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  1. AirplaneX physX challenge

    Glad to hear that ;) I've used that trick on An-2 and it works decently so far. You can try it in RHS (or any other plane - all of them should have PhysX by now) and see how it works. I've also added engineMOI parameter to adjust how fast is plane able to accelerate on runway. One thing that is very important is to match maxDrop & compression values with what is model.cfg, so land contact points are moving correctly. I can give those models a shot during a weekend and leave them here if you want to see how it could be done.
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Something like that is already available on PAK-FA. There are still few features missing that I would like to have (like changing zoom) & those will be most likely added later. Bear in mind that MiG29SM is also kind of WIP and additional cockpit MFD screens will be added later (Navigation mode & view from missile seeker like on A10A)
  3. AirplaneX physX challenge

    Have you tried to configure two front wheels as rotating one? It will be fake, indeed, but I guess nobody will notice that without PhysX diagnostic.
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Only laser guided variants can be used on basic Su-25. Rest of the missile is left there as a framework for future variants of Su-25 As for RWR, for now you can use this guide https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=844502187
  5. Take a look how it looks from outside ;) It's UI crosshair, if you disable crosshair in difficulty settings then it should go away. What is broken with that texture?
  6. Number plates received some improvements recently so I though it's proper time to document that feature originating from OFP, enjoy! https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Cars_Config_Guidelines#Plate_Numbers ps. string limit might be increased to 64 characters soon
  7. Notice also how thrust left & right sources are changed. Before, when pressing W + A or D, one side was going to -1 and another one to 1. Right now, movement with W is keeping one side at 0 & another one at 1. For full turn you can release W key and you will have same turning behaviour as before
  8. It should be tweaked on devbranch tomorrow
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Some status report with some WIP material. Mi-24 Moving Map MiG-29S with working GPS unit New PhysX & sounds (using soundSet tech) - kudos to daskal from Steel Beast community for providing us with his sounds! Also together with da12thMonkey we've been slowly updating our RHS wiki - you can already check MiG-29 article (WIP) & USAF Airweapons page to perhaps learn something new ;)
  10. Try https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableVehicleSensor vehicle enableVehicleSensor ['ActiveRadarSensorComponent',false];
  11. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    DCS removed that radar few years ago since they found out it's not working like that ;)
  12. you are rotating single point two times first time with MainGun anim, since gunnerview is attached to otocHlaven & second time with this class MainGunOptics: MainGun { selection="gunnerview"; axis="gunnerview"; }; that creates discrepancy between muzzle & your view. Either attach gunnerview to otocVez or remove animation mentioned above
  13. take into the account hidden AI modes (all modes[] in weapon array are used by weaponMode source). You are most likely using wrong max value
  14. Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    As someone mentioned before there are actual lights inside of the interior which are configured with new compartmentsLights class. As name might suggest, such light is visible in given compartments in 1st person view and they disappear when switching to other view modes (optics/3rd person ) class compartmentsLights { class Comp1 // first class is asociated with Compartment1, second with Compartment2,.... { class Light1 { color[] = {10,20,20}; ambient[] = {0,0,0}; intensity = 0.5; size = 0; useFlare = 0; flareSize = 0; flareMaxDistance = 0; dayLight = 0; blinking = 0; class Attenuation { start = 0; constant = 0; linear = 1; quadratic = 70; hardLimitStart = 0.15; hardLimitEnd = 1.15; }; point = "light_interior1"; }; class Light2: Light1 { point = "light_interior2"; color[] = {10,20,20}; ambient[] = {0,0,0}; intensity = 0.5; }; class Light3: Light1 { point = "light_interior3"; color[] = {10,15,15}; ambient[] = {0,0,0}; intensity = 0.8; }; }; };
  15. can you also past model.cfg? looks like you have desynced main gun with gunner view
  16. Video is private. Can you post your config too?
  17. gunBeg & gunEnd memory points should be lined up and from your screens it seems to be off by way cm. Press shift+e to manually set their coordinates in order to have it properly positioned
  18. Tanks DLC Feedback

    http://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/AFV-4_Gorgon I wonder what it is based on?... ;)
  19. It's not possible now and I cannot tell now if something like that will be ever implemented in the future
  20. If you are inheriting from class Car then you most likely inherit following parameters class PlateInfos { name = "spz"; color[] = {0, 0, 0, 0.75}; }; name is obviously name of selection, where plate numbers are generated and color is Red, Green, Blue, Alpha array. In order to have it working, don't forget to put that selection to sections[] array in model.cfg. Max string limit is 15 characters. Plate numbers are not rendered beyond ~25m (not sure atm) Font used for plate numbers is global parameter located in core config - for fun you can try changing and see how it works fontPlate = "LucidaConsoleB"; Plate number scheme is located in world cfg and can be changed per island with following parameters class DefaultWorld { plateFormat = "$$$ ## - ##"; plateLetters = "ABCDEFHIKLMOPRSTVXYZ"; $ - wildcard for letters # - wildcard for numbers
  21. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    All vehicles (over 50 different PhysX setups) had been updated with new PhysX configuration and are currently under testing so stay tuned - maybe I will post some teaser later ;)
  22. There is one odd thing between editor placed & map objects after PhysX update - first one is using Geometry Physx & Roadway LOD for PhysX collisions were second one is using just Geo PhysX LOD. As you probably guess at this point, baking a PhysX LOD from Roadway LOD might not be always precise (especially with complex structures above 1,5k faces) and generate plenty of overlapping spots between two PhysX layers. Disabling of PhysX collisions with Roadway LOD is not an option since otherwise you would get crazy launches of soldiers if they i.e. get incapacitated ragdoll state - after ragdoll ends they would be pushed away to the top of roadway lod (or sucked into the object). Not sure when Roadway LOD baking into PhysX scene will be enabled once again, but it's better to assume that it might be fixed for i.e. next version. Anyway, got a little bit far away from original question - in order to fix those Roadway quirks, I've tried to simplify Roadway LOD below 1k faces & pushed it a little bit above actual Geo Physx LOD. Seems to work in most cases
  23. Couldn't it be somehow solveable with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setAnimSpeedCoef ? Not sure how it would look in the end but just wanted to throw an idea, in case you were not aware of that command
  24. Cheers, glad to hear that ;)