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  1. RC testing of update 2.10 has begun. Steam branch access code: Arma3Update210RC Arma 3: ~520 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~132 MB Area of focus (pseudo-changelog) Tweaked: Thermal Imagery enhancements Added: Editing terrain heightmaps by script (use with care) Added: Editing terrain Locations by script Added: Local-only Eden Editor objects Added: Plenty of new script commands and Event Handlers
  2. 13-07-2022 EXE rev. 149685 (game) EXE rev. 149685(Launcher) Size: ~82 MB ENGINE Tweaked: getResolution command output was extended with the current texture quality value Added: getEventHandlerInfo script command - FT-T166230 Fixed: Non-English TreeView search was not working as expected (Eden Editor fix is coming next) - FT-T118270 Tweaked: Added an option to play playSoundUI through the effects channel Tweaked: Logging to Windows dedicated console log is now asynchronous - FT-T155902 Added: diag_drawMode "Wire" wireframe mode - FT-T163437 Tweaked: Added support for mission and music event handlers to the getEventHandlerInfo command
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  4. 06-07-2022 EXE rev. 149645 (game) EXE rev. 149645 (Launcher) Size: ~114 MB DATA Fixed: Player rank in 2 "First Contact" scenarios Fixed: Script error on Eden Editor undo for the decon showers - FT-T162775 Added: Local-only objects to Eden Editor statistics Fixed: Modules always being listed as 0 in Eden Editor statistics Added: Helper script function BIS_fnc_setRain ENGINE Added: Savegame serialization for terrain heightmap editing Tweaked: Thermal Imaging temperature offset of trees Fixed: setTerrainHeight adjustObjects parameter being ignored Added: "OnChildCreated" Display Event Handler Added: isSteamOverlayEnabled script command Added: ctrlSetURLOverlayMode and ctrlURLOverlayMode script commands Added: overlayMode Control config parameter Tweaked: isEqualTypeAll and isEqualTypeArray will return false instead of an error if input is not an array Tweaked: Excluded footsteps from the "EntityCreated" event Tweaked: lineIntersectsSurfaces now returns selections as an array - FT-T166368 Added: ctrlSetShadow and ctrlShadow script commands Tweaked: ctrlSetAngle and ctrlAngle now support CT_ACTIVETEXT Controls Tweaked: Lights with dayTime and flare now automatically increase their brightness during daytime in order to stay visible - FT-T161893 Tweaked: Objects attached to a unit now stay attached when entering a vehicle - FT-T162552
  5. 29-06-2022 EXE rev. 149605 (game) EXE rev. 149605 (Launcher) Size: ~75.5 MB DATA Fixed: Static weapon visibility in spectator mode - FT-T165786 ENGINE Fixed: Buildings with an empty replaceDamaged parameter, but with a destruction animation, did not trigger the "BuildingChanged" Event Handler - FT-T122234 Added: Terrain Locations can now be edited like dynamically created ones (see createLocation for relevant commands) - FT-T154323 Fixed: Clicking on scrollbars in ControlGroups was not working
  6. 22-06-2022 EXE rev. 149590 (game) EXE rev. 149590 (Launcher) Size: ~90 MB ENGINE Tweaked: Added alternative syntax for allowCrewInImmobile - FT-T165584 Fixed: Freeze when calling nearestObject with a position that was close to the edge of the terrain Tweaked: Voice over Net is now by default handled via the server instead of peer-to-peer (a server option exists to switch it back) Tweaked: Vehicles now change locality to the effective commander if no driver or copilot are available - FT-T153212 Fixed: Combobox entries were not properly clickable if the list was bigger than its parent control Tweaked: Publishing a scenario to Steam Workshop now adds tags for used DLCs by default Fixed: Redundant nulls returned by the agents script command - FT-T75506 Fixed: isNull did not support agents Fixed: Floating ground weapon holders after building collapses (WIP) - FT-T63050 Added: Ability to edit the terrain heightmap via script (setTerrainHeight / getTerrainHeight - please read the disclaimers) Added: getTerrainInfo script command - FT-T151907 Removed: diag_setTerrainHeight / diag_getTerrainHeight were replaced by non-diag variants
  7. 15-06-2022 EXE rev. 149538 (game) EXE rev. 149537 (Launcher) Size: ~89.5 MB KNOWN ISSUES Using the nearestObject command at the [0, 0, 0] position will freeze the game DATA Tweaked: Ambient temperatures on Livonia, Malden and Tanoa to match their geolocation better (especially in relation to recent Thermal Imagery improvements) - FT-T160044 Fixed: Nyx returned an incorrect number of available seats for some of the variants Tweaked: Rear view camera on AMV-7 - FT-T164530 Fixed: DAR rocket pod was missing its MFD icon on AH-99 Blackfoot - FT-T164611 Added: SQFC Bytecode files for Functions_F and UI_F were reintroduced ENGINE Fixed: Modded Eden Editor compositions are now also listed in Zeus Tweaked: "EntityCreated" Event Handler now does not fire for CfgNonAIVehicles types Fixed: Thermal Imaging adjustment during nighttime and overcast skies Added: filePatchingExceptions[] server config option Added: CargoTypeWhitelist for Vehicle-in-Vehicle transport Added: Turret config ballisticsComputerOverride option that can force turret ballistics computer capabilities regardless of the used weapon Added: "Unlisted" visibility setting to Scenario and Composition Workshop uploads - FT-T163573 Fixed: Ammo "HitPart" Event Handler received mixed up normal/components parameters when hitting terrain Fixed: Helicopters 'hopping' when landing due to telling AI to disembark Fixed: Placing custom compositions in Zeus not working since the previous update Fixed: Linux server autodetecting cpuCount as the number of threads instead of the number of cores Tweaked: Improved performance of nearestObject if the desired object is close to the source position Tweaked: Improved performance of nearestObjects, nearObjects, nearestTerrainObjects when scanning a large area Fixed: onUnload was not called when a title effect display was destroyed - FT-T78917 Tweaked: Improved performance of isFlatEmpty when objects blocking the space are close to the center Tweaked: Improved performance of nearSupplies when scanning a large area Tweaked: Improved performance of nearRoads when scanning a large area Added: Alternative syntax to the resize command - FT-T165862 LAUNCHER Tweaked: Header text of Launcher HTML preset files in order to better explain how to import a preset
  8. 02-06-2022 EXE rev. 149421 (game) EXE rev. 149421 (Launcher) Size: ~77 MB KNOWN ISSUES Missing bin/Cfg3DEN/Compositions pop-up when opening Eden Editor (you can just click it away) ENGINE Tweaked: setPiPEffect now supports all possible Thermal Imaging modes Fixed: Thermal Imaging could get stuck as a dark image Added: Ability for mods to distribute Eden Editor Compositions in their data Tweaked: Unauthorized Headless Client log messages now also include the IP address
  9. 25-05-2022 EXE rev. 149405 (game) EXE rev. 149405 (Launcher) Size: ~85 MB DATA Fixed: Script error on the Military Coffin (Flag) on Eden Editor undo - FT-T162775 Tweaked: Environmental sounds of insects and birds are muted when RainParticles snow=1 (mod support, no vanilla snow coming) - FT-T64553 Tweaked: BIS_fnc_scriptedMove now supports a group parameter - FT-T164620 Added: Arma Reforger menu color preset Added: Arma Reforger controls preset (in so far possible to replicate) ENGINE Tweaked: "IncomingMissile" Event Handler now provides the actual missile as argument Fixed: Flag cloth would not animate on vehicles in 1st person view in some cases - FT-T164798 Added: "EntityCreated" and "ProjectileCreated" mission Event Handlers - FT-T124460, FT-T155096 Added: autoAdjustTexture config parameter to RscShortcutButton to improve texture alignment - FT-T164820 Fixed: Eden Editor script error when the undo action is used - FT-T162775 Tweaked: RscShortcutButton TextPos class has received an optional forceMiddle config parameter - FT-T165085 Added: title attribute support for <img> and <a> HTML and diary tags - FT-T156361 Fixed: Diagnostics binary unable to start due to a shader error Tweaked: onFlare.sqs script now receives the flare projectile as argument Tweaked: Added an explosion source projectile parameter to the "Explosion" entity Event Handler Added: Support for a diary record icon to createDiaryRecord and setDiaryRecordText - FT-T160326 Added: setTurretOpticsMode and getTurretOpticsMode commands Added: allDiaryRecords script command Fixed: Weapon OpticsInfo thermalResolution / noise parameters were not read Fixed: "OpticsSwitch" Event Handler did not trigger when animations changed the camera view - FT-T165310 Fixed: The amount of surface dust generated from ammo impacts ignored surface humidity
  10. 18-05-2022 EXE rev. 149361 (game) EXE rev. 149361 (Launcher) Size: ~82 MB DATA Fixed: BIS_fnc_3DENNotification was playing the notification through the radio channel - FT-T159739 Fixed: BIS_fnc_3DENNotification will now only play sound if used outside of Eden Editor - FT-T159739 Tweaked: Character turning in BIS_fnc_scriptedMove was improved - FT-T164620 Fixed: Abandoned vehicles would respawn only one time when using the respawn module - FT-T123940 Tweaked: Thermal light influence on Viper, CTRG and Ghillie uniforms (in reaction to engine TI tweaks) ENGINE Tweaked: getOpticsMode and setOpticsMode now support changing the optic mode of the primary weapon, secondary weapon, or sidearm - FT-T124258 Tweaked: R2T now supports all Thermal Imaging modes (previously only BHOT/WHOT/GHOT) Added: playSoundUI script command Tweaked: Thermal Imaging overhaul (thanks also to Dslyecxi) Tweaked: awake script command is extended to add the ability to nudge dead characters in a temporary ragdoll state - FT-T73168 Fixed: Second argument in say, say2D and say3D was not optional - FT-T164790 Fixed: awake script command was not always waking up EPE objects Fixed: Floating dead characters and PhysX objects after a building collapse - FT-T63050
  11. 04-05-2022 EXE rev. 149299 (game) EXE rev. 149299 (Launcher) Size: ~85.5 MB DATA Added: Selective remote execution of mission scripts - forums Fixed: BIS_fnc_scriptedMove function was upgraded to work with Arma 3 - FT-T164620 ENGINE Fixed: Wrong return type for setAutonomous - FT-T164475 Added: nearestMines script command - FT-T163398 Tweaked: Adjusted star visibility in Image Intensification night vision - Reddit Fixed: trim command not behaving correctly if all except the first character is trimmed off Fixed: OpticsSwitch Event Handler could fire when zooming in a driver seat Added: Script command allObjects - FT-T164242 Added: "Resolution" Post Processing effect
  12. 26-04-2022 EXE rev. 149274 (game) EXE rev. 149274 (Launcher) Size: ~76 MB DATA Fixed: Zeus side selection in UI was not working properly - FT-T156738 Fixed: Missing include in hold action functions ENGINE Fixed: Tweaks in the audio system (possible crash fix) Added: lineIntersectsSurfaces now returns selectionName and surface material - FT-T163473 Added: activeTitleEffectParams script command - FT-T164385
  13. 21-04-2022 EXE rev. 149224 (game) EXE rev. 149224 (Launcher) Size: ~281 MB ENGINE Fixed: EnableAttackChanged group Event handler did not fire Fixed: Fleeing group Event Handler always provided true as argument Added: CommandChanged group Event Handler Fixed: High Command not working - FT-T163682 Added: Config Init Event Handler for CfgAmmo
  14. 13-04-2022 EXE rev. 149201 (game) EXE rev. 149213 (Launcher) Size: ~332 MB DATA Fixed: LDF mine specialist was created with the wrong backpack type - FT-T163192 Fixed: LDF weapons crate spawning with an incorrect .45 magazine - FT-T163190 Fixed: Bearing mismatch in the Rhino MGS commander sight - FT-T163946 Fixed: Init script error in some objects types Fixed: Some of the CTRG units were missing role icons in the command bar - FT-T163146 Fixed: Init script error for Taru pods - FT-T164036 Fixed: Script error in a AI spawn module - FT-T154991 Tweaked: Hit registration on swimming and diving animations - FT-T163263 Tweaked: Materials on Kamysh and Gorgon turrets - FT-T163395 Fixed: NATO's speedboat minigun had a wrong rear gunner perspective when in aiming mode - FT-T163134 Tweaked: Expanded Virtual Arsenal itemSelected and itemDeselected Event Handlers so they also work with items and accessories Fixed: Error when stacked Event Handler code was too large - FT-T164036 Fixed: Graphical glitches in the damaged model of Land_i_Stone_HouseSmall_V2_F - FT-T163748 Fixed: Typo in RscDisplayMain - FT-T164000 Fixed: NFOV UI indicator on Titan launcher - FT-T71386 ENGINE Added: weaponsInfo script command Fixed: AI would calculate a path even if "PATH" is disabled via disableAI (experimental builds only) - FT-T160446 Fixed: Uniform/Vest/Backpack containers not listed in a dead character's inventory - FT-T163668 Fixed: triggerAmmo on grenades did not deal any damage - FT-T163630 Fixed: Mines did not trigger their "Deleted" Event Handler on explosion or deactivation Tweaked: Added a new alternative syntax for the emptyPositions script command Tweaked: New position names added to emptyPositions in favor of an alternative syntax