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  1. NeuroFunker

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    you said it.
  2. NeuroFunker

    Rate the second episode!

    I gave it a 7. Somehow less intriguing, less interresting then the first episode. I had absolute no passion, doing side mission, even they are just optional. It didn't felt so dangerous, being under pressure in enemies territory. The only mission, where such feeling came back, was return to stratis one. Imo this was my most fav mission from whole episode 2. Yes overall it's more sandbox'ish, more difficult, but somehow less interresting. Even playing with mods like jsrs, blastcore, bCombat, did not enhance it for me, while i've completed first episode without any mods, and enjoyed it pretty much. I know, people like arma because it's a sandbox, but playing linear first episode, felt personally more interresting the sandboxed second episode. Side missions, maybe i did miss something, but why we are send to do them, alone? like assaulting roadblocks. Why couldn't we get few soldiers for that task? The only side mission, to go solo, was finding and killing snipers duo, on a factory. I believe even enjoyed playing that one, looking for them in full of mines area. Was imo quite stupid in last mission, to send my rebel team (5 people) against CSAT special forces, in the village with arty. Yes, we found out there are csat special forces after destroying the arty first, even told our HQ about it, but we were send to eliminate csat special forces, in reality, Miller should have known, we have not a single chance there, and would tell us to retreat. Just destroying arty, quick hit and run, would do the job. My rebel team, should have had no chances, facing best trained csat forces, whith such low amount of people, but we have managed to defeat them. Felt more like, my team were the elitest trained forces on earth, facing stupid low skilled rebels csat. Even it's a game, knowing NATO/US, they would just bomb the shit out of island, whithin all civilians, rebels, before even geting close to the island. That was quite stupid invade the island, just with choppers, where AAF had jets, which are quite supperior in the air. The excuse could be, cause the game had no jets, so nato didn't use any. BI could keep the last mission for third episode, where probably the jets for bluefore and opfor should occure. Let see what third episode shows, im sure it will have large scale battles, lots of action. I hope it will be fun and interresting, and yet not easy.
  3. NeuroFunker

    Rate the first episode!

    only who brought support edition if i remember right.
  4. NeuroFunker

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    really nice update! Love the new enviornment sounds, nice twitching birdies, really cool and weird mix, hearing large scale battles and nice bird twitching at same time, gives some really "poethic" fellings so to say ;)
  5. NeuroFunker

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    ENGINE Fixed: CTD when a rabbit opens a vehicle’s inventory i think, that one is worth to be put on sig. ;)
  6. NeuroFunker

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    i agree, we were speaking of "temporary solutions" so to say, ofcourse not the mods should improve things, when the game has broken/not working features.
  7. ^nobody should be bothered, replying to "arma iz baad enjine, cryrngine iz best" spam.
  8. NeuroFunker

    Rate the first episode!

    after playing second ep, somehow, i liked first more, in therms athmosphere, scenery. I might even say, i liked it more, because of liniarity, you have point A and Point B, and there are not XYZ in between. The only mission in ep2 so far, i liked back to stratis one. It felt somehow stalker-a like so to say. Being with few people in totally infested full of enemies thight area/zone, felt really well. I don't feel that much under pressure on Altis at all. Lots of room to hide, escape. Even playing with mods like blastcore, jsrs, bcombat, doesn't impress me, as first ep. campaign did.
  9. so, we are not invited for a big one, along all of you, fixmoaners?
  10. no normal people left, it seems.
  11. lool, even Dwarden getting tired of all that moan.
  12. NeuroFunker

    Development Blog & Reveals

    today i have wondered, what are asian faces in the game for? Maybe for wider audience, so people from all nation can use it, or maybe a hint, for future expansion pack? Never heard/seen someone asian in campaign or missions or campaign (maybe overlooked?). I was guessing something about Chinese, or other asiatic country, now i have even more guesses, we might see something in that region in the future.
  13. yep, exactly my thoughts.
  14. NeuroFunker

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    actually in arma 2 it was to easy, in arma 3, some weapons sound really close.