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Found 11 results

  1. Laurent L

    News & Changelogs

    The latest changes to the game can be found here. Stay tuned!
  2. Hey guys, I am getting a constant error message on a server I am running and it spams my log full. that cant be healthy for performance and I would like to find this object. Thing is, I have no idea how. The message is: 21:12:03 Ref to nonnetworkobject 16027dd0100# 626607: mapboard_01_wall_f.p3d The logmessage is written two, sometimes three times per milisecond in the log. Anyway I could identify that object that is causing this?
  3. Hello for everyone! I have a trouble: my script takes screenshot of object and i need to create log file with full dimensions of this object (basically, i need a four points of object: upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right). How can i save it? I read about saveProfileNamespace, but i cant find where i can find file with logs in arma 3 directory. Or maybe there are any way of creating .txt file with each screensot? Thanks for help before!
  4. I've been getting this error in multiplayer in the log: Performance warning: SimpleSerialization::Write 'bwpp_scrpromotion' is using type of ',SCRIPT' which is not optimized by simple serialization, falling back to generic serialization, use generic type or ask for optimizations for these types I did not get this error when I tested my mission in singe player. I read some posts today from several years ago stating that this error is related to network traffic in which the type of data being sent across the network is not ideal. I was saving a script handle to a logic using SETVARIABLE (public true). After reading these posts I stopped saving the variable to the logic and instead began saving the script handle to a local variable in an FSM. I am still getting this error. Is it because a script handle cannot be saved to a variable, or that the saved script handle is being used in an FSM, or is it something else? Thanks, ben
  5. My game has been constantly crashing for weeks at random, with these 2 errors happening every single time. Dont know how to read these logs so I cant find the issue. where can I upload the logs? I dont see a way to do it here
  6. We'd like to try using this thread to track clear updates about changes to the AI. But first, some all important disclaimers! Not all the changes made to the AI can be logged as and when they happen Sometimes the changes made by the programmers require other departments to update or pack their data Sometimes that's not always possible right away (i.e. changes to AI Costmaps for terrain, tweaking of new/refined values in configs) Sometimes the changes must be put on hold while we make sure/prevent them from entirely annihilating the rest of the game Sometimes the changes must be reverted because they destroy more than they heal. Sometimes our programmers have to work, rather than talk about working. We hope it helps shine some light on the ongoing refinements/fixes being made to the AI, and can help to frame/promote some useful feedback/discussion/understanding about the current state/future direction and progress. You can discuss the changes across in the AI Dev Branch Discussion thread. Best, RiE First set of notes follows: It wasn't supposed to fix rotation speed of AI soldiers, but is letting them use "aiming deadzone" as specified in the unit config (minGunTurnAI, maxGunTurnAI) which is typically 60 degrees cone. Therefore currently AI should be able to follow targets better without moving whole body. RPG and NLAW are supposed to be unguided, but AI was still able to use them as guided weapons. This was corrected. Quite big change, now AI is able to calculate and predict accurate ballistic of bullet, therefore is able to aim and engage targets on all ranges, both static and moving. Also, this improves AI ability to hit moving targets by more precise time of leading calculation. Good way to check this change is try to fight AI sniper on 1km+ range. Of course it still depends on his skill. AI was considering animals as friendly, therefore denied to shot in theirs direction. Example: put yours character, enemy soldier and snake animal between you. After this fix AI won't bother with friendly fire against animals. N.b. Sometimes I'll quote one one of our Programmer's comments, but reserve the right to make splendid editorial adjustments! :cool:
  7. Can't be bothered to keep typing: diag_log format ["test value: %1",_valueToTest]; ? Put this at the top of your scripts: #define diag(a) \ private _pox = toArray str {a}; \ _pox deleteAt count _pox -1; \ _pox deleteAt 0; \ diag_log format ["MyScriptName" + " " + toString _pox + ": %1",a] Then you can type: diag(_valueToTest); And it prints the script name, variablename and value into the log. So these.... _lookAtTheVariableName = 69; diag(_lookAtTheVariableName); _fun = ["stuff","n","ting"]; diag(_fun); _fun = false; diag(_fun); diag(2>1); diag(2 isEqualTo 2); diag(["hello"]); Outputs this.... 18:22:47 "MyScriptName _lookAtTheVariableName: 69" 18:22:47 "MyScriptName _fun: [""stuff"",""n"",""ting""]" 18:22:47 "MyScriptName _fun: false" 18:22:47 "MyScriptName 2>1: true" 18:22:47 "MyScriptName 2 isEqualTo 2: true" 18:22:47 "MyScriptName [""hello""]: [""hello""]"
  8. Hi. I'm Playing Arma2 and Arma3. but Im prefer to play Arma2. Does Arma 2 have a function to output text log chat? And what about Arma 3? If you can realize that function by appending some option file, please tell me how to do that. I am making a program to monitor and read text log chat. Because Japanese are shy, VC is not active. Text chat is more popular, but I feel a bit lonely. So, I would like to make gaming play as gorgeous as possible. It would be nice if you could have an option to use it as a participant in the Host Server, but not a DedicatedServer configuration if possible. . I am sorry to hear that in Japanese, I am making such a program. Https://github.com/zufall-upon/kikisen-vc I hope the option exists. . Thank you.
  9. This thread will serve to keep an update on when new version of the development branch are released, detailing their changes. Version 0.8.0205: 17th September 2013: - Changed Timer Event to support infinite repetitions - Added more rocks and details to Deimos 16th September 2013: - Added list selection/removal of instruments when editing Analyze targes - Added indication of budget increase for science target and mission completion - Added WIP Mission generator 15th September 2013: - Added scenario Asteroid E5651 for the Zero-G Probe in the Asteroid Belt location - Added On Scenario Start type Trigger - Added Reset button for Trigger properties in the Editor - Added Space sky preset - Added 2 more spawn options for objects to the Editor - Completed Gravity Vector Align for Zero-G Probe - Fixed Scenario image not reloading when new image created - Fixed minor issue of scenario menu being open over object spawn menu - Fixed minor issue of Script Event being callable only after reload in Editor - Fixed issue related to thrusters on the Zero-G Probe being inverted after load 14th September 2013: - Added robotic arms to Zero-G Probe - Added 2 presets for the Zero-G Probe - Completed controls for the Zero-G Probe 13th September 2013: - Added asteroid generator script to Asteroid Generator scenario - Added more rocks to Deimos - Improved addons system loading - Fixed serialization of Timer Event 12th September 2013: - Added Scenario properties menu, where date, time, description can be defined - Added button to take current render and save it to the currently opened scenario - Added dynamic asteroids to spawnable Dynamic Objects - Added Unassign Mission to vehicles and the map - Added/Adjusted preview and logout images for vehicles in the map - Added info to mission targets in map (such as zone number, required instruments, etc) 0000208 - Added type to instrument list in vehicle details in map - Added correct preview pictures of each vehicle type (in the map) - Added support for position and angle offsets to vehicles displayed in the Rover Lab - Added restart dialog when an addon has been downloaded and loaded - Allowed re-assigning of vehicles to other missions even if their's is incomplete - Increased max vehicle name length to 22 characters 0000063 - Improved appearance of the Rover Lab - Improved addon packing/unpacking system 11th September 2013: - Added Asteroid Belt location - Added Zero-G Probe WIP controls - Added rocks to Deimos 10th September 2013: - Improved Skip Time duration selection list (now drop-down) 0000032 - Improved gamepad support in Mission Control - Fixed bug where after analyzing the orange frame and visible zone would stay - Fixed bug where the +/- zoom buttons would sometimes show for cameras without zoom 0000295 - Fixed bug where CTR or LOG tabs (if open) were empty upon logging into the vehicle 0000092 - Fixed bug where Arcade style GUI was not persistent with the option setting 0000094 - Fixed bug where using Test Vehicle spawned it beneath the location 0000314 9th September 2013: - Fixed globe zoom issue in the main menu - Fixed shadow issue of Crater models on Deimos - Improved shadowing by sun on Deimos 6th September 2013: - Added the external Workbench editing suite - Added instrument info (power generation, range, etc) - Updated instrument descriptions in the Rover Lab 4th September 2013: - Added instrument descriptions to the Rover Lab (no longer WIP) - Increased resolution scale of Terrain Imager cameras 3rd September 2013: - Added support for custom content via addons, including locations, vehicles and so on - Added night time lighting to the Mars Yard - Removed several obsolete files 2nd September 2013: - Added WIP Deimos location - Added WIP Zero-G Probe 30th August 2013: - Fixed science target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 5540 0000300 - Fixed APXS bounding box in mission Ancient River Bed 0000288 - Adjusted the science target priorities and task order in Kaiser Crater mission ref. 6983 29th August 2013: - Fixed gripping to floor while trying to thrust in Lander - Fixed EAS flashing READY while in use 28th August 2013: - Added Flight Mode activation for Landers, enabling the player to move a landed Lander - Adjusted analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 1967 0000270 26th August 2013: - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater 23rd August 2013: - Fixed analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 5871 0000286 - Adjusted analyze target in Victoria Crater mission ref. 6275 0000285 - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater 22nd August 2013: - Fixed photo target in Kaiser Crater mission ref. 2824 0000281 - Victoria Crater campaign adjusted - New mission added to Victoria Crater campaign - Added more stones on Victoria Crater map 21st August 2013: - Fixed noticeable texture repeating on Kaiser Crater dark dune, adjusted corresponding mission 0000069 20th August 2013: - Added 4 large Tech 9+ side mission to Kaiser Crater campaign 19th August 2013: - Added more stones to Victoria Crater - Added Picture-In-Picture update rate setting to options menu - Increased thruster strength for small lander - Increased max vehicles per location from 32 to 64 - Increased max locations from 128 to 256 - Removed old part failure system - Fixed snap-to-place free-fly cam issue when leaving a vehicle - Fixed Picture-In-Picture camera 1 not disabling when broken - Fixed Picture-In-Picture resolutions not being scaled by camera type - Fixed noise-grain effect related out-of-memory freeze on very low-end systems - Fixed APXS science target in Kaiser Crater side mission 6983 0000225 - Fixed analyze targets in Vicotria Crater mission ref. 7123 0000221 - Fixed floating stones in Victoria Crater 17th August 2013: - Fixed E3 Gale Crater scenario problem where the Sky Crane had no fuel 16th August 2013: - Added limited fuel to landing systems (Lander thrusters, Retro Stage thrusters, Sky Crane thrusters) 0000046 - Added fuel tank level indicators to the landing HUD - Added indication of emergency landing mode to landing HUD - Added hint to Gravon overlay for its menu (P) - Fixed Invert Vertical Axis toggle in options menu 0000172 - Fixed issue where HUD grid showed up in 3rd person view during landing - Fixed APXS and Drill targets in Large rover mission on Victoria Crater 0000227 - Fixed APXS target in mission Group of impact craters on Victoria Crater 0000253 - Fixed APXS target in mission Two impact craters on Victoria Crater 0000018 - Fixed Drill target in mission Three depressions on Gale Crater 0000244 - Fixed photo target in Kaiser Crater mission 3, Dark Dunes 06 0000266 - Changed default thrust button to left shift 15th August 2013: - Added uploading of photos to Steam via the vehicle's photo viewer on the map - Reduced opacity of landing HUD grid - Removed HUD modes from the Radial Menu (to be used for dynamic actions) 14th August 2013: - Added manual landing of vehicles (Landers and Rovers) 0000070 - Added T5 Small rover - Adjusted descent cam rotation by 90 degrees - Adjusted landers thrusters to keep straight while thrusting - Adjusted priorities etc in several Kaiser Crater missions 13th August 2013: - Fixed DAN science target in mission 4681 0000248 - Fixed Floating rocks near Kaiser Crater 0000250 - Fixed floating/clipped rock near ancient river in Kaiser Crater 0000243 - Fixed floating rock in Kaiser Crater map 0000140 12th August 2013: - Added map zoom to cursor instead of center 0000050 - Fixed non-scanable rocks in Kaiser Crater misson 5044 0000213 - Fixed photograph rock bug in Kraiser Crater plateu 0000214 - Fixed photo targets in 2nd mission on Kaiser Crater - Adjusted cameras on T5 Large lander (NAV cam replaced by TELE) - Optimized calling of sky preset change 9th August 2013: - Added WIP landing HUD to Landers, currently not fully functional - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater - Removed noise in 3rd person cam, even if no cams are present - Fixed Gale Crater Impact Crater mission photo targets 0000198 - Fixed issue where turning off GUI elements did not work for landing HUD - Fixed Landers not switching between landing and ground HUD 8th August 2013: - Added versioning/synching of objects such as static objects to allow addition of more objects to locations - Added clearing of duplicate ID objects, such as rocks and static objects - Added more rocks to Victoria Crater - Increased range for APXS slightly, making it easier to reach targets - Reduced random part failure to make landings less error-prone - Fixed an analyze target in Kaiser Crater not being completable - Fixed duplicate IDs on 2 science targets in Kaiser, causing hell - Fixed several side missions where the material was set to STONE, not ATMOSPHERE - Fixed problem with Gravon not being unpacked on the Steam build, causing a crash 0000143 7th August 2013: - Added versioning/synching of Space Program Science Targets to allow addition of more missions to locations - Added more small side missions to Victoria Crater - Fixed the further issues with Gravon - Fixed the issues with the photo targets in Kaiser Crater 0000087 - Fixed several levitating rocks in Victoria Crater - Changed one of the scientists in the lab to be kneeling 6th August 2013: - Added TextListboxWidget functionality to script to edit contents of each column using SetItem() - Added Feedback Tracker ID to issues in the Change Log - Added more people to the Mission Control room - Added scientists in white overalls to the Rover Lab - Added several small side missions to Victoria Crater - Fixed the issue where the variable Hotspot_CurHi could go below 0, causing a crash - Fixed the issue where airbags deflated while still bouncing, damaging the rover 0000138 - Fixed the physics detail issue where small or medium rovers would not land 0000035 - Fixed the issue where switching from Space Program to Editor left you with a static camera 0000009 - Fixed a crash in the CTR tab when pressing SELECT and no items were present 0000016 - Fixed the terrain not meeting up with the rock walls in Gale Crater 0000023 - Fixed several levitating rocks in Gale Crater - Optimized several shaders 5th August 2013: - Added the Change Log viewer to the main menu - Added 'Never freeze on alt+tab' launch parameter to Steam - Fixed an issue with the Night Owl achievement, where an Editor-spawned vehicle could not complete it - Fixed several issues with the Gravon arcade console - Fixed the issue where the low resolution camera effect was carried over to the main menu 0000019 - Fixed an issue with the main and menu renders not filtering on resolution scales of greater than 1x - Fixed levitating rocks in Kaiser Crater 2nd August 2013: - Enabled the Gravon game console in the Mission Control room - Fixed a crash with Index out of range (-4 >= 256) in scripts/Entities/VehicleWidgetHandler.h:108 0000029 - Hid 3 achievements by default 1st August 2013: - EARLY ACCESS RELEASED
  10. Hello! In order to complement the release of StalkerGB's British Infantry I'm pleased to release Da12thMonkey's Retexture of the Arma 3 CH-49 to represent a Royal Air Force Merlin HC3a. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/09yqd5w9mzsq7cq/SDC_MerlinHC3.zip
  11. I am using the latest arma 2 combined operations beta patch (build 107882) along with these command lines -nosplash -maxMem=2047 -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 Just recently got a new SSD. Idk why it stopped me in middle of game. Did a google search and nothing came up for Battleye Corrupted Memory #55 I knew that battleye had a update recently.