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  1. Due to "logistical issues" we've not yet been able to update Profiling Branch to 2.00. We're trying to resolve this with Steam and update as soon as we have a solution.
  2. 1.98.146728 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v09, server and client, windows 32/64-bit, linux server 32/64-bit Fixed: Missing BattlEye file
  3. Hi there. The RC phase is a tad too late to be making additions, but for general requests, please can you post them to Feedback Tracker for consideration?
  4. Thank you! We've indeed tracked down the problem and should have it fixed in the next RC.
  5. It probably just slipped the data push as it was quite recent, should arrive in the next one!
  6. Hi, do you have any more details? So far we're not seeing this and are not aware of changes in this area, but it will be good to be sure nothing changed.
  7. RC testing of update 2️⃣.0️⃣0️⃣ has commenced ended - thanks for the feedback! Steam branch access code: Arma3Update200RC Arma 3: ~1.7 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~560 MB Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog): Added: "CoF: Gray" Firing Drill Added: Black P07 Added: CTRG-13 insignia Added: Arid CTRG Stealth Uniforms* Added: Arid CTRG Stealth Combat Helmet* Added: Various (pop-up) target pictures Added: "Eau de Combat" Aftershave (bottle / boxed) Added: Publishing / subscribing Eden Editor custom compositions to / from Steam Workshop Added: Many new script commands Added: 64-bit Linux Dedicated Server Added: 3 new Steam Achievements Tweaked: Eden Editor compositions are now placed in a new layer (this behavior can be switched off via the preferences) * Restrictions apply for those who don't own Arma 3 Apex expansion.
  8. The black P07 is part of a few 2.00 reskins were adding. It has the correct inventory icon in the internal version. We've had Dev-Branch paused for some "logistical issues", but look to resume it soon (along with the 2.00 RC) 😎
  9. 1.98.146597 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v07, server and client, windows 32/64-bit, linux server 32/64-bit Updated: BattlEye files to be in sync with main branch
  10. 20-08-2020 EXE rev. 146606 (game) EXE rev. 146606 (Launcher) Size: ~ 120 MB DATA Added: "GameOptionsExited" scripted Event Handler Tweaked: VLS launch sound range Fixed: Removed duplicate AT mines from Virtual Arsenal - FT-T152995 Fixed: Potential script error in the animal behavior FSM Fixed: Adjusted stance while being armed animations had broken interpolations - FT-T152304 Fixed: Increased lifetime of GPR-T 40mm rounds so they can reach targets beyond 2.5km - FT-T127965 Fixed: Missing editor preview for NATO post-EMP Ammo Bearer ENGINE Added: getSteamFriendsServers script command Added: getLighting, getLightingAt script commands Added: configOf script command Added: ChatMessageReceived Mission Event Handler - FT-T150854 Added: diag_dumpCalltraceToLog script command (diagnostics EXE only) Added: unitCombatMode and setUnitCombatMode script commands - FT-T146461, FT-T152965, FT-T133164, FT-T83929 Added: New script command getTextRaw to retrieve unlocalized text from a config entry Added: New script command forceCadetDifficulty - FT-T152762 Added: New script command ctrlStyle - FT-T153098 Added: New script command radioChannelInfo - FT-T150855 Added: New script commands getPlayerVoNVolume and setPlayerVoNVolume Tweaked: Improved general script execution performance Fixed: getAttackTarget returned a null object when no was target assigned by the leader - T152567 Fixed: Rare Linux server freeze when loading specific modded terrains Fixed: RPT spam when using the name script command on a dead person (the command will now return the name of the dead person wherever applicable) - FT-T125883, FT-T126032, FT-T114369, FT-T112053, FT-T90545, FT-T88071, FT-T69631
  11. DnA


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  12. DnA

    Can't lay APERS Mine Dispenser

    We've just rolled the fix to both Dev-Branch and RC-Branch. The latter is probably most convenient for you, as it's the version we hope to release to everyone next week.
  13. RC testing of a hotfix for 1.98 has started finished - cheers! Steam branch access code: Arma3Hotfix198 Arma 3: ~66 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~37 MB Known Issue: there is an issue loading some UI colors from profiles. This results in black task titles for example. Try to avoid changing your UI colors in the game options in this version, otherwise you may have to reset them in the next update. Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog): Fixed: Severe cases of multiplayer vehicle desync after the recent update (thanks for your testing of various solutions) Fixed: Zeus server CTD Fixed: The APERS Mine Dispenser and Training Mine could not be placed onto the ground anymore - FT-T150289 / FT-T150529 Fixed: Virtual Arsenal entities did not display certain damaged body regions anymore - FT-T150350 Fixed: Various new M2 static HMG backpacks would disassemble into the wrong variants - FT-T150335 Fixed: arsenalRestrictedItems[] did not check for weapons Fixed: Incorrectly referenced string in the Old Man Welcome Screen Tweaked: "Old Man" saves could grow massively and should now do so less (we hope to also provide an experimental fix to those with broken saves in another branch)
  14. DnA

    Can't lay APERS Mine Dispenser

    Hiya! Thanks for joining the Armaverse. Unfortunately the most recent update 1.98 has indeed broken the APERS Mine Dispenser. We have it internally fixed and will deploy it as part of a hotfix as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience, please stand by 🙂
  15. Co-op is generally cool for sure, but unfortunately we will not be developing such version of Old Man (it would be also very complex, given the large-scale open-world nature) 😓