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  1. Hey there. Thank you for your suggestions. But for now we are not planning on expanding the artillery part of the mod. We wanted to mainly wrap up the equipment and armament so that it could be comparable to/complement the core vanilla BIS factions (plus the desert and winter versions as a bonus). But maybe in the future? :) Right now we are focusing on fixing stuff, especially physics, models and some other things that need our attention. Also the drones, to make the faction complete.
  2. Sure, go right ahead. :) Thank you. We eventually concluded that is a correct assumption and also managed to dig out some newer videos where they talk about the tank in detail - confirming the coaxial PKTM port. So yeah, the coax MG is going to be included in the next version. :)
  3. Thanks. Looks like a completely different (new?), modernized version of Kamov. K-52M or something like that? We'd probably have to remake the entire heli (since the one in the mod is an older different model), for which we currently don't have time. :/ Unless the basic version with 6 pylons also exists, in which case it would be just a question of adding them. We'll definitely keep this one in mind though. Thanks for the heads up. :)
  4. Hey there. Well from this very thread and our own research we had some very conflicting information regarding the coaxial machinegun. Some website talks about it, some doesn't etc. I mean, it wouldn't be very hard to add it - we just need to be 100% sure about it. I got this link for example, that (apparently) speaks for the coax: https://vpk.name/library/f/armata.html and then there is this, earlier from the thread: etc. etc. Do you by any chance have any definitive source? It would help a lot. :) Gasmask are possible. Although not quite sure about their function apart from being purely cosmetic. Can you be also a bit more specific about the 6-pylon version of KA-52. Just need to know if such variant exists. :)
  5. Thank you very much! Thanks! To you too, guys:) We also wanted to add a front FFV function for the Kamaz trucks as well (hence the hatch above the passenger seat), but didn't manage to do it on time before Christmas which was our target date. Next update, hopefully.
  6. The new Winter Update is up! Merry Christmas everyone! :) See the first page for updated download links! Changelog: VERSION 5.0.0 (21-12-2017) - New Winter pack with a new camo/cover model and other winter accessories. - Added some weapons in winter camo. - Added vehicles and armor with two winter camo options - basic white and "Arctic". - Added a new desert camo. With optional RAE camo that was used in previous version. - Added KA60, armed variant. - Added a static KORD Machinegun and a AGS30 Grenade launcher. - Added a new tactical Spetsnaz uniform in EMR and Surpat camo. - Fixed vehicle/driving model of armour and Kamaz trucks. - Fixed textures and materials of various units. - Fixed Ballistic vests model. - Fixed animations of the Arbalet-DM tower from Tigr. - Fixed all config errors (armour, weapons), some of them were tweaked. - Fixed resistance and collision model for all vehicles. - Fixed vehicle and armour textures - removed the RED STAR. - Fixed all errors that were reported by community - Minor tweaks to the Kamaz model - And many, many more fixed, tweaks and enhancements that we can't quite remember at this moment. :P
  7. Some pics from the upcoming Winter Update. Aiming for a release before Christmas, if all works out well. :)
  8. Extended Effects

    Nice. I think Liberation mod included these too. I kinda tried to merge them with various mods (mostly WW4 and PRMod) but always failed because the instructions are in russian, and even with google translate I am not very good at this. :/
  9. Huh, okay this seems like a strange bug. I don't remember Alive acting all wonky around case sensitive words? Will try to check it out myself when I'll get back home to my PC.
  10. It's actually 5.45x39. And it's the caliber AK12 uses. To my knowledge, only AK15 is the one using 7.62x39. Don't know yet if we'll be adding it. I personally wouldn't be opposed to that. But as a I mentioned before, Mindas seems pretty adamant on keeping the "ArmA3 fictional counterparts" out of the mod. Again, we'll see. Umm, Grom are Polish special forces. Why would we be adding them to a Russian-centric mod? Unless you meant the BMP/BMD one. :D EDIT: Ok, I got a heads up from a friend that there is a GROM detachment within the Russian police forces (FSKN Anti-drug unit). Is this possibly what you meant? https://topwar.ru/60820-specnaz-fskn-grom.html
  11. Thanks for the pics guys! I'll forward it to Mindas immediately. We couldn't really find anything concrete on the insides of Armata when we started doing it, so this is definitely useful :)
  12. Oh Oh, also regarding that - we had this as a source, hence the 'Turn Out' position. (finding stuff about the Russian army and armament is actually somewhat difficult lol)
  13. Negative on the BTR80/90. However, the Bumerang is definitely planned at some point. :)
  14. Hello, long story short: Been owning the game since the 2013 Alpha and bought all of my DLCs separately when they came out. Thing is, I kinda wanted to get my hands on the digital soundtrack as well but found out I can't - unless I rebuy the APEX edition for like 60 euros, even though I already own all the DLCs that it includes + the base game and APEX expansion of course. I vaguely remember there was an option to "upgrade" to Digital Deluxe edition back then, but it's not there anymore. :( Is there any way I can legally get my hands on the ArmA3 soundtrack without having to rebuy the whole game and DLC package again? Why is there not a simple "Upgrade to APEX Edition" option in the store? Thanks in advance Deathstruck
  15. There already is. In the "CSAT" folder is an optional replacement config for the stock units in the game. :) Many thanks, as usual!