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Found 164 results

  1. Hello y'all, I'm very new to Arma 3 when it comes to editing/scripting/making missions so hopefully someone can help. I was making a mission and went through most of it fine. I started the mission and was then faced with this text box as shown below. I was wondering whether it was something I placed or something else. I started deleting things and found out that the FIA guys I placed down were the issue. Some of them were from a mod but even the vanilla ones are causing this pop up consistently. Is there something I can fix to work it out?
  2. Bingo-66d21d294c551e45

    Arma 3 friends cant see my server

    I just recently re-installed arma 3 and my friends can no longer see my servers. We host over a local network adapter and it has worked 100% of the time apart from now. I'm lead to believe that the reinstall has broke something. I had to transferee my profile files to my new drive and it seems to be working but I can't help but feel the profile may be the issue. Additionally I must give the profile folder location on start up in Parameters. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I have tried installing/reinstalling CUP Terrian - Core, reorganizing my command line add-ons, and server update. Given error message: Warning Message: Addon 'LSR_contact_in_cup_aesthetics_c' requires addon 'CABuildings' I have not run into this issue before. I am using a dedicated server, Host Havoc.
  4. Trying to make notifications. Arma returns "missing semicolon on line 2", but there is clearly different problem. Code: Techincally, is ctrl-c, ctrl-v from bohemia docs. Code reach line 2 for sure, but after that I have no idea. //////////////////// NOTIFICATIONS ////////////////////////////// class CfgNotifications // error here "class [#]CfgNotifications" { class Default { title = ""; iconPicture = ""; iconText = ""; description = ""; color [] = {1,1,1,1}; duration = 5; priority = 0; difficulty[] = {}; }; class TaskCompleted1 { title = "TASK COMPLETED"; iconPicture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\mapcontrol\taskIcon_ca.paa"; description = "Poor vehicle."; }; }; //////////////////// NOTIFICATIONS END //////////////////////////// Please tell me, that I missed something obvious. I tried to comment out line by line, but for no succes.
  5. So my friend group and I have a dedicated server we play on, and noticed after the recent Arma platform updates, that anything we spawned in that was related to Contact DLC was throwing errors (Error object not found, it also keeps compiling these errors on top of each other), and eventually would lead to a server crash because the server was out of memory. (we have 200gb VM) We also noticed that all RHS and CUP mods along with a uniform mod we had would all throw multiple errors every time we got in a vehicle, started it, or blew one up. And every time we would equip anything Contact related in the arsenal or even open the arsenal with that gear on your person, it would throw errors for every piece of Contact gear/equipment you had on. We also tested this in a blank vanilla world with Contact and had the same issues. We believe this is because of the recent Arma platform update and hope that Arma Devs can look into this and fix it asap. If anyone has experienced this issue or has a way to fix it please let me know. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hey, I have one little problem with the function "BIS_fnc_taskState". My plan is, to do something, when the task a assigned. (for example activating a trigger) To do this, I created a task in 3D-Editor (state: created). According to the return value of the function above, the task is on state "CREATED" at mission start. The problem is now, when I assign the task via the tasks menue while beeing on the map, the state does not change to "ASSIGNED". Shouldn't it change to that state? When the task is completed successful, the state changes to "SUCCEEDED". Is there anything I've overlooked? thanks in advance Thomas
  7. Hi, I played project argo through Geforce Now a few months ago and now I've finished building my pc, now I've been trying to play this game for over 1 month, and I always get the error (0x2001 - Unable to connect to bohemia interactive servers) when I try login, both with a bohemia account and as a guest, I've tried to format the pc more than once, reinstall the game, change the DNS server, but nothing changes... I want to know if there is any way to solve this
  8. OperatorB

    Arma is Unplayable

    When I boot up Arma a error pops up saying "include file \a3\3DEN\UI\macros.inc not found" and after that Arma crashes.
  9. I make a mission and i published un workshop. The mission run well in SP or scenarios mode. when i load in dedicated server, the server start without errors but the client crashes. In the server log these errors are shown: Inconsistent item table on Slave connection. Item is missing or different item was loaded in its place. I don't know what could be wrong.
  10. Problem with mod CBA_A3 + ACE3 help please! Without these mods everything works as it should. When I install separately, the norms work, but ACE3 just swears that there is no CBA_A3 When I install CBA_A3 + ACE3, the launch is normal, but when the download ends and the main menu should open, the game just crashes and gives an error: 0xC0000005 - STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Crash details: When I turn off the world view on the background of the main menu, it works, but when I turn on the scenario, it crashes again. Tried parameters: -malloc=system -maxmem=6144 -maxvram=2049 -noLogs does not work All mods latest version i can give rpt file
  11. ZenonAlergico


    My game hasn't worked with ACE enabled for a long time. It always loads a DLL error, more precisely the error "Extension ace_advanced_ballistics_x64.dll not found" every time I enter any mission. I make it to the lobby, but it's not possible to start the mission. I figured out a way to get around this: open the game with Battleye enabled, get to the lobby, disable Battleye and enter the quest, but that doesn't work the first time, I have to try it a few times. It also happens to not work and I have to close the game and open it again, repeating the steps. The problem is that I'm hostage to it and can't play on servers that require Battleye turned on. I've done everything: uninstalled the game and installed it again. I uninstalled ACE, CBA and installed them again. I have already copied the file "ace_advanced_ballistics_x64.dll not found" from other computers. Nothing resolved. I suspect it has something to do with Battleye, who accuses the file in question as malicious, but we know it isn't. I have doubts how to create an exception in Battleye, if that really is the problem. Hope you help me!
  12. I don’t know what kind of modification this is, but the log infuriates, it doesn’t disappear at all only ACE 3 and additions to it, what can it be? Screenshots: (https://ibb.co/GMVtpQx)
  13. G'day, I made a mission, it required a large mod that my friend didn't have (Project OPFOR, "po_factions_me"), in my confident ignorance I went and deleted all entries of said mod in the missions.sqm without debinarizing it, after doing so, I now get the error "line 0: '.raP:' ' encountered instead of' =" when trying to open the mission in the editor. I downloaded DeRap due to a suggestion, when I used the tool on the mission.sqm, it said something along the lines of: "deRap: unknown entry:" (I can check again if the exact wording of the error is actually important) Anyone have any ideas? it's a beloved mission me and my friend play very, very often. Here is the mission.sqm: https://pastebin.com/70ECMNgy Thank you so much.
  14. Hey! I am having an issue with the createMarker func. I have all the markers placed down, i search through many forums, but couldn't figue what could cause the problem. Any help would be appreciated! _ma1 = getPosATL marker1; _ma2 = getPosATL marker2; _ma3 = getPosATL marker3; _ma0 = getPosATL marker0; _newpos = +_ma1; _newpos set [1, (_newpos select 1) + random [500, 800, 1000]]; _newpos set [2, (_newpos select 2) + 1]; _newpos set [0, (_newpos select 0) + 1]; player setpos (_ma1); "respawn_west_1" setMarkerPos (_ma1); _respawneast = createMarker ["Runner Spawn", _newpos]; //the issue is with this one: error 0 elements provided, expected 3// _respawneast setMarkerType "b_med"; _respawneast setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; Edit: The goal of this script would be that the _respawneast marker would be at a random location of the _respawn_west_1 marker.
  15. Hello! I had an error message saying "Process failed: Incorrect Parameter" while trying to upload my new scenario to the workshop... I have uploaded a lot of scenarios in the last few years... and unfortunately, this error is persistent and won't let me upload the new one. Does someone have an idea on how I can fix this ? Or what can cause this error message ? Thanks
  16. Nova-80ca57e4626c6a94

    No entry widthRailWay

    Hello, I hope this is the right section for the Topic. I have this error on two maps but I just tried two. I think the error is on much more maps and I want to solve it, because the game is crashing to often with this error. I was searching in the Internet for hours and all I found was that I have to find RscMapControl array in dialog and add "widthRailWay = 1;". I know how to add this, but I don't know where I have to search for. Let's say I had not the best note in programming at school :D. I think it's on my drive than Arma 3/saved/Steam and than are the folders who include the files where I have to add the specific line. But I'm not sure if it's right, because they was not very specific in the forum. Can someone help me where I past this? Here are the Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ni3SSEj Best regards
  17. Hi guys, last day I was trying to launch A3, but I got this error that say "include files a3\ui_f\ hpp\ defineDIKCodes.inc not found", and it's only happening because CBA_A3 is missing this kind of file (I guess, idk), how can I fix this?
  18. Hi I'm trying to copy over all my files using Arma3P to my (P:) drive but I just keep getting errors. Is there a way using Arma 3 tools to copy these files over or do I have to use the "Arma3P.bat" file? I basically receive the error for every action that the bat file attempts to do and the error is related to DeRapDos.exe & ExtractPboDos.exe. (See screenshot below) I do have all of Mikero's Tools installed. Any help with this would be super appreciated. Have a great day 😊
  19. Hello to all, I hope I am right here. First of all, I use Oracle VirtualBox 6.1. on Linux Mint 22.20 for the Game My Setting for VM: Base Memory: 4096MB (of 8196MB) Processors (2.40GHz): 4 (of 4) Video Memory: 256MB (of 256MB) Graphics Controller: VBoxSVGA Acceleration: enable 3D Acceleration My OS Windows 10 Pro x64 everything is fine after the installation of Arma 3 until I run the game. After mod initialization, the game switches into a black screen, normal. But after that, an error occurs that says DirectX10 is not supported by your adapter I had run the game before succesfuly with ~3fps ingame 🤮. I had only the default settings of the VM that is lower than my actual VM settings above. Don't get me wrong: My aim is not to play game, but to script the game in runtime as my hobby. So it is very ok when I scale down the graphics to the minimum. I don't need the highest performance. I've installed the newest DirectX 11. Than restart the VM an run the game again but every time occurs this error. I have Direct11 installed not 10! I am very confuse 😖! I need help to solve this problem Thanks MB
  20. I can't hear arma game all of a sudden a few days ago. I can hear other games and computer sounds other than arma. what i did Lots of reboots. Delete the game, delete the arma folder in the profile and appdata, then reinstall arma. Change the audio playback default device to the built-in motherboard with speakers connected. I checked the audio basic device, and I also checked the volume mixer. The strange thing is that sometimes arma is not visible in the volume mixer. I thought that arma couldn't catch the audio device itself, so I went to the sound option in the arma game options, and it was like the screenshot. The audio device selection area is grayed out and cannot be selected. Hitting refresh doesn't change anything. It's been like this for a few days, so I can't play the game because I can't hear the arma sound. How do I solve it? Please help me! windows 10 / 20H2 / 19042.1237 AMD 3600 Nvidia 2070S 24G Ram
  21. so i have just started making a SCP Mod pack but when i tried to launch it it failed and popped up an error like team leader class undefined and vehicle error and that stuff need help because i really wanna make this
  22. I have been having this issue for 2 days now. At first, I was able to resolve it by verifying my game files. But then the issue started again. So I tried to verify again, and it did not work. The issue happens with and without mods. I was trying to setup a trigger with a custom condition. 13:05:07 Error in expression <behavior guy;> 13:05:07 Error position: <guy;> 13:05:07 Error Missing ; I keep getting this error, I get the same error whenever I try and reference variables. Just to add, im 100% sure at this point it is no error on my end. It should be working but it comes up with an error that makes no sense. Any help??
  23. Hello, recently, I updated my windows 7, as it had been out of date for some time, and I noticed that after the update my Arma 3 launcher refuses to work. Note, I have noticed a few strange error messages on other programs, like, D3DComplier_47.dll is missing and so on, since I updated my windows so maybe that has something to do with this. This is the error message I get when I attempt to launch the launcher: https://imgur.com/a/JzSlP Note, I can launch Arma 3 through the .exe but not through steam or the launcher.exe. Here is what I have tried so far to resolve the issue: 1) I have searched other BI forum posts and FeedbackTracker tickets to see if anyone has resolved the issue. So far, none of them have worked, and it appears that the issue I am having seems to always have a unique fix. 2) I have downloaded the D3DComplier_47.dll file and I have placed it in the main Arma 3 folder and System32 folder. 3) I have downloaded a couple of registry error fix programs. 4) I have verified my game cache and reinstalled Arma 3. 5) I have deleted various files inside the \Launcher folder in the main Arma 3 directory and verified the cache to reinstall the files; no luck. 6) I have attempted to install various versions of Microsoft Net Framework, however, everytime I try to install them them, they fail or cannot be updated. 7) I have checked and updated my graphics drivers. 8) I have checked and updated my CPU drivers. 9) I have checked my computer for an update file known as KB307... something along those lines, and I don't have it on my computer. 10) I have tried using Windows Checker System via the CMD window as suggested by BIS_Wizard on another forum post, so far, no luck. Here is the official error .txt file that is placed on my desktop everytime the launcher crashes Any help, suggestions, or input, is greatly appreciated. I'd defininetly like to get back to playing Arma 3. Thanks!
  24. So basically every time i shoot, i get a black box error pop up with an error, I never got this before today and its from CBA, how do you fix it? I'm not good on coding, i just spent a lot of time making missions and it bumps me when this type of error pops up from nowhere. '...['call cba_xeh_fnc_#1', _x]]; } |#|forEach ([''AnimChanged'', ''AnimStatec....' Error Generic error in expression File /x/cba/addons/xeh/fnc_initEvents.sqf..., line 39
  25. Hey guys, Im trying to create my very first little addon. It just should execute a function on mission start. If I load the mod with arma then I get the error: .rpt config.cpp