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  1. Hello, for a couple of years now me and my group has been having a problem, we always run the zeus-module with #AdminLogged as "owner" and it usually works (had some problems with it not working after respawn but after using the respawn module instead of the old marker method for respawns it seems to work better). However, sometimes zeus just doesn't seem to work and we just get the "zeus ping"-icon and sound when trying to enter Zeus mode even when logged in as admin on the dedicated server, even though the admin hasn't respawned etc. This can sometimes happen even when we've tested to make sure zeus works just the day before playing the mission and we haven't really been able to find any reason for this happening. Just figured I should make a topic and see if anyone else has experienced a similar thing and what could cause it, it sort of seems like zeus isn't recognizing the admin (logging out and logging in again doesn't seem to help). Has anyone got any idea or maybe some way to troubleshoot? (what to look for in the server .rpt for example). Edit: Should mention that we're running a few mods, we use different mod-lists every campaign we make but the basic mods that we always use are CBA, TFAR, ACE and ALIVE.
  2. mcnools


    Yeah that's what I meant, he's done several finnish maps and one norway map, 🙂 was just hoping to get some sweden in there too (and maybe denmark I guess..), complete scandinavia.
  3. mcnools


    Very very nice 🙂 time to go fight in another neighboring country. So... finland and norway, sweden next? 😉
  4. Dangerous indeed, had a 50/50 success-rate on disabling the traps last mission, (well, both were disabled I suppose, just that one was disabled with a defusal kit and the other by a brave soldiers body, oh well, we managed to patch him up). Just wanted to say we're all loving the mod, this is the first time we've been playing it properly and we're having a blast, love all the little details and functions such as setting huts on fire, punji traps, music in vehicles etc. Good times. Good job!
  5. Had an amazing time playing with this mod with my group these past couple of weeks, just one quick question: is there any way to disarm/disable the punji traps etc.? I've tried adding trap kits, defusal kits and toolkits to the units but noone seems to be able to disarm the tripwire punji traps. Edit: nevermind, apparently it WAS possible to defuse it using the ace-menu if I just crawl very close to it and look at the center of it.
  6. mcnools


    Amazing work man, amazing.
  7. mcnools

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Great news! Will get started on the last phase of the campaign I'm working on for my group then. 🙂 (last few missions will take place in Prei), keep up the good work man!
  8. mcnools

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    Question: will the Prei Khmaoch Luong-version on steam be updated or will there be a new steam-release with the new update like with Vidda?
  9. mcnools


    Looks great 🙂 ArmA needs more africa.
  10. Thank you very much TeTeT! That worked perfectly. 🙂
  11. Nice updates recently! Currently making a campaign for my group using this mod and I have a quick question: is there a way to disable the randomization of textures on the PBR's (or even better force which one of the textures it uses), in this campaign we are supposed to use the same boat several missions in a row and it would be nice for immersion if it looked the same and didn't change colour etc. 🙂
  12. mcnools

    Blud's Terrain thread.

    It looks truly amazing, best looking map ever made for ArmA 3 I dare say.
  13. We are using "More Heads" from Zee Identity Pack. not sure if the link even works still!
  14. Is there any way to like.. bypass this? My group and I are using older face model packs that aren't active so there isn't much hope of them getting fixed.
  15. mcnools

    Zee Identity Pack

    EDIT: After some more searching I found this topic that explains the issue better: Is there any chance that this mod will be updated to fix this? Me and my group has been using these faces for a while, but recently we've started encountering this weird and slightly random error, sometimes you can see parts of the face in first person (posting images), it seems to happen to most vanilla units but dissapears when using some RHS-units. Has anyone had the same problem or does anyone have any idea wth could be going on here? haha. Also, when this error occurs you can't see the shadow of the face on the ground either. EDIT: Maybe it's related to this little bit in the december patch notes (official): "Tweaked: Deleted the head shadow from Character / Uniform models. Added shadow LODs to proxy head models themselves."