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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I recently made my own Warlords scenario in Eden editor and everything worked fine, until I ran on a serious problem. After playing the scenario on a server I made and making some progress on the map, I saved the game and quit. The next day I loaded the saved game, still on the server I made, and then a problem occurred. I couldn't open the Warlords buying menu and the voting system stopped working. It seems like after I load the saved game, the Warlords Init just stops working / deactivates. I tried to change the soldier I was playing with but it didn't fix anything. Can anyone tell me how to fix that please? PS. I think it might be fixed by writing a code that tells the init to activate after the game is loaded, but I don't know how to do that (I cannot write scripts) and I'm not sure if it will work anyway.
  2. Hi, I have to ask something very dumb but ... any scripted way to delete previous saves in a mission? It's a long mission and the saves will be really too much. Is there any way via script to delete all but the last save? I checked biki, google, forum ... nothing. 😟 I made the player can deploy a tent, skip time and save automatically. The tent script is taken from the forum, I only added skipTime and saveGame. _action = ["sleeptent","Sleeping Tent","",{ _pos = screenToWorld [ 0.5, 0.5 ]; _cutter = createVehicle [ "Land_ClutterCutter_Medium_F", _pos, [], 0, "NONE" ]; _SleepBag = createVehicle [ "Land_TentDome_F", _pos, [], 0, "NONE" ]; _mrk = createMarker ["Zzz", _pos,3,player]; "Zzz" setMarkerType "loc_save"; "Zzz" setMarkerColor "colorBLUFOR"; _SleepBag attachTo [_cutter, [0,0,0.05]]; player removeItem "sc_bedroll"; _SleepBag addAction ["Sleep for 4 hours", { 60 setOvercast (random 1); skipTime 4; sleep 2; saveGame; }, [], 0, false, true, "", ""]; _SleepBag addAction [ "Pack the sleeping bag",{ _Bag = _this select 3 select 0; _cut = _this select 3 select 1; deleteVehicle _Bag; deleteVehicle _cut; player addItem 'sc_bedroll'; deleteMarker "Zzz"; }, [ _SleepBag, _cutter ], 0, false, true, "", ""]; },{true},{},[], [0,0,0], 100] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; [player, 1, ["ACE_SelfActions"], _action] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToObject; How many autosaves are allowed in a mission?
  3. Project URL: https://gitlab.com/sukhoi191_a3/arma-3-persistent-save-system While I was playing Ravage mod, a lot of problems with the official save system emerged after time, since it probably wasn't created with long-term missions in mind (I mean like 50+ hours spent on a single mission). Most prominent issues I came across were: worsening performance, probably due to a lot of stuff that was saved and wasn't really necessary for Ravage playthrough, for example: every single damage to every single building, even if you just accidentally tapped one with a car; compatilibty issues - while fixing save file after minor version update was pretty easy, I wasn't able to fix it after major version update, which I think is expected, since major version change can make some things incompatible (this was also the last straw that made me start this project); gameplay issues (at least in Ravage), for example: actions taking forever to perform and very long saving / loading times. After playing Antistasi, I was pretty amazed by its save system, which was using profileNamespace to save data. It's elegant and easy to backup, as long as you keep separate ArmA 3 profile for each mission using this save system. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be written with reusability in mind. Considering all this, I've decided to write my own persistent save system, which is based on Antistasi idea (i.e. using profileNamespace). I've tried to make it as extensible as possible. I wasn't considering MP while working on this project and I'm pretty sure it's currently SP only, but I have no problem with extending it for MP as well, although I can't really do that right now, since I'm lacking some knowledge in that matter. If you know more than me and think that it's worth your time, you can certainly help with making it happen 🙂 I'm using it for Ravage and it works flawlessly. Currently, it's in alpha stage, since noone besides me really tested it. Of course, there's a lot of room for improvement, but here's what's implemented right now: Saving and loading data of: units (class, damage, position, direction, equipment, side, skill, full identity, rating, stamina + fatigue, formation, variables, orders, team color, units in group (if given unit is a leader), vehicle if unit is inside one); vehicles (class, fuel, damage, cargo, position, direction, turrets data, materials, textures); containers (class, cargo, position, rotation); specified variables from any namespace; map markers (appearance, position, rotation, text, user-defined). Simple trigger-based radio save system (1-9 are slots, 0 is used for saving - save is created automatically on the oldest slot). Action for marking / unmarking given vehicle for save (it can be easily extended for other object types as well). What I want to be done in the future: Releasing Ravage mission with this mod built-in, along with some other helpful stuff. It's WIP and I think it should be ready pretty soon. Making it into a Module (currently, I have no idea how to do this, I'm not really an addon guy). Creating GUI for saving, since radio-based system isn't that great, as it doesn't let you choose the slot on which the game will be saved and prevents you from using radio for other purposes. I think a custom GUI in game menu can be created with CBA (?) Extending saved data along with BI extensions of scripting language. Stuff described on issues page. Any suggestions, criticism, ideas and help in development will be greatly appreciated! Let me know, what you think about this project 🙂
  4. Hello all. I had made a script for saving player information on the server's profile. if (isServer) then { addMissionEventHandler["HandleDisconnect",{ //params ["_unit", "_id", "_uid", "_name"]; _unit = _this select 0; _uid = _this select 2; diag_log format["%1 %2 %3",_name, _unit, _uid]; profileNamespace setVariable[_uid,[(getPosATL _unit),(getDammage _unit),(getFatigue _unit),(getStamina _unit),(_unit getUnitTrait "Medic"),(_unit getUnitTrait "Engineer"),(getAllOwnedMines _unit)]]; saveProfileNamespace; diag_log (profileNamespace getVariable _uid); }]; ["CH","onPlayerConnected",{ //params ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_jip", "_owner"]; _uid = _this select 1; diag_log format["%1 has connected",_uid]; { if( (getPlayerUID _x) == _uid ) exitWith { diag_log 'OK'; private _variable = (profileNamespace getVariable _uid); _x setPos (_variable select 0); _x setDamage (_variable select 1); _x setFatigue (_variable select 2); _x setStamina (_variable select 3); if(_variable select 4) then {_x setUnitTrait["Medic",true];}; if(_variable select 5) then {_x setUnitTrait["Engineer",true];}; }; } forEach allPlayers; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; }; currently the only thing that works is the save whilst the server has not restarted. once the server restarts, then it's irretrievable. Even though the variable is still stored in the server profile vars. here is the rpt: Dropbox - Rpt File Any help on this?
  5. Is there a way to shutdown/reboot a reforger server in a way to allow the game state to be saved for nest time? I play on a private server with a few friends, but we'd like to save any progress we make in the game so we can resume from the same point at the next session? The alternative is to keep the server running full time but that is getting a bit expensive.
  6. As modders doing their work and pc is starting strong on a Good Foundation. One of the most wanted features on Console is to Save/Load Conflict,GameMaster and Mods. Overthrow Mod just got the save/Load feature set up but i can’t save because the save/load feature is still in development for console I guess ?
  7. Hello community! I've had this released on the Steam Workshop after a long development period, and it's about time I introduce it here. I hope communities will enjoy using this! Hunter'z Persistency Module What is it? It's an "offline" (meaning, an SQL server or similar is NOT required) persistency framework for complex dynamic missions. It's meant as an alternative to existing solutions that use SQL servers. Instead of using a server/database approach, Hunter'z Persistency Module is fully SQF-based and outputs save data to text files in SQF-format. With this module you can avoid having complex infrastructure such as SQL servers and set up a persistent server with ease. What can it do? As a framework, it's got all the functionality you need to save any object, ammo crate, or vehicle and it's designed to be very easily customised so that you can save custom information such as object or mission variables. The module is focused mostly on realism/logistics scenarios, which means whatever you want to be persistent, you can set it up with ease and it will save every detail without compromise or room for exploits. For example, if you want to set a vehicle to be persistent, all you have to do is call one line of code and its state will be saved with all details down to the number of rounds it has in its guns. Player units are also persistent by default, which means not only does it save your position or your gear upon logging out, but also how many bullets you have in the magazines inside your backpack, the damage on all your body parts including your full medical state if you use ACE, any map markers you have placed and whatever else comes to your mind. The customisation of the framework is done by using API functions that you call either through scripts in your mission or live through the in-game admin console. These are all described together with setup instructions and further information in the manual that comes with the module. How does it work? It uses Killzonekid's debug console dll extension (with his permission of course) to write to a save file on the server machine. Although the save file comes out as pure SQF, due to the limitations of extensions in Arma, large data arrays are split up into smaller ones and parsed back to normal by the module during saving and loading. This means that you might see a lot of text in your save files, but since it's all SQF, you actually have the option of editing the data manually by hand in case of any problems you have in your mission or things you want to change. Saving to file is done automatically, through an auto-save system, for which you can set the save interval. The module is very performance friendly as it only uses resources when conducting a save, which usually takes less than a second. Player persistency is managed through connect/disconnect event handlers by the server, and other than these situations the module will not be using any CPU power! Future work / TODO? I plan on adding more features to the mod. One thing I will investigate soon is persistency of damage to map objects, such as buildings that are part of the map. No promises though! Download link You can obtain the mod through the Steam Workshop. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207707864 Licensing The module is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to share or build upon this work as long as you credit me as the original author. You may not sell this work or any derivatives of it, or financially profit from the use of the mod in any way. Trivia Although I've been working on Arma 2/3 for a few years now, this is the first mod that I got ready to be released for public use. I'm hoping to have release versions ready for my other mods, especially the AI mod I've been developing since 3 years, but we'll see... For more info on what I do, feel free to check out my repo: https://github.com/KHunter-Arma
  8. haleks


    Mod version : 0.10.0 (2021.11.08) m3mory Hello people! Here comes a new tool to keep your Arma3 saves in good health... M3mory is a tiny mod that will keep the size of your save files in check and ensure they remain usable for as long as you want. It doesn't require any configuration : simply load the mod whenever you're playing in single player, and it will automatically do its job anytime the engine saves your progress. Works with all types of engine saving event (mid-game, save & exit, autosaves - including during Alt+F4), in any mode (campaigns, scenarios - official or custom). Why? The engine indiscriminately saves any change made to terrain objects, amongst many other things : any opened door, any damage to any structure, any broken tree, wall or fence, ends up in the file. This means that no matter what, the size of your saves will increase - either gradually over time or dramatically depending on several factors. It can take some time in a "quiet" and well designed scenario, or it can happen very quickly in more intense, all out war scenarios. Loading or saving takes more and more time as this happens, and, on the bigger or denser terrains, this will cause the engine to crash eventually... While it may not be problematic for the most typical mission designs, it can potentially cause game-breaking issues for "endless" type or very long scenarios. M3mory is designed to solve this problem by excluding unnecessary terrain-related data from the save system. Every inconsequential object that is not in the player's vicinity is reverted to its original state whenever progress is saved, with the exclusion of destroyed structures (avoiding any potential conflict with mission critical objectives). This effectively puts a hard limit on the maximum size of your saves, or rather, it limits the impact of terrain objects interactions on your save files. Keep in mind that the mod doesn't interact with scripts or variables, which also have a direct influence on the volume of data that is saved. A few considerations Initial Test Results Download Want to support my work?
  9. As i said in title my maps, options changes and game progress are not saving , i think that my operating system can be a problem ( i got windows 10 on my PC ) ( i bought my Arma : Cold War Assault from steam ) more specific informations about the problem : - No possibility to save maps from map editor ( it's happening on every single profile created in game ) - All options ( video , music , controls and difficulty ) reset to deafult after closing the game ( it's also happening on every single profile created in game ) - No possibility to save game progress.
  10. So I have been doing some research about a MULTIPLAYER save implementation for my missions and I stumbled upon this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/saveVar Its description reads: Save variable value into the campaign space. So what is this "Campaign Space"? I haven't been able to find anything on it. 1) How do we access it? 2) How do we enable it on our missions? 3) Does it work for multiplayer? 4) Can we use it as an alternative to ProfileNameSpace? Has anyone used it before and knows about this?
  11. Hi anyone, I'm working on a really big mission. So far so good. Today I wanted to continue my work but couldn't open the mission! Two weapons, I placed in my mission, and included in the "KA Weapons Pack New RC" mod from the steam workshop are now missing. (Problem 1) For that reason I looked up how to remove mod dependecy in the mission.sqm. Although the mission.sqm file is binarized, I opened it with the default text editor. (I've not made a copy of the mission.sqm file!!! fu.. me I'm such a complete moron!!!!) Anyway after saving it I'm no longer able to see my mission in the editor (file open) menu!!!! (Problem 2) Does anyone knows any reason why that happend ? Please help me I put a lot effort in the mission !!!
  12. So my friend and I are trying to create a small ALIVE mission for us just to play occasionally but we want to be able to save it so that we can progress through the map and eventually rid the enemy presence from the whole map. When we first start the mission our TFR works fine, but after we save it, exit, then go back and resume it, the host's TFR won't initialize. The TFR of the person joining it works fine, just for some reason the host's TFR wont work. We tired it with him as the host and me as the host. We are both very experienced with mods and can usually just troubleshoot our problems by ourselves but this one has us stumped. I can assure you we have the mods installed correctly and I really can't see how any of our other mods would conflict with TFR causing it to do this since it works just fine in missions that we don't have to save then resume. Any ideas on how to fix this other than putting the mission on a dedicated server?
  13. I found that setUnconscious doesn't work in A3. Is there an alternative for that for a player unit (switchable)? I tried animations, but they don't seem to work either. The rollToBack becomes a normal crawlable position when the player has a weapon. DisableAI "anim" / "move" doesn't work for player. disabling player control diables every controls. Any idea?
  14. The answer is a resounding No. None of the CD Key/Serial resellers we know about have obtained a proper license. The origin of their CD Keys is unknown, but we do know about numerous occasions when they sell banned / disabled CD Keys so you will not be able to play the game online at all. Please note that not only is buying CD Keys from these CD Key resellers risky and usually there’s no kind of guarantee, but also Bohemia Interactive is unlikely to get any royalty from these places for the sales. These CD Keys also in no way include a license to the game itself and CD Key resellers are expecting you to pay a considerable amount of money (you can often get similarly priced deals for the full game package) but they also do not provide any type of guarantee. We can only recommend people buy the game online from respectable sources, like Steam, Sprocket, Direct2Drive, Impulse Driven or Metaboli , or of course a boxed DVD version. If anyone wishes to ask a question about this information, or is unsure of the validity of a site they're about to purchase from please feel free to PM/Email me: Placebo@idea-games.com