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  1. Incubus

    Mod Z-Day (Zombie Day) 1.00 BETA

    thanks for feedbacks! stalker mod looks amazing. i hope will post it when ready!
  2. Incubus

    Mod Z-Day (Zombie Day) 1.00 BETA

    is anyone have tried it? is it russian only? new mod or renamed some old zombie addonpacks? is there any missions? or is it like Arma2 DayZ? single or multi only? RPG? know, lots of questions, sorry but im mistrustful about russian EXE files :)
  3. Incubus

    OFP Addon request thread

    not really often here so i missed somehow this fact. thanks Z. yes i know its halfmade, just wanna see its worth a try to finish it or its a lagfest...
  4. Incubus

    OFP Addon request thread

    im looking for Casurina island by SGT_SAVAGE. all links are dead. thanks
  5. Incubus

    OPR nuke scud auto launch

    i ve found the main problem of auto launch for some reason this command line dont likes numbers like [[1926.380737,10908.096680,6.480000],scud] but its ok if i make rounding numbers like [[2000,11000,10],scud] works with this method
  6. Incubus

    OPR nuke scud auto launch

    thats exactly what i did with an invisible object, its looks OK now :) thanks niki PS: WHY THE HELL U NOT JOINING TO US FOR SOME HAPPY HOURS U BASTARD? ;)
  7. Incubus

    OPR nuke scud auto launch

    oh, crap u right, was too late yesterday night... thanks! looks its ok no errormessage, but this mofo still not launching rocket... :(
  8. Incubus

    (MP)DF1 Insurrection WW4

    can u re-upload please? link is dead. thank you
  9. i have a problem with an OPR Scud script. Addon is here: http://www.fileplanet.com/141014/140000/fileinfo/Operator's-Scud-B-Addon-V2.01 this is a script from official readme file, how can i use it to auto-launch by AI: [<Target position>,<scud launcher>] exec "\OPR_Scud_B\OPR_Scripts\launch_Nuke.sqs" i filled it in editor: [1926.380737,10908.096680,6.480000,scud] exec "\OPR_Scud_B\OPR_Scripts\launch_Nuke.sqs" and i have this errormessage: if i NOT give target coordinates like this: [scud] exec "\OPR_Scud_B\OPR_Scripts\launch_Nuke.sqs" scud launch normally but not hit, of course... any idea whats wrong? thanks
  10. Incubus

    OFP Nostalgy Nights

    3 days marathon has ended. i seen 30+ players during this weekend. we played lot of oldies and some well known "new" missions too. i wanna thank u for support to Recon, K-TTT and SOD clan. Personally for Jason Bourne[Recon] and Razor[K-TTT] for support. and of course all of players who has help to feel ourself good. lot of fun on battlefield and on TeamSpeak :) NEXT event coming on 10 years old [LOL] servers: Be prepare for WW2+Vietnam server madness! over 60 missions, from old Hells Circus WW2 to Bronze Eagle's Vietnam Omaha, Normandy, Stalingrad, Pacific Midway, Eastern Front, Africa, Nordic War, Saigon 1972, TET '68 Offensive, Jungle Fever etc. topic here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?127603-WW2-Nam-WW4-server sub-page: www.ofpww2mp.webs.com also some infos about missions: http://www.nakedsquid.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4635 @LOLww2 and @LOLnam addons needs ONLY, u can find 'em here: http://www.nakedsquid.com/index.php?navi=downloads&sec=nam see our calendar for next OFP events in close future: www.nakedsquid.com cu
  11. Incubus

    OFP Nostalgy Nights

    nice to play with u again Z. y, i hope couple of active LOL members will show up... im also refreshed WW2 and Nam server too, 7-8 missions modified for better play and one brand new uploaded made by BronzeEagle. both of our LOL servers are waiting for players on this long weeekend.
  12. Incubus

    OFP Nostalgy Nights

    We wanna invite you to FLASHPOINT NOSTALGY NIGHTS on [LOL] Clowns of War server (, first time: THIS FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 10/5, 11/5 and 12/5 (May 10-11-12) from 7 PM CET (5 PM GMT) planning to play this oldie maps esp.: EVERON: co08 Advance to contact co12 Ironstorm II co12 Rats co12 Morton/Everon co14 Massive attack co12/24 Dirty dozen co12 Farm Bootcamp co12 NATO Bootcamp co16 Make a hero co16 Thin red line KOLGUJEV: co12 Day in the life trilogy co16 Deathriders co20 Ablez files co20 Antidote co20 Op. Dirty island DESERT: co12 Russian island kicking co16 Beach Party co16 Desert Run co18 Corner to corner NOGOVA: co08 EZ riders co09 Ranger raiders co10 Shotgun wedding co12 Liberation of Loukov V? co12 Airbase Operation Assault co12 Oilrefinery wars 2 co12 USMC Marines co16 Kill the boss co16 Rescue Rangers and of course most played missions in last 2-3 yrs... up on admins and players wishez enjoy the modified new look of old units by WW4 in ancient missions! and the new movements like LEAN, ROLL, CLIMB or HEAD UP on ground. dont forget: u'll need all addonpacks for play: @[LOL]; @LOLExtras; @LOLIslands; @LOLExtras2; @ww4mod25 LINK FOR DOWNLOAD ADDONS: http://nakedsquid.com/index.php?navi=downloads&sec=cow BE THERE GUYS! HAVE FUN! Incubus and the [LOL]clan
  13. Incubus

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    are you sure you have legal copy of the game? are you sure your game ID not using by other player who banned from our server? are you sure you are banned or you just haven't got all addons installed correctly? if your all answers YES to questions above, please write me a PM here (or on our clansite: www.nakedsquid.com) with ur game ID and ill check our banlist whos connected with your ID. greets: INC.
  14. Incubus

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    hi, yes its pretty good addonpacks, made by my clan and by me. incl: BAS, KEG, HYK, AGS, JAM, Mapfact, Chernobyl mod buildings, CBT, Farmland, ICP, and many many more. one of [LOL] WW4 COOP server (name: Clowns of War) working with these addons, hundreds of missions made for this packs and still playing with since 2004. of course its compatible with WW4 mod.
  15. Incubus

    WW4 Modpack 2.5