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  1. ChrisB: YES. YES. That is right answer there. Thanks.
  2. Anybody know answer to my question few posts back: Multiple User names/Mission folders like in OFP. Is this possible in ARMA2/OA?:confused:
  3. I have few questions: 1) Vehicle/Tank driving in ARMA2. How to point them place where they drive? Is there pointing mechanism like in old OFP?:confused: 2) Multiple User names/Mission folders like in OFP. Is this possible in ARMA2/OA?:confused: 3) Is this bestest way to use addons? Install them in separate folders and use that expansion option thingy.:confused:
  4. I have suggestion/request addons for this game: How about those MIG animals from OFP? That would be great! In ARMA2 are animal addons made by BIS. Cows and others. Those BIS cows lack sound like MIG cows.
  5. Please give some links for Single player missions for ARMA2/OA. No addons. Just plain missions.
  6. 33BO11OF00

    FDFmod 1.0

    I just want to say this: This MOD is amazing work here. I have suggestion here: Can those old OFP:FDF islands imported to ARMA2/OA somehow? That FDF:Eastborder is just perfect work there. I had lot of fun making missions for that island.
  7. 33BO11OF00

    Some addon questions

    GÃœNTER thanks for all the info. Much needed here. Because CAA1 is importing ARMA to ARMA2/OA I think I can leave that ARMA alone and concentrate to ARMA2/OA and OFP.
  8. 33BO11OF00

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    -Martin- I just tested Taviana and this is just impressive work there. That escalator thingy was just great addition to island. I can't wait to make campaings/missions for Taviana. YEAH*3!:yay:
  9. 33BO11OF00

    Arma X anniversary edition question

    Yeah! Here is one horse addon for ARMA. Beta stage thing but still great addon. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=addons&id=1375
  10. I have this CSLA mod for OFP and it rocks. Good news here. Need to keep checking this mod. Yeah!
  11. 33BO11OF00

    Some addon questions

    Thanks zigzag. This will help me a lot. One question more: I have these game versions: ARMA II: OA 1.60.87580 ARMA II: 1.11.86734 ARMA: 1.185281 Are these game versions up to date or do I need to download updates? ---------- Post added at 03:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:47 PM ---------- Sorry for double posting but one question more: WHY these ARMA island addons are so helluva large in size. In OFP they where much smaller. Is it packing or texture handling or what? Sorry for double posting but I have to say this: I just played little bit with this ARMA and this is really good game. Graphics are just amazing there. Even the old BIS:OFP islands are nothing like the same. So thank you BIS for this awesome game. Well done. Well done indeed. Just one more question: Many islands require addon called CAplants. I this is addon called CAA1. Where to download it and what is it?
  12. Hello everybody. I'm new to this ARMA game and I have few questions: Question1: Where to download island addons? Question2: Where to download those sound/island/addon/infantry modding tools? Which is a best tool to download? There are many. I know. Question 3: Where to get some tutorials for this all?
  13. 33BO11OF00

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Thank you BIS very much for adding animal addons in ARMA. Some great objects there.
  14. 33BO11OF00

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    -Martin- I have finally bought Arma X anniversary edition and now I can try your island also.
  15. 33BO11OF00

    Arma X anniversary edition question

    Sorry for triple posting but this is good feedback for BIS: Finally some animal addons in your games. Great work! Now we only need two animals more: Camels and Horses. Both ambient and mountable(drivable) objects. How about that?