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  1. 17-06-2021 EXE rev. 147768 (game) EXE rev. 147768 (Launcher) Size: ~112.9 MB DATA Added: triggerInterval attribute for Eden Editor triggers - FT-T158881 Fixed: Eden Editor's export to SQF / Terrain Builder window had broken scrollbars - FT-T141001 Fixed: Editor Editor export to SQF with an incorrect attribute type - FT-T158949 Added: "Force load" button to Eden Editor's missing required addons display (use carefully at your own risk) - FT-T157981 Fixed: Some of the jet canopies were missing localization Fixed: Subsonic bullet fly-by sounds were playing with 0 volume (thanks Dslyecxi) Fixed: Rogue polygons in the bottom part of the Crane model - FT-T158622 ENGINE Tweaked: Enabled setTowParent support for tanks (without automatic steering) Tweaked: Towed vehicle braking behavior Added: __TIMESTAMP_UTC__ preprocessor macro Added: getSensorTargets / getSensorThreats script commands Fixed: selectionPosition command could not return the position of face selections - FT-T158916 Added: maxLifetime parameter to the NVMarker config Added: blinkingPattern / blinkingStartsOn / blinkingPatternGuarantee parameters to the NVMarker config - FT-T158909 Added: Ability to 'force load' Eden Editor scenarios with missing addons (use carefully at your own risk) - FT-T157981 Tweaked: Light flare effects are now visible during the day, if daylight is enabled on them - FT-T152896 Fixed: getLightingAt was ignoring some dynamic light sources - FT-T156930 Fixed: getLighting / getLightingAt script commands returned the wrong value for ambient brightness Fixed: Missing serialization for triggerInterval - FT-T158881 Added: Eden Editor trigger attribute for triggerInterval - FT-T158881 Fixed: Zeus camera could get stuck if its direction was set via script - FT-T158928 Fixed: skipLobby as server parameter did not work - FT-T133184 Fixed: allowProfileGlasses as server parameter did not work - FT-T158671 Tweaked: Both skipLobby and allowProfileGlasses can now take Booleans as well as 1 or 0 Fixed: A host creating a server would skip the lobby if a scenario had skipLobby set to 1 Fixed: Type attribute search in Eden Editor was not reset when X was clicked - FT-T158966 Fixed: __HAS_INCLUDE macro was not respecting the filePatching parameter Tweaked: Improved performance of light flare handling Fixed: Eden Editor Arsenal glasses were not applied on Dedicated Servers. Eden Editor Arsenal glasses now take priority, then profile glasses (if any), unless disallowed with allowProfileGlasses. setIdentity and addGoggles script command are unaffected and will override all of the above. Tweaked: ComboBox controls now respect the disabled property of items and prevents them from being selected Fixed: Eden Editor object/trigger/group/module variable name attributes allowed their names to start with an underscore - FT-T125850 Added: New type of Eden Editor validation globalVariable to complement the existing variable Added: getTextureInfo script command - FT-T150571, FT-T159007 Tweaked: Extended audible distance for subsonic bullet flyby sounds from 5m to 15m Added: Optional parameter to lbSortby and lnbSortBy commands to be able to sort by textRight - FT-T159021 Fixed: lbText did not return text when used with a control instance rather than idc on CT_TOOLBOX Fixed: Crash when placing vehicles with no resolution LODs in their model on a Dedicated Server in view of AI units Fixed: lbXYZ idc version commands did not support the same control types as control instance version variants Fixed: lbSetTooltip now works with CT_TOOLBOX Tweaked: lbAdd does not force set tooltip on CT_TOOLBOX any more, use lbSetTooltip Tweaked: lnbSize now supports CT_TOOLBOX Added: Missing lbTooltip script command - FT-T80590 Fixed: Text set with lnbSetTextRight would not show - FT-T159026, FT-T85957 Fixed: +/- buttons in the Arsenal container loadout list were drawn outside of the listbox - FT-T156702 Fixed: idc syntax of ctrlText / ctrlSetText supported less control types Tweaked: ctrlTextWidth and ctrlTextHeight support more control types Tweaked: Increased number of dynamic lights for the Ultra setting from 16 to 32 Tweaked: Most Event Handlers (including config type EH) now have a local variable _thisEvent which contains the name of the event - FT-T118235 Fixed: Multiple joystick axis key binding was not ignoring disconnected devices in averaging - FT-T119742
  2. DnA


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  3. 02-06-2021 EXE rev. 147691 (game) EXE rev. 147691 (Launcher) Size: ~78.5 MB DATA Fixed: Script errors in Vanguard multiplayer Fixed: Script error in Karts multiplayer (Zeus) racing Fixed: Default treeItem colorDisabled was using an incorrect color in Eden Editor Fixed: When sorting was applied in the "Open file" menu in Eden Editor, the visually selected file was not the chosen file - FT-T134630 Tweaked: Changed the short tread selection on AH9 / M900 so it's actually short on both sides Fixed: Removed camo selection from Kitbag and Field Pack shadow LODs, because they were breaking retextures using hiddenSelectionsMaterials ENGINE Added: irLight entry to all light config classes to turn a light source into a InfraRed-only light Added: volumeShape entry to weapon flashlight config classes to allow the use of volumetric light cone models Added: irDotSize entry to weapon IR laser attachment config classes for the size of the IR dot on laser impact Fixed: IR strobes not showing up in night vision PiP cameras Fixed: IR strobes could be seen by AI if a player has night vision, even when the AI has no night vision Added: setLightIR script command Tweaked: Cruise control now aborts the speed limit when you brake manually Tweaked: Cruise control now lets you drive faster than the target speed when you apply manual thrust Fixed]: "TakeMagazine" and "TakeDropMagazine" actions now work properly again - FT-T77005, FT-T75585, FT-T76535 Tweaked: "TakeMagazine" action now has an optional parameter to force the picked up magazine to the backpack Fixed: "Killed" Event Handler was sometimes firing twice - FT-T149510 Fixed: Never-ending barrage of explosions when a "HandleDamage" Event Handler returned 0 - FT-T72109 Fixed: Players got kicked when a multiplayer scenario contained custom models with textures - FT-T147191 Added: Scripted directional light support (#lightreflector) with new commands setLightConePars and setLightVolumeShape LAUNCHER Fixed: Preset imports not loading (optional) DLC - FT-T158740 Added: Button in the DLC tab that links to Steam Workshop CDLC compatibility data for non-owners - FT-T157714 Added: Support for Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain
  4. 26-05-2021 EXE rev. 147661 (game) EXE rev. 147653 (Launcher) Size: ~559 MB DATA Fixed: Military Coffin flag was not correctly synchronized in the multiplayer environment Fixed: Russian and Polish radio protocols had "Diver" and "Enemy spotted" swapped Fixed: Machinegunner callouts in the Polish radio protocol Tweaked: Demining Drone collisions with terrain Fixed: Van was missing string localization for its siren actions Fixed: Some of the VR uniforms had incorrect side restrictions Tweaked: Second shadow LOD of the 40mm UGL magazine proxy ENGINE Added: setCruiseControl script command Added: getCruiseControl script command Fixed: playSound disableAttenuation parameter was not working properly Added: allLODs script command - FT-T158617 Tweaked: Added support for the "ViewGeometry" LOD for both selectionNames and selectionPosition script commands - FT-T158617 Added: ropeType parameter to the ropeCreate command, so you can now create custom rope models / types - FT-T85042 Tweaked: selectionPosition command now supports LOD resolution as LOD parameter, in line with the selectionNames command - FT-T158617 Fixed: Changing PiP resolution resulted in a black screen (oops) Tweaked: Added alternative syntax for selectionPosition, allowing to select LOD by index and change position visual mode - FT-T158617 Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to the deleteVehicleCrew script command, which allows to delete the entire crew - FT-T157300 Fixed: Players now cannot get in vehicles with disabled simulation via the action menu (scripting methods are unaffected) - FT-T157067 Added: A new script command ctrlMapSetPosition to help with CT_MAP positioning and centering - FT-T158730 Fixed: "Engine" Event Handler parameter was flipped if an engine change came in over network Tweaked: +HashMap is now a deep copy (for Array / HashMap values); you can use merge for a flat copy
  5. 20-05-2021 EXE rev. 147629 (game) EXE rev. 147629 (Launcher) Size: ~95 MB DATA Fixed: Funds transfer feature in Warlords ENGINE Added: Ability to configure Picture in Picture resolution (UI not yet updated) Tweaked: Moved Pcture in Picture view distance setting to a slider (UI not yet updated) Added: Arma 3 Units data acquisition timeout and server config entry Fixed: Some script commands had incorrect return types shown in supportInfo results - FT-T158155 Fixed: Target type names were not localized in radio communications for remote clients - FT-T156062 Added: Advanced sorting commands: lbSortBy for ListBox and lnbSortBy for ListNBox Added: Missing getters radioEnabled, sentencesEnabled, shownSubtitles, conversationDisabled Added: setTowParent script command
  6. 05-05-2021 EXE rev. 147582 (game) EXE rev. 147582 (Launcher) Size: ~68.8 MB ENGINE Fixed: kbTell messages were not showing subtitles for multiplayer clients - FT-T157946 Added: regexMatch, regexFind, regexReplace script commands - FT-T157406 Tweaked: Automatically add DLC tags to Workshop scenarios on DLC terrains Fixed: _forEachIndex variable inside forEach over HashMaps was broken Fixed: Crash when saving a singleplayer game while a forEach over a HashMap was running Added: HashMap apply, values commands Fixed: Sound volume resetting when switching audio output device - FT-T158124 Tweaked: Performance improvement for PBO file lookups Fixed: Crash related to createSimpleObject Fixed: TrackIR head rotation not synchronizing over multiplayer
  7. DnA


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  8. 21-04-2021 EXE rev. 147535 (game) EXE rev. 147535 (Launcher) Size: ~83.1 MB DATA Added: Translations for new audio options and other new strings Fixed: Spawn protection invulnerability would not get terminated properly in some cases in Warlords ENGINE Added: Warning if a server fails to bind to the BattlEye port Fixed: Potential server crash
  9. 15-04-2021 EXE rev. 147519 (game) EXE rev. 147522 (Launcher) Size: ~82.8 MB DATA Tweaked: Increased vertical limits on UH-80 and CH-67 doorguns - FT-T157654 Fixed: BIS_fnc_selectDiarySubject was not working - FT-T142552 Fixed: Aperture set during scenario preview persisted when returning back to Eden Editor Tweaked: Improved static weapon unflipping Added: OnDisplayRegistered and OnDisplayUnregistered scripted Event Handlers Fixed: BIS_fnc_fadeEffect was not unmuting music after fading out - FT-T156413 Added: Arsenal scripted Event Handler when a weapon is selected or removed (Weapon Config >> "VirtualArsenal" >> "Eventhandlers" >> "itemSelected" or "itemDeselected") Fixed: An exploit in Warlords Fixed: Unresponsive AI in some cases in Warlords Added: Command Points failsafe restoration in Warlords Fixed: Diary subject icon placeholders were made invisible by default Added: New Audio Options for map volume reduction while in vehicles and output device selection ENGINE Fixed: Not being able to use scripts in Eden Editor that do not return Nothing 🤪 Tweaked: Using CfgWorlds OutsideTerrain >> colorOutside on a map display if available - FT-T156243 Fixed: RscEdit controls not rendering text if a parent container is scrolled down but the control is at a Y offset - FT-T157448 LAUNCHER Fixed: Launcher was not listing the official servers
  10. RC testing of update 2.04 has kicked off concluded - cheers! Steam branch access code: Arma3Update204RC Arma 3: ~882 MB / Arma 3 Server: ~102 MB Areas of focus (pseudo-changelog) Added: Platform support for Arma 3 Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire (actual DLC content is not part of this update) Added: Support for precompiled SQF Bytecode (vanilla data is not currently precompiled, so this is initially to benefit mods) Added: Ability to configure audio output device via the options Added: Audio option to configure the volume reduction on the map screen while inside vehicles Tweaked: Steam client libraries were updated to the latest version (to support recent opt-in security enhancements for server admins) Fixed: Launcher was not listing the official servers
  11. Unfortunately it's not very likely these skinning / clipping issues will get fixed anymore.
  12. 31-03-2021 EXE rev. 147490 (game) EXE rev. 147490 (Launcher) Size: ~878 MB DATA Fixed: Eden Editor attributes on Scientists and Parade Officers when changing loadouts Fixed: Rotation of Diorama Units on Dedicated Servers Tweaked: Made materials used on MBT-52 consistent with those used on Nyx (the new materials should also be more friendly for community retextures) Tweaked: Position of Square Shades and Square Spectacles Added: gunnerReversedGetOut parameter to the StaticWeapon class and inverted the pos and dir memory points responsible for get in actions. After this change, get in action should be visible as default action when the weapon is approached from the rear. If you are inheriting from the StaticWeapon class and you are overwriting memoryPointsGetInGunner or memoryPointsGetInGunnerDir parameters, please adjust your configs so your character disembarks in the correction direction. ENGINE Added: setDefault parameter to the getOrDefault command - FT-T157359 Fixed: Crash caused by the array insert script command - FT-T155531 Added: toArray HashMap script command Added: Alternative syntax to insert script command for HashMap Fixed: Map volume reduction not working in 3rd Person Perspective Tweaked: Map volume reduction in vehicles minimum value changed from 25% to 0% Fixed: setObjectScale on static objects (f.e. houses) not synchronizing properly in multiplayer Fixed: Game crash when changing the audio output device in multiplayer with VoN being active - FT-T157418 Fixed: Issue with camo face textures not loading in some cases - FT-T154485 Fixed: Car engine sounds not restarting when switching audio output device Fixed: Possible freeze in the main menu when using a single/dual core CPU - FT-T156456 Fixed: Hide Terrain Module not working properly after loading a scenario in Eden Editor Fixed: The language option sometimes failed to save (the changed language option would reset if the menu was accessed again before a game restart) Added: Preprocessor definition __IS_DEDICATED__ on Dedicated Server / Client
  13. DnA

    Arma 3 Art of War DLC Feedback

    Hi, it's technically possible and the official variants use this same technique; you mainly need to know the texture path and have a UV texture template. We are working to provide such templates, but cannot yet confirm a timeline.
  14. 17-03-2021 EXE rev. 147449 (game) EXE rev. 147449 (Launcher) Size: ~580 MB DATA Fixed: Visibility of some Art of War DLC props in Zeus Game Master mode - FT-T156965 Tweaked: Replaced Chromatic Aberration Post Processing effects on ACRO, RCO, MRCO and Promet Modular Sight by Radial Blur (this effect can be tweaked via the Radial Blur slider in Video Settings > AA & PP) - FT-T156991 Potential Spoilers ENGINE Added: New scenario config parameter AllowProfileGlasses - FT-T156414, FT-T155328, FT-T81911 Tweaked: Performance optimizations for CostMap generation Added: Warning message when attempting to edit a scenario which was saved using a modded Eden Editor - FT-T154222 Fixed: Placing entities in Zeus was not always correctly deducting their price - FT-T156972 Fixed: magazinesTurret would produce an error when the turret path length was greater than 1 - FT-T156981 Tweaked: User profile CustomDifficulty aiLevelPreset is now stored by name instead of index Fixed: Art of War DLC was not handled fully in Steam-based server browsing (this also affected Creator DLC servers) Fixed: Field Manual 3D objects sometimes rendering as a pure white shape Fixed: CTD in the SCENARIOS menu in case a mod deleted vanilla category entries Fixed: CTD if there were errors in a file in the user profile directory and the user name contains a whitespace followed by "S" - FT-T156988 Fixed: The in-game official servers list not loading if the cache directory was not yet present Tweaked: Performance optimization for handling map markers Fixed: CTD when deleting a marker in the MarkerCreated Event Handler - FT-T157170 Fixed: CTD in the SCENARIOS menu while subscribed to Steam Workshop scenarios that have an incomplete filename - FT-T157230 Added: Ability to configure audio output device via the settings (pending full UI implementation) - FT-T75079 Added: Config parameters to control whether a vehicle GetOut direction is opposite of its GetIn direction Added: Audio option to configure the volume reduction on the map screen while inside vehicles (pending full UI implementation) Fixed: Player names not showing when hovering over map markers Added: _local parameter to all marker Event Handlers Added: affectedByWind CfgAmmo entry for flares to let them be affected by wind speed (off by default) Fixed: CfgFunctions not found error in Eden Editor - FT-T154708 Fixed: Game option changes were not always saving into the user profile Fixed: When using deadzone, the aim would sometimes autocenter when zoomed - FT-T119242 Fixed: Units that were assigned to a custom channel would not delete properly - forums Added: openGPS script command - FT-T124710, FT-T157028, FT-T74039, FT-T78824 Fixed: Issues when trying to drag uniforms/vests from a dead body into a backpack container Tweaked: Steam client libraries were updated to the latest version (to support recent opt-in security enhancements for server admins - https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/14/2974028351344359625/) LAUNCHER Fixed: Art of War DLC was not handled fully in Launcher server details Added: Global Mobilization DLC banner
  15. Is it possible you died during a high altitude free fall?