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  1. Jennik

    Community Awards 2010?

    Hi everyone, I have just taken a look on the poll settings and I can't see anything wrong. I also submited few test votes with various and really "exotic" (long, multiple dots and commas) email addresses and the form always accepted it. During the recent 2009 Awards we have uncovered many attemtps of multiple voting, so this time we have introduced email confirmation system. Nothing is watertight, of course. Still, the email confirmation is kind of obstacle which might prevent the most easiest multiple voting while being still somehow acceptable by most of the participants. Please, try the basic precautions like cookie cleanup and alternative email address, that's all I can suggest now. We will check the settings once again just for sure but I'm afraid there is nothing else to be done while the nominations are in progress. UPDATE: After another few attempts it really turned out the issue might be too long domain name. System rejects anything exceeding 17 characters...
  2. I used to be playing OFP every evening for several years, most of the time spent with editor and other tools. It was ultimate experience. Unfortunately, my wife wasn't really excited by it. So you can imagine the satifaction of mine, once I became an employee at BI :) Recently I have surprisingly found my cheap Acer Aspire One netbook is capable to run the old gold game pretty well! So I'm in again, and now it's also my son enjoying BI games too. Pure my wife... seems she will never get rid of that :)
  3. Buying games on Sprocket is and will always be the best way how to support Bohemia Interactive directly. Thanks! :)
  4. There is none. There was an attempt on the latest company meeting, but we were so many it turned out to be almost impossible :)
  5. In case you experience an "Error found in file EXPANSIONS\ADDONS\missions_e.pbo" error during the update installation, click the "Ignore" button and continue with installation. When finished, download the file missions_e.pbo separately here, then search and replace the original file within your Arma 2 installation folder. missions_e-v154.zip - 33MB CRC32: b8f86874 MD5: 8fd663f3cb8e45cc2ab000eefa0de16a SHA1: 364f69f9101659445c885641b2f9f586ea04b5f0
  6. Jennik

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    In case you experience an "Error found in file EXPANSIONS\ADDONS\missions_e.pbo" error during the update installation, click the "Ignore" button and continue with installation. When finished, download the file missions_e.pbo separately here, then search and replace the original file within your Arma 2 installation folder. missions_e-v154.zip CRC32: b8f86874 MD5: 8fd663f3cb8e45cc2ab000eefa0de16a SHA1: 364f69f9101659445c885641b2f9f586ea04b5f0
  7. Thanks for everybody for links posted. It makes much easier to keep this A2OA Reviews list page updated. Please, report also any non-english reviews you find too. Thanks again :bounce3:
  8. Jennik

    BI Banner

    Here are few from my drower, feel free to use them if you like. http://www.arma2.com/banners/arma2oa-webbanner1-468x60.gif http://www.arma2.com/banners/arma2oa-webbanner2-468x60.gif http://www.arma2.com/banners/arma2oa-webbanner4-468x60.gif http://www.arma2.com/banners/arma2oa-webbanner7-468x60.gif http://www.arma2.com/banners/arma2oa-webbanner9-468x60.gif
  9. Honestly, we no more care about map size. The terrain is virtually INFINITE and try to imagine the possibilities with random town generator module for example ;) Please wait for another previews coming as we prepared lot of detailed informations for press people. However, soon it will come to the website too.
  10. By reference to this thread I desided to make some additional markers myself.

    I have'nt released them yet bacause I would like to offer them to you in order to release them as a part of the 1.06 patch. If you choose to do so they can be found here.

    The markers are fully compatible with the ones allready ingame. To incoorperate them should be very simple. Just copy the .paa files into the path: "\ca\ui\data\markers\" (next to the others) and copy/paste the code from the config.txt file into the real config file... (Have'nt tested it though ;))

    No credit are need to be given - seeing them ingame is credit enough

    If your're not interested plz let me know - then I'll release them as a standalone addon.

    Yours sincerely

    Major Woody

  11. So, here we are: 2010 is here and the nominations are over. We start the finale of Community Awards right now. It's your duty now to give your vote and support your favorite addon / mission / movie / website to become the winner. Click here and vote right now! Here are the results of your nominations closed yesterday 31th Dec. 2009: Best Mod / Addon A.C.E Advanced Combat Environment for ARMA / ARMA 2 An-2 pack by SARMAT Studio for ARMA 2 BW - Bundeswehr MOD for OFP / ARMA / ARMA 2 CAA1 Project for ARMA 2 Project RACS for ARMA / ARMA 2 Best Mission / Campaign Campaign СВОБОДР(Svoboda) by SARMAT Studio for ARMA (SP) Cipher - full dynamic mission by Wiper for ARMA 2 (SP / MP coop) DominationA2! by Xeno for ARMA 2 (MP coop) First War by Kheiro for ARMA 2 (SP) Warfare BE - Benny Edition for ARMA 2 (MP coop) Best User Created Movie Wings of Russia by SARMAT Studio production Arma 2: Black Hawk Down by Richiepeed13 ADO 83corsair Quesh Kibrul The Crate II by Legislator Red Dawn: Endgame (ArmA 2 Trailer) by sincover47 Best Community Website ARMA.at.ua Armaholic.com ArmedAssault.info Dev-Heaven.net OFPEC.com Best Community Member Benny Foxhound Kju (Q) СМЕРШ (Smersh) Sickboy Click here and vote right now!
  12. Jennik

    1.05 released

    Check the download page again ;)
  13. Thank you for saying that, it is the very point of the intention of having the community dedicated section on the official website. Also thanks to sbsmac for his suggestions, some of them are really the strike home. For all who are asking for including the community content into the game more or less directly, we already do that! There is a number of people working both externally or interanally who participated on ARMA2 project - for example Mike Malvin and his great CTI introduced as Warfare at ARMA1, Mapfact members working on terrain for the datadisk and many, many more... But I say again, putting every great project into the game is almost impossible because of many reasons: Copyrights Simply the size of the data which might grow significantly Difficult management of such number of projects And many, many more... Also, what I feel is that most of the community authors would prefer the absolut freedom in comparison to the conditions and requirments which would have to be accepted in case of the closer cooperation with BI. Regarding to "focus on game engine, let the community make the content" . I think this happens already since the original OFP. We consider our game engine to be rather a "platform" then "just another milsim game". But we must bring some playable content too :)
  14. I'm afraid implementing MOD Manager into the game would be possible. There are already couple of them made by community, aren't they? But, I have heard something about pbo file association around here as the possibility to run mission / campaign / addon by double click only. However, this won't probably solve the MOD issue.
  15. As I wrote in this official announcement, we will appreciate any advices / suggestions. So, here is the place for discussion, everyone is welcome!