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  1. Heizanjs

    Unable to install Arma 3 Tools

  2. Heizanjs

    Unable to install Arma 3 Tools

    Steam >> Libary >> Tools >> Arma 3 Tools >> Uninstall Hover & Select Right Click Hope this helped!
  3. Heizanjs

    BattlEye false positives

    Oh yes @BabbelTrabel this is a common issue.. when you hack you get banned for hacking. silly
  4. Heizanjs

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Hey! That's me. I mean obviously there will be a future ArmA and to everyone's knowledge it would be getting built upon the Enfusion engine. Questions lay around though to where Enforce Script will come into play? SQF backwards compatibility and more. As Jay said it's a long road unfortunately yet we have a good future to look too.
  5. Heizanjs

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    I was wondering if anyone else whilst downloading the source had issues with the buildings being half in the ground?
  6. Fixed using Mikero's A3 P Drive setup, that seemed to work and setup my P Drive properly and all needed tools. Thanks
  7. Heizanjs

    Find player by id

    If you know how to program in C++/C# you could create an extension possibly to return a players computer information e.g. hardware id. This extension would need to be approved by battleye first, I believe you can do that on their webpage. This is presuming that the client has the extension on their side, you can get it on their computer via having addons on your server and what not. I know some vanilla servers have extensions for using a player id and using their extension to relate that to an ip via their rcon. Hope this helps.
  8. I'm having a problem with object builder were the texture_path default I set in settings, for me being p:\ isn't being recognised so when I add the texture paths without the P:\ when applying the texture it doesn't work. as seen below. settings http://prntscr.com/ic0aq6 p:\texture_path http://prntscr.com/ic0a31 texture_path http://prntscr.com/ic0agz any help would be amazing
  9. Yes you entered forbidden servers on accident
  10. Heizanjs

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

    Sorry for the late response but thank you, that did work! If anyone else has issues like I did do as mondkalb said.
  11. Yes it's called launching Fraps, Shadow play, OBS. problem solved :P
  12. Heizanjs

    Config error with Altis Life

    Sorry I just really smite AltisLifeRPG supporters/contributors. Life communities are full of drama minus the exceptions of some.
  13. Heizanjs

    Config error with Altis Life

    Yeah, you can go to the altis-life forums for this bud. I don't think this is the place for receiving help.
  14. Heizanjs

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

    Mod is great, I have an issue whilst utilising the assets in terrain builder. If I place said assets in terrain builder, export the terrain correctly with the correct shapes/objects I find that the MBG_Buildings in specific the kill houses lack to export properly and don't show on the exported terrain. Any help would be great :)
  15. Heizanjs


    Has anyone ever thought of writing an extension to retrieve a connected clients ipaddress which is parse via their steam64id or becguid