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  1. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I concede that they're similar, but - for the record - this is a new (for A3) set of actors (Dan Brown and 'Splendid cameos' aside). Nathan is voiced by Lane Davies, while the CTRG Commander from AP is Bob Boudreaux. :) Also, generally, thanks to all for their feedback - on this, and other threads - thus far; lots of good points, and plenty of ammunition for debates inside the dev team! (p.s. the lack of an orange emoticon on these forums must be a priority 1 fix! )
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  7. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Just to be sure, that's definitely the plan. It accidentally snuck into the RC, and has since continued to change internally. Once it hits Dev-Branch (which may possibly be right after 166), the designer responsible for the work plans to open up a thread and collect feedback on the state (for now it's considered a bit obsolete, as I get it). Apologies for any confusion so far!
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  9. Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    We talked a bit about the balance of enterable / destructable buildings in a previous REP: As mentioned in my above post, our artists have kicked off the process of investing time / effort into post-release updates by addressing the issue of un/openable doors. However, we're also preparing additional work, which includes planning for more ruin states, and perhaps even more besides. Although we're not yet in a position to make solid promises, we do recognise the long term benefit of making improvements to our terrains to stand the test of time. Finding a balance between this support and planning new work is something we're evaluating carefully for our 16-17 roadmap. Also, as mentioned, we hope to see a proper OPREP on the topic, once we can share our plans with a bit more confidence. Thanks to others for other bits of feedback (here and on twitter); there are some interesting points to share with the Art team!
  10. Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    Building upon some splendid community feedback, the Art Department in Mníšek pod Brdy (AKA Team Mike) has been experimenting with some improvements to certain Tanoa structures. To kick things off, they've been looking at ways to communicate the accessibility of buildings more effectively. Their first goal is to make enterable and non-enterable buildings more clearly recognisable (ie avoiding situations where players to run up to doors and discover that they can't be opened). Of course, the terrain is already released and many community scenarios are already built. With this in mind, the improvements focus on the addition of simple models, such as locks, barricades, etc., placed in the immediate proximity of doors. We hope these will be consistent and recognisable, without unduly affecting any existing community content; players should immediately know whether or not the building they're looking at can serve as a hide-out. Some WIP concepts here: https://twitter.com/jaycroweuk/status/770600973437956096 As the work has only recently started, we don't expect to release it with the forthcoming update (1.64); however, a few changes have started to appear on Dev-Branch recently, with more expected to appear over time. It's also worth mentioning that this is part of a longer-term, post-release effort to support (all of) our terrains. We hope to share an OPREP sharing our motivations / the possibilities in a bit more detail soon™.
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  13. AI - suppress command

    I can see how there could be a bit of confusion. In Marksmen DLC, one of the platform features we added was 'Suppression'. We described the feature in the release blog like this: This laid the groundwork for more features. Now (on Dev-Branch / on Default Branch at some time on the #RoadToApex), it's possible for commanders to order their subordinates to lay down 'suppressive fire' on / around a certain area. Together, these features improve players' ability to plan / move more tactically. If you know / suspect an enemy position - but don't have a direct line of sight - it's possible to order units to target / shoot at 'empty' spaces (there are some limitations. If AI see friendly units or civilians, they won't shoot); previously, it was only possible to target a legitimate, known, target. Best, RiE
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