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  1. Binkowski

    [SP/CO-08] Rebel Road

    Those of us old enough may remember Ballistic Addon Studios: Tonal and Tonal Redux. This mission is inspired heavily by Tonal of the past, and more are in the works. As a Rebel Group Leader, stop a Government Convoy, destroy a checkpoint, and return across the border. Features: - Intro - Adjustable Parameters - Singleplayer or Coop - Custom Music - Custom Sounds Tested in SP only, cooperative should work fine. If there are any issues, let me know and I'll do my best to fix it. [SP/CO-08] Rebel Road - Steam Workshop
  2. It's been 9 years since I made a public release, figured now was a good time to get one out. Those of us old enough may remember Ballistic Addon Studios: Tonal and Tonal Redux. This mission is inspired heavily by Tonal of the past, and more are in the works. Synopsis: As a Special Forces Team Leader, locate and destroy a rebel ammo dump on Niakala. Features: - Intro - Adjustable Parameters - Singleplayer or Coop - Custom Music - Hidden Objectives - Custom Sounds Tested in SP only, cooperative should work fine. If there are any issues, let me know and I'll do my best to fix it. Yes, my steam name is AN/PRC-148 (for now). [SP/CO-06] Militia Dump - Steam Workshop
  3. Hello BI Forum; It's been awhile since I posted last, I'm still alive but very busy. I'm looking for some mission testers to test some missions I have been making. Missions are singleplayer / coop small scale 2-12 player maximum. Reply here if interested and I'll send you a PM where we can discuss further. The missions include WW2 era, Vietnam, Cold War, Desert Storm, Early 2000s across different countries (playable and theater). Thanks heroes, and stay golden.
  4. Binkowski

    Mission requests and ideas

    I'm in search of an old OFP Mission, cooperative multiplayer that involved BLUFOR static line parachuting into the map (can't remember the map, but I'm sure it wasn't a vanilla map) at night. Destroying AA guns (iirc), I believe I played it ~13 years ago back in '07. Each playable character had a flashlight, and could flash the light in pre-set Morse code to identify themselves to other players, give orders, etc.
  5. Why hello, I'm back from the long time off I took from playing this series and I'm looking for a group to play with. American, central time zone, usually available in the evenings. I prefer realism groups, but not crazy over the top military simulation of rank calling and such. I'm an avid content creator and I'm looking to create missions for a group of steady players that we could all play together and enjoy. Serious missions, fun missions, comic relief missions, all different types of game modes etc. I've played every game in this series since OFP:CWC in 2001 - 2002.
  6. Binkowski

    The Bushlurker Monument

    Thank you for this kiory, an incredible tribute. I loved working with him on the CWR team when I was active there, thank you again.
  7. Task Force Blackheart is an active multinational ARMA 3 group founded in September 2015. Like most ARMA 3 units we are like-minded players who wish to implement real life tactics, techniques, and procedures into high quality cooperative missions, while avoiding ranks and required training courses for positions. At TF Blackheart we do not have ranks, official positions, or set squads. We are a group of players. During our weekly operations we allow our senior members to sign up for senior level leadership, and our newer players sign up for junior level leadership. We give everyone a fair shot at everything until they fuck it up. Every Saturday night at 2000z we all get together to play our cooperative missions that are typically made as part of a larger deployment. We also play a variety of cooperatives and team versus team during the week. Requirements If you're interested in applying to play at Task Force Blackheart, you must meet the below requirements. You must be at least 16 years of age You must own a working microphone and both speak and understand English You must be able to attend at least 4 mission nights in a month You must never bring the TF Blackheart name into disrepute on any public forums while a member You must be a mature individual with a very open sense of humor Joining Process Step 1 - Application Fill in the application form. Your application will be picked up by one of the recruitment team and will be reviewed. Typically, this will take 48 hours. However, if we are experiencing a high volume of applications, this may take considerably longer. Step 2 - Initial Training New recruits must complete the Basic Infantry Skills training package; this is the only training course that is done at TF Blackheart. This course lasts approximately 2 hours and is designed to teach some basic infantry skills and ensure all members are on the same page. Step 3 - Probationary Period Upon completion of the Basic Infantry Skills course you will be on probation for your first two operations. Once the Recruitment team is happy with your performance you will be tagged as an official member of Task Force Blackheart.
  8. Yes. My favorite is coming to ArmA3.
  9. Binkowski


    Just a quick update guys, my recovery is going very well. I'm doing much better now then when I was released, my stomach tube was removed and the pain that I had from the surgeries is going away. There's still a little bit but it's not horrible or really limiting, only thing that is is my whiplash in my neck from the impact but it's getting better too. All I have left now is my cast on my right wrist, and my double vision which hopefully will be corrected soon. The cast will be coming off in 2-6 weeks now, depending on how the bones heal up. My walking is damn near back to what it was, the only thing I'm missing is riding my motorcycle since this spring weather is beautiful where I live (depending on the day, of course). Just thought I would update you guys!
  10. OPX is back! Good to see the work man, can't wait for the release of these.
  11. Sweet, congrats on the release.
  12. Binkowski


    I shouldn't be needing any financial help guys but thank you for offering. Almost 7k in donations over 3 weeks is plenty, that is going into a join account. I also have insurance and I am getting paid from my work for medical leave. I'll be able to get my car replaced damn near for free as well.
  13. Binkowski


    Thank you for all of your support BI community! I have made it home and I am slowly recovering. I'm working on my walking, it isn't terrible but it's not the same as before I was hit. I have a cast on my right wrist / lower arm which is odd, since I've never broken a bone in my body and when I was hit in this incident I broke 6 bones on impact on my right side. I also have a healing trachea hole, a stomach tube that will be removed in 2 weeks time, and an eye patch to correct my double vision which occurred because of the broken right eye socket that happened. I will be okay but it will be a few months until I go back to work and drive again, but I have a lot of support from my girlfriend, family, and you guys as well. Thank you so much everybody and to those who donated, that money will be split between my girlfriend and I to pay hospital bills, and other things that are needed to be paid after the accident. I thank all of you and it is good to be back!