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  1. Or you could just do (and to make this generic for those without that item spawning script): while {true} do { private ["_obj", "_rad"]; _obj = _this select 0; // object center point for radius. _rad = _this select 1; // radius outwards from center point to clear items. _clear = nearestObjects [_obj,["weaponholder"],_rad + 50]; for "_i" from 0 to count _clear - 1 do { deleteVehicle (_clear select _i); sleep 0.056; }; sleep 1800; };
  2. Cowboy Pilot

    Artificial ATC

    If you ever do let me know. I have plenty of ATC/pilot experience RL.
  3. His issue is not a global ban. This is for more minor things when its just kicking players.
  4. No, the name of a server is a separate issue and irrelevant to CAP using ArmA2 software for training etc. The separate issue is you can't be applying their name on the server for reasons of trademark and implying that CAP and the US Air Force endorse such a server. Especially as a cadet member of CAP. Have National HQ contact Bohemia and see about special exemption from their EULA perhaps? Though in my opinion CAP could really use VPS2 for training for seniors IMHO, and it could be used for cadet aerospace education. So I think this is something that could get brought up with National HQ and see if they can get a dialog with Bohemia. I could see Bohemia offering either that exemption of the EULA for ArmA2 or a very fair rate for VBS2 just given CAP's unique situation of doing domestic search and rescue for the US Air Force and other civilian agencies as well as technically being a non-profit 501©3.
  5. We don't have a VBS2 license if you are talking about Military Gaming. MilGO is a non-profit organization that is not in anyway affiliated with any part of the government or Department of Defense agency/section. However Civil Air Patrol is a Auxiliary of the US Air Force that is also charted by the United States Congress, that's the difference. Training using the game would clearly be covering missions that are sanctioned and funded by the United States Air Force. I know this because I am a senior in CAP as well. The Air Force I don't believe has such a license so I don't know what to tell you. Someone much higher than the level of a cadet in CAP (maybe even National HQ) could see if Bohemia would make an exception to their EULA and allow the use of ArmA2/OA for official Civil Air Patrol training. What I mentioned earlier is what causes the violation of the EULA due to CAP's US military and government charted status.
  6. Are you a cadet or senior member? Either way I would be careful with using the CAP label for your server as CAP would not officially endorse it. 2nd CAP is considered a US Air Force Aux and as such cannot use ArmA2 in such a training manner due to licensing. You would need to go with VBS2.
  7. Nou, Great news. Seriously the Alpha has showed a lot of folks how hard it is to go back to not having ACRE. Geezz, I remember when you guys first started on ACRE when I was doing some advising from my military/commo background. It still is so amazing what this mod does and how it has changed this simulation. You have me on skype still, so if you need any assistance let me know.
  8. Cowboy Pilot

    Artificial ATC

    Looks great sir. Do you have experience as a RL pilot or ATC controller? Sent from my DROIDX
  9. Cowboy Pilot

    Find GUID?

    Type this in-game #beclient players (use page up/down to find yours as listed) #beclient guid ( would only display your GUID, however it is apparently broken at the time the last I knew)
  10. Signature checking does not in itself force you to have content. Equal mod will only detect based on the @folders if I am not mistaken, but I may be. The best way if you run the ACE use their config feature of checking for a defined list of .pbos.
  11. We have everything working fine on this latest update. However I highly recommend adding a setting (default to off) that will check for lobby for TS3 server/channel. Right now as it is it checks everyone including those in the lobby for the TS3 channel. Thanks and awesome work. P.S. I also sent you a fixed/update asc.xsl file which added in the lines from the new update, a few of the lines were messed up and I fixed those as well.
  12. Cowboy Pilot

    Combat Medical System

    You would just disable ACE Wounding module Sent from my DROIDX
  13. Check your delay offsets Sent from my DROIDX
  14. Because that info is old. You now must run all three if using Combined Operations. Sent from my DROIDX