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  1. 20-9-2023 EXE rev. 151027 (game) EXE rev. 151027 (Launcher) Size: ~70 MB ENGINE Added: Ability to create a "full" crash dump after a crash (only on Dev / Profiling branch builds) Fixed: Adding rows to table Controls could crash Fixed: Crash when connecting a UAV Terminal in multiplayer Added: setAngularVelocity / angularVelocity script commands - FT-T160321 Tweaked: "Full" crash dump dialog only shows when the game is ran with -debug parameter Added: Server-side scripting command sendChatMessage Tweaked: allUsers command is now available in server-side scripting Tweaked: Chat is now displayed while in a server connection loading screen - FT-T173677 Tweaked: remoteExec blocked server log messages now log what command / function was attempted to be executed - FT-T175345 Fixed: Possible crash when being disconnected from a multiplayer server
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    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  3. 13-9-2023 EXE rev. 151002 (game) EXE rev. 151002 (Launcher) Size: ~68 MB DATA Fixed: Multiplayer issue where the T-100X gunner was not able to fire if another player was sitting in the driver seat - FT-T175344 Fixed: T-100X cannon charge could be held when exiting the gunner seat - FT-T175276 ENGINE Fixed: Server not closing files in some cases (like server.cfg not being editable) Fixed: Bug / crash where file reads could be mixed up and the wrong file was attempted to be read - FT-T164178 Added: Script commands callExtension / getUserInfo / missionNamespace / uiNamespace / setVariable / getVariable are now available in server-side scripts - FT-T173677 Added: "OnPlayerJoinAttempt" server event - FT-T173677
  4. 6-9-2023 EXE rev. 150963 (game) EXE rev. 150964 (Launcher) Size: ~207 MB DATA Tweaked: Better Revive system compatibility with modded medical items - FT-T152608 Added: parachuteClassOverride CfgVehicles property for spawning of custom parachutes when an asset is paradropped by Zeus Fixed: Camo net on T-100X barrel was missing back faces Tweaked: Sticker decal alpha sorting in T-100X interior Tweaked: T-100X shadow near the rear of the turret Restored missing fuel tank holders on T-100 Varsuk Fixed: Cap model had a camo selection in its shadow LOD causing issues when using hidden selection materials on that asset Tweaked: Excluded Argo facewear from Spetsnaz faction randomization pool Tweaked: T-100X charging mechanics Fixed: T-100X caused random camera shake on nearby character when the charging sequence was initialized ENGINE Fixed: Disabled helicopters exploding when turned upside down (previously experimental only, switched to retail build enabled) Fixed: Crashes related to deleting Controls / closing Displays from UI Event Handlers Fixed: HashMapObject security issue Fixed: HashMapObject copies did loose custom toString method Fixed: HashMapObject did not serialize correctly and lost their object properties after loading saves Fixed: Player could get stuck when switching to UAV turret controls Fixed: Forced the scan for NVG equipment on add / remove item (Viper TI headgear sensors did not always work) Tweaked: Various UAV interaction fixes, including improved teamplay Added: focusOn script command LAUNCHER Fixed: Launcher crash when game crashed Fixed: Crash when trying to join a modded server via Launcher KNOWN ISSUES Game will crash when mission end screen opens
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    Full changelog and SPOTREP
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    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  7. DnA


    Full changelog and TECHREP
  8. 31-08-2023 Size: ~3.1 MB TOOLS Addon Builder Fixed: TLS deprecation by Microsoft in Windows (.NET) Publisher Fixed: TLS deprecation by Microsoft in Windows (.NET) Mod Hash Calculator Fixed: TLS deprecation by Microsoft in Windows (.NET) Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.038)
  9. RC testing of splendid update 2.14 has commenced ended - cheers to 10 years of your support! Steam branch access code: Arma3Update214RC Arma 3: ~1.5 GB / Arma 3 Server: ~141 MB Area of focus (pseudo-changelog) Added: 10th Anniversary Bonus Content Added: Enhanced Video Options (thanks Greenfist for the inspiration) Added: Various new script commands Tweaked: Decrypted the remaining vanilla addons from EBO to PBO (_tacops and _contact) Fixed: TLS deprecation by Microsoft in Windows (only utilized in Launcher via .NET)
  10. 16-8-2023 EXE rev. 150914 (game) EXE rev. 150916 (Launcher) Size: ~283 MB DATA Added: T-100X Futura Railgun Tank Added: Battlefield Memorial - FT-T167416 Added: Lantern (Project Argo) Added: Pumpkin (Project Argo) Added: Scarecrow (Project Argo) Added: Portable Flag Pole (Project Argo) Added: Area Marker (Project Argo) Added: Rugged Communications props (Project Argo) Added: Space Capsule props (Project Argo) Added: 7 Balaclavas (Project Argo) Added: 10 Bandanas (Project Argo) Added: 2 Caps (Project Argo) Added: CoF: Gray new 10th anniversary binary unlock Fixed: Explosion debris sound set was not being played at all (now it should be correctly restricted to non-sea surfaces) Fixed: Footstep sounds on Scaffolding and Bunker (Tower) assets - FT-T164238, FT-T122026 Fixed: The new Very High particle quality level was incorrectly filtering certain VFX - FT-T172971 Tweaked: Pylon version of the 20mm gun pod is now using a separate weapon class name, with fixed VFX ENGINE Fixed: Players could get stuck in multiplayer when remote controlling a unit - FT-T128006 Fixed: "Trying to send a too large non-guaranteed message" Added: Extra information to "The cloud file provider is not running." error message to facilitate better troubleshooting Tweaked: remoteControl locality is now forced to avoid potential abuse Tweaked: nearestLocation command has been tweaked to accept multiple types and a maximum distance, as well as having been optimized - FT-T174396 Tweaked: Added an option to nearestLocations to return all locations Fixed: Players could get stuck in multiplayer when another player takes remote control of the same unit - FT-T128006 Tweaked: remoteControlled can now return the controlled unit Added: isRemoteControlling script command Tweaked: remoteControl can now be terminated by passing only a controller unit Fixed: Potential server crash Added: superHacker unit trait modifier - FT-T171357 Tweaked: Added alternative UAVTerminalReleaseConnection action - FT-T171357 Fixed: flyInHeight main syntax prevented helicopters from lifting off after recent changes Fixed: Stuck camera and scenario flow in "Close Encounters" after recent changes LAUNCHER Fixed: TLS deprecation by Microsoft in Windows (only utilized in Launcher via .NET)
  11. 26-7-2023 EXE rev. 150832 (game) EXE rev. 150832 (Launcher) Size: ~69 MB KNOWN ISSUES Game crashes when placing a group with a placement radius (causes a Tac-Ops DLC scenario to crash) DATA Fixed: Revive system was not detecting modded medical items derived from FirstAidKit and MediKit - FT-T152608 Fixed: Arsenal load / save loadout was ignoring secondary muzzle magazine - FT-T159400 ENGINE Fixed: Independent groups were ignoring the mod filter in Eden Editor - FT-T168263 Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to flyInHeight script command - FT-T159872 Fixed: Eden Editor group placement radius was ignored unless it was the last placed group - FT-T169079 Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to weaponsItems and weaponsItemsCargo script commands Fixed: getUnitLoadout was not working correctly with modded weapon muzzles - FT-T173880 Tweaked: Added primary muzzle indication to weaponsInfo script command - FT-T173880 Tweaked: Added isEject parameter to "GetOut" and "GetOutMan" Event Handlers - FT-T171321 Added: remoteControlled script command - FT-T171207 Fixed: deleteVehicle did not terminate remote control
  12. DnA


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  13. DnA


    Full changelog and TECHREP
  14. 20-07-2023 Size: ~2 MB TOOLS Publisher Added: Support for Arma 3 Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944 Added: Support for the "Normandy" terrain of Arma 3 Creator DLC: Spearhead 1944 Steam configuration Changed: Incremented version number to reflect the current stage (1.036)
  15. 19-7-2023 EXE rev. 150809 (game) EXE rev. 150809 (Launcher) Size: ~101 MB DATA Fixed: Missing shadows on AKM and AK12 drum magazines Tweaked: Flashlight configs after an engine fix to quadratic attenuation - FT-T170990 Tweaked: Leaflet materials to be more consistent - FT-T171826 Fixed: Slow crouching movement diagonally with a lowered weapon - FT-T169998 Fixed: Small hole in the rear part of the RCO scope ENGINE Tweaked: Pylon weapons now use their own memory point (instead of their parent vehicle's) for GunParticles effects Fixed: Pylon weapons did not emit light when firing Fixed: "EntityCreated" Event Handler triggered when a unit was exiting a vehicle - FT-T173874 Fixed: Game sometimes detecting mouse left click input when returning after being tabbed out Fixed: ctrlSetURLOverlayMode was ignored for Structured Text / HTML controls Tweaked: onHTMLLink on Structured Text controls now fires for all URLs (previously only specific protocols) - FT-T86333 Tweaked: onHTMLLink on HTML controls now also fires for section links (starting with #) in Diary pages - FT-T86333