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  1. First, sorry if I am in the wrong topic but I am a bit idealess where to post this. So, after that classic introduction, let me get to the point: Is there a way to add Zoom Steps to a sniper scope instead of the stepless Zoom that is in everything right now? I know there are Zoom Steps in RHS scopes but every other Sniper Scope from CUP, NI or BWmod has stepless zoom that is a pain in the ass to adjust for our snipers. So does anyone know a way to do this or could point me in some direction to search for that because I found nothing so far yet. Thanks for every hint. Cheers, Jan
  2. Hey guys, I am jumping into customising an ACE Arsenal and would like to give some restriction about Loadouts and stuff. I know there is a nifty script to block loadouts that are not having whitelisted items, but I think this is a bit oversized and I was hoping there was a more simple way to just deactivate the buttons on the ACE Arsenal GUI. Could anyone help me with that? I know there is some documentation about the ACE Framework but I admit, I rarely know what they are talking about in that and I am missing some more detailed examples for the... well.. Noob Level I am on. Thanks for any help as always, Jan
  3. Hey guys, I am currently planning an Intro sequence in a large multiplayer mission and I would like the players to shut the f*** up. Well, as it is the internet and its a lot of people, everybody will be talking during that sequence. As we are also using tfar, I can't seem to find a way to mute all the players during the sequence. Does anybody know a way how to achive this while the intro sequence is playing?
  4. Ganvai84

    Player in remoteExec

    Thanks man, great hint.
  5. Ganvai84

    Player in remoteExec

    Well, the Idea was that the teleport happens during the mission Opening that has to be remoteExec so titletext and music are played on every client. I also want to be sure the teleport happens while the screen is black. So there was the idea to execute everything in one Script.
  6. Ganvai84

    Player in remoteExec

    Hey pierremgi, yes I know. Sorry, was maybe a bit of a sloppy wording. The idea is that the script that is executed via remoteExec and so every player would run that script. There is a lot more happening in the script, creating a mission intro with a bit of story background at the start of the mission. While this is running, the player should get teleported to the starting position of the mission. The thing is, I don't want to run it on the initPlayerlocal.sqf because when the mission is started at on the server, the players start in a base where they can choose their loadout and so on. So this must be an event triggered by the Zeus responsible for the mission control when all Players are ready. Therefor I want a Zeus activate the script "start_mission.sqf" via remoteExec and now my problem is that I need to get the player object in the remoteExec. My idea was, that because remoteExec fires on every client (at least when configured that way) so this should guarante that all Players should teleport at the same time and see the Mission Intro. So thats the idea behind all of that.
  7. Hey guys, I am trying myself on a remoteExec. The idea is, that on the execution of the remoteExec (which can only be triggered by the Game Master) every player gets teleported to their starting position by evaluating in which truck they are sitting. I was hoping that I could get the player object in the remoteExec but nothing happens. Is there a way to get the Player in a remoteExec that i completely missed? Thanks for your help. _vehicle = (vehicle player); switch (_vehicle) do { case "truck_alpha": { player setPos (getMarkerPos "mrk_start_alpha"); }; case "truck_bravo": { player setPos (getMarkerPos "mrk_start_bravo"); }; case "truck_charlie": { player setPos (getMarkerPos "mrk_start_charlie"); }; case "truck_delta": { player setPos (getMarkerPos "mrk_start_delta"); }; case "truck_echo": { player setPos (getMarkerPos "mrk_start_echo"); }; case "truck_sierra": { player setPos (getMarkerPos "mrk_start_sierra"); }; };
  8. Hello folks, i have a very stupid problem and maybe I am missing something here: Is there an option to not show the statistics screen when a Player logs out of a Multiplayer match? I know I can hide the Score Table but I want the other screen to be deactivated as well. Any hint would be great.
  9. Perfect man, thank you so much. Is there a good place to find ACE Functions like that?
  10. Hey guys, me again, running my head against a wall. I want an addaction on a laptop where all dead players get revived when it is used. I was going for something like {_x setDamage 0;} forEach _humanPlayers; BUT, we are using ACE and it seems like I am way to lost on my way to find what I would need to heal the players with ACE. Anyone who could point me in the direction or has an idea how it should work? Cheers, Jan
  11. Hey guys, is there a way where you can creat groups with waypoints, special loadouts, AI behaviour and so on in 3den Editor, then mark this shit all and say "spawn in on condition"? So that you could place a lot more groups and only insert them when needed? Cheers, Jan
  12. Great man, thank you very much for the help.
  13. Hey guys, I am currently working on a christmas mission where Players can compete in a little TvT area. But I to remove the weapons they have when they leave the area (it's important for the rest of the mission they have a limited arsenal). I know there is a remove all weapons command, but how could I manage that to work when they leave the trigger area? I was thinking about "Player Present" activation in the trigger and then run it on deactivation of the trigger, but how can I make it work so that it is only for the player who leaves the area and not for the rest of the server? I know there is some way about locality, but I have had a break on arma editing and now my brian is stuck. Thanks for the help. Cheers, Jan
  14. Thanks man. Glad to be here to have some place to support my daily dosis of drugs, ahm, I mean Eden Editor stuff 😄
  15. Yes, this is dope. Thank you very much!