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Found 29 results

  1. Hey there, tudo bem com você? 😄 Just sharing with you all my configs for Visual Studio Code (VS Code), a simple and feasible coding tool for Arma 3, even in 2023 where, if you already tried to use some available extensions, may be frustrating. If you got some smart stuff to VS Code, please, be kind and share it here 😉 VS Code here on my end: VS Code > tool download (free): https://code.visualstudio.com/download (Win/Linux/Mac) VS Code > Essential extensions for Arma 3: SQF-VM Language Server by SQF-VM https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=SQF-VM.sqf-vm-language-server SQF Language Updated by blackfisch https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=blackfisch.sqf-language SQFLint by SkaceKachna https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=skacekachna.sqflint SQF Wiki by Eelis Lynne https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=EelisLynne.sqf-wiki VS Code > extensions recommended: Theme: Atom One Dark Theme https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=akamud.vscode-theme-onedark VS Code > My customs to help for ARMA: Ctrl + Shift + P (Not working for you? Troubleshooting down below) Type "settings.json" (no quotes) and select "Open USER settings (json)"; Adapt the code below for your like: { "workbench.colorCustomizations": { "editor.selectionBackground": "#E5FFE6", "editor.selectionHighlightBackground": "#E5FFE6", "editor.findMatchBackground": "#818181", //Current SEARCH MATCH "editor.findMatchHighlightBackground": "#818181" //Other SEARCH MATCHES }, "sqf.enableCBA": true, "sqf.enableACE3": true, "workbench.iconTheme": null, "workbench.colorTheme": "Atom One Dark", "editor.minimap.enabled": false, "breadcrumbs.enabled": false, "editor.renderWhitespace": "all", "workbench.activityBar.visible": false, "zenMode.hideLineNumbers": false, "security.workspace.trust.untrustedFiles": "open", "editor.wordWrap": "on", "diffEditor.wordWrap": "on", "files.autoSaveDelay": 5000, "editor.tokenColorCustomizations": { "[Atom One Dark]": { "variables": "#eb54de", "functions": "#ff9b58", "numbers": "#49f5b3", "strings": "#70fa20", "keywords": "#fc6620", "comments": "#505050", "types": "#0004ff", "textMateRules": [ { "scope": ["constant.other"], "settings": { "foreground": "#1400c4" } }, { "scope": ["support.function"], "settings": { "foreground": "#fff5cb", "fontStyle": "italic" } }, { "scope": ["keyword.operator"], "settings": { "foreground": "#7ee9fc", "fontStyle": "bold" } }, { "scope": ["variable.language"], "settings": { "foreground": "#a13140" } }, { "scope": ["meta.function-call"], "settings": { "foreground": "#fc6620" } }, { "scope": ["punctuation.terminator"], "settings": { "foreground": "#ffffff" } }, ] } }, "editor.semanticHighlighting.enabled": true, "editor.semanticTokenColorCustomizations": { "[Atom One Dark]": { "enabled": true, "rules": { "*.declaration": { "bold": true } } } }, "files.associations": { "*.json": "jsonc", "*.sqf": "sqf" }, "C_Cpp.autocompleteAddParentheses": true, "sqflint.checkPaths": true, "files.autoSave": "afterDelay", "settingsSync.ignoredSettings": [ ], "workbench.startupEditor": "none", "explorer.confirmDelete": false, "explorer.confirmDragAndDrop": false, "sqflint.warnings": false, "cmake.parseBuildDiagnostics": false, "editor.inlayHints.enabled": false, //"window.menuBarVisibility": "toggle", "editor.hover.delay": 2500 } Share your thoughts and exp 😉 - - - - - - - - - - - Troubleshooting > Can't find out the settings.json? Go to Preferences, pressing Ctrl + , (control + comma) Scroll to "Files: Associations" Add both items down below: Try again the Ctrl+Shift+P. If not working yet, let's try this: Go to Preferences again, pressing Ctrl + , (control + comma) Type "Theme"; In the result list, find out "Edit in settings.json". Now you are ready to customize the VSC colors.
  2. Server Transfer System v1.0.3 The Server Transfer System (STS for short) is an addon that allows for the transferring of players from one server to another. STS is based off the code KillZone_Kid shared with his final post here. Expanding on KillZone_Kid's work, STS hides the transfer behind an overlay, making a nearly-flawless transition from one server to another. The transfer overlay will eventually allow customization, but currently is simply a black screen with "Please Wait" up top. This addon does not handle the saving, storing, nor transferring of character data. That will need to be handled by the end user. To transfer a client, the server must remoteExec STS_fnc_Transfer. Here is an example: //TIMEOUT = Transfer timeout (time till it gives up on joining the server in seconds) //AUTOJOIN = Automatically load into servers (mission must have joinUnassigned = false; in description.ext) ["IP","PORT",TIMEOUT,"PASSWORD",AUTOJOIN] remoteExec ["STS_fnc_Transfer",-2]; LICENSING + BI Monetization Rights DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE ON STEAM WORKSHOP CHANGE LOG v1.0.3 Now packed and signed with pboProject. Added: Overlay between transfers Bug: You can NOT transfer to the same server you are connected to. Bug: Transfering to a server without -autoinit will lock the game up. v1.0.2 Tweaked: Transfer script broken down into stages Added: Transfer completed script Added: Transfer failed script Fixed: Bug causing players to autoload into all future servers after Transfer is used. Bug: You can NOT transfer to the same server you are connected to. v1.0.1 Added: Autojoin Parameter ( Automatically loads the player into the server ) ( Server Must Have joinUnassigned = false; in description.ext ) Added: CfgSTS Config for managing code that needs to run on display startup ( This is safe to use with other mods ) v1.0.0 - Original Publish
  3. 18:10:31 SteamAPI initialization failed. Steam features won't be accessible! 18:10:31 Initializing stats manager. 18:10:31 Stats config disabled. 18:10:31 sessionID: ffbc70d1b7a13c80775ac068c580b9958aaca7a4 18:10:36 Unsupported language English in stringtable 18:10:36 ➥ Context: z\tfar\addons\core\stringtable.xml 18:10:36 Unsupported language English in stringtable 18:10:36 ➥ Context: ca\language\stringtable.xml 18:10:36 Unsupported language English in stringtable 18:10:36 ➥ Context: CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_compositions\stringtable.xml 18:10:37 Unsupported language English in stringtable 18:10:37 ➥ Context: CUP\Terrains\cup_terrains_music\stringtable.xml 18:10:37 Item STR_KC135R_ENG listed twice 18:10:37 ➥ Context: usaf_kc135\stringtable.csv 18:10:37 Item STR_USAF_MFD_MAP_SWITCH listed twice 18:10:37 ➥ Context: usaf_main\mfd_map_exp\stringtable.xml 18:10:37 Item STR_USAF_MFD_MAP_TOGGLE_ROT listed twice 18:10:37 ➥ Context: usaf_main\mfd_map_exp\stringtable.xml 18:10:37 Item STR_USAF_MFD_MAP_INCREASE_ZOOM listed twice 18:10:37 ➥ Context: usaf_main\mfd_map_exp\stringtable.xml 18:10:37 Item STR_USAF_MFD_MAP_DECREASE_ZOOM listed twice 18:10:37 ➥ Context: usaf_main\mfd_map_exp\stringtable.xml 18:10:37 Unsupported language English in stringtable 18:10:37 ➥ Context: rhsafrf\addons\rhs_main\stringtable.xml 18:10:37 File 3denEnhanced\GUI\attributeSearch.hpp, line 59: '/ENH_AttributeSearch/Controls/TreeView.idcSearch': Missing ';' at the end of line 18:10:38 Conflicting addon USAF_AGM88 in 'usaf_missilebox_c\usaf_agm88_c\', previous definition in 'usaf_missilebox\usaf_agm88\' 18:10:38 Conflicting addon USAF_AARGMER in 'usaf_missilebox_c\usaf_aargmer\', previous definition in 'usaf_missilebox\usaf_aargmer\' 18:10:41 Warning Message: Addon 'ace_compat_rhs_saf3' requires addon 'rhssaf_main_loadorder'
  4. Hi Does anyone know why I get this error message when running the mission. Here is my code: Here is what is in my ORBAT module: What have i done wrong?
  5. I need the code to delete a item. I make a task with a trigger linked him and i need to delete a object when actívate. I have achieved that a second task is activated to the players when finishing the first task and i need delete a object. The code for the second task assigned is this: class pista_Class: SCR_BaseFactionTriggerEntity { override void OnActivate(IEntity ent) { super.OnActivate(ent); BaseWorld world = ent.GetWorld(); IEntity entity = world.FindEntityByName("tarea_2"); SCR_BaseTask task = SCR_BaseTask.Cast(entity); FactionKey m_sAssignedFaction = "US"; Faction targetFaction = GetGame().GetFactionManager().GetFactionByKey(m_sAssignedFaction); task.SetTargetFaction(targetFaction); } }; "Tarea_2" is the name of the second task. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hello We are currently developing an Sandbox Arma 3 Server. i want to make a Sniping spot where you can Snipe some AI´s the AI´s are set to: this disableai "ALL"; i got a simple Respawn script from a another forum post. which looks like this: the Problem is that when the ai Respawns the init isn´t there anymore so they run around and shoot at the players how can i fix that? thanks for you´re help Marvin Admin at German-Gamers.net
  7. I wanted to change the missions params for my official combat patrol missions but ingame in the parameter section where the number should be it is just empty and after i died it shows unlimited respawns. I just wanna set the tickets to 100 and change the objective etc. (NO WORKSHOP OR CREATED MAPS) Someone told me for official missions i can change them in the server.cfg and following this example it should work but maybe i forgot something or i'm just to stupid to get it right. class Missions { class TestMission01 { template = MP_Marksmen_01.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; That's what i did so far: // MISSIONS CYCLE class Missions { class Mission1 { template = MP_CombatPatrol_02.Stratis; difficulty = "Regular"; class Params { class BIS_CP_tickets { title = $STR_A3_combatpatrol_params_18; values[] = {5, 10, 20, 50, 100}; texts[] = {"5", "10", "20", "50", "100"}; default = 100; }; }; }; class Mission2 { template = MP_CombatPatrol_01.Altis; difficulty = "Regular"; class Params { class BIS_CP_tickets { title = $STR_A3_combatpatrol_params_18; values[] = {5, 10, 20, 50, 100}; texts[] = {"5", "10", "20", "50", "100"}; default = 100; }; }; }; };
  8. Preamble: From the wiki, we can use splitstring and joinstring to remove white space from code. So if we have a function like this one (from the wiki): fnc_deleteTestObj = { _this addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled", { _this = _this select 0; { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach (_this getVariable ["effects", []]); if (isServer) then { deleteVehicle _this; }; }]; _this setDamage 1; }; We can do: copyToClipboard(([fnc_deleteTestObj] joinString "") splitString toString [9,13,10] joinString "") and it returns: { _this addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled", { _this = _this select 0; { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach (_this getVariable ["effects", []]); if (isServer) then { deleteVehicle _this; }; }]; _this setDamage 1; } Which is quite nice. But I wanted a way to remove as much white space as I can (for sending code/variables over the network etc), plus I just fancied playing about with recursion. So with this function, we can use our "fnc_deleteTestObj" function again and plug it in: copyToClipboard(([fnc_deleteTestObj] joinString "") call fnc_whitespace) This returns: {_this addMPEventHandler["MPKilled",{_this=_this select 0;{deleteVehicle _x;}forEach(_this getVariable["effects",[]]);if(isServer)then{deleteVehicle _this;};}];_this setDamage 1;} I'm using joinstring in these examples as opposed to format as it doesn't have the 8k limit. Apparently formatText isn't limited and I'm not sure about str. But you could do this I suppose - just be aware it might have a limit: (str fnc_deleteTestObj) call fnc_whitespace Uses As mentioned, you could shorten variables prior to sending them over the network (then compileFinal at other end). I'm aware that programs like these exist already, but I wanted to do it in sqf (like within the engine). It should be ok but will have a problem if you do silly things like putting spaces into variables ex: player setVariable ["there are spaces in this",true]; which is a bit of a no-no imo and bad practice. You could probably obfuscate your code with this if you want but there are already good online obfuscators available anyway, and also good online de-obfuscators, like this one: http://unminify.com/ I think Dwarden said he used to do this to his mission files to make them smaller so they wouldn't suck up as much bandwidth, so theres a use for it there I suppose. Obv, I haven't tested this much but it seems ok so far - ymmv. Be aware if you use it on very large functions, then it is recursive so it might freeze your game for a few seconds. If you rename it, make sure you rename the call to it in the code as well or you will break it. Function: Here it is for any interested: fnc_whitespace = { private _noWhitespace = toArray(_this); private _anyWS = false; { if (0 isEqualType _x) then { if ([9,13,10] find _x > -1) then { _noWhitespace set [_forEachIndex,objNull]; _anyWS = true; } else { if ([34,39,94,42,40,41,123,125,91,93,59,58,62,47,43,45,61,46] find _x > -1) then { if (_forEachIndex - 1 > -1) then { if ([32,9,13,10] find (_noWhitespace select (_forEachIndex - 1)) > -1) then { _noWhitespace set [_forEachIndex - 1,objNull]; _anyWS = true; } }; if (_forEachIndex + 1 < count _noWhitespace) then { if ([32,9,13,10] find (_noWhitespace select (_forEachIndex + 1)) > -1) then { _noWhitespace set [_forEachIndex + 1,objNull]; _anyWS = true; } }; } } }; } forEach _noWhitespace; _noWhitespace = _noWhitespace - [objNull]; if (_anyWS) then { _noWhitespace = (toString _noWhitespace) call fnc_whitespace; _noWhitespace = toArray _noWhitespace; }; toString(_noWhitespace) }; And here it is compacted (ho ho ho): fnc_whitespace={private _noWhitespace=toArray(_this);private _anyWS=false;{if(0 isEqualType _x)then{if([9,13,10]find _x>-1)then{_noWhitespace set[_forEachIndex,objNull];_anyWS=true;}else{if([34,39,94,42,40,41,123,125,91,93,59,58,62,47,43,45,61,46]find _x>-1)then{if(_forEachIndex-1>-1)then{if([32,9,13,10]find(_noWhitespace select(_forEachIndex-1))>-1)then{_noWhitespace set[_forEachIndex-1,objNull];_anyWS=true;}};if(_forEachIndex+1 < count _noWhitespace)then{if([32,9,13,10]find(_noWhitespace select(_forEachIndex+1))>-1)then{_noWhitespace set[_forEachIndex+1,objNull];_anyWS=true;}};}}};}forEach _noWhitespace;_noWhitespace=_noWhitespace-[objNull];if(_anyWS)then{_noWhitespace=(toString _noWhitespace)call fnc_whitespace;_noWhitespace=toArray _noWhitespace;};toString(_noWhitespace)} Credit to @dreadedentity for his initial code HERE Enjoy!
  9. FuRixX Lamborghini

    Addons question

    Hi everyone, hi need help, i want to put in safe my script in my Altis Life server to avoid script stealing, I wanna to create a addon like life_server and put my script there, but i dont know how to do that, please, any can help me?
  10. FuRixX Lamborghini

    Code question

    Any one can help my with this code that is a name filtering. script example: _letrasFuRixX = ["a","b","c","d","e","f","g","h","i","j","k","l","m","n","ñ","o","p","q","r","s","t","u","v","w","x","y","z","A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N","Ñ","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y","Z"]; jugadorFu = name player; { checkeoFuRixX = [_x, jugadorFu, false] call BIS_fnc_inString; if (!checkeoFuRixX) exitWith { sleep 2; hint "You name is not valid in this server"; endMission "END1"; }; } count _letrasFuRixX; The problem is that I need to sparete the name player letter to letter like a string or anything: ["P","e","t","e","r"];
  11. FuRixX Lamborghini

    Arma 3 Code Question

    Hi I wanna to do a BadWords script so i need a code that check if any word are in the message Example code: _badwords = ["Bitch", "Fuck", "Fuck You"]; _message = "You are a Bitch"; //(imagine that this message was recover in a dialog that was the chat). // next code is the wrong if (_message in _badwords) then { hint "You said a bad word"; }; // 😧 that cant becouse to give true need that the badword contain all the message, is imposible so any can help me? Pd: thats not the code, this is and example, sorry if the code is very wrong but im writing in my iPhone the script :,o
  12. Hi there, I'm making a config file for a few vests I have reskinned I'm not sure whats wrong with my code. I keep getting this error: The system cannot find the drive specified. File C:\Users\*myuser*\Desktop\OTRUVests\config.cpp, line 1: '.': '{' encountered instead of '=' Config : some input after EndOfFile. Error reading config file 'C:\Users\*myuser*\Desktop\OTRUVests\config.cpp' EDIT: I managed to get the code working but now it isn't showing in game. The code is below please let me know about changes and i will respond ASAP if I recieve one.
  13. So I have made "script" for myself that I put in the Player Init. This only executes once. But I want it to execute every time I spawn/respawn (so everytime the player starts existing). The script works great if I put it in the Init of the Player. But i wanted to make a .sqf file I could call/execute so I wont have to put everything in every Player. But the scipt is not working/compiling. The code I put in to the Init: varPlayer=this; spawnPos=getPos varPlayer; telePos=getPos varPlayer; [varPlayer, 3] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#59b300'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#d9006c'>Go to Spawn</t>", {varPlayer setPos spawnPos;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#bfff00'>Teleport</t>", {varPlayer setPos telePos;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#4cffff'>set Teleport</t>", {telePos=getPos varPlayer;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#0080ff'>Teleport with Map</t>", "teleport.sqf"]; The code I put in to the .sqf: _spawnPos=getPos _this; _telePos=getPos _this; [_this, 3] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; _this addAction["<t color='#59b300'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#d9006c'>Go to Spawn</t>", {_this setPos _spawnPos;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#bfff00'>Teleport</t>", {_this setPos _telePos;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#4cffff'>set Teleport</t>", {telePos=getPos _this;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#0080ff'>Teleport with Map</t>", "teleport.sqf"]; How I called it in the Init: _nul = []execVM "myFunction.sqf"; It wont run, but why? So for short. What i need help with is: finding the problem with the sqf executing the sqf every time the player starts existing Thx for reading my crap and I hope you can help me. :)
  14. As title says. I am very bad at scripting, i have made a fully made mission, everything is done. Now I need a script so that i can teleport a module "zombie waypoint" to certain location when players enter a trigger. What script and entities do i need for that. So Player enters a trigger trigger gets activated Module moves to trigger location or near it then repeat on next trigger thanks, im very new to coding and scripting.
  15. Hello. I am very new to coding. I need a code/script to make enemies know where all the player location are and follow them (they do it automatically anyway?) Basically i need to make the AI know the location of all player and hunt them down, even if they where spawned in via script or already ingame. preferably in a loop maybe? so they get updated, i donno every 30 seconds? or more. Im very new and bad at coding, i tried reading up on it. but i failed. i tried google it, but to be real, i dont really know what to look for. Thanks. This is the last part of my mission to get it fully functional.
  16. Hey there. i've got myself a arma3 server. but i cant get it to show up in the arma 3 server browser. can anyone take a look at this? CONSOLE: https://pastebin.com/DN726ryj i've tried all i can think of but maybe i missed something? Cheers.
  17. So as the title states I'm curious what you all think about efficiency/optimizations when it comes to writing a lengthy script/mod for a mission. My current scripted mod is AC-C4I (Air Craft Command, Contol, Computers, Communications, & Intelligence). It has to do with sensors and targeting. The scripts have a lot of "waitUntil" commands for locking the targeting camera to screenToWorld amongst other functions. What would be the most efficient way to write this/integrate it into a mission. I can write the whole thing in one file and "call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers" on init. I can create a CfgFunctions.hpp and add it to the description.ext, or I could make it an FSM. I'd love to hear from you guys. Thanks.
  18. Interesting problem I know. It probably is something quite simple but I can't figure it out. Now, I'm fairly new to scripting (about six months) so I'm not 100% sure what I should do. The basic premise is that the player has a UAV with an M136 launcher on it. The drone then fires that launcher. Got that part down. I've even got it so that the drone rearms when it goes back to "Home". Now, what I'd like to do is to have the players rearm it in the field. They can have a launcher on their back, bring the drone to them and then attach the launcher onto the drone. The drone has a new launcher and the player looses theirs. Here is the code that I have so far. I know that it must be very simple but any help is very much welcome in advance. For you're consideration, I'm using ACE, CBA, RHS (All four modules) and more quality of life mods. Nothing that would effect scripting in any way.
  19. Marcog93

    VBS3 Scripting editor help needed

    Hello everybody! I am a research student working on his final thesis on a Helicopter Simulator implemented in VBS3. I would need to do some script in order to create a training field in VBS3, something like targets appearing that responde when you pass throught. I was used working with unity and there it´s easy to access the editor and code there. Here in VBS3 I think it´s different, I have seen that there is the possibility of writing and external function and name it with .sqf extension and then call it, but where do I call it in VBS3? Isn´t is possible to write some code directly inside VBS3? Are there any other ways of creating interaction between things without scripting? I wish a good day to all of you, Marco Gotelli
  20. Let me point out that I know little about codes in arma 3 and that I just started. I am trying to edit one mission that is not created by me (for private use). I have made almost all changes but there is one thing that I can't get working. Zeus on that mission is enabled but under his create tab is nothing, all empty. I have tried fixing it with the code but I cant get it working. This is the code i used to fix it: If anyone knows a way to enable that would be great.
  21. Hey, so I'm a novice when it comes to modding and coding. Iv already tried re-texturing some Arma3 content so I got the basic hang of that. However I'm trying to make a dress blue with a model from CUP. When checking the "hiddenselections", "hiddenselectionstextures" and "uniformmodel" they are all empty where as for example the beret from ArmaA 3 is "model = "\A3\Characters_F_EPB\BLUFOR\headgear_beret02a";"' Iv tried filling these out and the mod itself works. However the texture I made is not showing, only the original and I am assuming that is cause CUP models dont work the same was as the vanilla? This is the specific code for it that I have writen Can anyone explain to me why its not working?
  22. Website > Server Code | Execution System (Node.JS) Made By Optix Special Thanks to KilzoneKid for his release of the URL_Fetch DLL's V0.0.1 For those of you who do not understand or know what this is, in basic, it is a system of executing code on a server without physically being on it. How this works essentially it uses node.js to handle specific commands and does stuff with them. I personally use Glitch.Io to host my node.js server. it is a free service that allows you host your node.js project online and develop upon it live. This system contains one mod folder @Optix_WebExec which contains the necessary files that hold the Arma functions that use KK's URL_Fetch dll. This is required to make the connection to the Node.js server and pull the content that is due to be executed. BEFORE ANYONE STARTS THINKING THIS CAN BE USED MALICIOUSLY IT CANNOT ITS FULLY SERVER SIDED AND CAN ONLY BE USED IF PEOPLE HAVE THE SERVERS CORRECT LINK DEFINED IN A CONFIG! How to Use: your Node.js server link here / exec / sqf code here - This is what is used to add code to the file which Arma server checks every x amount of seconds, This can be defined in the config file found in Optix_WebExecConfig.pbo. Please note that in the case you pass any code containing irrelevant content to sqf or code containing any syntax errors currently will stop the server loop from executing correctly (Due to the errors), I have been working on a system to automatically handle and log this but had issues during the process and wanted to release asap so currently this version does not contain this feature, but stay tuned for updates in the future. your Node.js server link here / log - This is what is used to view the systems logs. The system logs events such as server connections, code added to be executed and exec list clearing. your Node.js server link here / v - This returns the current version of Arma code exec. Setup: 1) Host your node.js server using the code provided using your prefered method of hosting. 2) Install the Arma Addon onto your Server NOT Client. (This is a server sided add-on and is by no means needed on any clients) 3) Configure the config found in the Optix_WebExecConfig.pbo 4) Use the above commands to carry out the desired process. Video Showcase: Files: Download the Project here: GitHub Kind Regards, Conner 'Optix' Add me on Steam :)
  23. Hello im making an explosive goat script. The only problem is the 40mm keeps colliding with the goat and deactivates the 40mm. Im trying to use "disablecollisionwith" but the same thing keeps happening. view plain player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _bullet = _this select 6; _unit = _this select 0; _newPos = _unit modelToWorld [0,8,1]; _veh = createVehicle ["Goat_random_F",_newPos,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _veh setDir getDir _unit; _veh setVelocity velocity _bullet; deleteVehicle _bullet; }]; player addEventHandler ["Fired", { _bullet = _this select 6; _unit = _this select 0; _newPos = _unit modelToWorld [0,8,1]; _veh1 = createVehicle ["G_40mm_HE",_newPos,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; _veh1 disablecollisionwith _veh; // I added this here before the projectile attatches to bullet _veh1 setDir getDir _unit; _veh1 setVelocity velocity _bullet; deleteVehicle _bullet; }];
  24. Hi, I wanted to use in my code something like this: if (damage x > 0) then {//code }; But seems like it doesn't work like that, someone could explain?
  25. Hey All - another question. How do you get to the actual code files of an existing Arma 3 model, for its properties and functions? Thanks!