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  1. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    Hey there, sorry for the late reply. Hmm, looks like the weapons were indeed not in, meaning they were probably phased out for real back then. Sorry. :/
  2. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    Currently looking for at least 4 Russian speaking voice actors who would be interested in contributing their voices for our upcoming 2035 RAF mini-campaign :) The mini-campaign will be in the veins of the oldschool OFP grunt or Gastovski spec-ops etc. scenarios (with the ArmA3 spin of course), where we'll try to showcase as much as we can from our mod. Only requirements are to sound somewhat adult. Any voice acting experience is also welcome. If you are interested, just shoot me a PM with perhaps a sample of your voice. :) In other related news: We're still working on the Bumerang, albeit a bit slowly. However, works will fully resume at full speed after summer.
  3. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    Heya. They were old placeholders that we used before the current ones but they are still in the files, usable for mission makers. You just need to enable them through config. :) I think it was scope=2 or scope=public?
  4. Extended Effects

    Thanks for the answer! Didn't expect to have the creator himself show up. :) Although I should probably clarify that after some testing, the "blurred" texture is actually the result of *not* using the number script and just leaving it as it is bare bones, since the RHS tank on default seems to have a defined texture through Oxygen and without the script being used, it's just some blur that does not even resemble any number shape. About my issue: as I've understood it - ExtFX seems to have its own global init scripts that start everytime a mission or editor is loaded. What or where it needs to be edited so that the RHS number scripts (RAE_T80_Numbers.sqf) become part of that global init startup too? I tried doing it through an .pbo in Addons folder with its own config inside it , but the problem is the script in it will overwrite ExtFX effects because it seems to take precedence over the mod config. :/
  5. Extended Effects

    Does anyone know how to make a replacement vehicle that has an unique random number script work with Extended Effects? Example: For my personal use, I have replaced the BIS tank with an RHS tank through the EE config. At first I thought just defining the "model=" would be enough but problem is, the RHS tank has the said number script and without it there is some weird blurred texture on its side where the designation number is supposed to be. I found the init script that seems to govern it(RHS_T80_Numbers=loadFile "\RHS_T80Pack_Scripts\RAE_T80_Numbers.sqf), but it does not work with EE, because it will replace its own init startup scripts. I tried to find what file or config line governs the EE starting scripts and even tried to input the RHS tank script in the eh_land.sqs inside the ext_scripts.pbo, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Even vice versa when I try to write EE scripts into the tank addon, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong here? Have I maybe forgot to define something somewhere? Is it possible to merge two different inits together? And which file/line am I supposed to look for? Thanks.
  6. New EMR look for our 2035: RAF units. A: 2035: Russian Armed Forces, Nik and WW2 anims
  7. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    The new update/hotfix is up! Some fixes and most importantly, a new EMR look (see the image below). :) See the first page for download links! Changelog: VERSION 5.1.1 (03-06-2018) - New shade of the EMR camouflage. - New ammunition type for the T15 2A43 cannon(fixes the AI not engaging armored targets). - Reworked all optics/collimator sights. - Fixed reported bugs.
  8. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    That or the ASDG folder inside @Min_RF, if you downloaded it from Armaholic.
  9. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    Let's not make this a competition please. Both mods focus on their own (fundamentally different) things and try to deliver the best to the community. :) As in they don't show up at all? Strange, they do for me.. CBA or no CBA?
  10. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    We are pleased to announce that 2035: Russian Armed Forces and ArmA3 Aegis projects are joining forces! Both mods are going to co-operate, share assets and hopefully bring you the best joint 2035 experience in the future! Please do check out and follow their BIS topic and Steam Workshop!
  11. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    Decided to post a FAQ for some questions that keep popping up a lot: (Will link to it on the first page) What does this mod do? * As said in the info/description, it adds a Russian faction fit for the 2035 era. But RHS already exists, what is the point of this mod? Isn't this mod just a cheap knock-off? * No. RHS is a total conversion adding 3 high quality factions (including the modern day Russian Army) while we mostly just focus on putting the Russian Armed Forces in the 2035 era, so it could seamlessly stand right next to the vanilla BIS factions (NATO, AAF, CSAT). As you can see, both mods focus on fundamentally different re-enditions of the Russian Army. We also try to keep it as close to vanilla and optimized as possible to assure good performance (polygon count, texture size like BIS units etc.). My weapons are missing optics/sights * I am gonna assume you are using CBA/ASDG? If that is the case, you have the use the special ASDG config which is included in the \Arma 3!Workshop\2035 RAF subfolder, and replace the one in the "Addons" folder with it. Do you plan on adding XY * We mostly try to stick to our own plan (which means for example unique counter variants to BIS vehicles etc.) and have already plenty of requests and suggestions. It's more than likely that the request you've made has already been asked (and answered). Will it be compatible with XY * Most likely no. Right now it is compatible with ASDG and ALiVE, which were added due to the popular demand in the early days of the mod. We simply don't have enough time or manpower to provide compatibility with every mod out there. But you are more than welcome writing your own compatibility patches. :) How can I support you? * Feedback and perhaps a positive rating (if you liked it) and a Favourite on Steam Workshop, spreading the word, using our mod for missions/videos etc. will always warm our heart and motivate us. If you want to go further, you can also support us financially through Paypal (link on the first page). The money goes 100% into mod-related things like acquiring better models etc.
  12. Some pictures from the newest 5.1.0. update of our 2035: Russian Armed Forces mod. :) EDIT: Forgot to add; used Nikoaton's Animations, Direone's Animations, Rismarcks WW2 Pose pack.
  13. 2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.1.1.)

    New update is currently has been released! Tanks DLC features and a lot of stuff that has been tweaked, fixed or outright reworked. :) See the changelog and pics for details. (Dropbox and Steam Workshop links on the first page updated. Working/waiting on the rest.) Changelog: VERSION 5.1.0 (12-05-2018) - Completely reworked and recreated new vests in multiple variants and camo. - Reworked helmets, backpacks and other gear. - Tweaked textures for ground troops (sampling, "worn out" looks etc.) - Tweaked textures for weapons (lowered shininess etc.,) - Added new 1P-87 sights. - Tweaked the driving model for all vehicles. - Enhanced destruction model and hit points for all vehicles (ground and air) - Added SLAT grids and ERA armor for heavy armor, to up it to the Tanks DLC standard. - Tweaked the looks and attributes of rockets and projectiles. - Tweaked functionality of the SHORAD system for Pancir-S1, so that it's close to reality. (rockets being used for detection on long distance, but still balanced for core gameplay. Cannons for closer distance.) - New ported UAV drone Pchela-1T. - Tweaked config for ground units and all vehicles, so that it is balanced for the base game (skill, endurance etc.) - Removed special/optional config for CSAT replacement. (it is planned as an independent mod now). Uniforms and gear still included. - Fixed all reported and newly discovered bugs. - Fixed, tweaked and reworked a lot of other stuff that I don't remember right now. :) - All is fully compatible with base game and all DLCs.
  14. Extended Effects

    Thanks for the tips! I shall write you a PM to avoid hijacking this thread further. :)