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  1. Hah, good point. We kind of accepted this instructor into our family as a beautiful love baby by Pettka and Jay, but now that we have the heads ... (it will not likely change for the reason @lexx points out)
  2. 22-11-2018 EXE rev. 145199 (game) EXE rev. 145199 (launcher) Size: ~91.7 MB Change log forthcoming done ... DATA Added: Magazine wells to some of the vanilla weapons Added: Proxy models to some of the vanilla magazines Fixed: MB 4WD LOD switching when aiming down sights when Firing From Vehicles seats are used Tweaked: Audible ranges of vehicle engines (WIP #3) - MRAP engines Tweaked: ADR-97 bullet penetration, dispersion, and hit values Tweaked: Changed ADR-97 suppressor Fixed: The Acca_snds_l_F suppressor model was offset Tweaked: PriorityQueue - an item can be kept even when popping from the queue Added: PriorityQueue - functions for getting highest and lowest priorities in the queue Added: Vectors - function for multiplying the square matrix by a vector Added: Vectors - function for vector rotation in 3D space Fixed: The list of multiplayer params in the Vanguard mission diary contained old undefined param1 and param2 entries Fixed: Typo on the town sign of Oreokastro in Greek Warlords MP Added: VTOL aircraft are now in the requisition tables Added: Parameter to enable the sector voting reset Added: Ability to dismiss subordinates via the action menu Tweaked: Players no longer keep Command Points accumulated by the AI when connecting into an AI-occupied slot upon JIP Tweaked: You now have more time to leave a locked out sector if sector voting was reset Tweaked: Sector sizes and placements on Tanoa Tweaked: Zone restriction kill timeout increased to 20 seconds Tweaked: The Lijnhaven sector now has a heliport service as well as a runway Fixed: The description text for some assets in the Request menu would overflow in some languages Fixed: Missing first letters in sector names in Russian language Fixed: Sector income data on the map was not localized properly Fixed: Too long vehicle descriptions in some languages Fixed: Various localization issues Fixed: AI was able to vote for a sector even during the briefing screen Fixed: It was possible to seize a sector even if it was still locked in some cases Fixed: Announcer message spam upon JIP Fixed: AI purchases would no longer trigger a flyby sound even if nothing was bought Fixed: Sector voting reset issues Fixed: Respawn locations far away from the base when they were targeted would not be selected on safe spots Fixed: Some airdropped assets could fall too abruptly ENGINE Fixed: The engine sound of some land vehicles was falling off abruptly at around 300m Fixed: Crash to desktop when dropping an item into an Entity without "Supply" Fixed: Possible crash to desktop from the map due to a missing active marker Fixed: Proxies were not considered for object actions, only the parent object Added: DynamicSimulation serialization Added: addWaypoint and setWaypointPosition commands now accept a -1 radius for forced position Fixed: AI could in some cases detect vehicles through the terrain (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T133247)
  3. 26-10-2018 EXE rev. 145159 (game) EXE rev. 145159 (launcher) Size: ~1.1 GB EDIT: KNOWN ISSUE - If the game won't start and the loading bar gets stuck (loading core) - kill the process, delete cache.ch from you Arma 3 game folder and run again. DATA Tweaked: Aspect ratio of the RPG & Vorona magazine icons Tweaked: Decreased amount of bugs (the creepy crawly kind) at night, resulting in a potential performance gain Tweaked: Cost values of the LSVs Fixed: AI was taking cover behind thin banana plants Tweaked: Firefly model and material Fixed: Issue with shadows on the T-100 barrel Tweaked: Layered Concrete Wall (Land_Wall_INDCnc_4_F) geometries (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T131463) Eden Editor Added: BIS_fnc_3DENExportSQF can now export scenarios in a format where each entity checks if its ID has been blacklisted. If so, the entity will not be spawned. The blacklist array is a new parameter passed into the exported SQF. Fixed: The function to export Eden Editor scenarios to SQF format did not export vehicle customization settings Tweaked: Scenarios exported from Eden Editor to SQF now initialize modules only once all objects and connections were created ENGINE Added: Improvements to multiplayer security systems related to addon loading, encryption, and server checks Added: Sound controller 'acceleration' Fixed: Improvements to interactions with deceased character inventories were not enabled in all builds
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  5. im having issues trying to host a game on arma 3. I use to be able to until I got a modem router combo. is there something else I need to do or port forward now?


    1. DnA


      Hi, I would recommend discussing this is in a more public forum - like the troubleshooting one - so that more people can contribute with solutions :smile_o:


      Does this help you: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8571-GLVN-8711?

      Or you might check if BattlEye isn't blocked: https://www.battleye.com/support/faq/


      Good luck!

  6. It's possible these weekly updates will receive at least the very basic of 'smoke tests' to filter out game-breaking bugs (unlike so far, where Dev-Branch updates have mostly been blind fire ). And of course we retain the ability to do ad hoc updates whenever it is needed or desired to test something specific. The main change is that the default frequency will no longer be daily ("logistical issues" was fun for a short while ).
  7. 01-06-2018 EXE rev. 144845 (game) EXE rev. 144845 (launcher) Size: ~697 MB DATA Tweaked: Returned the laser spot tracker to the Rhino so it doesn't have to rely on Datalink only (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128036) Showcases (potential spoilers) ENGINE No relevant EXE changes today
  8. 31-05-2018 EXE rev. 144837 (game) EXE rev. 144837 (launcher) Size: ~175 MB DATA Fixed: The Titan on Prowler (AT) was not able to lock targets over nearby barriers Added: A "Breakwater" user animation to Gorgon ENGINE Fixed: Missing proxy mag when a weapon is on the ground or in FFV Added: New animation source "inWater" for all vehicles Added: New model property "cratercolor" (example: cratercolor=deadff00 format: AABBGGRR) Eden Editor Fixed: Incorrect returned values when a group (get3DENAttribute) or waypoint (get3DENEntityID) is in a layer
  9. 09-05-2018 EXE rev. 144757 (game) EXE rev. 144757 (launcher) Size: ~945 MB DATA Fixed: The T-140 MFD ammo indicator had swapped HE & HEAT indicators (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128150) Fixed: Assassins Helmet chin strap selection (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128507) Tweaked: Magazines can now be hidden in Virtual Arsenal by setting their scope to 1 Tweaked: In Virtual Arsenal, launcher accessories are no longer attached to the primary weapon if they fit there too Tweaked: Continued vehicle threat and cost value iterations Tweaked: Zamak trucks should now all have the same radius for accessing the inventory (2.5 meters) Tweaked: Added featureType=2 to several large structures that used the 'old' featureSize parameter before Fixed: Display name of the Sharur ATGM in the To-199 MFD (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128191) Tweaked: Slightly increased the splash damage radius of HEAT munitions Tac-Ops Mission Pack (potential spoilers) ENGINE Fixed: Potential deadlock during player server disconnection
  10. 08-05-2018 No update will occur on this day due to a Czech national celebration of Liberation Day
  11. 07-05-2018 There will not be an update today due to challenges incompatible with logistical success.
  12. It's deliberate until we find reasonable (read: internal best * community skills ^ ninjas) medal times to set. Several more structural changes were still happening, such as new CPs, so medal times would not yet mean much. The final times will probably be plugged in next week.
  13. 15-03-2018 EXE rev. 144478 (game) EXE rev. 144478(launcher) Size: ~1.1 GB DATA Fixed: The Rhino MGS UP HMG produced incorrect dirt impact effects when hit Fixed: The turret azimuth indicator on the T-140 Angara's commander camera display showed an incorrect value Tweaked: Muzzle flash positions for the T-140K Angara Added: ERA explosion sounds Tweaked: Increased the Nyx autocannon magazine reload time Fixed: AI would fire too many Vorona missiles in a row (https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/143930-general-discussion-dev-branch/?do=findComment&comment=3276058) Fixed: The Firefist missile was missing its targets in top attack mode Fixed: The Bobcat RCWS now correctly sports a 12.7mm HMG Fixed: HMG / GMG RCWS turrets now consistently use 200 / 96 ammo boxes Tweaked: Large vehicle magazines were split into smaller ones and their amount was adjusted Tweaked: The magazine count on MRAPs and APCs has been doubled Tweaked: The Marshall, Gorgon, Kamysh and Slammer coaxial guns have had their caliber changed to 7.62mm Tweaked: Slammer UP has its 120mm cannon back Tweaked: The shell count on tanks has been adjusted Tweaked: UGVs now only have a single ammo box ready per weapon Fixed: There was an issue with the transition to incapacitated state in case of a disabled 3rd person view Vanguard Fixed: Players would not always survive lobby slot selection Tweaked: Removed the rules UI for players joining as spectator Fixed: Promotion information Fixed: An incorrect string for the tie-ending Fixed: Removed Titan launchers from AI slots Tweaked: Score is no longer added or subtracted for the destruction of empty civilian trucks or vehicles inside the base perimeter Tweaked: Removed cluster and AT mine ammunition from CSAT artillery Fixed: Score was awarded every time the device was picked up Altis Requiem (potential spoilers) Tac-Ops Mission Pack (potential spoilers) ENGINE Added: An ability to define a vehicle's sensor position (sensorPos) Added: New config parameter hullExplosionDelay as an array of two floats in seconds, for all vehicle types (works only when hullDamageCauseExplosion is true) Added: Sub-munition support for shells
  14. 02-02-2018 EXE rev. 144211 (game) EXE rev. 144211 (launcher) Size: ~70 MB DATA Tweaked: Lock-on After Launch for Laser Guided Bombs (just drop the bomb roughly at a laser target and the bomb will find its way) Tweaked: Bomb glide performance ENGINE No relevant EXE changes today
  15. As far as I read there were some performance heavy script calls made when they shouldn't. This was related to the Key Frame Animation module implementation.