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  1. It's not going to help since whole pilot LOD is rendered on top of exterior layer so moving it forward will make it actually worse. 1st person view is always on top which means you cannot see anything clipping through it. What can be done is raising bipod resting point but then, there are also limits for that since character is using same point when lying or resting weapon on 50cm obstacle. I guess it's more notable on RPK because it has longer bipod - reducing its length could be also sort of any option but then, I'm pretty sure it's going to look quite silly.
  2. 1st person lod is always loaded on top in rendering pipeline and that cause that illusion therefor its rather unlikely to get fixed since it would involve rather big change to rendering. You can try it with other rifles too
  3. It's already there although not defined in cfg itself. You can use "camo" hidden selection. I will add default hiddenSelections[] entry later though so it should be clear what is name of that camo selection 😉
  4. I wanted to avoid dropping shells since it would look really odd when you drop shells on ground while i.e. only one shell is used or when switching between round types and then, those dropped bullets magically appear again in inventory. While there are already weapons who do such thing (basically all UGLs), I didn't want to make it so pronounced. Anyway, there are some improvements for reload animations, especially with model.cfg - I'm working on 3DS Max to model.cfg exporter so something to GM mag movement should be possible to achieve. There are still some things to polish but hopefully it should be ready for testing in next few devbranch updates 😉
  5. Indeed, it was missing texture. It will be fixed in next devbranch update
  6. Slugs should be fixed in next devbranch update 😉 I've already tweaked older muzzle flashes rvmat & I'm planning doing couple more iterations on it to bring it on par with Promet level. As for sounds, it's rather unlikely that more weapons will get new sounds upon initial release.
  7. I was more asking about this one. I'm not able to load 3rnd grenades on UGL on my end. SCBA Cylinder was already mentioned - those cylinders rely on Supplies_F_Enoch addons which is not part of devbranch yet. It will be probably part of update with characters & gear. As for shower, I will take a look. That was error in VA which got fixed today. In game there is already difference in accuracy 😉
  8. Those are magic boxes which contains materials for hiddenSelectionsMaterials. On Wednesday, we found nasty issue with those materials which blocked earlier release of that weapons. There is already fix for that in engine but we preferred to keep those boxes there till fix is confirmed to work correctly. Once we know engine fix is working as intended, we will most likely remove those obsolete magic boxes. @maccrawinthejaw - are you sure you are not using some mods?
  9. It's placeholder accessory and that's why it wasn't mentioned in changelog. It will be added before release though so keep looking at changelog 😉
  10. reyhard

    Disable hit animations

    /// general parameters for physx class PhysXParams { /// coefficient for epe contacts on applying impulse damage epeImpulseDamageCoef = 30.0; /// coefficient used to multiply impulse force when adding force to ragdoll (impulse force is force from shell hits, explosion hits, etc.) impulseForceRagdollCoef = 200; /// coefficient used to multiply impulse torque when adding torque to ragdoll (impulse torque is torque from shell hits, explosion hits, etc.) impulseTorqueRagdollCoef = 75; /// coefficient used to multiply object speed when adding force to ragdoll impulseSpeedRagdollCoef = 3; /// maximal possible magnitude of force added tor ragdoll maxRagdollImpulseForceMagnitude = 300; /// maximal possible magnitude of torque added tor ragdoll maxRagdollImpulseTorqueMagnitude = 100; /// coefficient used to multiply mass of ragdoll bone for computation of underwater force (this should be sligthly smaller than gravity constant 9.81) ragdollUnderwaterForceCoef = 9.6; /// coefficient used to multiply initial impulse of ragdoll bone, when it gets underwater (this should be slightly less then 1.0f) ragdollUnderwaterInitImpulseCoef = 0.98; /// when the soldier collides with the object, that has speed larger then this limit, it will start ragdoll (speed is in m/s) ragdollOnCollideSpeedLimit = 4; /// when the soldier collides with the object, that has mass larger then this limit, it will start ragdoll ragdollOnCollideMassLimit = 200; /// coefficient, that is used to multiply speed of the object to get the force, that is applied to ragdoll on object collision ragdollOnCollideForceCoef = 0.1; /// maximal possible force applied to ragdoll at collision with object ragdollOnCollideMaxForce = 1; /// max distance that the soldier can be shifted when it collides with object (in m) ragdollOnCollideMaxOffset = 10; /// speed of the colliding object at which the offset will gain its max value (that is ragdollOnCollideMaxOffset) - in m/s ragdollOnCollideMaxOffsetSpeed = 100; /// time of hit ragdoll animation (in s) ragdollHitTime = 0.01; /// coef used to multiply force of hit ragdollHitForceCoef = 3; /// damage limit for hit ragdoll animation to start (set to <0 to disable) ragdollHitDmgLimit = 0.01; /// Wheel PhysX wheelPointRejectLimitSpeed = 5; // 'Fast' values are used if vehicle moves faster this speed (m/s) /// threshold angle used when comparing the angle between collision point direction and suspension direction. Value must be in range (0, Pi). wheelPointRejectAngle = Pi/4.0; wheelPointRejectAngleFast = Pi/3.0; /// Threshold angle used when comparing the angle between negative surface normal and suspension direction. Value must be in range (0, Pi). wheelNormalRejectAngle = Pi/4.0; wheelNormalRejectAngleFast = Pi/2.4; }; You can try modifying ragdollHitDmgLimit to -1 and see if it's working. It's defined in core config
  11. Well, I think it's wide enough to fall down and I wanted to avoid situations like this - https://imgur.com/a/hGVtNNU I tweaked roadway LOD once again a little bit though so it should be more forgiving when it comes to falling down through that hole
  12. @snakeplissken are you sure you are running latest version from devbranch? It seems like you are using older build. I'm not exactly when that fix was merged but I tried latest steam dev branch version and it's already working correctly there. As for condition detection, you can try using nameOfObject animationSourcePhase 'valve_source' > 0 @kecske - RedLight_Hide WhiteLight_Hide Level_Crossing_Barrier Following commands can be used with animateSource on Land_Rail_Crossing_Barrier_F
  13. It's still work in progress asset but it was fixed yesterday neverthless Thanks, it should be tweaked in next patch.
  14. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    GroundWeaponHolder is generic item holder of all sorts. "rhs_item_flightrecorder" - item class name, can be added with addItem that you can also pick up from that ground holder If you want to check if flight recoder is returned to cradle you can use in full cradle init this animateSource ['recorder_action',1] and then in script check if cradle was returned with nameOfEmptyCradle animationSourcePhase 'recorder_action' isEqualTo 0
  15. reyhard

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    "rhs_flightrecorder_assembled" is class name of flight recorder - why are you looking for GroundWeponHolder?