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  1. SpaykerMan

    [MP][CTI] Warfare missions (WASP edition)

    Ok, I will check it out. Meanwhile missions have been updated with new portion of fixes and optimizations.
  2. SpaykerMan

    [MP][CTI] Warfare missions (WASP edition)

    Hey Georgians, Currently no, server restart is done via a separate script usually. At least it's done on our test server. do you know how to do it with scripting?
  3. SpaykerMan

    [MP][CTI] Warfare missions (WASP edition)

    Thanks @kremator, meanwhile new build v60 RC8 has been released in workshop 😉
  4. Warfare missions under WASP edition Warfare missions are based on CTI principles where players have to fight for control of certain terrain. Current edition makes focus on RTS part where team commanders receive access to infantry, vehicle squads. Having till 10 groups under control a commander can give them orders via map view. Remote control is available for each group and even each soldier of group. Features: - 3 playable sides: opfor, blufor, resistance - reworked all UIs - new AI commander - integrated high command module - optimized for large scale battles - added chemical arsenal - wide variety of capturable locations with unique perks and features - destructible towns that influence team economy - advanced base management - new upgrade list - reworked AI behavior in towns - secondary missions - CRAM arty shell intercept mechanic - updated artillery computer Required Addons: - Wasp Server mod - Wasp HC mod - CBA_A3 - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Weapons - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - AdWaspLite - Advanced Rappelling - Cold War Rearmed III Current State - v60 RC9: Missions are ready for playing in most aspects of gameplay. However additional development is in progress still. Few builds will be done in nearest future to add last part of features. How To Run: Missions are designed to be run on a dedicated server. It allows to get more performance while matches can have dozens of AIs and other related objects. Please check links section to get more info about required mods. Related links contain detailed instructions how to prepare server side infrastructure. Links: Server-side mod (Required for server running) Server-side mod for headless client (Required for server running) Steam Workshop Discord Server
  5. Hi, Does it work with RHS content only?
  6. SpaykerMan

    [MP] co40 Domination!

    Hi fellows, glad domination is still living. Nice job 😀
  7. SpaykerMan

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Hi, Please update server keys. They do not work anymore after recent update. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Any chances to see this great mode in steam workshop? :)