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Found 27 results

  1. All of my arma reforger settings are bugged besides my graphics settings. for example all 3 field of view sliders in game are capped at 50%, my aim down sight focus intensity and my all my sensitivity settings go up to 5000% (all these settings should cap at 100%) on top of that the settings don't save they simply revert back when i close out. my knowledge with pcs is not too strong so im not sure how to diagnose this. if more info is needed I can go more in depth about what ive been experiencing through out this via screenshots, etc. Anyone who is familiar with this or can help fix. PLEASE REACH OUT!!!!
  2. Hi, I'd like to be able to install more mods on arma Reforger. Unfortunately the mods are installed on my SSD (C:) where I've run out of space, and I'd like to be able to install the mods on my other disk. As arma 3 worked with the workshop, I had no problem, but now I can't find a way to change the directory.
  3. I know we’ve all been asking this question but when will we be allowed to get mods for things like halo and Star Wars. I’ve heard that there’s been some kinda copyright issue with some of the mods before. but I don’t see what’s the issue if Arma 3 has it then why not reforger, and I just want a official reason why from the team that looks through the mods because I feel like it’s unfair to the modder and community that we wait and work only to be denied.
  4. I cannot find anything on here and its not listed as a 'Game' either. Is there a dedicated forum on here? thanks
  5. In a game based on the use of the compass and the map for orientation, it could be interesting to have a survey map. Of course, it would be a useful asset to orient himself and organize the actions of his camp. The Everon map created by the "topography" code from Operation Flashpoint Arma:ColdWar Assault is completely useless. It is always possible to make your own map from assembled screenshots, that's what I did! It's useful, but it's of poor quality.😕 This is why, in any case, I think that distributing a map in the form of a .pdf file would be a minimum, a printed map would be perfect.
  6. Hello there! I've recently set up a dedicated server to play Reforger with my group in a private setting. The server runs and seemingly operates as it should, (no unusual errors in server logs) and everyone can connect and play on the server without issues, except for myself. When I set "gameHostRegisterBindAddress" to my public IP, it prevents me from not only connecting to my server, but seeing any other Reforger servers available in the server browser. Leaving this form blank, (defaulting to allows me to connect and play no issues, but for everyone else trying to connect, the server displays a ping of 999+ and rejects their connections. I wouldn't consider myself an expert of hosting/managing servers, especially dedicated ones like this, but am I missing something to enable connections both locally and externally, or is this just not possible with Reforger's current state? If anyone has any recommendations, I would be grateful for any and all of them! If I can provide any additional information which could help solve my issue, I would be happy to provide it! Reforger is a fantastic platform so far and I'm just really excited to play the next generation of Arma as soon as possible :P
  7. Please please please bohemia you need to sort out being able to ban xbox players. It is sullying the experience for many people. Allowing the, although few, players who keep on trolling by Shooting out tires on supply trucks/destroying vehicles at spawn hindering match progress, and now, with free building, using up supply's at the start of the match too stop progress. Also using grenades to TK at spawn and then themselves respawning to avoid negative ranking to avoid a temp ban. Spamming proximity and radio with nonsense and racist comments, spaming text chat with racist comments. Please do something or at least update us on some progress to fix this issue. You will lose players otherwise and with the limited amount of people playing I don't think you can afford to lose many. Today I hopped on, as soon as I joined I noticed a players name and knew the match and matches thereafter would be filled with trolling and greifing. I knew that once that player would be temp banned eventually he would just return with on of his many alt accounts, of which I have captured video evidence of from a previous match. The guy then when on an alt and did the same stuff to the opposing side. The same game there were at least three people actively tolling and greifing make gameplay pretty much impossible. Fix it it.
  8. Nillers

    Community Radars

    We're happy to present the Arma Reforger Community Radar - also known as COMRAD - a source for highlighted, creative activities from across the community. Check here monthly to see some incredible community content!
  9. R3C4LL 4 L1F3

    Mandatory Tutorial

    People have been rightfully upset with the Xbox community and their inability to play the game the way it was traditionally played. Xbox players lack any will to drive and utilize logistics in the game. They have little to no capacity to identify their targets or their range and often start friendly fire between groups before ever reaching their objectives. They use many weapons and pieces of equipment in improper or the most basic of ways. Ex radios (ch.48 is basically one big Xbox party), and little to nobody on console knows how to properly use the binoculars to determine range from a target. And above all they see no reason to coordinate under any form of leadership because everyone thinks their Rambo and to smart to follow anyone else’s plan. I say all these things as a Xbox player myself, and someone who has meet many other console players who feel the same way. 2nd rangers for one is comprised of plenty of console players who attempt to play the game the way it is traditionally played and utilize all reforger has to offer, so I know for a fact the console community is more than capable, and has more than enough people who want to play the game properly. They really just don’t know how and are generalized w the casuals who constantly spawn vehicles and drive off alone, team kill, grief official servers, talk in Xbox partys instead of prox/radio’s, and waste supplies. Reforgers playerbase at the moment is majority console and that’s because the majority want to play proper but don’t know how. I have a solution I have mentioned once before but have now put a little more thought into it and wanted to share it for feedback and see if anyone agree’s. To help mitigate both the issues of A. Console players having such a intense learning curve in play styles, and B. Deter highly casual player’s (likely to grief and uninstall) from playing multiplayer. Everyone should be forced to play a “mini campaign” being really a fleshed out and theatrical tutorial before being allowed into official servers, and community servers should have a option to make this tutorial mandatory for their server to. It shouldn’t be more than 2 hours long and player should still be able to play on private servers if allowed. I have outlined below what information I have found important to helping players understand the game and how it is played. 1.Identifying targets 2.Zeroing distance + training on finding distance w binoculars and rifle scopes respectively 3.Radio channels/ distance or strength. Ex (teach players to switch their radios to the frequency listed above the point they are assaulting on the map to coordinate with other players. Also emphasize the difference in signal strength between hand held radios and backpacks.) 4.Land nav w compass. Could also teach it’s a good rule of thumb that passengers should Navigate for drivers. 5.Weapons tutorial on proper uses of respective loadout. Ex (AT, lmg, sniper, squad lead, radio man). 6.Firing tutorial. Teach players to shoot from cover and never in the open or on the move. Players also need to be aware that their stance affects their weapon sway, and that firing in small bursts can help mitigate it, as well as recoil. 7.Inventory management, many Xbox players are likely used to only ever considering weight or size not both, and never thought to consider them factors on stamina and weapon sway. Ex ( weight + size affects storage, as well as stamina, stamina effects weapon sway. IE players need to be taught, to be an effective marksman, you need to manage your weight and not fill your inventory full of junk.) 8.Radio procedure, such as things you should communicate to other squads depending on radio range. Ex (enemy positions/ direction they are going and coming from, friendly troop movements to mitigate the chances of friendly fire, land mine positions, requesting supplies / ammunition from the proper channels) 9.Proper explanation of medical system (however rudimentary it currently is). Teach how blood is considered your max life, and that bandaging simply only stops your blood loss and does not reset your maximum life. 10.Teach usefulness of pulling security and establishing proper defensive positions at captured points. This could help promote players to defend bases until being picked up for transport, instead of each player individually spawning and getting their own vehicle for 100 supplies. 11.Advanced movements tutorial. Ex (teaching how to switch to “high ready”, “low ready”, “lower weapon” and “unequip weapon” explain why each one would be used and when each of these should be used. Teach players the how to utilize adjustable stance combined with free look to gain advantages in position + vision.
  10. Hello all! Does anyone know if its possible to import old maps from arma3, specifically Malden 2035 to Reforger? Id love to see a new official malden map added but in the meantime do you think it's possible somehow? If so, how? OR has someone done it already?
  11. Hey, here's a tutorial covering; - setup of animation files - setup of blender plugin - overview of provided skeleton - importing sample animation into Reforger - adjusting sample animation to custom model Hope it helps someone, sorry for my accent and spelling errors. Its my first video ever xd Hint: I know video is long, but I added chapters if there are things you are not interested in. Make sure to use blendfile from description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmd-coajXm4&ab_channel=czesiek77PL
  12. I have reinstalled the game, cleared addons folder and am out of ideas. Not a lot of info out there to assist and id be less annoyed if the game was free and/or I was new to bohemia games. Neither is the case. Copy pasta of all logs below: Log C:\Users\The Overseer\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile\console.log started at 2023-03-03 09:00:42 (2023-03-03 17:00:42 UTC) 09:00:42:864 ENGINE : FileSystem: Adding relative directory 'C:\Users\The Overseer\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile' to filesystem under name profile 09:00:42:865 ENGINE : Initializing engine. 09:00:42:866 ENGINE (E): Addon '58D0FB3206B6F859' not found 09:00:44:814 ENGINE (E): Cannot initialize game project settings! 09:00:44:814 ENGINE (E): Unable to initialize Enfusion 09:03:03:885 ENGINE : Game destroyed. Any help would be appreciated. I'll share my 5 gum with you
  13. I have encountered this bug multiple times hosting multiplayer conflict games. After a few hours online suddenly all the remaining enemy AI disappears completely from the map. All remaining bases, checkpoints and supply depots end up deserted. This happened with conflict on Everon and Arland, and has occurred on two separate host machines. Friendly AI is unaffected. Anyone else seen this?
  14. I know the intent for editing missions, scenarios, campaigns, etc. is to remain in the Workbench throughout the development process. What I haven't figured out is the best way to set up version control. Personally, I prefer git but I'm open to exploring other options if they work better with the Workshop. What are you all using? Any preferences? Gotchas to look out for?
  15. I am wondering if it is possible to view the code for the "Conflict" or "Capture & Hold" game modes in the workbench. Both of these game modes come with Reforger so I'm not sure if they are organized differently than community-created mods. I just want to see the main code for these game modes just to see how everything is organized / works. I have seen some of the UI scripts, but I can't seem to find any main mod logic scripts / code. I can open a file like "ConflictWithoutAIs.conf" in the workbench but there is no code just a bunch of config values which don't show me how its coded (if it is even "coded"?). I am new to modding but not to coding. I want to create a custom game mode for reforger and I figure the best way to learn is to view the code for "Conflict" or "Capture & Hold". If there is no code that could teach me about how to set up a custom game mode, I guess I would want to know if there are any tutorials besides the wiki which doesn't go that deep. Thanks
  16. Nillers

    Dev Reports

    Welcome to Arma Reforger Dev Reports – an ongoing series to inform the community of our team’s recent operations and developments, as well as ongoing efforts to continually improve the game in the future. You can find all the details on our Arma Reforger Dev Hub
  17. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Mod_Project_Setup In the SQF portion of the biki, there are VERY helpful comments all around. Sometimes the examples and comments help me understand things way better. We want comments for the reforger and enfusion pages. Also I want to login to the biki with my current forum account and I get this error: I assume it's because of bots, but wouldn't it be possible to verify users, which have played reforger on their bohemia account (login in-game(reforger) or (reforger)workshop login)
  18. Is there a way to shutdown/reboot a reforger server in a way to allow the game state to be saved for nest time? I play on a private server with a few friends, but we'd like to save any progress we make in the game so we can resume from the same point at the next session? The alternative is to keep the server running full time but that is getting a bit expensive.
  19. Currently the state of the Settings > Controls UI prevents reassignment of keys for those of us who cannot play using the default WASD based layout. I have managed to reassign a few control binds so far by sheer persistence, when the UI has worked briefly on some occasions after launching Reforger. The last few attempts have resulted in no further key assignments as the dialog fails to appear when a listed control is selected. There is, however, a potential workaround, if the required information is made available for it to be usable. The changes I have managed to make have been recorded in (for Windows 10) [user]\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile\chimeraUserInput.conf. Unfortunately only the changes are recorded in the file, not the entire control set and neither have I managed to track down any reference to the control definitions used in this configuration file, which appear to be formatted thus: ActionManager { Actions { Action CharacterForward { InputSource InputSourceSum "{59F149755A229279}" { Sources { InputSourceValue "{59F149755A2292E5}" { FilterPreset "primary:forward" Input "keyboard:KC_O" } InputSourceValue "{59F1497558C12CD4}" { FilterPreset "primary:back" Input "keyboard:KC_L" } } } } Action CharacterRight { InputSource InputSourceSum "{59F149755981B3FD}" { Sources { InputSourceValue "{59F149755981B3B0}" { FilterPreset "primary:left" Input "keyboard:KC_K" } InputSourceValue "{59F149755687CCD6}" { FilterPreset "primary:right" Input "keyboard:KC_SEMICOLON" } } } } Action CharacterStanceAnalog { InputSource InputSourceSum "{59F14974A5ED19E2}" { Sources { InputSourceValue "{59F14974A5ED199C}" { FilterPreset "primary:axis" Input "keyboard:KC_RSHIFT" } } } } Action CharacterSprintToggle { InputSource InputSourceSum "{59F14974B6FBF6A9}" { Sources { InputSourceValue "{59F14974B6FBF17D}" { FilterPreset "primary:click" Input "keyboard:KC_APOSTROPHE" } } } } } } From the sample above the format seems more complex than a simple one control - one key list, particularly with the two sets of directional controls, which appear to be paired. Is there a complete list of control assignments or documentation on how to format them available? Otherwise until the control settings function correctly, I've invested in little more than a menu page test.
  20. Hi all, New to the forums and reforger modding but was looking for some help with the vehicle creation wiki tutorial [here]. I have been following along using the golf model file provided in the sample new car mod on github [here]. I get to a point where I can enter/exit the vehicle with the start car animations all working. However the car remains static with no movement or steering. I feel like the tutorial is either missing some critical steps or I have misunderstood at some point. I'll lay out where I get a little confused with the process below and hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction or provide some external resources! Action Contexts - [here] Using the model listed in the github repo I cannot find any of the door_xxx_int options as action contexts. And whenever I reach this section, when I drag my prefab into the world editor I can enter/exit the vehicle however it remains static with no drop to the ground physics, steering or engine noise upon the character start animation (I always assumed this should happen later when setting up VehicleWheeledSimulation). Wheel/Tyres - [here] Once I have completed the majority of engine setup When I try to select a class for Tyre it would crash my workbench, I later inherited "VehicleSimulationonTire_M151A2.conf" from the arma reforger prefab that would allow me to set the tyre class without crashing the workbench. Once I have completed the above I am either left with a car that I can enter/exit but not move, or as soon as i spawn into the world editor to test the car, the entity will simply disapear. So I am Hoping for any kind of help as I'm excited with the possibilities, assuming my car starts to move :).
  21. My games constantly crashes every 5 mins, On boot up of reforger once or twice I noticed battleEye had an issue booting up & was detecting nvspcap64.dll as an issue. nvspcap64.dll is something to do with nvidia's overlay I think; Also getting this error every time the game crashes not sure if both are related; CLI params: beservice ------------------------------------ DESKTOP-357GB94, 02.06 2022 22:01:13 Can't compile "Game" script module! scripts/Game/Coop/EliminateTask/SCR_EliminateTaskSupportClass.c(29): Can't find variable 'RPC_CreateEliminateTask' Runtime mode CLI params: beservice ------------------------------------ DESKTOP-357GB94, 02.06 2022 22:14:34 Unhandled exception Program: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma Reforger\ArmaReforgerSteam.exe Reason: Access violation. Illegal read by 0x7ff79b520498 at 0x1eb57cdcec0 SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff79b520498 SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff79b51f817 SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff79b06ea11 SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff79b06ef92 SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr:0x7ff79b1a1d16 [BaseThreadInitThunk]: ??? addr:0x7ff8cd747034 [RtlUserThreadStart]: ??? addr:0x7ff8cea62651 [RtlUserThreadStart]: ??? addr:0x7ff8cea62651 (Press Retry to debug the application - debugger must be attached) Runtime mode CLI params: beservice I really wanna play with my fwends. My system spec is 1tb ssd, 256 m2 drive, i7 10700, 16gb ram, rtx3070, Great job so far, The game looks so appeasing.
  22. So i am really missing an ingame mission editor, like eden was. The workbench, by all means, is way too complex just for mission creating. "Game Master" would be a start, but it's not possible to have multiple save games. If it WOULD have multiple save games, you could at least use it like a sort of editor, which would be a start or a quick fix. Without a mission editor, it's not arma for me and probably for a lot of other people. this was the pinnacle of sandbox and the reason why i spent so much hours in arma 1, arma 2 and arma 3. Please bohemia, add a a mission editor or make it at least possible to have multiple saves in the "Game Master" mode.
  23. As title states. Can't join a single server for more than a moment keep getting disconnected either as I am joining or moments after joining. I did get into one server to play but when I went back later it wouldn't let me in. Anyone know of a fix or is purely in BI's court? I have closed Steam completely and restarted it but it had no effect.
  24. Hey, I was just messing around with the Enfusion Workbench, trying to get used to it and all. Imported some textures, made a material, and went to make a particle affect and this happened; Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's an issue with the tool being day 1-3 of its release. If anybody knows what I did wrong / what's going on, would be great to know. Thank you very much for your time! 😉 *Sorry for posting in this section, but there still isn't a dedicated Reforger / Enfusion forum so not sure where was best to post it. If you want it moved feel free to do so.*
  25. ThatTiredRookie

    Arma Reforger Workbench Issue

    I've been trying to use the workbench all day at this point and the only thing i get is a 401 Unauthorised Error, is there a step i've missed and can anyone please help me to get this fixed. Thanks in advance