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  1. Thanks for the replies, I will give it a try! Couldn't find suitable animations so I made a little workaround. I hide the unit inside a room with a pistol in his hand and when anyone gets nere it this script executes: unit1 fire currentMuzzle unit1; sleep 0.2; unit1 setDamage 1; That way we hear a gunshot when we approach and he's dead when we enter the room, seems to work okay!
  2. Ok, this is pretty grim, but I'm working a mission where a AI-unit is supposed to shoot himself rather than get captured etc, I've searched far and wide for a script but I haven't found anything that works. Does anyone know of a script for this? I do believe that there are animations for this ingame but maybe I'm mistaken. Best thing would be if the script is activated when we close in on the unit, it plays the animation and the gun fires, killing the unit.
  3. Thanks for the replies! I will give it a shot 🙂
  4. Hello, is there any way to make a unit have the "injury texture" without being injured in the editor? I'm working on a mission where we are supposed to try and save a gravely wounded person.
  5. Is there any chance of seeing that Elephant-mod being released standalone? (I'm working on some africa-missions for my group on the Chongo-terrain right now and poacher-related missions would be very interesting..)
  6. @Harzach It seems to work fine! Thank you very much man!
  7. Yes, the idea is to do it for a specific unit name, I've given all the units in our squad ID's (the one who should be able to open the crate is RadioOperator).
  8. Hello, I'm working on a MP mission where I want an item in a crate that only one specific playable unit can access. Is there any way to do this by scripting? I tried to search but I could only find really old scripts that I couldn't get working.
  9. Well, it seems I might have managed to solve it in the end. I "simply" mashed the scripts together and added the skill-level stuff into the loadout script and it seems to be working (might have faults that will appear later though). Figured I'd post it all here so it's available to anyone looking to do the same thing. Big thanks to Larrow, couldn't have done it without you! initserver.sqf onTrackerSpawn.sqf customizeTrackerLoadout.sqf (also sets the skill)
  10. Unfortunately that didn't help. You have my thanks for trying to help! The most important thing is the skill-level anyway, the rest is just cosmetics/details. I'll try asking around some more in the SOG Prairie Fire Discord and see if anyone can help out. Thank you again for helping!
  11. Thanks for taking the time trying to help me, unfortunately once again it doesn't work, this time neither the loadouts nor the skill level seems to set correctly. Strangely enough I don't get any error messages at all. If I change initserver.sqf to just init.sqf (just took a chance) I get the error message "Could not get tracker FSM from module TrackerModule1" though. Not sure if that can be a clue or if it's just because the script doesn't work properly in init.sqf.
  12. Unfortunately it doesn't work. The loadouts are correct but the skill levels are 1.0 instead of 0.30 for some reason. Is something in the customizeTrackerLoadout.sqf overriding the other script somehow maybe?
  13. So, of course I have to go complicate things now, I hope you can help out with this issue too. The skill-script works perfectly but now I also wanted to look into changing the loadout of the spawned groups using the script from the same page. So, I went ahead and added the customizeTrackerLoadout.sqf to my mission and then added _handle = [] execVM "customizeTrackerLoadout.sqf"; to my initserver.sqf. However, that seems to override the skill-level script so they spawn with the new loadouts I've given them but with max skill. Of course I have no idea why. Currently my initserver sqf looks like this: customizeTrackerLoadout.sqf looks like this: and onTrackerSpawn.sqf looks like this:
  14. That did the trick! Thank you so much, very much appreciated!
  15. Thanks for replying! I really appreciate you helping out man. I've tried it but it gives me this error message: I'm guessing for some reason it doesn't recognize the vet_fnc_onTrackerSpawn-command but I have no idea why. I've tested in both SP and MP (but not on a dedicated server) and it gives me the same error each time. EDIT: if I include all the code from onTrackerSpawn.sqf in my initserver.sqf it seems to work fine, so I'm guessing the issue is that onTrackerSpawn.sqf isn't being included properly? Are there any downsides to having all the code in initserver.sqf or is it mostly just to keep things neat and tidy? In my missions folder I have: initServer.sqf with the code: //initServer.sqf //include function [] execVM "onTrackerSpawn.sqf"; //Function to call when new units are spawned TAG_fnc_setTrackerGroupSkill = { params[ "_group", "_module" ]; { _x params[ "_unit" ]; _unit setSkill 0.5; }forEach units _group; }; //Tell the monitoring function the Module to monitor, the Function to call when new units are spawned by the module [ TrackerModule1, TAG_fnc_setTrackerGroupSkill ] call vet_fnc_onTrackerSpawn; and onTrackerSpawn.sqf with the code: /* Author: veteran29 Description: Execute custom callback on groups spawned by the Tracker Area module. Parameter(s): _module - Tracker Area module [OBJECT] _fnc_callback - Function to execute on newly created groups, arguments passed to the callback are: [_group, _module] [CODE] _interval - How often to check for new groups [NUMBER, defaults to 3] */ vet_fnc_onTrackerSpawn = { if (!canSuspend) exitWith {_this spawn vet_fnc_onTrackerSpawn}; params [ ["_module", objNull, [objNull]], ["_fnc_callback", {}, [{}]], ["_interval", 3, [0]] ]; private _fsmId = _module getVariable ["vn_fsm", -1]; if (_fsmId == -1) exitWith { diag_log text format ["Could not get Tracker FSM from module: %1", _module]; }; private _handledGroups = []; private _fsmGroups = []; while {true} do { waitUntil { sleep _interval; // last element always contains all Overlord managed groups _fsmGroups = _fsmId call vn_ms_fnc_tracker_overlord_getGroups; reverse _fsmGroups; _fsmGroups = _fsmGroups select 0; _handledGroups isNotEqualTo _fsmGroups }; private _newGroups = _fsmGroups - _handledGroups; _handledGroups = _fsmGroups; {[_x, _module] call _fnc_callback} foreach _newGroups; }; };