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Found 14 results

  1. GF Custom Loot Position Spawn Script by GEORGE FLOROS [GR] Description: GF Custom Loot Position Spawn Script , spawn Weapons , Mags , Items , to the desired position , configurable script. You are free to do anything but i would like to give me Credits for this! Simple and easy to use and adapt . Have Fun ! Installation / Usage: For usage instructions and information of how to use the GF Custom Loot Position Spawn Script , please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission. Place in your mission the files . There is everything included , inside the mission. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/SQF_syntax Don't try to open this with the simple notepad. For everything that is with comment // in front or between /* means that it is disabled , so there is no need to delete the extra lines. You can open this ex: with notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ and also use the extra pluggins (this way will be better , it will give also some certain colours to be able to detect ex. problems ) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8680 or use any other program for editing . For the Compilation List of my GF Scripts , you can search in: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/215850-compilation-list-of-my-gf-scripts/ Notes: Configurable Scripts. Open this mission to the 3D editor and copy paste ( ctrl c - ctrl v ) the item "Land_BakedBeans_F" , wherever you want , the loot to be spawned . There is included a ready Loot List for a vanilla and Ravage. You can also spawn objects. More about , in the info folder inside Information.txt file. Credits & Thanks: Thanks to All script contributors Thanks to everyone who tries to do the best for this game! Thanks to BIS for such a great platform . Thanks to BIS Community and BIS Community Forums . Thanks to Armaholic Community and Forums . Changelog: Version 1.0 Forum topic: - Armaholic forums http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=39904 Armaholic download GF Custom Loot Position Spawn Script pics:
  2. hi, Is there a way to determine the position of a vehicle by vehiclevarname? I work on a survival server and want to save the positions even if the vehicle is moved without a driver. Many Thanks.
  3. I am getting this error when using BIS_fnc_findSafePos after getting a position from BIS_fnc_randomPos. This is the script that generates that error: _FirstPos = [] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _Residential_Area = nearestLocations [_FirstPos, ["NameCity","NameCityCapital","NameVillage"], worldSize]; _Residential_Position = position (_Residential_Area select (floor (random (count _Residential_Area)))); _Rdm_Pos = [[[_Residential_Position, random 1]],["water"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _Safe_Pos = [_Rdm_Pos, 0, 100, 10, 0, 0.1, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _pos = _Safe_Pos; _pos This however works without any errors: _FirstPos = [] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _Residential_Area = nearestLocations [_FirstPos, ["NameCity","NameCityCapital","NameVillage"], worldSize]; _Residential_Position = position (_Residential_Area select (floor (random (count _Residential_Area)))); _Rdm_Pos = [[[_Residential_Position, random 1]],["water"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _pos = _Rdm_Pos; _pos //this works without errors and gives me a position value just fine So the error only happens when I take the position generated by _Rnd_Pos (BIS_fnc_randomPos) and use it inside _Safe_Pos (BIS_fnc_findSafePos). Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it? Thanks!
  4. Good evening. I've been trying to come up with a way to select the highest terrain position along a line (or within a thinly defined area to be precise) and have managed to come up with a fairly rough way to go about it: private _hpStart = getMarkerPos "hpStart"; private _hpEnd = getMarkerPos "hpEnd"; HighestPoint = [0,0,0]; for "_i" from 1 to 10 do { _highestPos = [ [[_hpStart getPos [(_hpStart distance _hpEnd)/2,_hpStart getDir _hpEnd],[50,(_hpStart distance _hpEnd)/2,_hpStart getDir _hpEnd,true]]], [], { if (((AGLtoASL _this) select 2) > (HighestPoint select 2)) then { HighestPoint = AGLtoASL _this; }; ((AGLtoASL _this) select 2) > (HighestPoint select 2) } ] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; }; systemChat format["Highest position found at: %1",HighestPoint]; _markerstr = createMarker [format["m%1",time],HighestPoint]; _markerstr setMarkerShape "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerType "hd_dot"; _markerstr setMarkerColor "ColorGreen"; _markerstr setMarkerText "Highest position"; The two markers, "hpStart" and "hpEnd" are editor placed, and seeing as BIS_fnc_randomPos only runs 100 times I bumped that amount up to 1000 to see if I got any incorrect results, which I didn't (even after running it A LOT MORE times). Is there a better way to do this that I have not found?
  5. Hello, i'm very newbie at scripting and stuff i wanna make some kind of CAS/Arty ordenance by pointing at the target (By binoculars for ex) or by putting the Mouse on the map i wonder if there is a function or a way to get that working, i know it exists cuz for example at the Campaign there is a mission when you point at the target or use the map to request mortar fire thanks in advance
  6. Hello, I went through about 8 pages of search results (using search words marker and trigger) and couldn't find a matching discussion to my problem.. and then when I was switching to page number 9 the forums decided I should wait for X seconds to do another search. Sooo I decided just to create a discussion about my problem rather than wait for the forum to let me continue searching. Let's see if I could put this as simple as possible: - I have multiple triggers - I want to use only one script (.sqf) to create a marker at the exact position of any trigger that gets activated by whatever activation rules I see fit to use - so then I could just spam []exec "xxxx.sqf"; in the OnActivation field of every trigger So far I have a file caparea.sqf _trigger = _this select 0; _marker = createMarker ["capturearea", position _trigger]; "capturearea" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "capturearea" setMarkerSize [300,300]; "capturearea" setMarkerBrush "SolidBorder"; "capturearea" setMarkerAlpha 1; "capturearea" setMarkerColor "ColorOPFOR"; and then I call it with []exec "caparea.sqf" from the OnActivation field. When testing this combo the game is showing me Error undefined variable in expression: _trigger I doubt that is even close to being correct but I've been trying things together found here and there from the depths of the internet. Any suggestions on how to actually achieve what I'm aiming for here?
  7. Hi, I searching for a way to spawn units randomly in a marker. I've tried something with radius etc but it seems that units spawn even out of the marker and even on water... I'd like to spawn those units only on ground and in the definided marker. And I have another problem, The units I try to spawn are zombies... And when I choose to spawn 2000 of them with a debug marker to know where each zombies are, I don't find any zombies at the markers positions... is there any units limit on Arma 3 ?
  8. Hi :) I want my script to report bullet position every milisecond including a moment of fire. However loop occurs every game frame. player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _null = _this spawn { _missile = _this select 6; waitUntil { if (isNull _missile) exitWith {true}; diag_log getPos _missile; }; }; }]; this is a player position :[3999.79,999.912,0.00143909] and this is a first report of bullet : [3999.97,1016.43,1.35643] as you can see projectile flew 16 meters before first data, that means Im missing time before fire and next frame. The most importnant for me is a position of bullet in moment of fire. It would be great if script reported data every milisecond. What should I write ? Please help ! Thank you.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to find forest border/edges positions. nearestTerrainObjects command has the option to search this with typename "FOREST BORDER" but this always return nothing, so no luck here. selectBestPlaces makes use of different expression, but I can't find any combination that suits my needs, something that exactly returns different points where a forest and a meadow joins (and without killing cpu/fps in the process) I'm trying to give AI the best instructions possible for waypoints and forest borders are massive strategic points. Any idea somebody? Thanks!
  10. Hey, Small topic for those who love to play around with randomness. Have you ever tried to find random point in circle? Let`s try find a random point around player in 1000 meters radius. So we can write something like. player getRelPos [random 1000, random 360]; And here we go, seems cool right? No it is not. Let`s try do that 5000 times, and put a marker for each resulting position. for "_i" from 0 to 5000 do { _pos = player getRelPos [random 1000, random 360]; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal [str random 100,_pos]; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "hd_dot"; }; Here what we gonna have. As you can see it is not random at all. Dots are concentrated towards center. So how can we have unified distribution? We can write following: for "_i" from 0 to 5000 do { _radius = 1000; _randomValue = random _radius; _distributedValue = _randomValue; if ((1-(_randomValue/_radius)) > (random 1)) then { _distributedValue = (_randomValue + (random (_radius - _randomValue))) }; _pos = player getRelPos [_distributedValue, random 360]; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal [str random 100,_pos]; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "hd_dot"; }; So here is what we gonna have as result Basically what we do here is: As smaller the random value we get as bigger the chance that we will add to this value a bit. (In simple words ;p) Have a good day
  11. Good afternoon. I've got a script written up to get some positions within the Tanoa jungle that are along the trails. These positions are ideally "deep" within the jungle (by deep, i mean a few hundred metres) with a few less-than-ideal positions that are captured due to the way I've set this up. It works, but I was wondering if there's a better way to go about this, as it seems to be a pretty long winded and imperfect way of going about getting positions: params ["_mapMiddle","_allRoadPositions","_jungleTrailPositions","_roadPosition"]; _mapMiddle = [10000,10000,0]; _allRoadPositions = _mapMiddle nearRoads 15000; _jungleTrailPositions = []; { _roadPosition = getPos _x; if ((!isOnRoad _roadPosition) && (surfaceType _roadPosition == "#GdtForest")) then { if ((({ (surfaceType _x == "#GdtForest") || (surfaceType _x == "#GdtBeach") || (surfaceType _x == "#GdtSeabed") }) count [ [(_roadPosition select 0) + 200,(_roadPosition select 1) + 200,0], [(_roadPosition select 0) + 200,(_roadPosition select 1) - 200,0], [(_roadPosition select 0) - 200,(_roadPosition select 1) + 200,0], [(_roadPosition select 0) - 200,(_roadPosition select 1) - 200,0], [(_roadPosition select 0) + 100,(_roadPosition select 1) + 100,0], [(_roadPosition select 0) + 100,(_roadPosition select 1) - 100,0], [(_roadPosition select 0) - 100,(_roadPosition select 1) + 100,0], [(_roadPosition select 0) - 100,(_roadPosition select 1) - 100,0] ]) == 8) then { _jungleTrailPositions pushBack _roadPosition; }; }; } forEach _allRoadPositions; { _mkr = createMarker[str _x,_x]; _mkr setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _mkr setMarkerSize [10,10]; _mkr setMarkerColor "ColorOrange"; _mkr setMarkerAlpha 1; } forEach _jungleTrailPositions; systemChat format["All - %1 --- Jungle - %2",count _allRoadPositions,count _jungleTrailPositions]; Basically, to determine if a position is "deep within the jungle" I check positions around it, being 100m & 200m on each cardinal direction, for their surfaceType. It feels sloppy, but I just couldn't come up with another way (besides checking more distances between 0m-200m) to check the area around the given position for any non-jungle area. Is there a better way of doing this?
  12. Hello guys, In the mission Editor, I often put enemy sniper or rpg on roof of buildings, Unfortunately they are always fast detected and killed before to be a real menace. I use this dostop true or disable ai move and I also use setunitpos to select the stance. If I Iet the vanilla ai system, they just go prone when the detect enemy, and can’t fire through the window or from the roof… I would like to make a little scrips lunched on the AI initialization field, or from a trigger to make an ambush like situation to make my AI switch from down to middle just a little time to firing and hide again for a certain time. I was thinking to something like this: (sorry I am not aware about the syntax) _myunit setunitpos “down†Sleep random [ 30, 50] <- Wait random time from 30 to 50 sec _myunit setunitpos “middle†Sleep random [ 5, 10] (the time to select a target and dofire, and hide again) #loop I am sure that if it works it can add a lot immersion in hostile zone. Please if someone can help me in syntax for the script and for the initialization to run an maybe add a variable in the timing… Thanks for reading. Cheers
  13. At the moment I have a portion of the map showing as part of a dialog that I've created. But, I can't work out how to centre the dialog's map over a position (which I already have stored from an onMapSingleClick command). So, where can I find out how to do this? This is probably the 3rd or 4th post I've started writing with a question on dialogs this arvo, but the first one that I haven't ended up working out for myself.
  14. Hello, Looking for a programmer to design us a script to save player location or what is known as the save position Of course that would be a financial You can contact me by email: doda.l.c2016@gmail.com Regards, Abd El Rahman.