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  1. On dedicated server @falcon_565 has some weird effects on vehicles when the player has left and screws fps. @tpw script has no problems. Sorry for double posting ...
  2. I cannot make the buymenu to work on dedicated. The buy menu doesn't show up at all. This is how I initialize it. //initServer.sqf [aHumvee,"AmericanStuff",aHumvee,aHelipad,"American Store","Buy American Things",{side player == WEST}] remoteExec ["grad_lbm_fnc_addInteraction", 0]; It is working perfectly in eden editor.
  3. You are right, the correct should be private _rpos = [] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _rpos resize 2; _rpos; It returns the position array in 2D format. If not you I would never guessed where is the error, thanks!
  4. My "genius" idea was to resize the position array to only first two elements.
  5. But BIS_fnc_randomPos should return a random position using the whole map, right? I think I manage to complete what I wanted. Instead of a respawn marker I used respawn module named "respawn_east", it moves around the map without a problem. I place this in its init and player respawn on start. _rpos = [] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; this setPosATL _rpos; Why the same named marker does not move is a mystery.
  6. I am trying to move respawn marker (called "respawn_east") on random position on the map. It does not move anywhere no matter what I try. private _rpos = [] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _rpos = _rpos resize 1; "respawn_east" setMarkerPos _rpos; This does not work at all, no errors ...
  7. @Dedmen Your script is not working, nothing comes from player or AI mouth. It gives error "undefined _unit variable". This is strange because @tpw script is working without problems.
  8. Awesome script I use to spawn garrison on headless. The only thing worth changing is to add an option for us to choose if defenders have to be next to window or not. Placing all defenders next to windows is the heaven for a markman/sniper and makes the mission too easy for them and hard for other classes.
  9. Try to tell this in Steam, the swarm of casuals who are constantly "waiting" for something will rip your flesh and extinguish your soul. 😂
  10. When I try to use it gives "wrong number in expression" error.
  11. This statement is completely false in MP on dedicated. Task have to be assaigned to be completed and you cannot assaign more than one at the time, so no parrallel tasks possible.
  12. Is a way to make all task to be assigned simultaniously at the beggining of the mission? I want this because player can assign only one task at the time and this makes impossible for doing two task at the time on one objective. For example the player have main task to attack and clear an enemy compound and as optional task to destroy communication antenna. At the start of the mission you can assaign one of the task but if you select the main task (no matter auto assign or manual assaign), the task system will not work for the optional task (destroy antenna). The player cannot complete some tasks because he cannot select more then one to be evaluated at the same time. I simply cannot believe the task framework is so dumb?!
  13. I think I solved the problem, add this to server config forcedDifficulty = "Custom"; missionWhitelist[] = {"GoodbyeShalom.Farabad"}; randomMissionOrder = false; autoSelectMission = false;
  14. Hi, I have the problem on headless client AI. Seems to be ignoring Custom difficulty settings and is on godly level of shooting. If it sees you, you get inmediately a headshot. Other AI on the server side seems completely normal. I spawn AI on headless by the most vanilla way possible: HC1Present = if (isNil "HC1") then {false} else {true}; if (HC1Present && isMultiplayer) then { if (!isServer && !hasInterface) then { []execVM "ai.sqf"; } else {}; } else {hint "Headless not initiated!"}; How to make headless AI have the custom difficulty set by the server profile?
  15. Mod is working fine with RHS weapons. I would like to intensify the effect, are there any options for the mod?