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  1. Hi, beside AoW gallery, there are also Military Cargo Platforms (introduced with Contact DLC) which have similar functionality. This whole feature is scripted and it is using Eden event handlers and it doesn't have anything in common with Terrain Builder snap points mentioned in topic linked by you. Below you can find an example how function is plugged in to the object class GalleryInterior_01_Base_F : House { [...] class EventHandlers { dragged3DEN = "_this call bis_fnc_gallery_01_update;"; }; }; and then there is function /* bis_fnc_gallery_01_update Snap gallery rooms to each other */ params["_object"]; // If there is another gallery room nearby then try to snap to it // First we have to wait till dragging is completed if(current3DENOperation isEqualTo "")then { private _nearbyObjects = nearestObjects [_object, ["GalleryInterior_01_Base_F"], 50]; _nearbyObjects = _nearbyObjects - [_object]; if(!(_nearbyObjects isEqualTo []))then { private _pos = getposASL _object; // Itterate through all nearby objects - this dictated by the fact that gallery objects are fairly large and the closest object from the bound center might not be the right one { private _nearestObject = _x; // Search for available snap points private _snapPointsParent = []; for "_i" from 1 to 3 do { _snapPoint = (_object modelToWorldVisual (_object selectionPosition format["snap_%1",_i])); if(_snapPoint isEqualTo [0,0,0])exitWith{}; _snapPointsParent pushBack _snapPoint; }; if(!(_snapPointsParent isEqualTo []))then { for "_i" from 1 to 3 do { _snapPoint = _nearestObject modelToWorldVisual (_nearestObject selectionPosition format["snap_%1",_i]); if(_snapPoint isEqualTo [0,0,0])exitWith{}; { // Continue if snap points are found if(_snapPoint distance _x <= 3)exitWith { // Reconvert to model space due to dir change _posModel = _object worldToModel _x; // Adjust direction _dirTo = getDir _nearestObject - 360; _dirObject = getDir _object; _dir = _dirTo; for "_i" from 0 to 7 do { _dir = _dirTo + _i * 90; if(abs(_dir - _dirObject) < 45)then { _i = 10; }; }; _object set3DENAttribute ["rotation",[0,0, _dir]]; // Recalc position in case direction was changed _x = _object modelToWorldVisual _posModel; // Transform position _pos = _pos vectorDiff (_x vectorDiff _snapPoint); _pos = [_pos # 0, _pos # 1, (getposASL (_nearbyObjects # 0)) # 2]; //systemChat format["pos found %1",_pos]; // Snap to position _object set3DENAttribute ["position",ASLToATL _pos]; // Exit "for" loop _i = 10; }; }forEach _snapPointsParent; }; }; }forEach _nearbyObjects; }; }; As you might see, this function is very specific to the gallery object so you will need to create a new variant for your specific building.
  2. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Seems like a lot of people confuse actual ballistic penetration & personal protection (character uniforms, vests/helmets, etc). Ballistic protection aka penetration resistance is defined by caliber parameter - it influences how much bullet can penetrate. Higher caliber value means you can penetrate more mm of material. There is formula to calculate RHA armor Personal protection is on the other hand handled via hit & armor parameters (which are influenced by typicalSpeed, caliber, indirectHitRange, explosive & advanced armor simulation coefs to certain degree) . This system relies strictly on abstract hitpoints numbers - there is no exact formula how to calculate that personal protection levels so people are usually trying to mimic vanilla configuration. Afair GM has lower, more realistic penetration values, similar to RHS. They had though lower typicalSpeed which influenced hit value at point blank range, meaning that bullet could deal much more damage to personal protection. This was changed in recent patch though - As for UAS - yes, I took a quick look at it and caliber values are really wrong so I would definitely wouldn't recommend using it.
  3. reyhard

    Confusion With reloadTime

    Are you checking reloadTime in fire modes or in main class? If modes[] are present, then reloadTime inside of those subclasses is used
  4. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Always report issues without any 3rd part mods. In this particulary case, I would say it's ACE compats error - https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues
  5. How do you test it in game? By packing addon? By default, if RVMAT is not referenced by P3D, it will be not copied over to the PBO. Depending on tool you are using for packing you might need to add RVMATs to include list (Addon Builder) or remove them from exclude least (PBO Project)
  6. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I think you misunderstood me - there is no such MFD in those Mi-24s which I've mentioned so such functionality is not an option. We are trying to avoid as much as possible using UI elements (with only exception being vehicles without interior) and only add features which are present on given vehicles. This way you can appreciate how technology had changed and made crew life easier.
  7. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I don't agree it's not useful for rockets. As for MFD, there is no such thing in Mi-24D/V/P
  8. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yes, it would be possible to incorporate it as some sort of toggle. I guess it could be automatically switched to this mode when pilot activates mastersafe for instance - otherwise it would conflict with CCIP since same reticle is used for marking rockets impact point.
  9. reyhard

    config.cpp array remove entry

    No, it's not possible
  10. this parameter is only used by sound simulation and doesn't affect vehicle driving at all. MinOmega affects actual minimal RPM in simulation. You need to tweak dampingRate params most likely If vehicle is too slow, then lower the param. If its too fast, then increase it. It's sort of magic parameter so you have to figure it out via trial & error method so usage of diag_mergeConfigFile is sort of mandatory. Keep in mind also that dampingRate & dampingRateInAir should be using same number. dampingRate = 3145.0; dampingRateInAir = 3145.0; MOI should be calculated this way MOI = __EVAL(1.1*(0.5*193*(0.378626^2))); // radius 0.378626m
  11. I guess this page should help you a lot since you are pretty close to the solution 😉 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Class_Inheritance#Basic_config_concepts
  12. You most likely have something like class CfgVehicles { class Turrets; // !!! Class Turrets doesn't exist in root of CfgVehicles! - it's part of the vehicle [...] class VLG_UH80_Tropic: VLG_UH80_Base { }; }; You need to fully replicate turret inheritance instead. There few topics which are describing this issue
  13. You can use something like this // TADS class DriverOpticsIn { class Wide { hitpoint = Hit_Optic_TADS; camPos = GunnerView; camDir = gunnerview_dir; opticsDisplayName ="W"; initAngleX = 0; minAngleX = -30; maxAngleX = 30; initAngleY = 0; minAngleY = -100; maxAngleY = 100; initFov = 0.456; minFov = 0.456; maxFov = 0.456; directionStabilized = 0; visionMode[]= { "Normal", "Ti" }; thermalMode[]={0,1}; opticsModel="\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_a2port_air\ah64\gunnerOptics_ah64"; }; class Medium: Wide { directionStabilized = 1; opticsDisplayName = "M - Stabilized"; initFov = __EVAL(0.7/12); minFov = __EVAL(0.7/12); maxFov = __EVAL(0.7/12); opticsModel = "\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_a2port_air\ah64\gunnerOptics_ah64_2"; }; class Narrow: Medium { opticsDisplayName ="N - Stabilized"; opticsModel ="\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_a2port_air\ah64\gunnerOptics_ah64_3"; initFov = __EVAL(0.7/32); minFov = __EVAL(0.7/32); maxFov = __EVAL(0.7/32); }; };
  14. reyhard

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    Aaand there is another small update - main highlight of this release is modified version of Civilian Presence module which supports modded factions. 1.41 Release + Added RDS variants of Civilian Presence modules - it can be expanded with extra faction by adding new entry to RDS_CivilianPresence_Presets class + Added Polish civilian faction ^ Added Zeus placeable uniforms & items @ Fixed MMT backpack position @ Fixed some alpha sorting issues in VAZ-2103 interior @ Fixed UniformItem class location
  15. reyhard

    RDS A2 Civilian Pack

    It's random update time!✨ + Added new Sound Set configuration for all vehicles + Added civilian presence module unit variants (not plugged in yet) - they have scope=1! ^ Tweaked siren sound script - it's utilizing Sound Sets now ^ Added animated chains to bikes & motorcycles ^ Tweaked suspension config of all vehicles ^ Tweaked bike pedals script ^ Added new fire geometry to civilians ^ Added ability to pack mountain bike so it can be carried on your back ^ Added config preloading - better Zeus compatibility ^ Added postInit to vehicles & character randomization which should result in better MP synchronization ^ Added mirrors bounding boxes to improve their performance ^ Switched character voices to vanilla russian language @ Fixed bicycle & motorbikes physics - Removed obsolete fuel leak script Available only at Steam Workshop