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  1. 02-02-2018 EXE rev. 144211 (game) EXE rev. 144211 (launcher) Size: ~70 MB DATA Tweaked: Lock-on After Launch for Laser Guided Bombs (just drop the bomb roughly at a laser target and the bomb will find its way) Tweaked: Bomb glide performance ENGINE No relevant EXE changes today
  2. As far as I read there were some performance heavy script calls made when they shouldn't. This was related to the Key Frame Animation module implementation.
  3. 14-12-2017 EXE rev. 143855 (game) EXE rev. 143855 (launcher) Size: ~99 MB DATA Fixed: The glass parts of the Caesar BTT would not hide when in a destroyed state Fixed: There was a floating mesh part in the second LOD of the Syndikat camouflage uniform Fixed: Prowler & Qilin suspension so their wheels are no longer sunk in the ground Fixed: The .50 cal part of the Type 115 gun would eject empty cases even though it uses caseless ammo Tweaked: The jungle camouflage of the M320 and LRPS were too bright compared to the sniper using them Fixed: Closed a mesh hole in the lowest LOD of the Ghosthawk Tweaked: Initial view angles in CAS airplanes Tweaked: The exhaust texture of the grey and brown hex variant of the Buzzard should be a bit darker now Tweaked: Added an ejection seat warning decal to Buzzard's AAF camouflage Tweaked: All Katibas now have caseless ammunition chambered (https://twitter.com/Irawulf/status/660562927007768580) Fixed: Some parts of the upper Bergen backpack where weighted to the character's head Tweaked: Reduced sway for launchers and binocular items ENGINE Fixed: Hidden vehicles with disabled simulation could fall through the terrain after being enabled Added: Shot instigators are propagated to sub-munitions now (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123463)
  4. Sadly not in a clean engine way; this was a limitation we'd also have liked to addressed, but we didn't find resources available.
  5. 06-10-2017 There will not be an update today due to a lack of relevant changes in data and engine (most work took place in unpublished DLC data).
  6. 05-10-2017 EXE rev. 143189 (game) No new Launcher Size: ~862.5 MB DATA Added: Basic Helmet (Black) variant for Laws of War DLC Fixed: Mine Detector could be placed in the launcher slot Tweaked: Wheel collision rejection angles to a compromise between better obstacle clearing and less obvious snapping back on wheels when about to roll over ENGINE No relevant EXE changes

    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  8. 03-10-2017 EXE rev. 143175 (game) EXE rev. 143167 (launcher) Size: ~804 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: Specular levels and skin tones on “Remnants of War” campaign character faces Tweaked: “Remnants of War” campaign SFX volumes (general, timeline, etc.) Tweaked: Cluster Bomb parameters to highlight differences between the factions a little bit more Fixed: Small hole in the Blackfish cargo compartment Fixed: The ammo variant of HEMTT was missing its ‘chimney’ in the first resolution LOD (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126715) Tweaked: Minor volume increase for tire bullet impact SFX ENGINE No relevant EXE updates today (small cleanups / optimizations)
  9. SITREPs

    Full SITREP
  10. 03-10-2017 EXE rev. 143144 (game) EXE rev. 143144 (launcher) Size: ~222.5 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Fixed: Typos on the Cluster Munitions whiteboard in Faction Showcase IDAP Remnants of War (potential spoilers) ENGINE No relevant EXE updates today
  11. 02-10-2017 EXE rev. 143127 (game) EXE rev. 143127 (launcher) Size: ~93.4 MB (depends on Apex ownership) KNOWN ISSUES Due to a new scripting error message (see below), several of such errors may now appear throughout the game. They are being fixed case-by-case, but should not actually affect the current behavior. DATA Fixed: The descriptions of several Game Type modules were not localized Fixed: Inverted pylon selection for Greyhawk and Ababil (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126810) Added: Animation Viewer now shows all animals Fixed: Tooltips in the Config Viewer were not localized Fixed: Unlocalized strings in the animal site module Added: Digital tachometer to Hatchback Tweaked: Increased the PCML lock distance to 800m Tweaked: A single Macer on A-164 uses a proper pylon model now ENGINE Added: An option to use the standard PhysX gearbox in config: changeGearType and changeGearOmegaRatios Added: An option to set the minimum engine omega for PhysX simulation: minOmega Added: accelAidForceYOffset to move aid force lower or higher as needed Added: New error message for unknown enumerated values in all script commands using enum values (example: _g2 setBehaviour "CARELES" will cause an error, because the correct value is "CARELESS")
  12. 29-09-2017 There will also not be any update today due to post-holiday logistical challenges
  13. 28-09-2017 There will not be an update today due to a Czech national holiday
  14. 27-09-2017 EXE rev. 143080 (game) EXE rev. 143076 (launcher) Size: ~2.1 GB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: Ladders now also use the new technology for detection of user actions Fixed: Some vanilla environment assets were marked with Malden DLC icons Tweaked: The Targeting Pod mark is now represented more accurately in HUDs when snapped to the ground or a target Tweaked: Slightly increased Strider’s crew explosion protection (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126803) ENGINE No EXE changes today
  15. 26-09-2017 EXE rev. 143070 (game) EXE rev. 143070 (launcher) Size: ~650 MB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: Deployed UGL animation speeds Added: Gear indicator to the SUV and the water temperature indicator now moves ENGINE Fixed: It was possible after saving / loading for gear to not respect inventory limitations Fixed: Commanding AI to open fire didn’t always work for vehicles if the player's group was set to forced hold fire and the player was in the vehicle Fixed: Potential Zeus CTD Added: New MFD sources "pilotcameratarget" and "pilotcameratargettoview"