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    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    Hi Dankrou. Use ARMA 3 Launcher for get actual mods list.
  2. Ego_Brain

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hi guys. Anybody know how to set attack distance for a particular soldier class? If it is possible.
  3. Ego_Brain

    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    We got a new version of Warfare - V49_9_9: ✔ Added some stuff from RHS 0.4.3 ✔ Earplugs action was moved from UserAction 3 to UserAction 19 ✔ Added titles for special light vehicles ✔ Greedterrain video parameter now loading in new game ✔ Fixed gear menu error which occurs when remove old magazines ✔ Added m112 charge to OPFOR side ✔ Fixed bug with team players markers ✔ Fixed bug with ArtRadar markers ✔ Adapted EASA module for Arma 3 ✔ Swaped CUP A10 to RHS A10 with CDD rockets
  4. Ego_Brain

    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    Hello. Official server of this mission on gametracker.com https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Last version is V49_9_8, next release with new features and bugs fixes coming soon!
  5. Ego_Brain

    MKY Sandstorm script

    Oh no, topic starter and script creator has last visit the forum at june 2016. How to resolve issues?
  6. Hello, community! I need advice. How to set required mods list at server configuration? I want the server not to let players after this configuration if player don't have required mod.