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  1. Thank you very much TeTeT! That worked perfectly. 🙂
  2. Nice updates recently! Currently making a campaign for my group using this mod and I have a quick question: is there a way to disable the randomization of textures on the PBR's (or even better force which one of the textures it uses), in this campaign we are supposed to use the same boat several missions in a row and it would be nice for immersion if it looked the same and didn't change colour etc. 🙂
  3. mcnools

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    It looks truly amazing, best looking map ever made for ArmA 3 I dare say.
  4. We are using "More Heads" from Zee Identity Pack. not sure if the link even works still!
  5. Is there any way to like.. bypass this? My group and I are using older face model packs that aren't active so there isn't much hope of them getting fixed.
  6. mcnools

    Zee Identity Pack

    EDIT: After some more searching I found this topic that explains the issue better: Is there any chance that this mod will be updated to fix this? Me and my group has been using these faces for a while, but recently we've started encountering this weird and slightly random error, sometimes you can see parts of the face in first person (posting images), it seems to happen to most vanilla units but dissapears when using some RHS-units. Has anyone had the same problem or does anyone have any idea wth could be going on here? haha. Also, when this error occurs you can't see the shadow of the face on the ground either. EDIT: Maybe it's related to this little bit in the december patch notes (official): "Tweaked: Deleted the head shadow from Character / Uniform models. Added shadow LODs to proxy head models themselves."
  7. Unfortunately I'm not the server admin so I don't have access to them right now, we have narrowed it down to it happening with missing textures at least, if there's no workaround I'll guess we'll have to live with not playing using certain mods that cause missing texture errors. 🙂
  8. mcnools

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    It's looking really really good, can't wait to play on it. 🙂
  9. Hello, my group and me has always had a problem where sometimes when loading the mission we would just get stuck on a screen showing the map of tanoa (regardless what map we use), we've finally tracked it down and figured out it happens when there's a "missing texture"-error on the map (could be caused by other error messages too but this is the most common), now, we can of course usually just fix this by finding the object etc. with a missing texture and remove it but sometimes those errors can be more illusive, and on some custom terrains and mods there can be such errors that we can't really do anything about. Now my question is really just if there's a good workaround for the dedicated server, maybe forcing it to ignore these errors somehow? These missions always start when one of us hosts locally so it's only a problem with the dedicated server. As a missing texture isn't really game-breaking for us it would be nice to just ignore it and move on. Any ideas?
  10. mcnools

    [WIP, ALPHA] Jasło, Poland

    Looks good man, I was looking for a map with a large european city recently, especially one with a large industrial area, so I'm glad to see "industrial area" on the map you posted! :D
  11. mcnools

    MGM Foods

    Nice mod, my group is very happy to be able to stop and have a bit of a meal once in a while! :D
  12. Thank you very much Mr H.! While it's not what I'm looking for in this particular mission I do have another mission further into the campaign where I need a script exactly like this. :)
  13. Where should I put this part? When I put it in the init.sqf I get this error message: Also, if I try to just execute the script with a radio trigger I get this: so I suppose it doesn't really work either way :( pierremgi's script made him fall down and sqiqqle around right away when I put it into the init.sqf, unfortunately it's not ace-compatible so we can't drag him around etc. in that position.
  14. Hello, I'm working on a little mission for my group where we are supposed to bring in a very hostile enemy leader, I don't want him to be the kind of guy that surrenders so the idea is to force us to shoot him and then stabilize him and bring him back to our base alive for more medical attention. Now to my problem: Is there any way to enable "prevent instant death" and the whole unconsiousness etc. for a specific opfor non-player unit? to be more specific, right now ace medical is just enabled for players and I'd prefer to keep it that way except for that one unit. One piece of advice I got was to make a script that activates when the unit is hit while having "this setdamage false" in the units init so it doesn't die, and then when it gets hit use the "ace_medical_fnc_setUnconscious" function to make him unconsious, but unfortunately I have no idea how to do this. Any advice? Edit: Cyrus over at the ace public slack helped me out a bit, this code in init.sqf or initserver.sqf if dedicated seems to do the trick (if the unit is named bob):