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  1. 26-6-2024 EXE rev. 151913 (game) EXE rev. 151913 (Launcher) Size: ~69 MB DATA Fixed: Some custom animations did not reset properly in Eden Editor - FT-T166771 Fixed: supportInfo types did not support filtering by name Tweaked: Empty placeholder mission scripts from config, such as initServerPlayer, etc. are now ignored on mission start - FT-T85153 Fixed: Script error in the live feed module (BIS_fnc_liveFeed) - FT-T178986 Tweaked: High Command module was failing to execute properly when BIS_fnc_execVM was blocked by the mission maker ENGINE Fixed: JIP clients did not always synchronize properly - FT-T171670 Fixed: Soldier-held AA/AT weapons with lock-on were not able to lock onto targets - FT-T181124 Fixed: "SlotItemChanged" Event Handler did not trigger on removal of muzzle attachments Added: Weapon muzzle config Event Handlers "MagazineUnloaded", "SlotItemChanged", "WeaponChanged" Fixed: Crash when cutText replaces itself during "Unload" Event Handler - FT-T182375
  2. 5-6-2024 EXE rev. 151869 (game) EXE rev. 151869 (Launcher) Size: ~375 MB DATA Tweaked: VR world is now using separate footstep sounds - FT-T180485 ENGINE Added: get/setPhysicsCollisionFlag script commands Fixed: Performance degradation when many scheduled scripts are active Added: "MagazineReloading" entity event Fixed: Missile targeting sensors did not check range / angle limits (anti-radiation missiles could target radar emitters that were behind the missile, out of range and whose radar did not even reach the missile) - FT-T181124 Added: Vehicle marker lights now animate with animated memory points Fixed: Removing all throwables via addMagazineCargo/addMagazineAmmoCargo would leave a ghost grenade behind - FT-T76533 Fixed: removeMagazine(Global) on a grenade would make the grenade category unusable, even if more grenades were available - FT-T79813 Added: DLL extension access to DirectX Added: New script command screenToWorldDirection, and an alternative syntax for screenToWorld/worldToScreen for a specific camera - FT-T181178 Fixed: enableInfoPanelComponent could not disable CustomDisplayComponent - FT-T162729 Added: "Draw2D" mission Event Handler
  3. 22-5-2024 EXE rev. 151835 (game) EXE rev. 151835 (Launcher) Size: ~74 MB ENGINE Added: New argument to "SlotItemChanged" entity event, and it now fires for weapon attachments - FT-T177742 Added: "Unloaded" entity event - FT-T174935 Tweaked: getEntityInfo was extended with isSetForDeletion option Tweaked: Added isSetForDeletion option to getShotInfo Fixed: Ban reason was not displayed on clients being banned (but kick and BattlEye kick reasons were) - FT-T181310 Fixed: Server kick/ban commands now support whitespace in usernames by wrapping them in quotes - FT-T181310
  4. 15-5-2024 EXE rev. 151825 (game) EXE rev. 151825 (Launcher) Size: ~405 MB DATA Fixed: Double echo sound when firing Mk200 indoors - FT-T178139 Fixed: Wrong size of the water impact splash effect for grenades Fixed: Wrong water splash effect for shot grenades (UGL) Added: Missing impact sounds for shot grenades Added: Missing glass breaking sounds for grenades Added: Body impact sounds for grenades ENGINE Added: allCameras script command - FT-T180138 Fixed: High-resolution procedural textures with too few mipmaps were not always rendered on the screen - FT-T180876 Fixed: Some cases where UI to Texture would not load other textures referenced in the display on first render Fixed: Crash when saving the game with a script-created #lightreflector in the world - FT-T179975 Added: Engine support for headgear models switching based on NVG being on or off Fixed: Magazines added via addXXXCargo script commands were not recognized - FT-T74244 Fixed: Throwing a grenade could play an impact sound - FT-T180487, FT-T73791 Fixed: Grenade water splash effects were limited to remote clients Fixed: Water splashes were missing for smoke grenades and chemlights Fixed: Any surface impact for grenades was using the ground impact sound Fixed: Underwater grenade simulation Fixed: Grenade collisions with characters Fixed: Smoke from grenades in water was finishing too soon on remote clients Fixed: Grenade interaction with glass - FT-T126046, FT-T82591, FT-T79230, FT-T76734, FT-T71810, FT-T71658, FT-T67904, FT-T66209, FT-T64513, FT-T76391, FT-T70529, FT-T67440 Fixed: Smoke grenades were too loud underwater Fixed: Close proximity grenade interactions with glass Tweaked: New hitGlassBreak[] = {} config parameter for glass breaking impact sounds Tweaked: Grenade impacts on characters now deal corresponding minor damage based on the kinetic energy and angle of impact Tweaked: "WeaponAssembled", "WeaponDisassembled" and "Disassembled" Event Handlers now receive extended parameters - FT-T180929 Added: "Assembled" Event Handler - FT-T180929 Fixed: Could not scroll the player list in the role selection screen (it would always reset the scroll back to the top) - FT-T180434 Fixed: Scrollbar in the role selection screen obscured the player mute button - FT-T180434 Fixed: Player mute button in the role selection list would mute the wrong player, if the list was scrolled down Fixed: Eden Editor multiplayer scenarios would apply the player name to the "player" unit, even if a different "playable" unit was chosen Tweaked: getAttackTarget now shows targets sooner - FT-T154359 Added: Map markers are now visible in 3D in Eden Editor - FT-T172248 Fixed: Submunition shots could duplicate their effects (particles, impact craters) in multiplayer - FT-T177010 Tweaked: Added a parameter to addForce to disable setting characters to unconscious Tweaked: Eden Editor object icons now rotate with the object Added: Eden Editor markers can now be placed in 3D (not just on the 2D map) Fixed: Eden Editor marker placement preview icons did not exactly match the markers (slight size difference and missing shadow) Tweaked: Eden Editor map markers now become visible when selected even if their alpha is 0% Fixed: Partially filled magazines could disappear after reloading in multiplayer - FT-T142540 Fixed: The "Expansions" list in the server browser was not able to display all mods (not even all DLCs fit into it) Fixed: Hand grenades would disappear on remote clients after hitting water Added: "WeaponChanged" entity Event Handler - FT-T178384
  5. 24-4-2024 EXE rev. 151781 (game) EXE rev. 151781 (Launcher) Size: ~699 MB DATA Tweaked: Removed inventory pictures from vehicle-based SPG9 magazines - FT-T180323 Tweaked: Moved some of HEMTT's Virtual Garage texture configuration from Apex to its vanilla counterparts Fixed: Double echo sound when firing Katiba or SPAR-16 indoors - FT-T178139 Tweaked: View geometry of a few more structures (House_1W03_F, House_2W03_F, House_2W04_F, House_2W05_F, IndustrialShed_01_F and u_House_Big_01_V1_F) - FT-T146447 Fixed: Issue related to occluders on Livonia civilian houses - FT-T156396 ENGINE Fixed: HashMap circular reference check when saving the game had a memory leak and a false positive - FT-T180508 Tweaked: Improved performance of getModelInfo/getEntityInfo/getShotInfo Fixed: diag_codePerformance had unexpected overhead, the measurement result could be 10% off from the real execution time Fixed: Map markers were mixed up when setMarkerDrawPriority was used (since the last Dev build) Fixed: ~8 millisecond micro stutter every 5 seconds - FT-T180665 Added: Preprocessor definitions __FILE_NAME__/__FILE_SHORT__ - FT-T180256 Fixed: Possible game freeze when rejoining a multiplayer server after being kicked Fixed: Unarmed characters were unable to get up after being unconscious (they would be stuck in a lying on ground animation) - FT-T63879 Added: createSoundSourceLocal - FT-T180246
  6. 24-4-2024 EXE rev. 151757 (game) EXE rev. 151757 (Launcher) Size: ~229 MB DATA Fixed: Projectile penetration of Military Coffin props Fixed: Floating mesh in the Prowler model Fixed: Footstep sounds on the green version of Bunker (Tower) - FT-T122026 Tweaked: Generated new inventory icons for Ghillie suits Fixed: Hidden selections on rugged communication terminals Tweaked: Improved UV mapping of the VR Slope (10x5x4) object - FT-T177369 Fixed: Weird vertex issue on a couple more small damaged houses - FT-T163748 ENGINE Fixed: setParticleFire error message was misleading Tweaked: Scripted division by zero now returns infinity (previously 0, still triggers a script error) Fixed: Scripted min/max behaved incorrectly when provided with a NaN value (NaN is allowed on the left side) Fixed: Advanced Flight Model helicopter simulation did not consider water buoyancy - FT-T180426 Fixed: createMarker would ignore the drawPriority of other markers and incorrectly draw on top of higher priority markers - FT-T180604 Fixed: Performance issue in Eden Editor when looking outside of the terrain Fixed: Eden Editor lines that go through the camera (but don't start/end in the camera view) would randomly not show
  7. DnA

    Experimental Ports Release Announcements

    The experimental Mac ports have been updated to version 2.16. They now also include Reaction Forces Creator DLC, and are cross-play compatible with Windows at time of writing. Visit the updated overview page, Community Wiki known issues and tips, and let us know your feedback (also via Discord's ARMA #linux_mac_branch channel)!
  8. 17-4-2024 EXE rev. 151725 (game) EXE rev. 151725 (Launcher) Size: ~81 MB DATA Fixed: Typo in respawnLinkedItems of the FIA Autorifleman - FT-T178528 Fixed: Hole in the bottom part of the MRD scope mesh ENGINE Tweaked: isADS animation source now uses an .index suffix - FT-T175562 Fixed: HashMapObject lost its object properties (methods and special functions) when transferred over network Fixed: Some Eden Editor script commands had a wrong return type reported in their command info Fixed: clear3DENAttribute always returned false and its command info return type was also wrong
  9. 10-4-2024 EXE rev. 151686 (game) EXE rev. 151686 (Launcher) Size: ~73 MB ENGINE Added: Optional Bool to surfaceTexture and surfaceType commands for accurate surface information Fixed: switchMove blendFactor did not work with gestures - FT-T164731 Fixed: Heal actions did not appear when touching water (now characters just need to have their upper body out of water) - FT-T178578 Fixed: soundFly of shots was not simulating the speed of sound - FT-T178099 Tweaked: Added a cache of recent patterns for regex* script commands Tweaked: Finished integration of weapon holders into the remains collector Tweaked: objectParent now also returns a weapon holder's creator unit Tweaked: Upgraded Linux compiler (no behavior changes expected) Fixed: Feature objects, that are under the mouse cursor while an Eden Editor world is cleaned up, could get stuck as ghost objects - FT-T174009 Fixed: Script errors in params would not print context to RPT (thanks Jasper) Fixed: Script errors in params would not trigger the "ScriptError" Event Handler Fixed: say3D was inconsistent with the returned type of value Fixed: Scripted weapon holders were not added to the remains collector in the 'manage all' mode Fixed: Game freeze and later crash when pressing Alt+F4 with an inventory display open Fixed: Possible crash on game exit Fixed: Eden Editor missions could get stuck as multiplayer even with only one playable unit Added: isADS and opticsMode weapon animation sources - FT-T175562 Fixed: setUnitLoadout did not trigger the "SlotItemChanged" Event Hander as expected - FT-T180338 Fixed: Mission Event Handlers for markers were not triggered locally with Zeus curator changes Fixed: Zeus curator edited marker positions and directions did not broadcast to remote clients Fixed: Custom radio markers were not updated for units added or removed from a channel
  10. 27-3-2024 EXE rev. 151641 (game) EXE rev. 151641 (Launcher) Size: ~70 MB ENGINE Fixed: Custom radio markers did not synchronize for JIP players - FT-T180034 Fixed: connectTerminalToUAV command was not always behaving correctly Big thank you to NeilZar, for your last build in an official Arma 3 Live Ops capacity and all your hard work these past years 👨‍💻
  11. DnA


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  12. 13-3-2024 EXE rev. 151569 (game) EXE rev. 151569 (Launcher) Size: ~74 MB ENGINE Tweaked: get/setMissionOptions now use HashMaps Fixed: "AnimDone" event firing constantly after a unit's death - FT-T175658 Added: getCorpseWeaponholders script command Fixed: Desync in some remote animations - FT-T124694 Tweaked: Vehicle respawn marker search was improved Tweaked: Vehicle respawn marker selection was further improved, and the getRespawnVehicleInfo command was extended Added: callExtension feature flags, context stacktrace, and game functions Fixed: The random script command would sometimes return the maximum value; it is now exclusive again (broken since 2008) - FT-T168113 Fixed: Radio channel sentence types were not synchronized properly Fixed: Reliability of adding / removing units to / from custom radio channels was improved Fixed: Chat HUD was still present when a player was removed from the corresponding radio channel Fixed: It was possible to add units to a radio channel that was not yet created
  13. 7-3-2024 EXE rev. 151510 (game) EXE rev. 151510 (Launcher) Size: ~71 MB ENGINE Fixed: Remains collector was not removing invisible dead characters from vehicle wrecks Added: Weapon holder support to the remains collector (WIP) Added: weaponholderManagerMode, weaponholderRemovalMinTime, weaponholderRemovalMaxTime, weaponholderLimit mission config parameters Tweaked: Changed default disposal check period from 1 second to 5 seconds in remains collector Fixed: Remains collector was adding duplicate entries into a monitored array Fixed: Remains collector was not always adding entities in multiplayer Tweaked: Wreck priority removal is now calculated depending on whether or not the wreck is smoking Tweaked: Added an extra optional parameter to respawnVehicle Fixed: Helicopters destroyed without effects would continue burning and smoking Fixed: Vehicles respawned as flying were created on the ground first when the "Respawn" Event Handler returned its position Tweaked: getEntityInfo was extended Added: getRespawnVehicleInfo script command Tweaked: Vehicle respawn options are significantly extended Tweaked: More helpful error messages when a server's "keys" folder is missing or empty (thanks to Lango) Tweaked: Added an option to follow a respawn marker's direction for vehicles Fixed: setUnitLoadout would not place UAV Terminal items into the GPS slot Tweaked: Indefinite vehicle respawn default option is now -1 (the wreck left behind gets a suffix _oldwreck) LAUNCHER Added: Support for Reaction Forces Creator DLC
  14. 28-2-2024 EXE rev. 151464 (game) EXE rev. 151464 (Launcher) Size: ~70 MB ENGINE Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to the getUserInfo script command Tweaked: Performance optimization for script Boolean values Added: getShotInfo script command Tweaked: actionNow behavior - FT-T177447 Added: getUnitMovesInfo script command and switchMove / switchGesture syntaxes - FT-T164731, FT-T157753 Fixed: Remains collector sometimes was not working as expected - FT-T171981 Tweaked: Added disposalCheckPeriod parameter to the remains collector Fixed: Rearm icons also appeared on locked supplies - FT-T171320 Tweaked: Performance improvement when using many R2T textures Fixed: Desync in remote player gunner animations in static turrets - FT-T124694
  15. 31-1-2024 EXE rev. 151368 (game) EXE rev. 151368 (Launcher) Size: ~109 MB DATA Fixed: The unflip UGV action was not visible - FT-T171437 Tweaked: Helicopter rotor collision profile sizes were made more accurate for vanilla aircraft ENGINE Tweaked: Added alternative syntax to the nearEntities script command - FT-T178337 Tweaked: Added an option to allObjects to return all vehicles and crew Added: Modded compositions now have a scopeCurator property that can be set to 0 to hide them from Zeus - FT-T174947 Tweaked: Alternative syntax for nearEntities was extended to optionally include vehicle crew in its return - FT-T178337 Fixed: "PlayerViewChanged" Event Handler was not firing for remote vehicles - FT-T127894, FT-T127838 Fixed: Another possible crash connected to sling loading Added: New script command setCompassDeclination - FT-T177407 Fixed: Bullets were not creating splashes when hitting water (broken since a recent revision), and fixed water impact sound for bullets - FT-T176022 Tweaked: Small UAV rotor collision handling Fixed: playerTargetLock did not detect some types of locking Added: hashValue command now supports HashMap as argument Tweaked: Improved damage handling of engine events Tweaked: The reliability of healing an injured character in multiplayer was improved Fixed: Sling loading hooks could get duplicated on loading saves - FT-T177659 Added: getBoneNames and getSelectionBones script commands - FT-T167461 Tweaked: Helicopter rotor collisions further refined and improved Added: ENDLOAD cheat code that forcefully ends a scripted loading screen - FT-T177862 Fixed: "HandleDamage" event was not called for rotor destruction - FT-T178690 Added: setMissionOptions and getMissionOptions script commands Tweaked: Added an optional parameter to setHitXYZ commands to break rotors - FT-T178698 Tweaked: Added an option to filter out fake head hits from the "HandleDamage" Event Handler Added: Aspect ratio settings for ultrawide monitors (disables triple-head detection) Tweaked: Added an ability to terminate FSM scripts - FT-T178737 LAUNCHER Tweaked: The Launcher now does not create the !Workshop folder anymore in Proton (because it did not work correctly) - FT-T178177