And they did^^ On the other hand, when we, as those who are real fans of OFP and ArmA1+2, want a game like that again, a real hardcore simulator, with proper PhysX that is working for vehicles like it should, for having graphics that support a great view distance and has room for detailed LODs so we identify realistically, having a decent sense for realistic wounds, REAL WEAPON SWAY AND RECOIL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, real weapon mechanics and a loading and inventory system like lets say Escape From Tarkov, and all those sort of things that we can think of, do you not think that could be archived with a small community either? Seriously, look at Star Citizen, what a fuckload of work they promised, a game that sounded so far-fetched and exaggerated that most people didn't believe it and still.... they raised like what? Over 170.000.000 fucking USD!!! 173,386,415 it is exactly and don't tell me they didn't just started with a dream! They had nothing but a flying space ship in front of black space... and people went stupid and stuffed money into it. Not saying ArmA4 could be like Star Citizen... but damn, 1,937,544 spent 173,386,415 USD, thats around 90 Bugs per person... I'd be happy to spent 150 USD for a game of my dreams, just saying^^ And I'm sure there are thousand of others out there thinking the same... LJ
  15. Where did everyone go...

    Yeah I’m not that conversational either, most of the time. It’s just when I have sort of an outbreak and I need to get my thoughts going and get things discussed with people. Most of the time I adapted to the forum standards, and that’s where I started to realize how things have changed. Back in the days I was used to spend much more time to respond to people, having real discussions and the topic and keep things going, never stopping the rolling ball so to say. Then things slowly changed and things went over to other ways of communication with the people, Discord for example. I think the whole word has changed, that’s a fact kind of, and the forum or at least the people around the forum, the community has changed. The world goes faster, we work more and more for less money, that’s how most people feel at least. Life gets expensive if you want to keep up with your friends or neighbors, there is more time or energy to invest into hobbies and things that take time to archive. To play games all day and night or whatever. You are exhausted, you spend hours on the highway trying to get through like everyone else while people send you message where you are, you are late! You come home try to relax and turn on TV so it can spread bad news and environmental disaster and terror attacks on you and your mind. Not sure if that’s the whole case, but I like to think that the world itself became different. The 90s are over, easy life is over. You have to keep trying to do your “best” to stay employed. Or at least that’s how things became in Germany, or that’s how I feel about it. People are connected all the time, yes, but somehow they are not. They follow strangers, like pictures of cats, listen to music that somebody else suggested. People want to fill their mind with happy things, make the bad news go away. They just follow trails of family members that posted something but they never really get into a conversation with them. I see this very often when it comes to a funeral, back example, but true: Everyone comes by and is crying about the loss, and then they start bullshitting like “We are a good family, we stay together, forever!” but a few days later they vanish and never talk to you again until the next person dies sorta... People want to stay tuned, they want to catch everything and never want to miss something. But they don’t want to get involved somehow, staying outside and rather watch what happens than actually having part in it. Yes, it is as you said, the power comes of, Wifi’s off, people get crazy! After minutes they feel like they missed a lifetime... but we made ourselves sort of dependent or addicted to it. We NEED it now...