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  1. Jesus...Gonna have to go through their other videos to see if they're using video game footage (A3) there as well, and probably are. I'm also fairly certain that slapping a Property Of graphic across your video while using open source DoD footage and someone else's IP (BI/Arma 3) is fairly illegal. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/ofy3du/its_itv_all_over_again/
  2. Addons - Contact, RHS, PLP, NIArms, CUP Core, Ravage (Gear), EO GM Uniforms, Eden Extended, ZSL, Niko, and Rismarks anims. This was a scene build. The US sign and gas station were Photoshopped.
  3. DetCord

    Huey's of the Heer

    I thought about it. However, the config process proved so obtuse I gave up on the entire project.
  4. I just posted a review. If you haven't done so I suggest you do, regardless of what you think. That said, a lot of the complaints seem to revolve not around the DLC, but the issues Arma has as a whole. Which is odd.
  5. DetCord

    Huey's of the Heer

    Retex project of the RHS UH-1.
  6. I started this project right after GM was announced and upon noticing that it wouldn't contain any fixed or rotary-wing assets upon launch. Still WIP and subject to change. What it will contain: Two units of the Army Aviation Corps that would have operated in the North German Plain during wartime. Accurate airframe markings (In German where applicable) per Bund specs and doctrine. Three helo's per unit with historical aircraft registrations, unit crests, and FRD markings. An additional helo added (BSG) just for fun. Screenshots
  7. @mondkalb I hope it's alright to post this here? Seeing as how there are no air assets (yet) I started retexturing some of the existing ones available to the community. Should be done by GM's release day which I'm eagerly awaiting.
  8. Thanks for insight. One more question though given that I just noticed where exactly the map is located. Have you guys modeled the infamous Helmstedt (Marienborn) Checkpoint?!😛
  9. I'm confused as to why you have FlakPz 1A1's and ZSU-23's triple-A vehicles without having any actual air assets to fight. It's a bit like having scuba gear for troops in a landlocked desert environment. I understand if this is a planned FREE expansion to the existing product down the road, say Bo-105's and DDR Mi-24D's. But if you plan to charge for like assets, assets meant to have been included at the outset, then you're going to face some rather heavy push-back, and rightly so. I just hope you take these concerns into consideration before moving forward with the development plan and what seems like an infinite monetization with regards to potential expansions, vehicles, assets, terrains, etc.
  10. DetCord

    Arma 3 FanArt

    RHS 4K wallpapers for whatever your resolution might be. Gallery.
  11. DetCord

    UH-72 Lakota

    Currently sitting at 37k, which is high, but that will change once its OM'd properly. I haven't even touched O2 yet and likely won't for quite some time.
  12. DetCord

    UH-72 Lakota

    The 58 is on the back-burner for awhile, I'm still fairly new to modeling and it can take me forever to actually get anything done. The good news is that Autodesk approved my free version of Max (an hour ago) due to the fact that I'm currently in the military/Veteran. So, I can get back to working on both birds at a decent pace. I was using Blender after my Max trial expired, but I found the menu system/UI really obtuse. @ Adumb Better version for ya. Hi-res render at 4096x3112. The image comes in at around 35MB's, so it might take awhile to open.
  13. DetCord

    UH-72 Lakota

    Here's a older one prior to the tail-boom being completed.
  14. DetCord

    UH-72 Lakota

    Still pretty rough.