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  1. So if the server is executing it why not just put the script serverside ?
  2. I mean, I don't understand how that is not what you are looking for but okay, just use: format["\%1.%2\script.sqf",missionName,worldName]; Just note missionName for clients returns '__cur_mp'. < In an MP Environment... Then again That doesn't help lmao, since you could just write the mission file name out anyway. Not sure if its something to do with filePatching or not but I believe that's to access root server directory, ive never really ever had to do what you're doing and if I have id use remoteExec to then execute it on a given client.
  3. remoteExec - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/remoteExec
  4. Website > Server Code | Execution System (Node.JS) Made By Optix Special Thanks to KilzoneKid for his release of the URL_Fetch DLL's V0.0.1 For those of you who do not understand or know what this is, in basic, it is a system of executing code on a server without physically being on it. How this works essentially it uses node.js to handle specific commands and does stuff with them. I personally use Glitch.Io to host my node.js server. it is a free service that allows you host your node.js project online and develop upon it live. This system contains one mod folder @Optix_WebExec which contains the necessary files that hold the Arma functions that use KK's URL_Fetch dll. This is required to make the connection to the Node.js server and pull the content that is due to be executed. BEFORE ANYONE STARTS THINKING THIS CAN BE USED MALICIOUSLY IT CANNOT ITS FULLY SERVER SIDED AND CAN ONLY BE USED IF PEOPLE HAVE THE SERVERS CORRECT LINK DEFINED IN A CONFIG! How to Use: your Node.js server link here / exec / sqf code here - This is what is used to add code to the file which Arma server checks every x amount of seconds, This can be defined in the config file found in Optix_WebExecConfig.pbo. Please note that in the case you pass any code containing irrelevant content to sqf or code containing any syntax errors currently will stop the server loop from executing correctly (Due to the errors), I have been working on a system to automatically handle and log this but had issues during the process and wanted to release asap so currently this version does not contain this feature, but stay tuned for updates in the future. your Node.js server link here / log - This is what is used to view the systems logs. The system logs events such as server connections, code added to be executed and exec list clearing. your Node.js server link here / v - This returns the current version of Arma code exec. Setup: 1) Host your node.js server using the code provided using your prefered method of hosting. 2) Install the Arma Addon onto your Server NOT Client. (This is a server sided add-on and is by no means needed on any clients) 3) Configure the config found in the Optix_WebExecConfig.pbo 4) Use the above commands to carry out the desired process. Video Showcase: Files: Download the Project here: GitHub Kind Regards, Conner 'Optix' Add me on Steam :)