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  1. sanctuary

    Germany General

    I pray the victims rest in peace in a better world, my best thoughts and condolences for their families.
  2. In you main config (if you play with WW4 , that's the file named "config.cpp" located in ....@ww4mod25\bin\ ) Locate class Man:Land inside of that class, you should find the line extCameraPosition[]={0,0.3,-3.5}; That define the coordinates of the 3rd person camera position For the GRAA mod the alt 3rd person cam was using : extCameraPosition[]={0.25,-0.1,-1.4}; So replace the values and save the modified config to benefit from it. You may want to tweak those values to your liking.
  3. sanctuary

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    There's a transcript of this press briefing for people that may not understand what is being said, directly on the US department of state website : http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/dpb/2016/03/255056.htm wow , just wow.
  4. sanctuary

    Terrorist attacks in Brussels

    In what is some monstrous insane competition in horror between those islamists factions after the Brussel bombings, the talibans murdered at least 70 men, women and children from christian families that were celebrating Easter (and several hundred of wounded), in a bombinb in Lahore in Pakistan. I pray they rest in peace in a better world.
  5. sanctuary

    Terrorist attacks in Brussels

    I pray that the victims of those monsters rest in peace in a better world. My best thoughts are with their family, and with the people that survived. Can't believe how many innocent people have lost their life to those murderers and their related since only a year : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents,_January%E2%80%93June_2015 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents,_July%E2%80%93December_2015 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_terrorist_incidents,_January%E2%80%93June_2016
  6. sanctuary

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    No alliance signed of course but you know what i mean :rolleyes: , the base of such alliance/cooperation is implied for the countries that accepted of the recent UN resolution . http://www.un.org/press/en/2015/sc12132.doc.htm
  7. sanctuary

    Diplomatic incident between Russia and Turkey

    Why the hell is Turkey not banned from NATO after destroying an allied plane in the war against daech ? Already with the heavy suspicions against Erdogan government of backing up daech supporters and extremists and them bombing the Kurds that are fighting daech directly on ground, how can they still be considered a member of NATO ? Yeah, i remember that the US military have a use of some airfield there, and that's probably the reason they're still not banned, but how can anyone trust Erdogan anymore in any ways after this backstabbing aggression against an ally ?
  8. sanctuary

    France General

    Just adding a precision, that surprised me a bit, on what i wrote previously : I was watching the TV french news and a few minutes ago the french prime minister was answering questions from the journalists that were presenting those news. One of them in one of his question mentionned that famous listing ( called " fiche S " ) , and talked about 4000 individuals on that listing (surprised me as i always heard them mentionning around 1800 names before) And the prime minister answered and mentionned that there was around 10.000 individuals on that listing.
  9. sanctuary

    France General

    Those poor people just trying to live their everyday life, and a few assholes come in and murder them... Everytime a terrorist attack happen in France (and it's not new, it's been like that since more than thirty years), once the authors are known, it appears they were already on listings from the authorities as being linked to various terrorism groups ... everytime, it's never people that are unknown from french services. That list of people they all come from is apparently made of +/- 1800 individuals on french ground, they're not hidden, they're free to move. Can't believe after all those years my country government is still not getting rid of those people, and their only reaction is when those terrorists finally decide to make their move and murder people. It's not like there are no anti terrorism laws here to put those terrorists in training guys in prison before they act, as we even have "apology for terrorism" as a recognized crime to send people to jail.
  10. sanctuary

    Terrorist attacks in Paris

    I can only pray for the victims and their families, may they rest in peace in a better world.
  11. sanctuary

    DUNE mod V1.0

    I put this there instead of PM as i think it could be useful for people making their addon config : I gave a look to the sardaukar config.cpp You have class CfgPatches { class Sardaukarinf { units[] = {Sard1,Sard2}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.30; }; }; But you have 2 unit class that are in the config but aren't defined in cfgpatch : class Sard3 : Sard1 class Sard4 : Sard1 Then there's the matter of using "" or not, never 100% sure of what should be used, but i always put "" personnally in my configs. Additionally, you have custom weapons for your units , but you haven't defined the requiredaddon section in the cfgpatch that mention the addon of those weapon Those weapons used are HAgatl and HAlaser, both coming from the config in HAgun.pbo, the cfgpatch section is class Harkonnenrifle, so you need a requiredaddon entry for Harkonnenrifle For the requiredaddon (that is missing from your cfgpatch) i usually add the default BIS addons there, probably not all of them are required but since i have done that, i never had any cfg problems anymore, in case one of the class defined in the addon is inheriting from one of those : "BIS_Resistance","BIS_WeaponPack","LaserGuided","6G30","Kozlice","G36A","MM1","Steyr","Bizon","XMS" A correct CfgPatch for the sardaukar should be : class CfgPatches { class Sardaukarinf { units[] = {"Sard1","Sard2","Sard3","Sard4"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredAddons[]= {"BIS_Resistance","BIS_WeaponPack","LaserGuided","6G30","Kozlice","G36A","MM1","Steyr","Bizon","XMS","Harkonnenrifle"}; requiredVersion = 1.30; }; }; And while looking at the HAgun.pbo config i see class CfgPatches { class Harkonnenrifle { units[]={}; weapons[]={HArifle}; requiredVersion=1.99; requiredAddons[]= {}; }; }; The requiredversion is too high, as it has no special CWA-only script command, 1.85 should be good enough ( OFP max version is 1.96 , with 1.99 OFP can't use that addon, only CWA) There should be some requiredaddon pointing to the BIS stuff too, just in case one of your weapon inherit from a BIS class and you forgot to add the other weapons defined by it ( HAgatl HAlauncher HAlaser) , so it should be : class CfgPatches { class Harkonnenrifle { units[]={}; weapons[]={"HArifle","HAgatl","HAlauncher","HAlaser"}; requiredVersion=1.85; requiredAddons[]= {"BIS_Resistance","BIS_WeaponPack","LaserGuided","6G30","Kozlice","G36A","MM1","Steyr","Bizon","XMS"}; }; }; I have not checked more PBO but i imagine they are probably running into the same problems (that would surely prevent any MP, servers are very sensitive to bad Cfgpatches and missions own addon requirement going wrong), be sure to give a look.
  12. Music and Voices should be OK with OGG, but for explosion/shots/rockets/everything "dynamic" in gameplay , WSS should be prefered.
  13. sanctuary

    DUNE mod V1.0

    I gave a look to that mission scripts and noticed that the positionstr.sqs script you used Spad was made for an island that has its map coordinates going from A to J (Aa to Jj) and 0 to 9 (00 to 99) (like Everon) The problem is while the number are OK, that the Arrakis island go from A to T (Aa to Tj) , so if any of the squads go beyond the Jj square coordinate, the script has no idea where they are. You'll need to include the missing coordinates to have that script working with the Arrakis island. By example, if i want to add the K (Ka to Kj) (spoiler so this do not eat the whole page for the viewers) :
  14. An early (the one i had released when we made the DMA release day) version of the m202a1 that i had reworked in look and script for WW4 , used originally an OGG file for one of the sound effect. While neither me or some friends that were using it could reproduce, a few people that were using the addon were crashing when they were shooting with it. Replacing the OGG by a WSS fixed it for them.
  15. If modern highres tridimensional graphics filled with bloom aren't a must have to enjoy a game for you, those games should keep you busy for a long , long time with so much to do, so much to survive , so much to build and so much to keep your character living in those procedurally generated open worlds : UnrealWorld, survive into the dark age in a Finland-like world , meet interesting new people of many tribes and cultures, trade and befriend them, avoid being filled by arrows and getting axes in your skulls, hunt preys for food, get companions and eat them if you're hungry :D http://www.unrealworld.fi/urw_whatis.html Cataclysm : Dark Days Ahead, survive in a world after an apocalyptic event, while you building things, driving vehicles and shooting stuff, just be careful of the hordes of undead-like creatures, things from beyond and other festivity found in end of the world situations, oh and try to not insult any crazed survivor that happens to have a flamethrower. http://en.cataclysmdda.com/pages/1/display Those games, while finished in the sense it's fully playable from A to Z are in continuous development with new things more or less major regularly added ( UnrealWorld exist since 1992 by example )