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  1. Sorry for the vague title, wasn't sure exactly what to put in a concise way. I've recently learned about the respawn tickets module in the Editor and am using it in my coop missions. What I want to figure out is how to make it so running out of the say 5 respawn tickets doesn't result in a mission failure but simply no longer allowing respawns if you die. I played my first coop mission with the respawn tickets system since discovering this module and after we had all died a total of 5 times combined, we lost the scenario. So if possible, I'd love to change that to where we just can't respawn if we die a further time. Any help would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi, so I'm trying to set up this mission where some units with a guard waypoint respond to nearby combat, but the default range of the guard waypoint is too far. Is there a way to configure it's radius so, for example, I could have them only respond to combat within 300m of them? I assume it has to do with a trigger but I can't find any resources online regarding this specific matter.
  3. Oh duh. Right. I'm quite rusty with scripts these days. Do I need the whole code Mr. H included for forcing facewear, or just ' //[this,"rhsusf_shemagh2_gogg_tan"] call MRH_fnc_forceFaceWear; ' ? Anyway, for the faces. Anywhere I can find the class names for the faces so I can force them?
  4. I assume for this I need to know the class names of whatever face wear I'm trying to force? I was just trying to avoid that because all the facewear I'm using is modded and I'm not sure there's documentation out there for all of it to provide me with the class names. SetFace seems easily enough, but I'm also relying on mods that add faces. Primarily CUP, for some of the middle eastern faces(unless those are in the game by default? Honestly don't know anymore hah). So I'm not sure I'd be able to find class names for the modded faces either.
  5. Alright, so let me make this more clear than the title. I'm making a set of missions, and creating custom units with the 3D Loadout Editor, but in coop the facewear and faces are overwritten by what that user has set. I can get them to change it manually but that would get tedious each mission. So essentially I'm asking, how can I make the facewear and face I've selected for that unit overwrite what the user has set for their 'profile'?
  6. Yes I recall that's what they were under but they're no longer there for me.
  7. I've just come back to ArmA 3 after a few months and I noticed the Urban CSAT units are completely gone from the editor, and all my units that were once urban, are now in regular camouflage. Why in the world would BIS REMOVE units from the editor/game??
  8. No idea what that is but I'd rather not have to use some third party program when the functionality for this has worked perfectly fine up until now. Does anyone know what actually happened? This isn't just isolated to me and my friends, I'm positive.
  9. What? You can't use someone else's games if that's what you're asking. It sounds like you both have purchased ArmA 3 already, why do you want to download it from his account and add it to yours(Which is impossible by the way)?
  10. It's been a little while since I played ArmA 3, and I'm a big fan of doing private coop with friends. I normally just click host new session and they join right up, but lately(specifically, after the Gamespy shutdown, that's the only thing I can think of that could be related to this) my friends who are trying to join cannot find my server in the server browser and unfortunately BIS didn't seem to make an effort with it's Steam compatibility so whenever they try to join through Steam they just get a "Server is not responding" message. Now I have no clue what could have caused this. It worked fine since the Alpha, and now all of a sudden it doesn't. If anyone has a solution I would be very, very grateful. Thanks.
  11. Thanks I'll try that, but I recall having to Synchronize two waypoints, is that still something I have to do and you just forgot or is it unnecessary?
  12. Hello there. I once knew how to do this, but alas, I have forgotten how. Plus that was for ArmA 2, maybe it has changed by now. I"m looking to start off a mission within a chopper that isn't part of my group, get dropped off and have the chopper fly off. Thanks in advance.
  13. These missions are only 3 player missions, that shouldn't cause a serious slow down right?
  14. So strange. I'll try it. You mentioned it could cause poor performance, why is that? At this point, if your technique doesn't work. I'm just going to try to replace the units with different modded units. They're high quality but it's a shame they don't work in MP scenarios.