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  1. Downloaded Malden update just now. And just wanted to say that orchestral soundtrack is friggin' awesome! I got goose bumps like all the time while listening to it. AWESOME!!! Big thanks.
  2. Is there gonna be an AFM for VTOLs?
  3. By the way, pictures showing units in 3den editor while you're selecting them - it's an uber-kewl feature. I was like "Woah! This is shupa shweet!"
  4. Regarding chemlights - also the light emitting spot is slightly misplaced related to the model itself
  5. Two issues i've encountered in latest dev patch: 1. Chemlights are barely visible, especially red and green ones. 2. every shell casing makes 3 (three) "tings" when falling on the ground.
  6. I wonder what is "Narrow Tree 3D Sound Processing Type"? Is it something that lowers calculating powers needed for processing a 3D sound data?
  7. In 3D editor I'm getting this error while trying to select an OPFOR or BLUEFOR plane : Cannot load texture a3\editorpreviews_f\data\cfgvehicles\o_plane_cas_02_f.jpg (b_plane_cas_01_f.jpg in case of bluefor plane) In almost every showcase I'm getting this: Error: creating weapon HMG_static with scope=private or Error: creating weapon HMG_127_MBT with scope=private or Error: creating weapon HMG_127 with scope=private Also in controls options every key that has no english letters is now displayed by it's cyrillic letter instead of a simbol. For example "~" is displayed as "ё" and ":" is displayed as "ж". And I'm using english interface.
  8. Here's an example of not-so-good-sounding Blackfoot's autocannon - I don't like the samle itself, it's too loud and it's fading over distance kinda sucks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbE6d611MgA
  9. Is this video is about horrible Blackfoot's autocannon sound? If it is then I have to say - it DOES sound awful and the simpliest way to experience it is to play a Combined Arms showcase - there's a Blackfoot flying over your head, shooting, right in the beginning of the mission. And damn it sounds bad.
  10. Might that problem which Vasily.B mentiones - when some sounds aren't played - be connected with the fact that audible distance of sonic cracks is astounding 400 metres? Considering that you actually cannot hear them further than 150-170 metres (which I personally think is waaaaay too much) because they become too quiet compared to all other sounds, isn't it an unnecessary waste of calculating power?
  11. Is it a known bug when firing from Mk6 mortar injures and eventually kills you? Because I found it out like a half year ago and even already forgot about it. But today while I was practicing in mortar firing I remebered it because I died on like thirtieth shot. Or it is not a bug but rather a weapon degradation mechanics because not only it kills you but also damages the mortar =).
  12. Apparently only works for shooting right now. Sound of heli engine, for example, doesn't change.
  13. Maxzy

    Is the 3D Editor mandatory?

    HeroesandvillainsOS, I will clarify things for ya =). 2D editor will be no more after the update. BUT! And it's a round and nice but - in 3D editor there is an option to switch the view to 2D by just pressing an "M" key. You press it and you see everything as it was before in the glorious 2D-times =)). Only the interface is slightly different, but I think you'll get used to it very quikly cause it's good.
  14. Well, I wouldn't call 50 metres "pretty far away" =). But basically all that is irrelevant, because what I see as a problem is that since Arma 2 hearing sonic cracks was a strict indication that somebody is shooting at you or ar least at someone or something right next or in front of/behind of you. But right now in Arma 3 it is not the case. Right now the only indication hearing the sonic cracks gives you is that somebody is shooting. I don't think that it is how it should be. There is a new update, I didn't try it yet but I hope that regards to sonic cracks everything is back to normal. Cheers.
  15. Well, at 150 metres it is indeed not that loud but still pretty hearable. But at 50 metres it has no difference with that at 0 metres. And do you really can hear it pretty far away in real life? How much is pretty far away? I'm not an expert in any way in this question, but I was at hunt one time and guy was shooting SKS, so I was at like 60-70 metres from the bullet trajectory and I didn't hear anything even remotely resembling a sonic crack. Only thing I was hearing is a shot sound. And why are people who want to record a sonic crack has to shoot almost directly at microphone if you can hear it pretty far away?