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  1. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    maybe the distributed design aproach might be one of the generic roots for all problems. If I remeber inteviews with BIS Spanels the made the netcode design years back having in mind that there are weak computers and slow internet connectivity. Hence they distribute the load of AI calc to the clients as far as they can and to overcome the weak connectivity with the server (and hence the inaccurate sync) the do a kind of prediction at server. That way "rubberbanding" occurs as well as units "spawning around" for a few meters. If now 3 vehicles meet somewhere, one owned by server, one by client A and one by client B, it is up to the server to merge all events and feed the results back to the clients. That has some delay and might explain why vehicles sometimes smash into each other, maybe client B was not aware about the fact that client A vehicle made a sudden move. If everything (controler input of all clients) would be merged at server before executed (simulated) it might change the entire behavior. As for oldstyle MP-shooter. Dunno if the methods I described are still in code like that, but if so, I have doubts that changes to the AI routines would result into any significant improvements.
  2. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    - unpredictable obstacle avoidance (somethimes I don't see any, but its always at the same spot, must be terrain-related) - missing crowd management (if few units/vehicles try individually to solve a situation, they usually contradict the actions of others. in that situation a crowd management must take aktion simulating communication/coordination between drivers in such an situation (e.g. you move first, when you are few metres away then I move next..)) - inability to detect obstacles early enougth, vehicles smash often into clearly visible objects at middle of the street
  3. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Question is: is VCOM AI only for SP/MP with just a few units moved by VCOM or would it work on a CTI with 200-300 units too without further performance issues? I am also not so familiar with the unit/vehicle related preferences when it comes to terrain utilization.
  4. The Man Without Qualities

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    wait...since BIS is not able to roll out a proper AI driving (and hence no proper convoy handling) nomisum is scripting his own convoy handling as workaround? How would that cure that the leading vehicle is still under control of an incapable AI? Watching to an Ifrit in an CTI with vanilla units last week told me that the progress by BIS in terms of AI driving skills is zero. I ordered an Ifrit to my position over aprox. 4km. It managed to reach my pos, but when crossing a field it made some crazy left-right swings like the driver tries to get with full speed through a bunch of cows. Then, the driver managed the one and only rock within 200m to do the usual wheel damage. Still the same issues: - crazy, unpredictable erratic AI driver moves that cannot explained by any obstacle - "blindness" of AI for real obstacles, or they simply ignore them So IMHO it is not so much the general "strategic" path planning between A and B, it is rather the AI habbit at close range. It is by all means broken. Still.
  5. The Man Without Qualities

    Any Modern Russian Tank Pack?!?

    Be more precise: You want guesswork? Then vanilla addons are fine. You want a better MilSim style? Then u better play with CUP or RHS. "Modern" Tanks won't work because the entire handling of T100 and T140 is mainly simplyfied guesswork, even for armor and shell characteristics. So do you want an "Ueberwaffe" in shape and colour of an T-14? Or you prefer a good simulated T-90S based on known information?
  6. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    You are absolutely right with the description of AI capabilities provided by engine. But still, a relevant part of the community is eager to have those limited AIs at hand for whatever purpose during a CTI. Even just as bullet-catcher 🙂
  7. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    AI is even for PvP essential because - nobody wants to do the boring jobs. Logistics as well as patrol and guarding an area. Town defense groups have no troubles here since they do not have to follow waypoints over long distance. But in PvP CTI, as comm you can yell as often as you want to guard an area / to seek for an enemy spawn...if you don't have some good and brave players around they won't follow your orders. Here a WORKING AI squadleader + working pathfinding are excellent. Having as commander 2-6 AI Suqads at hand is perfect: S&D enemies in a certain remote area, random patrols in areas around base where nasty lone-wolf apear with spawn+AT weapons, sometimes just transport duty because it is more efficient to have one Squad busy to do transport duty + having many others jsut filled with infantry utilizing the transport facilities. Means less abandoned vehicles scattered across battlefield which were purchased for just one single travel. And even for PvP, in case the acting commander disappears, it is still cool if after 1 minute absence an AI comm steps in and starts repairing damaged buildings, sending soldiers to existing static weapons etcpp. Having AI does NOT mean that the focus is not PvP, it means that some aspects of warfare are proper treated instead of ignored. Of course, all that dense, AI filled battlefield only if server-FPS does not go down to 5 FPS. This is IMHO the real reason why AI is discarded. Not a mystic desire.
  8. The Man Without Qualities


    Even if discord is the hottest s*, I would love to get some info about OFPS missions and server right here.
  9. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    You do work on AI, you killed them :-) Benny told me that he maintained the AI comm scripts and AI squad leader part all the time when he was working for OFPS. What you did was to somehow disable/remove all that so that it is impossible to play your mission with AI. So you basically force the community to play only like you want it. Not nice. What if you leave all the AI code in and just disable only for your main server and others might try on another server the same impressive feature set, but with AI commander and with AI squad leader? In this case I am up to co-finance a EU-OFPS server for better ping. Unlike you, I am pretty happy with those AI routines. Sometimes AI comm does a piss, but if the human comm left the game it is better then nothing. And especially for your server: very often the game turns when some human player must leave for whatever reason and a 12 vs. 12 becomes a 10 vs. 4 over a longer period of time. In traditional CTI AI squad leader would jump in and keep the match somehow balanced, AI squads are perfect to secure some areas too, human players tend to ignore orders to do such boring tasks. Game win condition: Same with personal taste versus variations in the public. I have no problem with the current way on OFPS, you created excellent defense assets making it very hard to finish an opponent. So instead of turning that now for all and forever I would make those changes selectable in the mission parameter. This idea of letting towns exausting is basically the simulation of anchient methods of military logistics: you plunder the conquered area and you leave just burned, dead land. So just another mission parameter which basically puts a count down + degredation of supply flow from each town while it is possible to play the old style would be perfect. How you want to mitigate the exploit of cash creation by intentionally lossing and winning a town again and again versus initial resistance? Fast travel: IMHO devils-crap but I do not want to do the mistake and telling others what they have to love. Optional parameter in mission para to generally enable/disable fast travel (maybe by type e.g. NO/INF/INF+VEHIC) as a start. Exactly like you generally design it, FT must cost, A LOT! Otherwise one does not care anymore if he is killed cus in few seconds he is back at front line. Vehicle FT I have seen perfectly working in A2 and A3, but spawning for vehicles is in latest A3 a bit fatal when they clip with objects during spawn. Happened that I spawned in a mega-fireball cus 1 out of 3 tanks spawned half into a wall, flipped and exploded and damaged the rest.
  10. The Man Without Qualities

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    There are some destructable buildings...or better after a certain "damage" the change destroyed buildings in several destruction levels. For bunker I do not know if there are some textures for destroyed ones. In CTI some versions adding all kind of objects to passive defense objects and creative users build out of containers, high-rised check points and some other stuff very impressive castles :-). One does not need a WWII bunker pack, already BIS standard objects are fine.
  11. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Need to verify that.....
  12. The Man Without Qualities

    GcCTI [SP/MP]

    Thanks for the invitation! Attach to some heavy construction vehicles the ability to build extensive fortifications. Real shelters and large bunker which are hard to crack for bombs and arty. Should cost a lot of , also time.
  13. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    The mission must be written to utilize HCs...and even then it is hard to move units from server to HC without issues. Sometimes AI wbome inactive after moved to HC.
  14. The Man Without Qualities

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Anyway, http://wheretoinvadenext.com/ I would say Turkey is a good one for next target...or UK.
  15. The Man Without Qualities

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Yepp, you have exactly what I meant, and with your tools you have also the ability to show server FPS + total playable units + total objects within the same graph where you see the coincidence. Your server needs more cores and more HCs .....or a better A3 server SW :-) PS: Are you able to count the amount of groups in addition to units? Some scripts steering at group level instead of unit level, hence those data would be interesting