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Found 27 results

  1. Hey guys, I am trying to wrap my head around the various playMusic, say2D, playSound3D commands and am still having trouble. I would like achieve the following two things: - When a blufor player uses an action on an object, ONLY the blufor players hear a 2D sound (it has to follow the player and be heard locally, like a radio message of sort). - The same as above, but triggered when any blufor player enters a trigger. I tried various commands but am still struggling with locality of the commands. I believe that I am not using them on the correct clients, or something like that. The reason it needs to be played for side is that the mission is supposed to be PvP, so I do not want the opfor team to hear the audio. Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Description: JSRS SOUNDMOD is a sound modification for ArmA3. The purpose of this modification is to bring new sounds to the game, making it more exciting. Many would say it makes the game much more realistic, but that is not the initial purpose of this modification. Even if some sounds are authentic to what we call "modern warfare", the main purpose was just to create a certain type of sound feeling. Visit the new JSRS-Studios.com website for more information about my work! https://www.jsrs-studios.com/ Download: JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419 In addition, I have a small selection of supported modifications: The Armaholic mirror version: JSRS Soundmod Videos: Installation: Changelogs JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0419 Tweaks: - Tweaked firing sound for Zubr revolver, was way over the top - Tweaked firing sound for M4 rifle family (CUP and RHS) - Tweaked fring sounds for all vanilla weapons plus all CUP/RHS compat weapon sounds - Tweaked many minor tweaks all across the soundscape Addidions: - Added new sounds/cfg for vehicles of Tank DLC JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0417C: Tweaks: - Tweaked some volume values for M249, M240, AKM, AK74, SCAR and more weapons as they used a wrong layer. - Tweaked new sounds for DSHK and M2 50cal JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0417: Again: New signature Key. JSRS_Soundmod_2020_V2. Admins be aware! (Do to some issue with the signing tools, it had my keys deleted!) Tweaks: - Tweaked small arms pistols volume and overall power - Tweaked Mar10 to be more powerful (SD sounds still missing the cracks) - Tweaked close explosion sounds have a bit more bass and sound clearer - Tweaked vehicle engine sounds. Tested a new idea and it came out pretty good - Exhanged/New engine sounds for Offroad, MWB, SUV, Van, Van_02 - Tweaked M249 and M240 sounds, tho I'm not quite happy with the results yet - Made some adjustments to have a better immersion playing Old Man Scenario - Deleted all reloading sounds out of RHS compat files as these cause RPT logs during multiplayer Attention: NEW KEY! JSRS Soundmod Update CE.20.0331: NEW KEY signature. JSRS_Soundmod_2020 Fixes: - Fixed some weapons where muted interior Tweaks: - Tweaked some sounds and explosions Old Changes: Support: If yoi like to support me, or you like what I do here or just want to get me drink, feel free to do so 🙂 Every cent donated to JSRS goes a 100% back into the project! Patreon or PayPal END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT: Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)
  3. I can't hear arma game all of a sudden a few days ago. I can hear other games and computer sounds other than arma. what i did Lots of reboots. Delete the game, delete the arma folder in the profile and appdata, then reinstall arma. Change the audio playback default device to the built-in motherboard with speakers connected. I checked the audio basic device, and I also checked the volume mixer. The strange thing is that sometimes arma is not visible in the volume mixer. I thought that arma couldn't catch the audio device itself, so I went to the sound option in the arma game options, and it was like the screenshot. The audio device selection area is grayed out and cannot be selected. Hitting refresh doesn't change anything. It's been like this for a few days, so I can't play the game because I can't hear the arma sound. How do I solve it? Please help me! windows 10 / 20H2 / 19042.1237 AMD 3600 Nvidia 2070S 24G Ram
  4. Hey everyone, I am trying to use the playSound3D function with the "local" parameter that has been introduced in 2.06, but I cannot get it to work. Either I'm not getting it or doing something wrong. Basically, when using the function syntax and putting in all the parameters the sound seems to play just fine, however as soon as I add the last parameter (either set to true or false) the sound does not play at all. What I would love to have is this function BE local, as in, the sound played to be heard only by the player triggering it. Now I know the function itself says its effect is global by default (GE), so it makes me wonder whether the "local" parameter is not working or it is something completely different. Thanks for your help in advance! https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playSound3D
  5. Hello guys, inspired by the great MarkXIII and with a new audio engine around the corner here we go with ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~ What? A place to ask questions (no matter how stupid you think they are) related to the creation and implementation of audio into Arma 3. Be precise, if you have RPT problems, post the RPTs into code boxes so they don't take away half of the site space. Creation -> audio engeneering, sound waves. Implementation -> configs & tools, programming. Valid questions: I have a sound X, how do I put it into the game? how does the whole wav <-> wss/ogg system work? I want the pitch of my engine sound to change, how do I do that? my audio sounds like Y but I want it to sound like X, how do I do that? Not valid questions: when will bohemia release X? is mod X compatible with mod Y? sound-system related questions (my headphones don't work in 5.1 mode) Why? There is no central ArmA 3 sound modding thread. We are all spread around Skype, Discord and PMs, this should serve a central meeting point. Game audio is very closely connected to technical stuff so this should be good for people who can create audio but have problems with implementing it into the game. Good for newcomers: open PBOs and edit current sounds add their own sounds to the game create certain sounds for the game create their own workflow Who? Anyone who wants to help out should help. We already have experienced Arma-Audio advanced users here such as Audiocustoms, TheMaster303, Myself, Laxeman and LordJarhead (probably more that I forget, please PM me their names) all being active community members and having their own areas of expertiese who can surely help. Content I will start producing educational content. Also YOU guys are the content. Ask away. Text Bohemia Wiki - Sound Page, learn about audio configuration Custom script to make the AI fire in full auto, full weapon speed at player position View sound controllers (For the first time in ArmA!) Videos What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow Current to-do list for me: What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Basic sound replacement (will probably wait with this until the new engine is out). Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow. Understanding config files & tree structure More detailed explanation of parameters in configuration. Additional Some info about the current state of the "interior" controller used for weapon tails.
  6. The audio changes which delayed Development branch updates are now partly published. As with most of these large tasks, this is ongoing work and so the current state is not considered final (in some places it may be worse for a little while). Effectively the core foundations are in place and now each individual asset needs tuning and fixing. We feel it will improve the soundscape in the final game :622: Senior audio team member Ondřej Matějka goes over the details:
  7. I have been having a bug in Arma 3 where the audio in 1st person sounds super quiet but in 3rd person it would sound normal. This also happens to vehicles as well, quiet in 1st person but normal sounding in 3rd person. I have done the steam "verify integrity of game files" after that didn't work I did a full uninstall/reinstall of the game. still nothing. Example of the bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MokMxWNpaZo&feature=youtu.be
  8. Small application for converting WAV sound files to OGG and LIP formats which are used in ARMA series. - "One form" application - Conversion into OGG and LIP formats Download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/csla-mod-for-arma-3/downloads/ogglip-converter Installation: Extract all files into any directory. For example: "C:\OggLipConverter" Help: Use key shortcut F1 in the running application.
  9. InboundsMoth803

    Audio Issues

    On Xbox my audio in game doesn't work properly. Once I start up the game I can't hear my footsteps in base and in an encounter as I run around. I've been playing on the map Batterie: Snodekt for most of the time in which this issue is happening I don't know if it happens in the other maps. The firing of a gun in the game is muffled to an extreme extent where it is difficult to hear it. Though sometimes the issue fixes itself far into an encounter I am currently playing. In other encounters I have a constant search sound effect that starts playing when I'm in the map and ends once I am out of it. The only ways I have been able to resolve it is by restart my game to correct the audio issues. I don't know if other people are experiencing the same issue as I am. I hope that this can be resolved later down the road. Thank you for your time I hope to hear from moderator soon to be informed on the situation causing me this problem.
  10. I am using Altis life Framework V5.0.0 I am trying to set of an alarm when using bolt cutters on - 1.house and 2. FED. I have successfully got the sound activating when a lock pick breaks on a vehicle with - [_curTarget,"caralarm"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_say3D",RANY]; and i have an alarm set off when robbing a gas station with - [_shop,"firealarm"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_say3D",0]; I have tried variations of these both and can not seem to get it to work. See spoiler below for the ways i have tried to implement it. any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. The bugs I’ve noticed when playing Vigor during the free to play weekend. - I noticed in the firing range when using the silver pigeon, the weapons animation is both bugged visually and the fact that the gun would show you reloading during the countdown and then you wouldn’t have any ammo in your weapon by the time it’s needed so you have to reload immediately when you start any of the challenges, also I’m not sure if it was intentional to make the scarecrows so far away in the challenge or I’m just not using the pigeon correctly. - Sometimes plates or bottles would be missing from a challenge and I’d have to restart my game to fix it. - While in a game was a generally smooth experience for what time I was given, I would say that the audio is a bit weird for sounds such as footsteps. When in a duo with my friend I can’t tell wether or not my friend and me are the ones I’m hearing or enemies because the footsteps would be delayed for about a second after we would stop moving. - Gunplay is ok, I didn’t necessarily have problems during my time in game but instead with the firing range mostly. - The shelter menu sometimes would bug to whenever I was in my equip menu, I would try to bring over one piece of ammo and I can’t see the ammo count unless I turned tabs and went back, having to go back and forth from tabs after every couple of taps. Also it sometimes sent the whole pile of ammo to my inventory and back when I had it on the 1x option. This is was my general experience of about 5 hours of gameplay during the weekend and this is also my first time posting something on a forum and I’m not very good at expressing myself.
  12. So after I reinstalled windows 10 my microphone hasn't been working in this one specific server. It worked before reinstalling Windows. I tested with another Arma profile and it didn't help. To my surprise I tried a couple of other servers and it worked on all of them. My working microphone is set to default in windows, it works in steam, I tried running steam and Arma in administrator mode, creating new Arma profiles, reinstalling Arma, checking microphone drivers, restarting PC. Before you ask, no I have not been banned from talking on the server, I checked 😂. My voice shows as transmitting but no sound is coming out. Specs : I5-7600k@4.6ghz, Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 1060, Asus prime z270-a. Headset is steelseries arctis 3
  13. Hey guys, I am thinking of changing some tank reload sounds for use with my group. I am considering changing some of the default reload sounds of the round being loaded to a couple different ones. Only thing is, I'd like it to be kind of random across several different sounds. I already figured I would need to make a small mod out of it that would override the files that tanks use (in this case I believe it's default vanilla tank reload sfx). I think I would be able to override the sound itself, but I would like to have a few variants of the reload sfx which would be chosen and played at random. Is it possible to script in any way? I will be thankful for any guidance in this regard. Thanks! Adam
  14. I'm using a turtle beach headset and I must say this game sounds amazing! I'm also super stoked about the new door audio cues! But I am noticing one thing that's very distracting. Whenever I ADS and move my character around, my own footsteps sound like they're coming from behind me. It seriously scares the crap out of me everytime. I've slightly gotten used to it, but after coming back to the game from other titles, it still gets me once in awhile. Maybe it has to do with where the camera is being placed while aiming down sights. I'm posting because I did a quick search and didn't see other related posts. Thanks!
  15. Hey all, I am currently preparing a mission which will feature a background music and ambient sounds. I would like to make sure that all the players hear it in case any of them had the music settings turned down to 0%. Is there any way to force audio volume settings on the players via a script or some addon so that I would be sure they can hear the music? Cheers, Adam
  16. Hi. How can I send some audio message in group channel, like "Get in that vehicle"? Edit: I mean just play a sound, no groupchat or action.
  17. Hey guys, So I have a glitch where whenever I am in a helicopter, vehicles, or a very tight area (like buildings or places with lots of echo) there is a loud static and "popping" sounds followed by a massive drop in frames. The glitch will go away if in 3rd person or in 32 bit arma, but I would like to be able to use 64 bit arma. I would like to elaborate on my term of massive frame rate drops, my frames will go from 60, all the way down to 1 or it will freeze entirely, so it makes first person unplayable. I have tested increasing sound sources from highest to lowest with no fix, I have tried most everything under the sun. People say that this issue is a Logitech headset only issue and I can confirm that that is false to an extent. I use Corsair VOID gaming USB headset and this issue persists. I have had this glitch for at least 6 months. Hardware: AMD FX-8350 (CPU) ASUS 970 PRO gaming AURA (Mobo) G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3 2x8 Gb RAM (RAM sticks) ASUS GTX 970 STRIX (GPU) Corsair VOID gaming USB Headset (Headset) (8 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz) (It is stuck on that setting btw) Thank you for taking the time to read.
  18. Everytime i launch Arma 3, when i press play on the launcher, or launch from the arma 3 folder in steamapps, all sound on my system cuts out. Discord, youtube, anything, including the game just cuts out. I am not sure what causes this bug, but it is very annoying as i can't play the game (Unless i want to play without sound). What i also find wierd is that i have to then close and reopen apps such as discord to hear and to make my mic work, it mutes my mic.
  19. Hello there great community of Arma! I happened to experience this strange audio bug during my last sessions of Arma, and I'd like to ask, if anyone else experienced something familiar, and if so, did anyone managed to fix it. Here's the video of bug, it'll be better than making an effort to explain it with words: I'm using Dynasound+Enhanced Soundscape, and I feel that it started to happen more frequently after recent updates of Arma.
  20. Hey all- TL;DR - Character _was_ speaking English, then last night when I went to play character was speaking French. Halp! So I've played the Arma series off and on over the years and I seem to remember running into this issue some years ago in Arma 2, but can't for the life of me find a setting to have "ALL" audio as English only. IIRC, in A2 there was a setting that had to be set for your character as well as the AI units to speak English in the voice over. Somehow, that has been set correctly on Arma 3 on my machine since I downloaded it day 1, but yesterday it got switched? Relevant info: Playing Antistasi - Warlords of the Pacific (Playing as independent) Mods: CBA_A3 ; Dynasound 2.0 Sunday: First day back and playing, char speaking English calling targets, regroup etc. Monday: Log back in, char speaking French calling targets, regroup etc.
  21. Hello there, I bought a new Logitech G430 Headset today and I have a very weird problem: Whenever I drive a car in first person, my frame-rate drops to one or two and the screen starts to freeze. This is ONLY in Arma 3, ONLY in First Person and ONLY in Cars. I don't know whats wrong but since I frequently drive cars in Arma and also in First-Person it's really annoying, especially when I'm forced to first person and driving alone it makes the game unplayable. I tried various stuff that may fix this but nothing worked yet. Any Ideas or where I could continue troubleshooting? CPU: AMD FX-8320E Mainboard: ASRock 990FX Extreme6 GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390 Headset: Logitech G430 OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  22. Hello. I'm trying to make the grenades play a pin pulling sound when you throw them. This is what I have: But for some reason it doesn't seem to be playing. Can anyone spot something wrong here or help me out?
  23. Headphones and why they are Important for games Most people overlook their audio for games in their setup, they buy expensive video cards, displays and even fancy ram with LED lights... I Would like to go over a few things, terminology, price/performance value what to look for and what to stay away from. Terminology Drivers- are the speakers which are used in your headphones designed for use in close proximity to your ears Big = better. Virtual Surround Sound - you dont need 5 sets of drivers per ear to have surround sound, generally this is a marketing term for stereo audio having more then 1 Driver per Ear is a waste of your money and your sound quality. Amp - a Amplifier which helps to push your headphones a little bit both in terms of volume and in quality. Open Back- Headphones with exposed drivers, provided great sound stage for the most part, will leak sound so you can hear what is going around you, and people can hear what you are listening to... will not bleed into mics if you set mic gain accordingly. overall these and the semi open are the best for gaming. Closed Back - Headphones which are completely enclosed drivers, the typical headphone type you are used to isolates sound. Semi open - really its just open back with a few trade offs. Sound Signature or Frequency response - how the headphone acts during certain frequency range. but be higher, lower or neutral (FLAT), V shaped means More Bass and treble and not much mid range sounds. Monitor or reference headphones mean that they have a flat Frequency response. Please try to Stay away from headsets... aka headphones with mics, usually you can find the same headphones without a mic at 200 to 300% less price, I would highly recommend Sony Clip on ECM CS3 Mic with a 3.5mm extension, really great sound quality you could use it for making voice overs in games... better then pretty much any headset mic. Stay away from brands such as Beats, Bose, skull candy ect... while some people may like them... its better if you look else where. Price I find that anything around 40 to a little less then 200 will give you very good headphones, above that you start to have steep diminishing returns for only slightly better audio... If you have a good motherboard and your house was not wired by grandma and grandpa you should have clean undisturbed signal with little or no noise so dacs will not be needed unless you really want to as most Highend (not high priced) motherboards should have a good quality dac built in. Try to stay away from wireless systems, i find anything wireless to just be a hassle with sub-par performance compared to a system which uses conductors, not only do wired headphones/ all devices work better in almost all regards you don't have to replace batteries and yes li po batteries will not last long, you have much lower latency with a wire close to the speed of light that is, more interference that might be picked up through a wireless system, plus wireless systems are harder to repair. Feel free to Post down below your comments, recommendation as well as any questions you have ;) will add headphone Amps down below at a later date and a few other things ... Headphones list AKG K612 - Pro one of the best Headphones I have tried, works very well of gaming and music, Flat sound signature, open relatively easy to run without an amp Around 150 USD (sadly build quality is a little low, connection issues led to me opening and re soldering the left ear) AKG K712 - the K612 older brother, better in all aspects but are around 300 USD great if you can find them used for around 200, but if not AKG K612 are pretty much the same, it also comes with a detachable cable AKG Q 701 - Great Audio, open back, Little harder to run then the K612, not much bass which is not such a huge issue little over priced for what they are AKG K240 and MK II - Great Semi Open Headphones around 50 to 95 USD easy to drive at 55 Ohms AKG K271 and MK II - Great Value Closed headphones easy to drive 55ohms drivers Audio Technica ( ATH ) ATH M20x,30x,40x,50x, - Get which ever headphone you can afford, they are little over hyped maybe for good reason, easy to run, closed (50's are over priced get the 40's instead) ATH AD 500X - Really impressive Headphones one my top pick for under a 100 USD for gaming headphones, open, easy to drive, Very accurate and large soundstage higher then 90% of headphones, lite on the base. sold for under 80 USD, wings on top can be moded with elastic or rubber band if one has issues with them, very light and very comfortable, flat sound signature besides for bass ATH AD 700X - A small step up above the 500x just a touch more bass around 100 USD ATH AD900X - A step up above the 700x, competitive to AKG k612 pro with less bass but more sound stage sold for around 150 USD ATH AD1000X - same as the previous line up with again a little more Bass and a touch of higher quality audio which might be unnoticeable for most people. sound for around 300 USD ATH A550x/ A700x/ 900x - Closed back version of the AD series, slightly less Sound stage but still very good for being closed back. and more bass. Takstar HI2050 - Great Cheap headphones if you can find them, opened back, little strong on clamping force, great sound stage, great bass, semi flat Sony MDR-7506 - Closed back headphones, some say they are better then the ATH Mxx series sold for less then 100, and they are portable much like the ATH Mxx. Philps Fidelio X1 Good Headphones have a high amount of praise, open back, large and comfortable. (stay away form the X2 due to the low quality manufacturing from the company being bought) Philips SHP9500 Better Valued Fidelio X1 per dollar ratio can be had for under 80 USD. DT-770 Closed headphones, comes in 3 resistance ratings, V shaped sound signature, its german take it or leave it... starting price at 150 USD DT-880 same as the 770 but semi opened starting price at 150 USD DT-990 Opened headphones, better sound stage, less bass starting price at 150 USD Sennheiser HD598 - very good Headphones, light weight, great sound stage, flat sound signature, little base lite, can be picked up for around 150 Sennheiser HD 558 - lower cost HD 598 if you can find them, very slight less bass and treble which helps to flatten the highs out Sennheiser HD 518 - Great value for the money if you must have a Sennheiser under 80... Sennheiser HD 201 - Closed headphones, Cheap, great feel Sennheiser HD 419 - Closed Headphones, Cheap, great feel Fostex T50 RP- are semi opened Headphones they are pretty good, around 100 to 150 in price, higher treble Fostex T20 RP Opened headphones for around 150 USD. great headphones Status Audio OB-1 Really great Headphones for under 100, no silly branding, poor sound stage, Strong build, recommend Superlux HD 668B - oh were to start with these headphones, I have nothing to say bad about these headphones for what they are. they are semi opened, great sound stage, very good sound, very light, detachable cable which you can pick up at any store, 3.5mm extension. flat sound signature and did I say they are sold for UNDER 40 USD... might be uncomfortable so please buy the 20 USD Velour HM5 pads :D to improve sound and its comfort value. might need to stretch them out on some books for a few nights Superlux HD 669 closed HD668B Superlux HD681 EVO semi opened headphones sold for under 30 USD cant say about sound quality but they should be close to the HD 668b Superlux HD 661 Like sony 7506 but a little better considering its price and superlux performance for what they cost Superlux HD 685 Closed headphones very nice similar to the AKG K550 but not at a 200 USD price range... had for under 60 USD Superlux HD 562 - Cool little portable On ear Headphones for outdoor use when you are playing arma mobile... And for those who need a headset I would recommend the hyper X :P to close this out I would like to say that you can defiantly get 5 to 10 years out of your headphones, most headphones will suffer from continuity issues and then most people will throw them out... however this is not needed, you can fix this issue. all you need is a soldering iron, lead/tin solder 60/40 (not plumbing) some silicon 24 to 30 awg wire depending on your need, and some 3.5mm plugs and jacks, you can mod your headphone to use detachable cables such as a 3.5mm extension or 2 male 3.5mm prong connectors, a cheap multimeter which has continuity mode. liquid tape and a hot glue gun, a screw gun with some drill bits, and wire strippers (automatic or pillar type) or if you are pro a side angle cutter (diagonal cutter). You can also make your own Track IR system if you feel like you can, which I highly encourage people to do so. however if you want to be boring you can always just spend your money and wait a few days for it to be shipped to your door... :lol:
  24. Hello, I just bought arma 3 and i started playing the campain and everything was fine but then when i went into the multiplayer i joined a server and lost all the sound (menu music, sfx ...) i then disconected frome the server but the sound didn't come back and i had to restart arma to regain the audio... I tried changing the cpu count and all but nothing changed and it does it on every server ... I loved arma 2 especially for it's multiplayer :wub: and now arma 3 looks epic but i can't experience it without any audio! Anyone know how i can fix this ? <_<
  25. While the not-so-recent sound update dramatically improved the quality of sounds, especially gunshots, in ArmA3 by adding a very nice dynamic echoing system, the actual gunshots of certain weapons still feel very lackluster. In particular, one of the biggest problems (in my opinion) is the sound of heavier weapons. While the marksman DLC gpmg's sound okay, most of the other weapons, including the vanilla .50 HMG and the GMG sound... less terrifying than they should. I'd like to use an example of what I consider to be one of the best heavy weapons sound effects system, the ArmA2 mod ACEX_SM. If you want an example, the following link contains some audio from ArmA2's acex_sm sound mod. The heavier weapons are more deep and sonorous, and you can EASILY tell the direction in which they are firing from, even with youtube's stereo audio compression. You only need to listen for a few moments for this to become abundantly clear. In comparison, ArmA3's lmgs and hmgs sound considerably more ambiguous. The sound of the supersonic rounds snapping overhead is excellent, but the attenuation of the source gunshots is unrealistically exaggerated. It takes a significant amount of experience for a player to estimate which direction they are being fired at from, and even then, visual cues are vital in determining the source. As an example; I note that this is a particularly poor example, as I am unsure of the nature of the weapon being used to fire at the soldier in cover, however, it's quite clear that the snaps dramatically overwhelm the audio of the weapon being fired. Also, the snaps are the same in sound regardless of the caliber of weapon being fired. (A 40mm cannon round whizzing overhead sounds identical to a 5.56). The source of the shots cannot be audibly gauged. Credits to ShackTactical and Dslyecxi for the footage. I used it in the context of education and feedback, I'm sure they won't mind.