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  1. @dreadedentity : Well, if I remove the setDir, the unit just keep moving forward ! Without changing direction I mean 😛 @beno_83au : I like the ideas ! I'll have to find a good looking turning animation 🙂 Checking if the direction is good could then be done with a : waitUntil { ((direction _unit)<_direction+2) AND ((direction _unit)>_direction-2) } But I have to say I like this approach better : How would you choose the incrementation rate ? I believe we can't do for instance 1° per frame, because the turning speeding would then be inconsistent ?
  2. Thanks for your help, however that doesn't really solve my issue 🙂 In fact, I cannot use setFormDir since I used disableAI "ANIM"; that command "freezes" all AI movement/behavour, so setFormDir won't have any effect. Moreover, even if used a workaround to be able to use setFormDir, the unit will stop turning as soon as unit direction is +/- 30 degrees of the formation direction, which will force me to use a setDir... Hence causing an "instant turn".
  3. Hello ! To give a bit of context, I'd like to emulate the SetDriveOnPath command for infantry units in order to have them navigate inside buildings lacking path/building positions. The idea is to give an array of positions (e.g [[4680.4,6175.85,0.00143909],[4680.3,6170.7,0.00143909]]) and have the AI move in a straight line in between thanks to a switchMove. As of now, this is what I made : infantryDriveOnPath={ params ["_unit","_pathArray"]; _unit disableAI "ANIM"; _unit switchMove "Acts_SupportTeam_Front_Move"; { _direction= _unit getdir _x; while {sleep 0.5; ( _unit distance _x > 1)} do { _unit setDir _direction; } }forEach _pathArray; _unit enableAI "ALL"; _unit switchMove ""; }; The resulting behaviour is satisfying, however the setDir command causes instant rotations/twitching that are very ugly. Any ideas on how I could make smooth direction corrections ? Thanks 🙂
  4. Thanks for your help ! The solution works flawlessly !
  5. Thanks for the answer ! However, I think I wasn't clear enough... The GET IN waypoint is synchronized to a LOAD waypoint. So the vehicles are owned by a group and the units to board the vehicles are from another group
  6. Hello ! I have a group of 8 foot soldiers, and another group of two 4 seats vehicles. Using a GET IN waypoint results in 4 men boarding a vehicle, and the rest moving on foot, even thought there's another vehicle with enough seats to accomodate them. So are you aware of a way to make the squad board BOTH vehicles ? Thanks for you help 🙂
  7. Hello ! I'd like to make a HUB mission in a user-made campaign the same way HUBs are present in the Arma 3 campaign. However, there's no documentation for the HUB parameter in the campaign description.ext reference page, where the only explanations provided are : enableHub = 1; // TBD - has to do with coming back to a "base" . . . //Define a mission to be hub. May have to do with CfgHubs. isHub = 1; // 0: disabled - 1: enabled. Default: 0 Is there someone with knowledge on the subject who can share information on how to make a campaign HUB ? Thanks !
  8. The Virtuous Mission "Listen up Jack, your mission is to infiltrate Tselinoyarsk in the soviet mountains, ensure the safety of Sokolov and bring him back to the west." Mods : RHS AFRF, RHS USAF.
  9. Hello ! I already know that I can create a custom inventory item through a config.cpp this way thanks to@R3vo: class CfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class InventoryItem_Base_F; class MyItem: ItemCore { displayName = "Tova's cool item"; model = "\A3\structures_f_epa\Items\medical\antibiotic_F"; scope = 2; scopeArsenal = 2; scopeCurator = 2; picture = ""; descriptionShort = "This item is very cool"; class ItemInfo: InventoryItem_Base_F { mass=5; }; }; }; But I'd also like to execute a script when this I double click on that item in the inventory, however I don't know how I could do that... NB : I believe it may have something to do with the "LBDblClick" eventhandler, but I have to say that I am clueless.
  10. You may have noticed that in the civilian presence module, there an option to "enable panic" for the civilians. Basically, it change the units animation set : they move while protecting their heads with their hands in a panicky fashion. I managed to trigger this behavior for players with : player switchMove "ApanPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_ApanPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon" Which make the player crouch in panic mode and change all animations to their panic mode counterpart. This is a dirty workaround that doesn't work for AI units, so how should I do it properly ?
  11. Also for future reference, a workaround to get the AI units to the requested position is to ask them to follow a "position path". The idea being that if there's no path defined for the AI to go from outside the building to the requested position, it is possible that such a path is defined from another position in the building. (Path from outside-->position 37 not defined, but path from position 12-->position 37 is defined). I managed to solve my issue by giving the AI "intermediate positions" in each floor : {unit1 doMove (hotel buildingPos _x); sleep 1; waitUntil {unitready unit1 }; } forEach [0,12,52,101,153]; //0 being a position just after the entrance //12 position near the stairs //52 position after the stairs in floor 1 //101 position after the stairs floor 2 //153 final position on the 3rd floor
  12. @code34 Really nice work there ! As for feedback/suggestions, I find that adding a new scrollwheel interaction to open the virtual inventory a bit inconvenient. I think a better way to do it would be to add a new "button" in the Arma vanilla inventory. So first off all, let me start by saying that I am not very knowledgeable when in comes to UI editing, so I am not sure if this is doable, but this is how I see it : Add an event handler to check if the player has pressed the inventory key. When this happens, create an OOP_Button "Virtual Inventory", so when you click the button, you open your virtual inventory Here's a little "backbone beginning of an implementation" to illustrate : fn_virtualInventoryPrompt = { params ["_displayCode","_keyCode","_isShift","_isCtrl","_isAlt"]; _handled = false; //checks if inventory key is pressed then spawns the button if ((_keyCode in actionKeys "Gear")) then { //DO STUFF : add one of your OOP_Button with "Virual inventory" as text waitUntil {isnull (findDisplay 602)}; //Wait until the vanilla inventory is closed //DO STUFF : time to delete your OOP_Button _handled = true; }; _handled; }; //Add an event handler that will run the code above whenever a key is pressed (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "_this call fn_virtualInventoryPrompt;"]; On the other hand, you should not forget to handle the cases : The player closes Vanilla inventory while virtual inventory is open : Maybe you should close the virtual inventory as well in that case. The player closes virtual inventory but not Vanilla inventory : Maybe you should respawn an OOP_Button so the player could reopen virtual inventory without having to close the vanilla inventory first
  13. Disengage ! US Army unit stuck in a firefight, somewhere in Stratis. 2003 Mods : RHS USAF, Direone's poses, US Military mod, CUP Terrains Core.
  14. Also, for further reference, an alternative to achieve those "branching waypoints" would be: Create a group for each branch, for instance by placing a single unit. Set the probability of presence to 0 for each of those units. (So they don't spawn in the mission) Assign to each group the waypoints corresponding to the branch they represent. (Doable in the editor, Yay !) To assign a branch to the player once the conditions are met, use : (units group player) joinSilent GroupBranch1; The 4th step basically moves all the units of the player's group (including the player) into the empty group to which the branch waypoints are assigned, therefore assigning the player's group those waypoints.
  15. Hello ! I'm trying to create a faction using a config.cpp, I am able to give them the gear I want, but I am struggling to make units with a the right subset of faces/voices/facewear. For example, I'd like to have units featuring only : African faces, chinese voices and sunglasses only. I strongly believe that to achieve this I have to edit indentityTypes in the CfgVehicles : identityTypes[] = {"LanguageENGB_F","Head_NATO","G_NATO_default"}; But I couldn't find any description of the content of the fields, nor a list of the Languages and Heads "pools" I can use in identityTypes. Would somebody mind sharing some information ?