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  1. 25-11-2021 EXE rev. 148538 (game) EXE rev. 148538 (Launcher) Size: ~70 MB ENGINE Fixed: Config entity Event Handlers were ignoring their return value Fixed: Music Event Handlers were not saved in savegames Added: Error messages when trying to add / remove a Music Event Handler and providing an invalid event name Added: Scripting command inputMouse - FT-T83382 Tweaked: Improved Vehicle-in-Vehicle loading / unloading performance Fixed: allowedHTMLLoadURIs was not working if the provided URI was not lowercased - FT-T161958 Added: inputController script command Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to actionKeys that returns an array of strings - FT-T79203 Tweaked: Added alternative syntax for keyName and keyImage commands which accepts a string Tweaked: It is no longer possible to load mines into Vehicle-in-Vehicle cargo in Eden Editor Tweaked: Potential performance optimization when attaching static objects Fixed: Sound simulation did not stop when entity simulation was disabled - FT-T161266 Fixed: forceWeaponFire was not firing the smoke launcher on Marid - FT-T80829 LAUNCHER Fixed: Potential crash related to mod thumbnails - FT-T161495
  2. 17-11-2021 EXE rev. 148493 (game) EXE rev. 148493 (Launcher) Size: ~96 MB ENGINE Added: Missing getter for allowCrewInImmobile - isAllowedCrewInImmobile - FT-T161783 Fixed: Mission / 3DEN / Music / UserAction Event Handlers possibly skipping some handlers when handlers are deleted while executing - FT-T161871 Added: _thisEventHandler and _thisEvent variables to Display / Control / Music / 3DEN Event Handlers Added: Missing getter for disableCollisionWith - collisionDisabledWith - FT-T161479 Fixed: Mission Event Handler arguments were not stored in saves Fixed: Control / Display Event Handlers possibly executing their handler code twice when handlers are deleted while executing - FT-T161871 Tweaked: objectParent now returns the unit or WeaponHolder when checking uniform / vest / backpack containers LAUNCHER Fixed: Launcher now does not try to open and crash when running inside Proton
  3. DnA


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  4. 28-10-2021 EXE rev. 148387 (game) EXE rev. 148387 (Launcher) Size: ~304.2MB DATA Fixed: Typo in the black variant of the MX rifle with pre-attached accessories - FT-T156832 Fixed: Incorrect tooltip for AKM 75 round drum magazine Fixed: Contact's blank rounds were producing fly by sounds Fixed: One of the doors in Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F not working - FT-T127458 Fixed: postInit on vehicles with randomization overwriting setObjectTexture in an editor object's init Fixed: Clan selection was mirrored on the right side of the T-140 Angara Fixed: Small visual glitch on the Nyx Recon & Autocannon variants when the SLAT cage was visible Fixed: Bullets not all hiding on static M2 HMG - FT-T161143 ENGINE Fixed: Mines being instantly armed if the closest vehicle to it is another mine Fixed: Editor init script boxes not always displaying errors correctly Tweaked: Do not render the volumetric flashlight cone in first-person Added: "yearTime", "ambientTemp", "snow" Environment Sound Controllers Added: "snow" parameter to RainParticles config (default false - this is for mods; there will not be snow implemented for vanilla) Tweaked: getAllEnvSoundControlers and getEnvSoundController are now supporting the new sound controllers LAUNCHER Fixed: Potential crash at startup when subscribed to many mods Added: Western Sahara CDLC support
  5. 20-10-2021 EXE rev. 148374 (game) EXE rev. 148374 (Launcher) Size: ~68 MB ENGINE Fixed: Weapons of the same kind but with a different ammo count would get counted as the same weapon within a container (using getUnitLoadout) - FT-T127850 Fixed: Crash when creating rope between a vehicle and itself - FT-T161256 Tweaked: Removed getVariable null debug logging if a default value was provided or if unscheduled Tweaked: Potential performance Improvement (non-local AI targeting) Fixed: Weapon firing mode reset on weapon change - FT-T160471
  6. 14-10-2021 EXE rev. 148350 (game) EXE rev. 148350 (Launcher) Size: ~68 MB DATA Fixed: The edit vehicle appearance function in Eden Editor was not always working as expected Fixed: The disableRandomization scenario parameter was not stopping randomization of vehicle animations ENGINE Fixed: AI could see units emitting IR flashlights even without nightvision (thanks Steve) Fixed: The irLight property was not working in CfgLights (thanks Steve) Fixed: The 2D map outside color was dark blue on terrains that have outside terrain synthesis disabled Fixed: Picture-in-Picture textures not always properly updating their resolution when PiP quality is changed (thanks Rosd6) Fixed: Scripted Laser impact dots sometimes flickering white Added: ctrlMapPosition command to complement existing ctrlMapSetPosition - FT-T161243 Fixed: turretOwner command did not support a [-1] driver turret - FT-T160825 Fixed: Crash when getSensorTargets is performed on an empty vehicle - FT-T161282 Fixed: magazinesAllTurrets returning a person's magazines when turned out, resolved via alternative syntax to preserve backward compatibility - FT-T160485 Fixed: Potentially wrong return type of the airportSide command - FT-T161288 Fixed: TrackIR head movement Tweaked: The game will now not generate freeze dumps when a debugger is attached Tweaked: Enabled debug log context for when the group limit is reached - FT-T153041 Added: Debug log with context if getVariable is called on a null object or group - FT-T153041 Tweaked: Potential performance improvement (sound positions) Tweaked: Potential performance improvement (clutter flattening) Tweaked: Potential performance improvement (AI flashlight checking) Tweaked: Potential performance improvement (AI sensor updating) Fixed Steam Rich Presence disable flag did not work in mod configs
  7. 06-10-2021 EXE rev. 148232 (game) EXE rev. 148232 (Launcher) Size: ~93.4 MB ENGINE Fixed: Game freeze caused by changing Picture-in-Picture settings in combination with using a IGUI drone feed - FT-T160949 Added: Log context for trigger scripts (a script error in a trigger will tell you which trigger it was) Tweaked: The selectWeapon script command can now take weapon, muzzle and firemode as array argument Fixed: In some cases weapon selection was not working over network Fixed: The MDMP file was sometimes not written to disk when the game crashes LAUNCHER Fixed: Potential crash at startup when mod downloads are queued - FT-T160425
  8. DnA


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  9. Do you know if this already exists as ticket on Feedback Tracker, or would you mind posting it also there?
  10. Hi, thanks for the feedback. These toggles should exist. By default they are Ctrl and Alt (not sure what action bindings those are).
  11. 30-09-2021 EXE rev. 148219 (game) EXE rev. 148219 (Launcher) Size: ~67.8 MB ENGINE Added: Server config option to dump logs when a player has an excessively large message queue size Fixed: Game not properly generating freeze reports on freezing Tweaked: Set more reasonable Steam Workshop download priorities to hopefully avoid some immediate download aborts (for Compositions f.e.) Added: Separate dotColor and maxBeamLength parameters to scripted lasers Tweaked: AI no longer check if units have their weapon flashlights enabled (for visibility checks) during bright daytime Fixed: Terrain SVG export tree ellipses could have negative width/height
  12. 22-09-2021 EXE rev. 148209 (game) EXE rev. 148209 (Launcher) Size: ~68.3 MB DATA Fixed: Civilian Presence module script error on mod terrains (thanks Lelik) ENGINE Fixed: MFD on the Mora was showing vision mode incorrectly - FT-T127823 Fixed: Various audio-related game crashes and glitches Fixed: -debug start parameter was not setting its preprocessor macro Tweaked: Mission / Object Event Handlers are no longer recompiled when added
  13. 15-09-2021 EXE rev. 148196 (game) EXE rev. 148196 (Launcher) Size: ~67.8 MB ENGINE Fixed: "Apex Protocol" lobby was not loading properly Tweaked: currentVisionMode script command was extended to include TI index Fixed: Vision modes were not returned correctly for a unit controlling a UAV - FT-T127335 Fixed: VisionModeChanged Event Handler was not triggered for a unit controlling a UAV - FT-T127335 Added: getConnectedUAVUnit scripting command Fixed: All magazinesDetailXYZ commands returned the same result - FT-T151895 Tweaked: Added an optional parameter to magazinesDetailXYZ commands to include loaded magazines Tweaked: magazinesAmmoFull command has been extended with magazine ID and creator information
  14. Weapon flashlights now have a volumetric light cone, in addition to just the flare and light source. It's what already was seen on vehicle headlights.
  15. 08-09-2021 EXE rev. 148176 (game) EXE rev. 148176 (Launcher) Size: ~83.7 MB DATA Added: Translations of new (mostly UI) texts ENGINE Added: Steam Rich Presence (shows Steam Friends what you're doing in the game / can be disabled via the existing Stream Friendly UI toggle) Tweaked: regexFind now does not print an error when startOffset is bigger than string length; it will now fail silently Fixed: When a UAV was disassembled with its rotors spinning, the engine sound would remain FT-T79617, FT-T80507 Fixed: Helicopter sounds could get stuck in some cases Added: Scripted Lasers via drawLaser Fixed: sliderSpeed script command did not return an optional step parameter value Fixed: Missing separator between the missing addons message and the missing addons list Added: "VisionModeChanged" entity Event Handler - FT-T160442 Added: maxLoad and setMaxLoad scripting commands Fixed: createDialog was not working on briefing screens - FT-T160422 Fixed: It was not possible to assemble static weapons