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  1. Sounds like you do not have write permissions on the folder into which CWA was installed. To test this hypothesis try starting the game from a desktop shortcut as administrator. If the problem goes away then you know it is likely a permissions issue
  2. Anyone else having problems downloading this? The connection drops just before the download is finished and then BitDefender starts complaining. Time to boot linux...
  3. mr.peanut

    Multiple install 1.96, 1.99, 2.01

    Eyyyyyy! Edit: The Steam 1.99 version already has faguss' aspect ratio fix??
  4. mr.peanut

    Multiple install 1.96, 1.99, 2.01

    Thanks! I feel a little dizzy! Managed to find an active link to the patch. Here goes nothing... Edit: Does this mean that I will have a new ID for the Steam 1.99 version? The 1.96 and 2.01 will share my same old ID?
  5. mr.peanut

    How old r u?

    53. And before you ask, yes, I am 100% impotent...
  6. Hey all, I am wondering what the easiest way is to have three separate OFP installs of versions 1.96 , 1.99 and 2.01 for MP? And using symbolic links for addons if possible? Many thanks, P-Nut
  7. mr.peanut

    Fixing bad texture aspect ratio

    Thanks. Good suggestion.
  8. Hi, I want to fix some textures that give the "Invalid Texture Aspect Ratio (16x256)" crash on a ded server. Is there a simple way to do this i.e. resize texture to 32x256? What are all the bad ratios? 1:16 and 16:1?
  9. mr.peanut

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Norton tags the launcher as trojan Suspicious.Cloud.2 Anyone else get this in other antivirus products? edit: Christ any way to get this thing to load the non-lite versions of BAF and PMC? Selecting OA causes it to load expansions... or maybe I am just confused? edit2: Nevermind. Just set the ArmAII exe as OA and it's good. Stupid, but works.
  10. Fix PMC to use custom faces... :mad:
  11. mr.peanut

    Texview crash when converting.

    If you don't mind command line, ImageMagick is the king.
  12. mr.peanut

    Linux Mint dedicated server problems

    LOL. Still in wrong section. It was an OFP question, not ArmA2.
  13. mr.peanut

    Linux Mint dedicated server problems

    Did you do this before trying to start the server? export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/ofp/libs Don't forget to unset when done. unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH And I think the server must be running 32 bit OS. plus totally the wrong board dude...
  14. did you do this for your islands? if i look at your configs will i become enlightened?