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  1. Don't understand why they would remove BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler
  2. Not sure if this was an intentional pause from BIS but it would be a shame if this effects xCam for too long. A lot of modders rely on this amazing tool to create their desired worlds.
  3. jsimo


    Correct me if I'm wrong @Cole Slaughter but the work committed by the A3L development team didn't warrant their work to be displayed in this fashion. I haven't delved into the specifics yet but I guess I'll lead Andino here to see this `quality` thread. @ob-andy
  4. I believe they stopped using Arma2Net awhile ago, as I believe a developer of MrBoolean wrote the code to go with Arma2Net. Saying that it raises the question whether we will still be expecting a release of this `mod` soon to the public? I'll leave that to @A3PLKane @daphne @Zannazato answer for.
  5. Very nice animation, however, I look forward to seeing your own.
  6. @DL++ Is that a default running animation in ArmA 3 whilst you have a weapon in hands.
  7. jsimo

    Mask Image Changes?

    Yep, I forgot to reply but yeh. I've fixed it now with the information you've provided, thanks.
  8. jsimo

    Mask Image Changes?

    There is no output of said image sir.
  9. jsimo

    Mask Image Changes?

    I'll try your suggestions now.