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  1. gamcon_benreeper

    Looking for DUWS Players Age 40+

  2. gamcon_benreeper

    ArmA 3 with FULL VR support (motion control - like Onward)

    Would Arma 3 give you enough FPS for VR?
  3. gamcon_benreeper

    Using Drongo"s Command Enhancement Mod

    I don't think you can script your own units (the squad that you lead) to mount.
  4. gamcon_benreeper

    Performance warning: SimpleSerialization::

    Solved: More or less I had not noticed but I had stored this script in a logic at the start of the mission. It was included with all of the variables that are initialized at the start. Even though when I ran SetVariable I did not use the Public switch, and although I never updated the variable, I guess the engine periodically re-broadcasts the variables, even in single player. Once I removed the script from being stored in the logic at the start of the mission, the report spamming stopped. ben
  5. I've been getting this error in multiplayer in the log: Performance warning: SimpleSerialization::Write 'bwpp_scrpromotion' is using type of ',SCRIPT' which is not optimized by simple serialization, falling back to generic serialization, use generic type or ask for optimizations for these types I did not get this error when I tested my mission in singe player. I read some posts today from several years ago stating that this error is related to network traffic in which the type of data being sent across the network is not ideal. I was saving a script handle to a logic using SETVARIABLE (public true). After reading these posts I stopped saving the variable to the logic and instead began saving the script handle to a local variable in an FSM. I am still getting this error. Is it because a script handle cannot be saved to a variable, or that the saved script handle is being used in an FSM, or is it something else? Thanks, ben