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Found 15 results

  1. Hello Arma truckers ! It is now of common knowledge that Arma AI barely got its driving license ! While the driving is "decent enough" for single vehicles, once they hear the word "convoy", they get petrified and/or start ramming each other... While there are great convoy scripts out there (respects to@norrinand@Devastator_cm), I wanted a script who uses the new features of Arma 3 engine and follows the novacula Occami principle : Simpler is safer. So here's to you the Simple Convoy Script ! And it's robust ! So robust my AI convoy drove for 2.5 hours on Altis without getting stuck ! They crossed bridges, towns and villages, drove on dirt roads, small roads and highways. The recording is from the player perspective as a gunner on the tail vehicle. Convoy was composed of 8 vehicles, a mix of trucks and Humvees, in AWARE behaviour and was setup using MOVE waypoints and the Simple Convoy Script with default parameters (50km/h, 50m spacing). And here's an even longer demo with v. 1.2 of the script ! 8 hours of AI convoy driving on South Asia, the convoy is 7 vehicles long, with parameters 100km/h and 50m spacing. Features : Convoys will not get stuck for no reason ! Robust script Easy to use : put your waypoints in the editor, and run the script only giving the convoy's group name as parameter Player friendly : you can be driver/gunner/commander/passenger in any vehicle of the convoy without breaking the script AI will push through contact (feature can be turned off) Adjustable convoy speed Adjustable convoy spacing Performance and environment friendly 🙂 How to use : Here's a video example : Put the script code in an sqf file, trigger, init field or whatever you fancy, then call it with : convoyScript = [convoyGroup] spawn TOV_fnc_SimpleConvoy; Optional parameters are also available : convoyScript = [convoyGroup, convoySpeed, convoySeparation, pushThrough] spawn TOV_fnc_SimpleConvoy; With : convoyGroup : the group you want to move as a convoy convoySpeed : Maximum speed of the convoy in km/h (default 50 km/h) convoySeparation : distance between each vehicle of the convoy (default 50m) pushThrough : true/false, force the AI to push through contact, only returning fire on the move (default true) The script doesn't exit himself, so once you reach your final waypoint, you'll have to end it with : terminate convoyScript; {(vehicle _x) limitSpeed 5000;(vehicle _x) setUnloadInCombat [true, false]} forEach (units convoyGroup); convoyGroup enableAttack true; The script : Download links : Mission example : Armaholic Known limitations : Having mixed vehicles in the convoy will cause the fastest vehicles to have a not so smooth driving, as they'll accelerate faster than the other vehicles then brake once they reach target speed. ==> Fixed by v. 1.2 Due to how setConvoySeparation works, the convoy will stop on tight turns, vehicles crossing one at a time. Rear vehicles will then often cut the corner to catch up faster if possible (doFollow behavior). Behavior of the convoy when "pushThrough" parameter is disabled isn't very satisfying : passengers in cargo slots will disembark (but keep formation) to engage, armed vehicles will leave convoy formation to engage, some unarmed vehicles will just stop while others will keep pushing on etc. The convoy will eventually recover after the contact is destroyed and the leader calls "Area Clear" (as in they will mount up again and resume convoy route). That however might take up to 20 minutes, as the convoy and dismounts are usually spread over a couple km after the fight. Credits : The Arma community. With special thanks to all those who answer scripting questions on the forums. Changelog : License : Share it, edit it, steal it, rip it, call it your own etc. Arma scripting and modding is about sharing ! If you're having fun, then I'm happy !
  2. DeathFARKRA4

    Convoy Symbol Doesn't Appear

    Hi For Some Reason The Convoy Symbol On The Effect Tab Doesn't Appear, I Tried Searching For It, It Doesn't Appear It Says Its Near The CAS And FIRE But Still Empty Can Anybody Help Me?
  3. Hi all, as the title suggests, I'd like to have a convoy spawn at a start point and travel to an endpoint. I would like the convoy to spawn only when blufor are within the trigger area and when blufor exit the trigger area the convoy will despawn. If anyone has any idea how to implement this it would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys, My first project which is for AI Convoys and vehicle patrols. Initial idea is based on Norrin's convoy script for which I got permission to modify from Norrin. I rewrite the scripts and now it has several new features and working. Convoy & Vehicle Patrol Features AI convoy and patrol which follows roads and keeps the distance between vehicles Defending the convoy in case they notice enemies or being attacked by enemies Intel share related to enemy positions between convoy vehicles. Attack position selection based on convoy vehicle and enemy type. For example a tank will move closer to enemy armored units to attack instead of moving closer to infantry units. Distance to enemy and amount of enemy in a specific area can influence the decision for attack position. Restarting the convoy route after danger is eliminated Units whose vehicle is destroyed, will try to find seat in other vehicles in convoy. In case there isn't any available they will walk to final marker on foot Dead gunners and drivers will be replaced by AI units who sit at cargo of any vehicle, when enemy threat is eliminated. In case a vehicle's driver is killed during gun fight, another AI in same vehicle will try to move to gunner position After an ambush, the groups who sits inside same vehicle will be merged to prevent single unit groups. Only exception is for the vehicles who has guns. For such vehicles there will be two groups; (1) group for the units in cargo, (2) group for the vehicle units (gunner(s), driver, commander) Leader in merged group will be moved to the unit which has highest rank Possiblity to have multiple convoys in same mission Possibility to have patrol behaviour Possibility to extend the logic by adjusting ConvoyEnd.sqf file. In this file you can add your own custom code or script call. The file is called when convoy reaches final marker Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf Keep in mind this script is for AI. So if you put a player in one of the vehicle it might cause issues (or work without issue :) ). Future Plans I am open to any suggestions. Known Issue(s) I just encountered this in during my last test with a BTR-60P (Project Opfor Mod) that it simply didn't start moving. Reason was the unit in commander seat. After I remove him problem solved. At the moment I don't know why it caused such an issue. I had no issue with RHS BTR with Russian units inside though. In case you encounter such problem you can do a workaround. Do not put any unit in commander seat in mission design and lock the commander seat of the vehicle by adding following into INIT field of the problematic vehicle this lockturret [[0,0],true]; Thanks to @Duke101 it appears that acex headless client is causing issues. So following variable need to be set by each convoy vehicle before starting the convoy from server this setVariable ["acex_headless_blacklist", true, true]; Credits Norrin, thanks to you once more for the initial scripts and the idea! Download Dropbox (version 2.5) Armaholic (version 2.5) Sample Mission Dropbox Usage Details are in readMe.txt inside the zip. Examples about how to add custom code or introduce a patrol behaviour are inside ConvoyEnd.sqf. Sample mission can be found above. Version History v.2.5 Fixed: Logic Objects on map can cause aircraft to stuck in combat mode over an area as such objects might be categorized as enemy. Removed: Restart Delay parameter is removed. Added: Attack location evaluation based on enemy and convoy vehicle. For example, tank class vehicles will try to come closer to enemy tanks instead of enemy infantry. Added: During restart phase if another attack happens to convoy, units will start defence again. Tweaked: Restart phase is optimized. It will require less time to start convoy again. Tweaked: Enemy aircrafts will not be considered as enemy and will not stop the convoy. Tweaked: Some code optimizations. v.2.2 Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy v.2.1 Fixed: Paths which are circular were causing the convoy to stuck. v.2.0 Added: New parameters are added and they are moved into script call Added: ConvoyEnd.sqf file added to provide possibility to user to add his/her own code or script calls. This specific file is called when convoy reaches final marker Added: Multiple convoys are possible Added: Patrolling is possible (thanks to ConvoyEnd.sqf) by repeating the convoy call inside this file Added: Units are looking for another vehicle to get in, incase their vehicle is destroyed or not able to move Added: Dead gunner is replaced by other units in vehicle during firefight when there is a possibility (if they are under fire or enemy is danger close this will not happen) Added: Merging of groups (after ambush) and assigning the unit with highest rank as leader added. v.1.0 Initial version Enjoy!
  5. AI Driving Control version 2.6.7 Description: Gives more control to AI drivers. Script uses nearEntities to find vehicles/men, calculates relative angles to nearest one and applies forceSpeed depending on situation. Use "STEALTH" behaviour to temporarily bypass the script. Features: AI will brake and speed up for vehicles ahead. AI gives way to vehicles approaching from the right. Pedestrians have priority over vehicles. Pedestrians are overtaken or followed if directly in front of vehicle. Works on and offroad. Have less (not avoid) crashes. Engines turn off on idle if at final waypoint. Vehicles on "STEALTH" behaviour bypass code until behaviour changes (setBehaviour, etc.). Bypass script entirely on a vehicle's init with "this setVariable ["NOAIDRIVINGCONTROL", true, true]". For a convoy use "<object> limitSpeed <km/h>" on lead vehicle. Gates ("Land_BarGate_F", "Land_BarGate_01_open_F" and "Land_RoadBarrier_01_F") are detected when closed. Note: place gates BEFORE AI driver gets in vehicle/spawn/zeus/etc. i.e. not scanned in realtime. As a bonus, gates are made indestructible (by tanks as well unfortunately). Addon and script version. Download: Google Drive Usage: Works with placed and spawned vehicles, single player and dedicated server. Clients with AI drivers must be running the addon. For Zeus, the player being Zeus must be running the addon. Script version runs once on mission initialization and needs to remoteExec for each new spawn (except Zeus). Follow INSTALLATION.txt. Hold movement keys for (up to) 3 seconds if your vehicle's fuel was removed and you're the commander. Variables (vehicle's init field only): Defines "bounding box" width, per vehicle, which detects men around and stops the vehicle. Where 1 = vehicle's width; 1.5 = default; 2 = default for tanks. Smaller values improve overtaking men but run them over more often, higher values will be safer but will halt more often. Higher than default should not be necessary: this setVariable ["AIDCBBOXWIDTHCOEF", <coefficient>]; Defines "bounding box" length, per vehicle, which detects men around and stops the vehicle. Where 1 = vehicle's length; 1.5 = default: this setVariable ["AIDCBBOXLENGTHCOEF", <coefficient>]; Defines setConvoySeparation for each vehicle on AI led groups only. AIDC overwrites that command by default so if it is to be used it must be defined here: this setVariable ["AIDCCONVOYSEPARATION", <distance>]; Disable workaround of removing fuel of tanks when nearby infantry: this setVariable ["AIDCNOFUELREMOVE", true]; Notes: Any forceSpeed command (on affected land vehicles) will be overwritten by the script. Does not cause dependency on missions. Known issues: When confronted with large groups of pedestrians, vehicles occasionally stall (with accelerated time only probably). Quadbikes are not detected by other vehicles on road (@BI: they always report "isOnRoad false"). Are detected offroad. Does not work on ALiVE vehicles. Incompatible with TPW SANITY (uses forceSpeed as well). License: Non Military - You may not use the content of this addon as a whole or any part of this addon for military purposes. No Monetization - You may not use this addon as a whole or any part of this addon on monetized servers. Attribution - You must attribute the material in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the material). Noncommercial - You may not use this material for any commercial purposes. Arma Only - You may not convert or adapt this material to be used in other games than Arma. Share Alike - If you adapt, or build upon this material, you may distribute the resulting material only under the same license. Credits: Bohemia Interactive BI Arma Forum Contributors Wikipedia BI Wiki Code Optimisation author(s) https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Code_Optimisation 3 1 A Measure of Relative Direction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDwP4T7bPSY Thanks to: Foxhound and Armaholic.com. Mondkalb and the Global Mobilization CDLC team for copy/paste of their EULA from https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1284731930 Kremator for testing with tanks. Rubberkite for reporting issues and continuous support. Everyone supporting me @BI Forums. Media: Changelog:
  6. Hi Arma team, New to scripting and I have a question or more. Background story: Single-player mission. BLUFOR(player) is a militia opposing an OPFOR militia. BLUFOR needs arms. We're actually attacking a powerful ally and blaming it on our enemy to get supplies and support. NOTE: For the simplicity of the mission the convoy is OPFOR! Convoy consists of 1 APC in the front, 2 trucks then an APC at the rear. The outcome should be: When the lead APC(variable: lead_convoy) hits the AT mine the (player) group engages the rear APC with an RPG and engages the dismounted crew when (all) the fighting is over gets into one of the trucks, and profits. The drivers of the ammo trucks should surrender and survive so the attack is blamed on a rival militia, crafty huh? Here's the part that's troublesome: There should be a group of BLUFOR AI that hits the front APC as they dismount after the AT mines detonate, then kills the crew of the lead APC and then gets in one of the trucks to profit. I have this in a trigger once the lead convoy vehicle hits the mine: ``` Condition: !alive convoy; { // Change state of the AI units from hiding (this works ok) _x commandWatch objNull; _x enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x enableAI "TARGET"; _x enableAI "SUPPRESSION"; _x enableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _x enableAI "MOVE"; } foreach (units ambush_1); // stops the trucks from rushing off (this works ok) {_x disableAI "MOVE"} forEach (units (group driver ammo_truck_1)); {_x disableAI "MOVE"} forEach (units (group driver ammo_truck_2)); // I want to change the vehicles to captive and the occupants ammo_truck_1D setcaptive TRUE; // Can you set a vehicle captive? ammo_truck_1D action ["EJECT", ammo_truck_1]; removeAllWeapons ammo_truck_1D; ammo_truck_2D setcaptive TRUE; ammo_truck_2 setcaptive TRUE; ammo_truck_2D action ["EJECT", ammo_truck_2]; removeAllWeapons ammo_truck_2D; ``` Behaviour: The AI ambush_1 activates, the truck drivers (ammo_truck_1D/2D) stop, get out and are captured. But the ambushers spend the time engaging the APC crew (waypoint activated) and rest mag-dumping into the empty ammo trucks often at point-blank range like absolute fuck faces. The ambushers do not get into the vehicle after the firefight is over from any waypoints. Playing from a squad member of the ambush_1 crew the ammo_trucks remain targets of the squad. I guess the question is how to make the trucks accessible to our AI?
  7. Mayhem Toys Brought to you by John Kalo and zigTtzag(zTt) Used to be a drug lord. Chose to become a terrorist. Won't be able to change again. 1.] Hypothesis: Shilton is the leader of a Non-Governmental Organization named Shanix. Shanix is supposed to be aiding poor families by providing their kids with toys. In reality however Shanix is in the drug business. While avoiding law enforcements they use toys so as to transfer drugs without being detected. That was about it until a few days back.. You see lately Shilton has seen his drug business bankrupt due to lack of buyers. Due to that he is having money issues which resulted in him searching for new ways to earn cash. Sadly he has found a way.. A terrorist group called Al-Jid has contacted him and offered him millions will he place bombs into the kids’ toys! He said yes. A new Fur Bunny toy has been released and he is now about to deploy his bombs. Once a kid lays pressure on the toy it will explode. So we have to stop him! We have no evidence. He has got a gang of legal criminals constantly guarding him too. So what can we do? We can hire you! You are a task force of the Private Military Company BFD. Brutal Force Defenses is available to assist and eliminate Shilton once and for all. It will be an off the record essential operation. 2.] Important details: a)In SP you should be the THE GROUP LEADER of the BFD team. b)This mission has low replayability. Once and if you manage to complete the mission successfully you might never play it again. c)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in your team. Those units should exist for your convenience. d)The mission has got 2 possible endings. e)Respawn:Instant, no vehicle respawn however 3.]Requirements: 3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat abilities and basic organizing skills. 3.2]Technical: Arma 3 Apex, CBA, ASR AI3 4.]Bugs: 4.1]Minor: None 4.2]Serious: None 5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder. 6.]Website SubLink: here 7.]Direct Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Arma-3-Missions-Pack-1/mayhem_toys.stratis.pbo?dl=1 Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great. If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits. Enjoy
  8. Defending History Brought to you by John Kalo and zigTtzag(zTt) What you get when you defend your morals? A bounty on your head! 1.] Hypothesis: A country named Skopia. A country which has no history. A country that instead of trying to achieve history worth accomplishments chooses the easy and immoral way out. That is to claim Greeces history. Skopia puts aside all historical evidence suggesting elsewise and claims its people are the successors of the Macedonians. Even though their strategy is disgusting, they cleverly use propaganda in schools and elsewhere. The problem would not be an issue for Greece since Skopia has no grounds for their claims. The politicians of Greece however are traitors and after centuries have now started to agree with Skopia claims. Of course not all people from Skopia are neither ignorant nor immoral. Former Prime Minister Ashtov claims Skopia has nothing to do with the Macedonians. A moral man. A man which has a bounty on his head… 2.] Important details: a)In SP you should be the THE GROUP LEADER of the BFD TRANSPORT team. b)This mission has low replayability. Once and if you manage to complete the mission successfully you might never play it again. c)The convoy should NOT speed up. Speeding up can cause arriving at the delivery point in a hijacked pickup truck d)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in your team. Those units should exist for your convenience. e)The convoy vehicles have got BULLETPROOF windows and tires. Bulletproof. Not invisible. Thanks @pierremgi for helping. f)Small objects have a small area where the action is shown. g)Due to the Arma 3 pathfinding, if the VIP does not get into a vehicle tell him to go elsewhere first and in the vehicle afterwards. h)Respawn:Instant 3.]Requirements: 3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat abilities and basic organizing skills. 3.2]Technical: Arma 3 Apex, CBA, ASR AI3 4.]Bugs: 4.1]Minor: None 4.2]Serious: None 5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder. 6.]Website SubLink: here 7.]Direct Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Arma-3-Missions-Pack-1/defending_history.malden.pbo?dl=1 Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great. If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits. Enjoy
  9. Eco Terrorists Brought to you by John Kalo and zigTtzag(zTt) Eco-friendly organizations want to attack Governor Reynold's motorcade! Will you be able to deliver him safely to Altis main airport or will he end up being executed? 1.] Hypothesis: Tanoa is an island where many eco-friendly organizations operate. These organizations claim that Tanoa should not be harassed by human interventions because a lot of rare plant and animal species live there. That is why they have convinced prior governments to not let Tanoa locals use the lands for farming or fishing and to ban all non renewable energy sources. As a result most locals have no source of income and are therefore extremely poor. Now Tanoa has a new Governor named Mr. Reynolds. Reynolds decided to stop the aforementioned bans and to let the locals prosper as long as some basic limits are kept. The eco-organizations however disagree and now want to assassinate the governor! You see due to his policies there will be no more funding for them and the super expensive eco-products will stop being sold. Today Reynolds will be visiting the governor of Altis to discuss how to get rid of the so called eco-friendly organizations. You, as a PMC, will be responsible for his safety. You are to escort him to the airport where he will get in a chopper so as to be transferred to the meeting pos. 2.] Important details: a)Playing in SP will be hard but if you do play in SP you will have to be THE GROUP LEADER of the vehicle that will be IN THE MIDDLE of the motorcade. You will find which slot that is at the start of the mission. b)This mission has low replayability. Once and if you manage to complete the mission successfully you might never play it again. c)The motorcade should remain in formation. The one vehicle should be behind the other and at logical speeds. Driving too fast can result in accidents, such as missing a turn, turning upside down and exploding. Not that we would know while testing d)You should NOT DISABLE AI units that are in your team. Those units should exist for your convenience. e)Respawn:Instant 3.]Requirements: 3.1]Players' skills: Serious combat abilities and basic organizing skills. 3.2]Technical: Arma 3 Apex, CBA, ASR AI3 4.]Bugs: 4.1]Minor: One unit refuses to follow waypoints while playing in a server. In the editor all works perfectly but not in the server. 4.2]Serious: None 5.]Installation: Just copy the pbo to your Arma 3 directory. Place the .pbo file at the mpmissions folder. 6.] Direct Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Arma-3-Missions-Pack-1/eco_terrorists.altis.pbo?dl=1 7.] Changelog 8.1] Version 1.1: Fixed Dedicated Server Vip not moving issue. Fixed one task taking 10 seconds longer than intended to be created. Your feedback about things we can improve or things that we should keep is really important so you providing it would be great If any of you wishes to reconstruct the mission or use part of it please ask permission and mention us in your credits Enjoy
  10. Hello, I am dying inside ... why is it so difficult to make a quick reaction force in ArmA 3! What I want to do: Trigger activates units to get/teleport) into their vehicle and then move to certain location, disembark and sweep area in a coordinated(specific) way. I also wish to use Devas vehicle and patrol script... what I have tried so far: -make convoy without additional troops and move it somewhere: works. (uaz, uaz/HMG, BTR, ural, uaz/HMG) -make convoy with additional troops and move it somewhere: does not work, troops disembark when starting or vehicle starts without waiting on troops being loaded. - setvehiclelock before and after units have been "moveincargo": does not work, troops still disembark after they have been moved. use DEVAS convoy script: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31925 -make w/o and move: works -make with and move: does not work, troops disembark. - setvehiclelock before and after units have been "moveincargo": does not work, troops still disembark right after they have been moved. can anyone point me into the right direction? OFP/ArmA developers: shame on you! Thank you in advance kOepi
  11. I've got some issues with vehicles in convoys and need a way to debug them. Short question: How can I access the functions shown in this picture by BI: (source: https://dev.arma3.com/post/ai-path-following-improvements) I'm mainly interested in the vehicle path, but the speed and steering graphs would be nice as well. Long question: My main problem are randomly stopping vehicles. I set up a mission with a convoy, which has a defined start- and endpoint. The vehicles get spawned at the startpoint, start to move as a convoy and get despawned at the endpoint. So far so good, the script is working fine. But somewhere on their way some of the vehicles just stop and won't move any further except for the leader. The leader then reduces its speed for the other vehicles to catch up, which never happens. The stopped vehicles wait for about 1 minute and then even shut off their engine, as if they had no destination. When the leader reaches its destination and gets despawned, some of the stopped vehicles start moving again and the same thing repeats itself until every vehicle got to its destination (which takes hours). To debug this behavior, I need some kind of debug function that shows me why they are stopping. Thus the question how I can show the vehicle path from the provided picture.
  12. So i'm doing this mission where a convoy gets hit my an IED and I want their task (which is move to a town) to cancel when they get hit.
  13. Hey guys. Need some assistance. I've got a convoy travelling down the road. I've scripted them to switch group leader to the next available hunter if one is destroyed. However, often they just sit in place after combat. Hence I'm trying a new script to get them moving again. This is my code so far. if (!alive cvoy1) then {cvoy setleader cvoy2}; if ((!alive cvoy1) and (!alive cvoy2)) then {cvoy setleader cvoy4}; if ((!alive cvoy1) and (!alive cvoy2) and (!alive cvoy4)) then {cvoy setleader cvoy6}; if ((units cvoy) findNearestEnemy cvoy=null) then {units cvoy doFollow leader cvoy}; However I can't get it to work. Do I need to define an object in the mission's init.sqf?
  14. WurschtBanane

    Teleport to players!

    It is a convoy mission, and the players are allowed to use whatever path they want. This makes me often loose them. But here is the issue. I want to be able to teleport to players as Zeus, but stuff placed in editor cannot be edited by Zeus. Is there a way to spawn PLAYABLE units in-game, so that i can just use them like normal ones? Or is there a way to go around the issue, for example by using some kind of a script?
  15. Hello, I'm trying to make a mission to destroy a convoy of vehicles from a helicopter. initServer.sqf [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 5; {alive _x} count [DMSK_enemyVeh1, DMSK_enemyVeh2, DMSK_enemyVeh3, DMSK_enemyVeh4] == 0}; ["task2", "Succeeded"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; "task3" call BIS_fnc_missionTasks; "task3" call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent; }; But I ran into a problem, the shooter has time to kill all the soldiers in the machines and break the wheel, but the car did not explode. How can I alter the condition that the job count towards after the murder of the crew or the equipment itself exploded after the destruction of the wheel? Sorry for google translate.