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Found 62 results

  1. Hey everyone, I made a CBRN script that uses the new Contact assets for a mission for the group I play in. Thought I could isolate it and share it for others to use as well. This is open source and licensed under APL-SA. I will be accepting pull requests, feature requests and bug reports. Preferably on the GitHub page :) https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn Script info Mission script to add an arcadey CBRN mechanic into an Arma mission. This script is not meant to be realistic, as breathing in 2 seconds of some bad smell air causing death is not fun on a gameplay level. However, you can tune down the max CBRN damage to get this effect if you really wish! CBRN threats are abstracted into 4 threat levels which are color coded by green, yellow, orange and red. Threat level diagram, all threats level requirements stack: Green: No CBRN gear need Yellow: Gas mask needed Orange: Supply of fresh air needed Red: Full CBRN suit needed This script comes with a custom gasmask overlay, breathing sounds and custom low oxygen warning sounds. Features Custom gas mask overlay Breathing sounds Working oxygen tanks Threat meter UI CBRN threats are abstracted into 4 threat levels CBRN threat zones JIP compatible Custom CBRN damage, works with ACE and vanilla medical Configurable values via missionNameSpace variables More information and example mission on the GitHub page! https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn Disclaimer the threat zones are invisible, you can only detect them with a threat meter device Requirements CBA_A3 and ACE ACE for the interactions, info screens and medical pain integration. Installation Download the latest release Copy paste the whole script folder into your mission Adapt the description.ext classes CfgFunctions, CfgSounds, RscTitles, Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers, and Extended_InitPost_EventHandlers Change variables in postInit or init.sqf if required Screenshots Download: https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn/releases
  2. Sometimes it's useful to discuss updates to the Steam Development branch in one centralized place. Let's use this thread for that. The changelog thread can stay clean and do its thing. It mainly serves for our team to rapidly see if a daily update is very broken or very epic :ph34r: Actual issue reporting should still happen via the Feedback Tracker of course. Thank you!
  3. Arma server monitor discord bot I recently made a discord bot that is able to monitor arma server to check if they go down. Additionally it also allows user to check the amount of players on server etc. There are other noteworthy features that are mentioned bellow. In this post I'm providing the source code for this bot so you can host your own bot doing this. Features Support for an unlimited amount of arma and teamspeak servers Pings admins if one of those servers goes down The ability to turn those pings of for servers dynamically Logging for the number of players on those servers (can be turned on or off for every individual server) The ability to change how often the status of those servers should be checked The ability for users with certain roles to launch certain queries to those servers The ability for users with certain roles to execute admin level commands (change if a server will ping if it goes down, add/remove yourself from the list of users that will be pinged, ...) The ability to alter the config without having to restart the bot The ability to mute all down pings between 2 given hours (for scheduled restarts) The bot is restricted to 1 channel A timeout between pings for the same server being down Uses discord embeds Available commands Usage This is simply source code, this is not a bot you can add to your server. You need to create your own bot and host this code. To create a bot I suggest googling 'how to create a discord bot', at the time of writing there are several very good tutorials available. To host the code; download the source from the link provided bellow, open the readme and read through it carefully, edit the config.json in the \src\config directory (there is a configExplenation.txt available in the same directory with some extra explanation on what each value is/does) and finally start the bot up using the commands provided in the readme. Requirements This bot requires node.js and a discord bot License This work is licensed under Apache License 2.0, full license included on the gitlab. Download You can find and download releases here or view download the source code here. Bugs Please report bugs here or on the issue section of the above linked gitlab Planned features None at this time, feel free to make suggestions though (but I make no promises about putting them in, all I promise is that I'll try) Updates
  4. This script allows scripters to re-use all the voice command phrases in Arma. This is especially useful for AI type mods where scripts are making AI perform tasks, and you want to hear the audible commande like "Move Up", "Set Charge", "Detonate Charge", "Frag out", etc. Features: Unit's ingame language is used (i.e., English, French, Russian, Persian, etc). Sound file may be played loud or soft depending on unit's current behavior (Normal, Combat, Stealth) Lip animation Download Mission: Here. Credit: @Larrow for his badass utility for finding sound file paths. Use this tool to find additional sound paths to add to this script. If you add more paths to this script, please post them in this topic, so I can add them to my script. Boring Video of Demo Sample init.sqf script from mission showing how to call the script: The JBOY_Speak script (so you don't have to download demo mission to see it)
  5. Here is a super simple script for animating lip movement for an AI unit for specified # of seconds. Script: Here is some sample usage code, where two different units talk with each other. In this example the valdez character says a sound file that is about 5 seconds long, and the paramedic1 character says a sound file that is 2.6 seconds long. // ************************************************************** [valdez, 5] call JBOY_Lip; valdez customRadio [JBOY_Channel,"hvTempHospital"]; //valdez globalchat "Hey Zeke. When are they going to build the new hospital? This temporary one is a dump."; sleep 5; // ************************************************************** [paramedic1, 2.6] call JBOY_Lip; paramedic1 customRadio [JBOY_Channel,"hParaCutOffFunding"]; //paramedic1 globalchat "Maybe never. Madagascar has cut off the funding."; sleep 3;
  6. Last Tango in Tanoa - Episode 2: Razing Cane is RELEASED !!! It was a long hard road, but episode 2 is out now. Episode 1 - Missing Person just made 5 stars on Steam. Woohoo! Episode 2 - Razing Cane Steam Link Episode 2 Steam Link here. Features: Continues story from Episode 1 Bird shooting contest with El Cojon Vehicle Chase sequence (very difficult to create in Arma!) AI Melee attackers (will rush you and attack ) Shotguns destroy ferns, small bushes, sugar cane, and small palm trees Jungle and cane field CQB Fully voiced Fully command-able JBOY dog who follows, swims, attacks, detects enemies, boards vehicles, etc. Required Mods: CBA_A3, RHSUSAF Please rate and comment on Steam. Enjoy! Recommended: Play "Last Tango in Tanoa: Episode 1 - Missing Person" first so you know the story. And Rate it! Credits: I want to thank the following people: @XerXesCZ for thorough/professional beta testing @AZCoder for excellent beta testing and designer moral support @POLPOX for his revive script @phronk for excellent Melee script @M1ke_SK for super cool Leak script @soolie for excellent dog menu dialog @Greenfist for PPEffects utility (a real time saver!) RHS team for their awesome shotguns And I have to thank the usual rock stars for tons of help on the BI Forum: @Larrow @Grumpy Old Man @pierremgi And all those who helped with JBOY Dog that are credited on Jboy Dog Thread And anybody I forgot! And last, but not least, Mrs. JohnnyBoy for voice acting in the Arma 1 Last Tango in Bagango flashback! She delivered that important dramatic line so exquisitely!
  7. BEHOLD!!! I give you JBOY Freakin' PumpkinHead!!!!! No mods required. And the best part: Their heads freakin' explode in pumpkin chunks when shot!!!! How to use: In the Editor, place a player and friendly and unfriendly AI all about. Then run. In the console, paste the following code: Head shots explode the pumpkins and kill the units. Note: Each type of headgear requires its own attachTo offsets for the hat to look good on the pumpkin. So I currently only support the Hardhats and Straw hats. If you want to put a beret or some other helmet on the pumpkins, you can modify the switch/case code to support a new headgear type and play with the x,y,z offsets until the hat looks good. I'm planning on creating better faces in the future when I work this into a horror mission in the Last Tango campaign. Happy Halloween everybody.
  8. I have with the help of others created a script that spawns and despawns furniture in houses. Download: https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture/releases At the moment it currently is more of a tool-suite as I'm not an impressive interior decorator. I would very much like to gather up a library of compositions with the help of the community, although I'm not entirely sure on how to organize this yet. Github: https://github.com/Tinter/Tinter-Furniture Steam workshop (Does only have a test mission): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895377640 Showcase of the script: Quick showcase of how to add make and add compositions: It spawns furniture locally as simple objects in nearby houses, despawning it when you're far away. The furniture is defined by compositions that you make in eden and using the scripts provided, organize them into files. The compositions are defined on classnames, but a lot of work has gone into trying to make similar buildings compatible, for example the buildings on Altis and Malden are different, but the script will recognize them as the same. Info on how exactly to do this is in the readme file. Furniture is also spawned on the server so that AI will also (hopefully) consider it. I have no indepth test of performance with this script active, but I have played missions with it active and it didn't slow the mission to a crawl at least. At the moment it currently is more of a tool-suite as I'm not an impressive interior decorator. I would very much like to gather up a library of compositions with the help of the community, although I'm not entirely sure on how to organize this yet. Thanks to Diwako, G4rrus, Tennessee, jonoPorter, Meanwhile
  9. EDIT: this description is waaayyy outdated, I ,alas, have been very lazy with documenting all it can do... Best way to know everything it has to offer is to read the changelog of releases which I DO keep up to date and documented. One day I promise I will document everything....😉 MRH Milsim Tools is a mod aimed at expanding the possibilities of scenarios for milsim units, as well as adding permanent features to missions. It is first and foremost meant to be used in milsim scenarios in multiplayer. Though some features will still work in SP, a lot of them will not behave properly in a single player environment. Please also note that a lot of the mod's features are built around the premise that most milsim units send dead players to a 'respawn bunker' from which they cannot escape until the end of the mission. So when killed a player will be considered 'dead' by the mod. An admin, or the use of the JIP menu can reset that status but if you use a different respawn scheme some things might not work properly. While some parts of the mod are plug and play, most features will require to be added to the mission by the mission maker, and as such require some basic scripting knowledge. A lot of tweaking options are available from CBA options menu. This mod is in constant WIP, the idea being that each time I develop something for a mission for my unit I will include it here. Current version: 1.17.6 Full guide, frameworks and features here: https://mrhmilsimtools-arma3-mod.wikia.com/wiki/MRHMilsimTools_ARMA3_Mod_Wiki Git hub issues here: https://github.com/MisterHLunaticwraith/MRHMilsimTools/issues Source code here: GitHub repository And download here: Download on steam workshop. localization: French and English Requirement: CBA_A3 ACE3 Features: **Core features:** Fully configurable team roster. You can change team roster color theme, decide if you want to display AIs and AI groups, even show all sides in the roster. Tracking of dead, alive, disconnected, reconnected players. Players will be flagged 'dead' by the mod if they are killed and respawn, allowing you to know they are dead even if the 'alive _x' scripting command returns TRUE. The mod keeps a registry of dead and disconnected players, you can decide to kill players that where flagged dead upon disconnecting when they reconnect (optional). Player intel data: Role, rank with NATO code, customizable rank insignia, radio frequency. Alongside CBA's option to change group name in the lobby, you can set a radio frequency for each group. In the team roster,and on the soldier's tablet the name you defined for the group will be shown instead of default Arma group naming (Alpha 1-1 etc.). Radio frequency is optional, can be set and will be shown in the lobby and on the player's PDA but does not affect either ACRE2 or TFAR radio frequencies. Admin warnings for current death toll. Whenever a player dies, admin is prompted a hint (this feature can be disabled). You can set a percentage of acceptable death ratio upon which the admin menu will automatically open allowing you to end the mission or allow players to respawn. Setting to remove map for players that are not formation leaders AFTER the briefing screen. Players with a map in their inventory will keep it during the briefing stage, useful if you do your briefings before launching the mission, but if you enable this option, only group leaders will keep the map once in game. Short automated cut scene when players join in. A small cutscene where the camera moves from above the player to first person view will play (locally of course) when the player joins the game (optional, can be disabled). Removal of disconnected players bodies. Bodies of disconnected players will automatically be deleted thus preventing looting by other players! (optional, can be disabled). Enhanced and configurable JIP menu. Whenever a player Joins In Progress the JIP menu will open allowing them to rejoin their group (optional, can be disabled). You can decide to show all sides in the menu (useful for PVP missions) and include AI groups with playable units. The player can join any other player they select, if the selected player is in a vehicle and the vehicle has free cargo place the player will be moved inside the vehicle. Players cannot join other players if their vehicle is full. Players inside a vehicle are marked with an icon, the icon is red if the vehicle is full. The mod includes a function to turn any object into a JIP menu access point. When the JIP menu is used, a small cut scene plays for the teleported player and if they where flagged as 'dead' the mod flags them as 'alive' so you can use it to allow dead players back in the game. Powerful admin menu. The admin menu can only be opened by a logged in admin and therefore doesn't work in SP, it includes a lot of features, mission statistics, dead players, etc. From the admin menu you can end the mission with a default ending or with any ending defined in the mission's cfgDebriefings. You can reset a player's status if they have been flagged 'dead'. You can heal all players (ACE damages) or just the selected player. You can remotely open the JIP menu for a selected player or for all dead players. You can see the selected's player location on the map and apply some preset punishment for a given player (chicken on head, push ups etc.). Punishments can be customized from the mission's description.ext. Last but not least you can remotely edit any player's equipment (opens ACE arsenal). PLEASE NOTE: As of now, limitations to ace arsenal only allow you to change uniform, vest and helmet and their contents. Backpacks and equipped weapons cannot be changed. I will work on a workaround solution in the next update. **Soldier PDA and framework** The mod includes a PDA item that can be accessed through ace self interactions >> equipment if the player has the pda in their inventory. Access to personal data, map and team roster Default tabs in the PDA include player self intel,a map (can be disabled) and a team roster. Stopwatch, alarm and timer functionalities The PDA has an alarm app that allows players to set an alarm or a countdown timer and includes a stopwatch feature. Possibility to send, receive and collect data and pictures. From your mission description.ext you can predefine data and pictures that can be added to the tab's gallery app or to the tab's data app. Each data or picture can be given separately and therefore discovered mid game. (2 functions are included that do just that). Data can be shared and transferred between players if they are within a ten meters radius of each other. **Fiberscope** Fiberscope Item The mod includes a fiberscope item that allows equipped player to look under doors (ACE self interaction >> equipment). It only works if you are next to a door or a window. **Vehicle spawner module** Vehicle spawner The mod includes a function to turn any object into a vehicle spawner, you can select what type of vehicles (see, land, air, all of them) the spawner will allow you to spawn. Mission makers and admins can decide which mods/ dlcs and factions are available from the spawner. The spawner works fine with vanilla assets, RHS, CUP and PROJECT OPFOR vehicles, some vehicles from other mod might not be listed properly depending on the mod's config files. **Radio chatter module** Play ambient radio chatter from a radio prop The mod includes a function to turn any object (but preferably a radio prop) into a random radio chatter player. The radio can be turned on and off (ACE interaction) effects are global and the same chatter is played on every machine. By default I have included a US military radio chatter channel (with samples taken from the excellent TV show Generation Kill) but you can create your own channel with custom sounds either from the mission's description or by packing them into a custom addon (if you do so, please share!). **Map markers** Customized map markers I have also included a shit ton of customized map markers all of them are available to mission makers, and some of them (not all, so has not to overcrowd the icons tab) to the players. **Hacking and downloading tool** A hacking tool object is included, you can still disable a CBA option if you want to allow players to perform hacks and data download without the item in their inventory. Hacking and downloading tool item Two functions are included to make objects hackable, while hacking or downloading content players can still move but they have to stay within range of the objects. **Miscellaneous functions for mission makers** In addition the mod includes several functions designed to make mission maker's life easier: Elevator simulation Timer Check when all alive players are on board a vehicle Automatically fill given ammo crate with ammo fitting the player's weapons Automatically refill ammo crate with infinite ammo/ items Remove unit's nvg (regardless of the mod they come from) Remove ACRE2 radios Search object/ person function ACE3 simple conversation interaction MP compatible sit unit on chair with release condition Splashscreen with customizable image Static line parachute jump Travel time ETA HVT capture and surrendering function **New features: v1.13** -Enhanced map object, replaces the vanilla one, can be put on the ground and shared, folded in the corner of the screen etc. - Heli taxi system -Support requester via grid coordinates input for: artillery strikes, CAS, supply drops. -Zeus invisibility toggle **New features v.1.15.0** *Added new functionality : Parachuting addon (Halo Gear) -Features: * 2 Masks and 2 Parachutes with auto opening possibilities (CYPRES II Auto Activation Device). *Special HUD for Halo Mask *Chances of mask breaking (Halo Mask With ESS only) *Emulation of Hypoxia effects *Configurable key to open parachute (default SPACE) instead of scrollwheel action menu. *Objects that are attached to the player with ace interaction (IR Strobes chemLights etc) will also appeared attached when the chute is deployed. *Fully configurable
  10. Sarogahtyps Simple Loot Spawner - SSLS V-1.1 Spawns weapons, items and bags in buildings near to alive players maybe inside a trigger area or marker area. Deletes stuff if players are not close enough anymore. The script doesnt care about any trigger preferences except the trigger area. Soft delayed item spawning to prevent performance impact. Script reads your missions config files and should spawn loot of your mods (e.g. CUP weapons, Etc.) as well DOWNLOAD V-1.1 Usage: initServer.sqf fnc_spawn_loot = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "SSLSv1-1.sqf"; _d = [] call fnc_spawn_loot; you are able to stop the loot spawning script at any time by SSLS_script_switch_off = true; If you set up high spawn chances (see top of script) and have a high player count on your server then I recommend to make trigger or marker areas for spawning to get the needed performance. But if you do not encounter performance issues then spawning loot everywhere near players should be okay. Tweakable features (can be found on top of the script): //***** EDIT BELOW TO ADJUST MAIN BEHAVIOR // (L) means lower values are better for performance - (H) means the opposite SSLS_script_switch_off = false; //if you want to stop spawning loot then set this to true at any time in your mission _trigger_array = []; // contains the names of triggers/markers in which area loot should spawn. _spawn_chance = 100; // (L) The chance to spawn loot inside of a specific house. _launcher_chance = 30; // chance to spawn a launcher as weapon instead of rifle, pistol or machine gun _item_chance = 70; // chance to spawn an item instead of a weapon _bag_chance = 50; // chance to spawn a backpack instead of an item _max_magazines = 7; // the maximum number of magazines spawned for a gun _max_magazines_launcher = 3; // maximum number of ammo to spawn for rocket launchers _max_magazines_gl = 5; // maximum number of ammo to spawn for grenade launchers _house_distance = 25; // (L) houses with that distance to players will spawn loot _player_exclude_distance = 15; //if 2 players or more are closer together than this then only 1 player is considered _exclude_loot = []; //classnames of items which should never spawn (blacklist) _exclusive_loot = []; //add classnames here and nothing else will be spawned (whitelist) _use_bohemia_classes = true; // for spawning bohemia created stuff set this to true _use_mod_classes = true; //// for spawning stuff from loaded mods set this to true _debug = false; //information about number of places where items were spawned or deleted // if you have performance issues then consider introducing spawning areas (_trigger_array) before changing following values! _spawn_interval = 1.5; // (H) desired runtime for the main loop. time which is not needed will be used for soft spawning or a break. //***** EDIT ABOVE TO ADJUST MAIN BEHAVIOR details: Changelog 1.1 (download) -fixed a major bug which showed an error message during spawning -added feature to enable/disable Mod/Bohemia classes spawning -huge performance optimizations (shorter arrays, better smooth spawning and other stuff) Changelog 1.0 (download) -added script
  11. Hello All, I made this surrender script so players can surrender I'm sure people can find a use for it in their mission. NOTE: There is no point in installing this script if you use ACE3. Installation: Step 1: Put the following into your description.ext, should be ok at the top of the file. If you don't have that file in your mission create it. #include "Configs\Config_Master.hpp" Step 2: Make the following folder in your mission root Configs\Config_Master. NOTE: If you changed the path put it into that path /* Author - BradApex Description: Master config so my scripts know which scripts of mine you are running, I will be relasing my bleedout script when it's done stay tuned :) */ class cfgMaster { UsingBleedoutScript = false; }; Step 3: Put the following Files into your init.sqf, If you don't have that file in your mission create it. _fnc_surrender = { /* Author - BradApex Description: Lets the player surrender */ if (player getVariable ["surrender", false]) exitWith { hint "You are already surrendering"; }; //-- Config Checks _usingBleedout = getText(missionConfigFile >> "cfgMaster" >> "UsingBleedoutScript"); player setVariable ["surrender", true, true]; player setCaptive true; player playMove "amovpercmstpsnonwnondnon_amovpercmstpssurwnondnon"; ["SURRENDER_HANDLER", "onEachFrame", { params [ ["_player",objNull,[objNull]], ["_usingBleedout", false, [false]] ]; if (_usingBleedout isEqualTo true) then { if (_player getVariable ["incapacitated", false]) then { _player setVariable ["surrender", nil, true]; _player setCaptive false; ["SURRENDER_HANDLER", "onEachFrame"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; SURRENDER_HANDLER = nil; }; } else { if (!(alive _player)) then { _player setVariable ["surrender", nil, true]; _player setCaptive false; ["SURRENDER_HANDLER", "onEachFrame"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; SURRENDER_HANDLER = nil; }; }; if (_player getVariable ["surrender", false]) then { _player setVariable ["surrender", false, true]; _player setCaptive false; _player playMoveNow "AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSnonWnonDnon"; ["SURRENDER_HANDLER", "onEachFrame"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; SURRENDER_HANDLER = nil; }; }, [player, _usingBleedout]] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; }; _fnc_keyDown = { params["_ctrl","_dikCode","_shift","_ctrlKey", "_alt", ["_handled",false], ["_display", displayNull, [displayNull]]]; _code = _this select 1; _speed = speed cursorObject; _curObject = cursorObject; switch(_dikCode) do { //-- Shift + 6 case 7: { if (_shift) then { _handle = true; }; if (_shift) then { if (isNull objectParent player) then { if (player getVariable ["surrender", false]) then { player setVariable ["surrender", false, false]; } else { [] spawn _fnc_surrender; }; }; }; }; }; }; Last Step: Now the last step put this code below into your initPlayerLocal.sqf waitUntil {!isNull (findDisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown",{_this spawn _fnc_keyDown}]; Leave a comment on this post if you install this i'm interested to see and if there is any issues or bugs let me know.
  12. Script name: Arma 3: Custom chat commands Version: 1.0 Release: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom/releases/tag/v1.0 Issues: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom/issues Source: https://github.com/ussrlongbow/chatcom This script allows to implement custom chat commands in your mission, started from a special character. You may configure commands like "!help", so when people playing your mission enter this as regular chat message - the associated code will be executed. See video for demo. https://youtu.be/pUQspFb7vf0
  13. Simple Bomb Defuse [script] - v1.2.1 Description: Idea was to create simple "mini-game" / "chalenge" when defusing bombs in game, where unit have little time to think and create space for errors. With this script you can add possibility to "screw something" when deactivating mines. Script randomly generate string of 3 color matrix, where unit must identify which color have most appearances in matrix and cut that color wire accordingly. You can stress out unit with timer you set for deactivating the bomb. If unit cut wrong wire or timer runs out, then bomb will explode. Best object to make bomb is burning barrel, but you can use any object, just need to modify little attached objects. I added C4 and light and beeping sound to improve finding bomb in dark. Bomb can be defused with any unit, just need to have toolkit in inventory. In future, I can modify script for demotilion class only if needed. Should be working on multiplayer / dedicated server, need more testing. Instalation: - copy folder "bomb" into your mission folder - include line #include "bomb\cfgFunctions.hpp" into your CfgFunctions class in description.ext file Example: class CfgFunctions { #include "bomb\cfgFunctions.hpp" }; Usage: - place unit in editor - place object in editor (barrel) - In object init line put null = ["object", "time", "kit", "debug"] execVM "bomb\bomb.sqf"; Example: null = [this, 10, true, false] execVM "bomb\bomb.sqf"; Configuration: "object" - object to transform to bomb, default: this "time" - time in seconds for bomb defuse, default: 10 "kit" - boolean value if needed tools to defuse bomb, default: true "debug" - boolean value if need show right wire to cut, default: false Settings: open file ../bomb/settings.sqf in bomb folder where you can change internal settings of script. _choices - array of choices to cut wires, more choices will have more colors to cut, default: red, green, blue _explosion - change classname of explosion, possible values in comments _matrix - show size of maxtrix with colors, default: big _expertMultiplier - if expert is defusing bomb, unit will have more time to defuse bomb, default: 2 (time * 2x) _disableAce3 - disable/enable ACE3 interaction menu Features: - friendly hint with instructions - hint is showing only to defuser - ace3 support - JIP friendly - multiplayer / dedicated server friendly - easy installation - plug & play system - specialist have more time to defuse bomb - custom time for specialist - defusing bomb with ToolKit or DefusalKit - random generation of matrix - custom size of matrix - custom choices (number of wires) - beeping sound - blinking light Planned: - dialog for cutting wires - cutting wires in right order - when wrong cut, timer will accelerate - "slippery hands" ( this is where I move toolkit from unit inventory and spawn it next to him, as he can't cut wires when he dont have toolkit) - probability of second wiring ( first wiring is dummy ) Changelog: v1.2.1 - added new config parameter "_disableAce3" to disable ACE3 interaction menu v1.2 - reformat to functions - added multiplayer / dedicated server support (tested) - JIP friendly (tested) - hint showing to only defuser (tested) - battle-tested in real environment - changed to "plug & play" system - added settings.sqf file - added readme.txt file for instructions - cleaned code v1.1 - added ace3 support - added customizable explosion size - added customizable size of maxtrix - added more wires (custom) - specialist have more time to defuse bomb - custom time for specialist (default 2x time) - custom internal settings - added documentation - added simple mission for test v1.0 - public release License: Use it for public, non monetized purposes only. If you have modifications, use pull request in git repo. Will revise/include them in script. Disclaimer: Do not incorporate this script or portions of it in monetized products or servers without asking for permission and obtaining approval from me! Credits: Larrow - fix for c4 attachment MILHAUS_CZ - testing JIP and DEDI Issues: - please use issue tracker - hint showing to every player - not damaging player with ace3 Download: https://bitbucket.org/mikehudak/a3_bomb.vr http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31817 Preview: Media:
  14. Hi! I literally just joined BI forums, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or the failure to comply with any etiquette's. I recently made this chart that's basically a intuitive, visual, and at least somewhat imperial infographic on the penetrating power of the vanilla weapons. This was done entirely manually, aside from the one bullet tracing script by Naught. (Mostly due to the fact that I have absolutely zero experience with scripting.) I placed little flags as markers as to where to stand to get consistent screenshots, but that was incredibly tedious, time consuming, and still totally variable. I'm currently working on the next version of this chart, as some would call me a perfectionist. Some of the improvements I'd like to make include making the entire chart much more rigorous. Basically, I'm looking for a way to automate much of the process of collecting the data. What I'd like the automation to do include: Switch to the next weapon based on a configuration file/GUI, teleport to the right place and right direction, fire a shot, return to the exact position and fire again, repeat until the magazine is empty, then teleport to a position and pausing for 5 seconds or so, allowing me to manually take the screenshot, then repeating from the start. This not only would make my work much easier, but it would also make the bullet spread in the chart directly indicative of the accuracy of the weapon. I'm fully aware that this is very much a complicated request but it would seriously aid in the production and quality of V3 of this infographic. I'd absolutely love any thoughts or feedback about the chart itself as well. Thank you for your time. PS - I'm going to try the option of inserting the chart via image URL, even though I have no clue as to what it'll do. PS2 - Oh that's what it does
  15. INCONTINENTIA'S UNDERCOVER / CIVILIAN RECRUITMENT This is a complex and performance friendly undercover simulation for players and their AI subordinates. Work as a guerrilla cell, go undercover, recruit comrades, and cause mayhem. SP / Coop and Dedi compatible. (For those of you who've used my previous undercover scripts, this release is a significant upgrade and represents a few hundred hours' work and testing over the last version, so hopefully you'll see the improvement!) Requires: CBA FEATURES General Virtually every factor that can affect your cover (within engine limitations and the caveats mentioned below) has been accounted for. Optimised to the max; should not noticably affect performance at all - no noticeable performance impact even during a stress test of 45+ undercover units simultaneously undercoverising several enemy patrols. Operates primarily on each client - server / client interaction is therefore kept to a minimum even when multiple players are undercover at the same time Compatible with RHS, ACE, ALiVE, Zeus, ASR, bCombat, TPWCAS, VCOM... pretty much everything its been tested on (some factions' helmets and bandannas may not be recognised but the overall effect of this will be minimal - if you desperately want all features, use vanilla or RHS versions of these assets) Comprehensive undercover / incognito simulation - Works on players and their AI group members Quick, easy setup: most aspects of the script are automatically implemented based on the settings you choose Can run in the background even when the mission isn't focused around undercover operations - automatically reduces checking overhead when unit isn't undercover so it should be practically unnoticeable No need to turn the script on or off - it just works No checkboxes, compromised notifications or any other "gamey" stuff; just an optional hint when you're obviously hostile and when you aren't - the rest is up to you Responds to whether the units are in vehicles or on foot, dressed as enemies or civilians, whether the unit's face fits or doesn't fit in with the faction they are pretending to be, or whether it is day or night, with each situation requiring players to behave appropriately Suspicious enemies may challenge or watch and follow undercover units if they act weirdly; the more weird stuff you do, the more likely they are to see through your disguise (you can even use this to your advantage to draw enemies attention away from another unit while they do something suspicious - just don't get too cocky or they will open fire on you) Players must "act" their role; doing weird stuff will raise suspicion and could blow your cover - if you point your weapon at an enemy and they see you doing it, they will get suspicious very quickly. Equally, if an enemy sees you crawling around or planting explosives, you're not going to stay undercover for long. Enemies will detect if undercover units are the nationality of the group they are impersonating; covering your face with a scarf or bandanna will reduce this but not as much as choosing undercover units whose faces fit in with the people they are trying to impersonate All actions have consequences, good or bad. If the MRAP you're driving gets a bit close to a patrol, moving into the back of it and out of sight of the enemy might just save your skin. Equally, putting a balaclava on when you're a civilian will attract a lot of attention - which is especially not good if you're already carrying a military rucksack. Once undercover units become compromised, enemies will remember the vehicles they are spotted in and clothes they are wearing - change your clothing (both uniform and either headgear or goggles) and if no enemies see you doing it, your new disguise may stick Easily switch disguises: take enemy uniforms from nearby crates, vehicles, dead bodies and the ground (and order AI subordinates to do the same) Quickly conceal and un-conceal your (and your subordinates') weapons if you have the inventory space - without faffing with inventories Different configurable detection systems for regular and asymetric enemy forces Stealth kills work - If nobody sees you firing a shot, your cover will remain intact BUT, enemies do remember suspicious units - if you kill someone and other enemies of that side already know who you are and that you are nearby, there is a chance your cover will be blown regardless However, your cover will return if you kill everyone who knows about you before they can spread the word Different behaviour for regular and asymmetric forces Define a side as asymmetric and they will not be able to share your identity outside of the local area, but they will be better at spotting imposters Define a side as regular and your cover will stay blown for much longer and for a much wider area once compromised... but they may not have such a good nose for imposters (Optional) Civilian Recruitment Undercover units can recruit civilians to join their group The more enemies you kill, and the more chaos you are associated with, the better your reputation will become The better your reputation, the more likely civilians are to join you Kill enemies without getting spotted and there is a chance they will lash out against civilians, with a potential to cause a civilian uprising (optional) Automatically arm ambient civilians with weapons and items which they may use if recruited or during an uprising Try to steal civilians' clothes from them (but be prepared that your reputation will take a hit or you may become compromised) (Requires ALiVE) Turn recruited units into a profiled group to be used by AI commander of the same faction as the undercover unit (add to object init: this addaction ["Profile group","[player,'profileGroup'] remoteExecCall ['INCON_ucr_fnc_ucrMain',2]",[],1,false,true]); USAGE Add all files from Incon-Undercover folder into your mission folder. If you already have a description.ext or initPlayerLocal.sqf then add the code to your existing files. (Make sure to delete any previous version of my undercover scripts). In description.ext, if the class is already defined (for instance, cfgFunctions), just add the #include line to the given class. Configure your settings in the UCR_setup.sqf file in the INC_undercover folder (pay close attention to these, one wrong setting can lead to some weird behaviour). For each out of bounds area, place a marker over the area with "INC_tre" somewhere in the marker name (e.g. "MyMarkerINC_tre" or "INC_tre_sillyMarkerName_15"). The script will handle the rest. But if you want, you can also include other markers by listing them in the relevant array in UCR_setup.sqf. Add in Incon Persistence if you want your band of merry men to persist between ALiVE sessions (this is now a separate script but automatically persists reputation). For each playable undercover unit, put this in their unit init in the editor: this setVariable ["isSneaky",true,true]; Non-player units in the undercover unit's group do not need anything; the script will run on them automatically on mission start. Caveats / Compatibility: Only one side can have undercover units at a time (so no east undercover and west undercover units undercoverising each other at the same time) Only one side can be defined as asymmetric at a time and only one side can be defined as regular - and both must be hostile to the undercover unit's side. So if having a three-way war, one side must be asym and the other regular. If having a three-way (...war), it is recommended to not have any incognito factions as an engine limitation means that incognito units (i.e. those disguised as the enemy) will be seen as friendly to all - could break the immersion if you're dressed as OPFOR and GreenFOR don't shoot at you when they should. For mission makers - just be aware that the following could affect your mission: enemy units may wander from their original positions to follow undercover units if they become suspicious. Also, when compromised by regular forces, an undercover unit's description will be shared across other enemies in the local area after some time if they don't kill everyone who knows about them Works on all tested mods. If you find an incompatibility, tell me! Credits Massive thanks to Spyderblack723 for his help creating some of the functions and correcting my mistakes / oversights on the original release. Also for generally being super helpful over the past year as I've got into modding. Grumpy Old Man, Tajin and sarogahtyp are responsible for creating a performant detection script, which I then adapted and used as a basis for the undercover script, so thank you to those guys too. Also thanks to das attorney, davidoss, Bad Benson, Tankbuster, dedmen, fn_Quiksilver, marceldev89, baermitumlaut and Duda123 for some top optimisation tips. And huge thanks to accuracythruvolume for testing and feedback. Download version 1.21 release candidate here CHANGELOG
  16. BohemiaBeck

    Forums Upgrade

    Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, the forums have now been upgraded. Please use this thread to provide any feedback you might have. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  17. Sarogahtyps Simple Crew Spawner - SSCS - 1.2 Fills your vehicles with AI on all seats you want to. This script was initially thought for creating a place where you can drive any vehicle to to fill the empty seats where can be shot from with AI. Now it has a much wider usability range. You can spawn AI at any seat maybe by a chance or absolutely random. You have various options for spawning AI for an empty vehicle or for use of a player which is inside of vehicle already. You are able to set side and faction of the AI, randomly determine it or using players side and faction. Also Pilot seats will spawn pilots and crew seats will spawn crew units. It can be used in any trigger or in an addAction or just by another script. Its intended to be executed server side. It needs the vehicle object as parameter. All other parameters are optional. Why server side? Because AI which is controlled by server uses it's AI-Mod. That means if the server has VCOM AI installed then the spawned AI will behave using VCOM AI as long as it is located on server. This way you could fly a helicopter and the AI on its guns uses servers AI mod even if your client has not installed any AI mod. Integration in addAction is described in this post: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222484-release-sarogahtyps-simple-ai-gunners-ssaig-v-11/?do=findComment&comment=3348933 DOWNLOAD SSCS 1.2 SSCS code: Usage Examples 1. vehicles init line, driver/gunner/commander spawn, all FFV seats spawn, no cargo spawn, AI has own group (not players), side west, random faction, delete AI after 1 hour _d = [this] execVM "SSCS.sqf" - if a player is inside vehicle during script execution then side will be the players side and random faction of players side. 2. vehicles init line, no FFV seats spawn, driver/commander spawn - no gunner spawn, spawn 80% of cargo seats, AI joins players group, side east, faction FIA, delete AI after 10 min _d = [this, false, 6, 80, true, east, "eastfia", 600] execVM "SSCS.sqf" - if no player in vehicle then AI get it's own group (not players) - if player of side east is in vehicle then side will be east and faction FIA - if player of other side than east in vehicle then AI spawns on players side with random faction 3. vehicles init line, spawn 50% of FFV seats, spawn no driver but commander and gunner, spawn no cargo, AI has own group, side west, random faction, no AI deletion _d = [this, 50, 3, false, false, west, true, 0] execVM "SSCS.sqf" or using nil for default values _d = [this, 50, 3, nil, nil, nil, nil, 0] execVM "SSCS.sqf" - if no player in vehicle then AI spawns as side west and random faction (NATO or FIA) - if player in vehicle then AI spawns as players side and random faction Changelog V-1.2 - added possibility to spawn AI by chance for cargo FFV seats (Fire From Vehicle) - added possibility to spawn AI by chance for common cargo seats. - added all usefull unit classes of vanilla without any DLC classes - added side and faction handling (see argument/parameter description on top of script) - added workaround for bug with CUPs BMP-3 (https://dev.cup-arma3.org/T3216) - added possibility to spawn AI (or not) on driver, commander and gunner seat (look at 3rd parameter description) - deleted spawn restrictions, AI can now be spawned in any case as long as a vehicle object is given. - renameing the script into Sarogahtyps Simple Crew Spawner - SSCS because of wider usage possibilities. Changelog V-1.1 hotfix 1: - fixed bug where AI joined players group but player was not leader Changelog V-1.1: features -added option for timout after which AI gets deleted -added option for spawning (or not) cargo AI which can fire its weapon from vehicle (FFV) -added option for spawning cargo AI which can not fire from vehicle -added AI joins players group option (may cause Multiplayer conflicts but this is not tested) -added option for suppressing hint messages bug fixes - worked around a CUP mod bug where more seats are returned by CUP as really exists in vehicle. CUP is not able to fix this bug on teir own. Changelog V-1.0: -added script If you have any questions then just ask, please!
  18. Hello, this script has been refactored and proven for 1 year already Current version: 1.0 What is it? This is a cron manager for Arma 3. It is a similar for crontab in Linux or Task Scheduler in Windows. It allows you to execute code at a scheduled time, repetitive or not. Script will help to avoid endless loops and make performance optimized missions with greater flexibility in terms of managing your code execution. This script is designed for server-side execution, but also works in SP What's inside? Script contains of 4 functions: RWT_fnc_cronInit - initializes cron manager, executed on postIinit RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd - adds jobs to cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRemove - remove job from cron manager RWT_fnc_cronJobRun - function that runs the code, when its time comes Example use case? Make an explosion in 30 minutes Periodically run garbage clean up code, say every 2 minutes Any other usecase which requires higher time lags (minutes, hours) How to start using it? Script is packaged according to guidelines of Arma 3 Mission Skeleton, so if you are using it, just download it to your mission's addons folder and run build script. If you are more experienced mission maker or scripter - grab the source from github. To add a task: [{hint str time},[],0,20,0] call RWT_fnc_cronJobAdd; // will display time every 20 seconds Please read the comments and description to functions Source - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/rwt_cron Package - https://github.com/ussrlongbow/rwt_cron/releases/download/v1.0/rwt_cron_a3ms.zip
  19. JBOY Fish School is set of scripts to add schools of fish to an underwater mission. This demo mission also contains the JBOY SpearGun scripts. Links: Demo mission on Steam. Download zip file of demo mission to load into Editor. Directions on how to use scripts are in the init.sqf of the demo mission.
  20. JBOY Bean Bag Shotgun - Here's a fun script for y'all! Combine this with @beno_83au's breaching script and @phronk's flash bang script, and we've got Swat 4-like "less lethal" action covered in ARMA 3! Yeehaw! Links: Download demo mission to try in Editor and get the scripts Playable Steam demo mission Bros: Please Subscribe and Rate on Steam Features: This is a script (not a mod). Converts shotgun into less lethal Bean Bag firing shotgun. Bean bag projectile is visible in flight and bounces off objects when it hits. Victims are stunned, drop their weapons and ragdoll. After recovering from a bean bag hit, has a large chance of being subdued (and a small chance of either picking up their weapon again or running). Player can also be bean-bagged and stunned. Victims grunt in pain when hit. Any shotgun mod can be supported (edit the init.sqf to set what class of shotgun and shotgun ammo is to be converted to bean bag usage) Player can toggle between Lethal (normal shotgun ammo) and Non-Lethal (bean bag ammo) Credits: Thanks to RHS team for RHS shotgun weapon used in demo. How to implement in your mission: Download the demo mission Copy the Scripts folder to your mission Copy the contents of init.sqf into your init.sqf.
  21. Shooting vanilla ARMA fish is boring and looks stupid because dead fish just freeze in place. But now we can MAFGA--Make Arma Fishing Great Again--with JBOY_SpearGun!!! Features: Converts SDAR into a SDart gun! SDAR shoots fish with a small spear/harpoon (big thanks to @BadBensonfor the harpoon .p3d object!) Fish bleeds, squirms for awhile, and sinks Fish can be be taken by player, and a fish count variable is maintained for the shooter. This fish count variable can then be used later by other scripts for player to eat fish (for a survival scenario), or sell or trade fish as an item (if someone else wants to modify their trade scripts to include these fish). No Mods required! Works on ambient fish and fish created via script (createAgent) Does NOT work on turtles. I don't know why. But only jerks shoot sea turtles anyway! :) Does NOT impale AI units. When AI goes ragdoll, mempoint positions no longer mean anything, so its impossible to make harpoon stay impaled in a unit. Which is sad, because we would all love to turn an AI diver into a pin cushion! Access the Fish Count variable for a unit: If you are scripting a survival scenario, or a trade scenario, you can access the number of fish the player has as shown in following code snippet. _fishTaken = player getVariable ["JBOY_FishTaken",0]; hint format ["You have %1 fish.",_fishTaken]; Credits: @BadBenson for cool barbed harpoon object. Thanks bro! (Sorry I took so long to publish it...) @HallyGfor awesome blood effects script. Thanks HallyG! I use your scripts in a lot of my stuff, and really appreciate the help. Sample mission to put in Editor: ZipFile of mission directory Steam Link to play demo mission: Demo Mission Enjoy!
  22. Sebastian Heisenberg

    Fighter 1985 **CAMPAIGN RELEASE**

    Today (03-12-17ESP) (12-03-17ENG) i am releasing my second campaign, developed with Marcin S. The entire creation of the campaign took 23 days (testing, finding sounds, adding extras, fixing glitches, testing, fixing the story and etc). Information about the campaign: About: _ The campaign is based in the conflict of 1985 (Campaign Cold War Crisis), BUT! played from the side of the Resistance. We will have meeting with the main characters of well known campaign "CWC", as David, James, Robert, Sam, Blake, Drill Sergeant, David's Squadron, and etc. The campaign will show the most important parts of the conflict, since day zero until the end of the war (on everon). Playable Characters: -Lukas Bocek (Corporal) [10 Missions] -Ian Stoyan (Commander in Chief) [1 Mission] Missions and Cutscenes: -11 Missions -12 Cutscenes (Couting pre-missions cutscene) Easter Eggs: -4 Easter Eggs Idioms: Español English Tips: -Stay near your team leader always. -Keep your temmates alive -Don't disobey orders (really important) (you will end dead or the mission will end ASAP) -Play by the rules, and stay sharp all the time. -Your actions will define the ending (not always) -Be patient in some missions, or you will be forced to be patient! -Go to Options > Audio Options and set your Effects and Radio in 9.6 and Music at 8.3 (optional) -You will do time-jumps! One mission can be in May 2 and other in Jun 9, same with some cutscenes. Black screens between radios or chats means that a time lapse has passed (minutes or hours) -In the 1985/CWC the dates and time are wrong or mixed, the real ones are in the notes. -If you are interested in read the notes with music, you must check your notepad in this way: > Plan >Team >Gear >Notes. -PARA LOS QUE HABLAN ESPAÑOL / SPANISH SPEAKERS: Algunas misiones tuvieron problemas con " Ñ ' ¡ ¿ " así que tuve que remover algunas tildes y demás, pero es entendible de todas maneras, después pasé algunos stringtables a UFT-8 así que las últimas andan sin problemas de ortografía. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.mediafire.com/file/55wk11bx1bic491/Fighter 1985 RELEASE Day 3 Month 12 Year 2017.rar ADDONS NEEDED: EditorUpdate102; ↓ ABOUT OTHER ADDONS: Is not recommended play the campaign with addons or mods, if you want to do it, at your own risk of end glitched. ABOUT VERSION: IS COMPATIBLE WITH 1.99, lower or higher can give you glitches.
  23. Hello everyone, I'm still learning to code but I made a simple survival system for a gamemode I am working on. So I decided to share it with you. It includes: A cash system A Hunger/Thirst system Multiplayer supported! Download Current version: 0.2.1 Author: Sciirof DropBox or No Mods Survival system v0.2.1 Changelog Version 0.2.1: Survival system fix (thanks to bad benson) Version 0.2: Player does not instantly die when hunger or thirst is at 0 or below (thanks to bad benson to point me out on this!) (Temp) I am still working on a food/drink inventory UI at the moment. For now it just saids how much drinks/food you have. (How to acquire food/water is in the demo) Demo mission added! Loadout shop in the demo WIP Features that are being worked on: Food/Drinks Inventory UI Arma 3 props used as food/drinks as inventory items for the inventory UI Random spawn positions for the food and drinks props Gun shop UI (Buy/Sell) XP/Leveling system License If you are to modify the scripts make sure to give proper credit to the original creator. If any of these scripts cause any sort of damage I am not held responsible. I cannot confirm if these scripts will work with any other scripts in Arma or your mission. Donate I am not the best out there, so donate only to those you respect or think deserve a donation! I am only a student the only reason the donation button is here is to save me drink. For a proper installation of this system in your mission file, please make sure to read the IMPORTANT.txt file.
  24. This script enables shotguns to destroy small vegetation like ferns, bushes, thin palm trees and sugar cane. This adds an exciting dimension to CQB in dense jungle or cane fields. You can see this script in action in my new mission Last Tango in Tanoa: Razing Cane. You can support my scripting efforts by subscribing on steam and giving this mission a thumbs up! Give it a try, its fun! "Bush Cutter"...waiting for a smart-ass remark from someone on that. You know who you are. Last Tango in Tanoa: Razing Cane promo video shows this script in action also; Dropbox link to demo mission. Unzip this folder into your missions directory and open the mission in the Editor. Then shoot some bushes, and run into cane field and RAZE some CANE! Required Mods: RHSUSAF, CBA3 Shotguns from these mods should also work: CUP, Massi, KA Other mod shotguns can be supported by adding in their magazine name into the script. Limitation: Only works on Tanoa currently, as I have only collected bush names to destroy for Tanoa. If you want to destroy bushes on some other map, you need to collect the names of those bushes and put them into the _bushArray in the script. A simple way to collect bush names is put cursorObject in one of your console watch variables. Then look directly at a bush, and go back to console and you will see the bush .p3d name and can copy it. The Scripts (bush cutter and flying leaf effects):
  25. In this thread we'll post announcements about Experimental Ports updates. This thread itself will remain closed to allow for a clear overview of announcements, please feel free to discuss these updates here.