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  1. Smaller PvP missions can be useful when there aren't many players joining. I remember seeing co=op servers getting filled up a lot faster than say Domination or Wasteland servers (although those do have a lot of players which is cool) Smaller PvP modes would also benefit private hosts. Not everyone plays on dedicated servers. Me and my friends host games sometimes privately and without a dedicated server that can support 50v50 modes ;) The even better suggestion is (if possible) to make those missions dynamic as in select where east spawn will be on map and where west spawn will be on map so some scripts do the rest of the work dynamically while host specifies number of players, battleground width, length, etc. It's hard to implement something like this, and may not be worth all the effort if people don't want to play the game mode, but it's still a neat suggestion :) you can look at Advancing Power by Dragon Zen for reference.
  2. MAVEN

    Awful lag decent specs

    Lot's of players online requires a good processor to handle all the in and out packets as well as positioning and actions properly. It's sort of like playing same game twice simultaneously just to make sure everything will broadcast to others properly. Even if a server has best specifications, a slower CPU can impact your gameplay experience. It used to happen to me when I played Battlefield games, got resolved when i got myself a much faster connection and a new cpu and gpu unit. Since you have a decent GPU and a good internet connection, it's probably your processor. You need to do more tests (GPU-Z, CPU-Z, try them) to see.
  3. Merderet winter :p I'd like to see both a big 50vs50 and small 5vs5 or 10vs10 :)
  4. Do you have a tutorial or can you make one about mission porting to other islands? I have several missions I would like ported for personal use too.
  5. MAVEN

    MVD Mission Pack

    It appears so. Any good vids where I can see FSB alpha EQ, weapons in particular demonstrated?
  6. MAVEN

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Haha, I was just pulling your tail as they say, LJ :D 1.5 is sufficient. If 1.6 is to be out, it will be either for A3, or when patches accumulate. I don't see how could JSRS get any better in a way it hops to another major release, it's the engine limitation, you guys used nearly 98 % what's possible and even what was deemed impossible :)
  7. MAVEN

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I apology to everyone that I have to drift off topic a bit. You like to read global news, so I found you some links based on my real sources (note I don't read news, but you stated it many times you do) so I adapted my sources to what's in public: US population - https://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html American ignorance - https://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/u-s-whites-outnumbered-in-40-yrs/ And again - http://news.monstersandcritics.com/usa/news/article_1424117.php/US_will_have_more_diverse_population_whites_outnumbered_by_2042 And you can find dozens more. But then this happened - https://gawker.com/5911025/black-is-the-new-white-non+white-births-outnumber-white-births-for-the-first-time-in-us-history You can find many more as well. Now, who are those people that account for over 60 % in US today? They are 10 to 20 % of these - http://www.cotf.edu/earthinfo/meast/MEpeo.html And this is getting up to 20-30 % as conflicts escalate further. Neverminding other parts of the world like Latin Americas, Africa, etc count too. A rough math estimate then says that mid east has over ~70 million of potential trouble makers, while in US that's around 60 million from the reported "immigrants" only. Add to that, that US is better supplied with weapons, better trained, more powerful and involved in conflicts than middle east, that US is a better place to live in than in middle east and you can nearly see it. Now, if you are in for the real number, account all Latin Americans, Africans, Indians, Asians who as well tag along in the US and account their "trouble maker" percentages and you will see that US is a hotbed for violence in the future, that's unless something stops this from happening which is unlikely as it seems. If you are in for even more, account all of those who immigrate from UK who previously immigrated from places mentioned before, or from 3rd world regions such as north-east africa, balkani in central europe, indonesia, etc then add to this that publicly available data is filled with propaganda so numbers are in no way accurate, nor is it even possible to know the exact number. This is all based on public data just so you can see for your self. My sources aren't publicly available, neither are they deep, but at least I know truth and decide to accept it as it is. In any way, shut up once and for all about where I get my facts and claims from. If you don't believe it, your problem, move on. if you are unable to find your way around real information, your problem, not mine. But don't write my way again. I don't have to prove you anything nor do I care much seriously, I replied this time only so you could understand and others could see that you provoke even when I mentioned you shouldn't. Next time when you decide to provoke, I won't send my response here, but in private and not on this forum. P.S. I forgot to mention that those percentages apply to every country/nation in this world and that there is no direct accusation whatsoever, what I basically demonstrated is like that there are many beehives and there are bees except that more of the ones who couldn't adapt in their own hives decided to go in US one, US would do the same to Europe if it was poorly developed like middle east for example, which is thankfully not the case.
  8. MAVEN

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    When is 1.6 coming out? :)
  9. MAVEN

    MVD Mission Pack

    SPS! :D I like your mods, you got any models/weapons that are expanding the already good BI's MVD units?
  10. MAVEN

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I ain't going to reply to your comments after the debacle in "the thread" for your safety, thus I will kindly and politely ask you to not reply to me either ;)
  11. MAVEN

    MVD Mission Pack

    I got over the basics, that's how I made the missions :p But not the advanced things yet.