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  1. Hey guys. I have a thought about fine tuning the difficulty of the AI against my group of players as the mission maker and zeus. What I want to translate is the difficulty of AI in SOG Prairie Fire into a non-SOG Prairie Fire setting. I have noticed that different dlcs and mods has different difficulties with different AI. In my experience, Global Mobilization has insanely high accuracy, while SOG Prairie Fire the enemy has very low accuracy. No doubt the dlc or mod makers tune this, in Prairie Fire case, to play on the idea of being outnumbered 1 to 100 in a bullet hell where shots fly all over the place. Makes sense. Really cool. Been trying for some time to translate that sort of difficulty and settings in the AI to other mods and settings, but not been able to. I have tried to adjust both the normal game settings, and the AI mod (VCOM) that I use. I have tried the very lowest of values, but still they are a lot more accurate than the AI in SOG Prairie Fire. Basically, I want that bullet hell with shots flying all over the place in other content, but I am not able to replicate what the AI is doing in SOG Prairie Fire difficulty so far. Anyone can help here it would be very appreciated!
  2. @BIS, good day! On January 6, in the Steam I read your appeal to the community. This sound good, but I would like to ask to pay at least a tiny amount of attention to the AI of this game. Unfortunately over the past few years AI Discussion and AI Driving topics seem to me ignored by any developers, every AI-topic on the Arma3 (development brunch) forum will be also ignored, ai-issues on the feedback tracker will also be ignored, it looks like total oblivion. No one developer, not will give its answer, related to AI topic, here on development branch, while Arma3 AI still has a shameful flaws and bugs, which the community doesn't deserve after 10 years of supporting this game: > the game supports a bunch of vehicles, but AI-drivers won't be able to avoid elementary obstacles on tnis path, the player will see vehicles trying to endlessly push the houses! > ai-drivers will crush their allies soldiers! > ai-mechanized and motorized infantry groups have meaningless and rapidly replacing each other infinite command loops for their subordinates (Desembarking/Get In)! > ai-infantry will constantly pass through walls, houses, fences, other objects! > ai-vehicles group, provided by the game (platoon, section, etc) vehicles cannot move together, some vehicles will forever lag behind and stop! there are many other AI omissions, that unfortunately continue to be ignored I don't even dream about of super AI in Arma3, but I think, that game, that still supported and was released about 10 years ago should not have shameful flaws related to a basic AI! This reduce its quality. My ask to @BIS - If you want and you promise to support this game, then give at least 1-2 programmers, who will maintain/repair the AI in Arma3, at least as long it is will official supported. It seems to me, that this could also spice up the work with new DLC. So, in 2023 please don't forget to pay your attention to AI! Best wishes to Bohemia Interactive!
  3. Hi Guys, My first project which is for AI Convoys and vehicle patrols. Initial idea is based on Norrin's convoy script for which I got permission to modify from Norrin. I rewrite the scripts and now it has several new features and working. Convoy & Vehicle Patrol Features AI convoy and patrol which follows roads and keeps the distance between vehicles Defending the convoy in case they notice enemies or being attacked by enemies Intel share related to enemy positions between convoy vehicles. Attack position selection based on convoy vehicle and enemy type. For example a tank will move closer to enemy armored units to attack instead of moving closer to infantry units. Distance to enemy and amount of enemy in a specific area can influence the decision for attack position. Restarting the convoy route after danger is eliminated Units whose vehicle is destroyed, will try to find seat in other vehicles in convoy. In case there isn't any available they will walk to final marker on foot Dead gunners and drivers will be replaced by AI units who sit at cargo of any vehicle, when enemy threat is eliminated. In case a vehicle's driver is killed during gun fight, another AI in same vehicle will try to move to gunner position After an ambush, the groups who sits inside same vehicle will be merged to prevent single unit groups. Only exception is for the vehicles who has guns. For such vehicles there will be two groups; (1) group for the units in cargo, (2) group for the vehicle units (gunner(s), driver, commander) Leader in merged group will be moved to the unit which has highest rank Possiblity to have multiple convoys in same mission Possibility to have patrol behaviour Possibility to extend the logic by adjusting ConvoyEnd.sqf file. In this file you can add your own custom code or script call. The file is called when convoy reaches final marker Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf Keep in mind this script is for AI. So if you put a player in one of the vehicle it might cause issues (or work without issue :) ). Future Plans I am open to any suggestions. Known Issue(s) I just encountered this in during my last test with a BTR-60P (Project Opfor Mod) that it simply didn't start moving. Reason was the unit in commander seat. After I remove him problem solved. At the moment I don't know why it caused such an issue. I had no issue with RHS BTR with Russian units inside though. In case you encounter such problem you can do a workaround. Do not put any unit in commander seat in mission design and lock the commander seat of the vehicle by adding following into INIT field of the problematic vehicle this lockturret [[0,0],true]; Thanks to @Duke101 it appears that acex headless client is causing issues. So following variable need to be set by each convoy vehicle before starting the convoy from server this setVariable ["acex_headless_blacklist", true, true]; Credits Norrin, thanks to you once more for the initial scripts and the idea! Download Dropbox (version 2.5) Armaholic (version 2.5) Sample Mission Dropbox Usage Details are in readMe.txt inside the zip. Examples about how to add custom code or introduce a patrol behaviour are inside ConvoyEnd.sqf. Sample mission can be found above. Version History v.2.5 Fixed: Logic Objects on map can cause aircraft to stuck in combat mode over an area as such objects might be categorized as enemy. Removed: Restart Delay parameter is removed. Added: Attack location evaluation based on enemy and convoy vehicle. For example, tank class vehicles will try to come closer to enemy tanks instead of enemy infantry. Added: During restart phase if another attack happens to convoy, units will start defence again. Tweaked: Restart phase is optimized. It will require less time to start convoy again. Tweaked: Enemy aircrafts will not be considered as enemy and will not stop the convoy. Tweaked: Some code optimizations. v.2.2 Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy v.2.1 Fixed: Paths which are circular were causing the convoy to stuck. v.2.0 Added: New parameters are added and they are moved into script call Added: ConvoyEnd.sqf file added to provide possibility to user to add his/her own code or script calls. This specific file is called when convoy reaches final marker Added: Multiple convoys are possible Added: Patrolling is possible (thanks to ConvoyEnd.sqf) by repeating the convoy call inside this file Added: Units are looking for another vehicle to get in, incase their vehicle is destroyed or not able to move Added: Dead gunner is replaced by other units in vehicle during firefight when there is a possibility (if they are under fire or enemy is danger close this will not happen) Added: Merging of groups (after ambush) and assigning the unit with highest rank as leader added. v.1.0 Initial version Enjoy!
  4. ANIMA - Arma NSGA Interface for Milsim Applications ANIMA is a collection of functions and scripts for providing AI groups with terrain/position analysis capabilities that can be used, for example, to dynamically create waypoints with tactical advantage (by criteria that can be programmatically defined), automatically land helicopters at suitably flat/clear locations, or find places to spawn units or objects with specific visibility requirements. This release is essentially an open-ended set of scripts for getting units to do things in abstract terms like "land a helicopter nearby", find an overlook position with cover and concealment", "ambush nearby roads or intersections", "seek tactical advantage and engage targets", or "find a nearby place to unload troops". It does not affect unit AI in any way, but uses a genetic position-finding algorithm in various ways, many of which involve assigning different kinds of waypoints. Sorry, but for now, ANIMA does not have the required conditions for multiplayer, but if you're an experienced multiplayer developer and want to take a crack at it then I'd welcome your pull request! I've included a User Manual, which is essential for understanding ANIMA. There are also some example missions to accompany the manual which will hopefully elucidate some concepts. One of these (see below) comes with an additional guide that explains some of the development choices and basics of using the included applications. Please check it out and let me know what you think! I'll try to release some more examples and explanatory content as time allows. EXAMPLE MISSIONS (separate from release) VehicleTargets tank battle/ambush demo: https://github.com/dwringer/ANIMA/releases/tag/EXM-220409-A (added 9 Apr 2022) VehicleTargets application demo: https://github.com/dwringer/ANIMA/releases/tag/EXM-220407-A Vybor Airbase, w/development guide: https://github.com/dwringer/ANIMA/releases/tag/WIP-220322-A (Full mission here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/238060-sp-vybor-airbase-stop-the-invasion/) RELEASE (includes basic examples): https://github.com/dwringer/ANIMA/releases/download/REL-220316-A/ANIMA-220316-A.zip MANUAL: https://github.com/dwringer/ANIMA/blob/main/ANIMA.pdf GITHUB (Updated regularly, may contain bugfixes as well as new featuresbugs): https://github.com/dwringer/ANIMA Known Issues: - Pausing the game while the algorithm is running sometimes causes it to fail. It will either choose a wildly incorrect position or fail to do anything at all. - Default landing zone search radius works best with only one helicopter. If you want to land more than one at a time, try bumping up the radius, step count, and population parameters of the land_helicopters/land_transport methods [55/3/13 is a possible start]. - Headquarters attack/dispatch methods occasionally assign an extra waypoint to a group - the logic needs to be refined. CHANGELOG (Latest) REL-220316-A (Updated 16 March 2022): - Added sort behavior to fnc_find_positions which can sort the final results by a given function (by default, uses the average across all objective scores) - Added a setting to allow fnc_find_positions to work faster, but less accurately, by allowing undifferentiated results after the target number of generations (a single bin after the nondominated sort, no dominance ranks in the result set) - The behavior of optional parameters for attack_targets and approach_targets methods of Headquarters was fixed - Fixed behavior of wp_config parameter of internal Headquarters method dispatch_transports - Added an optional start_offset parameter for approach/attack_targets which moves the search start location relative to the targets by [x, y, z] - Revised and expanded user manual with section on fnc_find_positions and some classes - New (WIP) example mission with all (non-airplane) waypoints generated from ANIMA positions (requires CUP addons) REL-220311-A (Updated 12 March 2022): - Added two parameters to fnc_find_positions: one is a sort-function (or "false") to sort the resulting positions (default sorts by average score). - There are now two example missions. The first one just follows the basic example in the manual, while the second employs a number of functions. - Added a User Manual chapter on fnc_find_positions. Combined with the chapter on LocationFinder, added in the last release, there should be enough information to customize the algorithm with new objective functions. REL-220310-A: - Fixed a bug with the LocationFinder method for finding helicopter landing positions, which was causing the parameter for enemies to avoid to be ignored. - Updated the example mission so that when OPFOR and BLUFOR units detect one another, their waypoints are removed and new ones are assigned using attack_targets with respect to the detected troops.
  5. - ADVANCED AI (WIP) - Hi guys, I'm Goliath86 (I've worked on CorePatch for ArmA 2 and on the ArmA 2 Medevac Module). Today I'm here to inform you that I'm working on an experiment I've got in my mind for some time: I'm working on creating a script to improve the AI of this game. I know there are some many addons/mods that improve the AI but not in a manner that I want; I want that AI can use cover smarter behind every kind of object they find (based on the type of cover that they find). I want that AI can effectively use suppressive fire to advance and/or retreat instead of only firing toward the enemy without a tactic in mind. I want...some many things. I think that today FPS games are lacking of smarter AI and I think this is because most games are particularly multiplayer oriented, where the AI is not so important. I've played hundreds of hours on multiplayer FPS games and I've not found the realism and tactics that I want, maybe because I was not so lucky to find the right players (I know that I can join some CLAN and I've done that but especially fot time reasons I could not stay there anymore). So my only option is to find a good singleplayer FPS with a good AI that react realistically and tactically. I've got ArmA 3, ArmA 2, ArmA and ArmA:CWC and I think that all of them are very good FPS singleplayer games but I want more from the AI. I've searched through dozen of AI addons but none of them had personally satisfied me. I needed some more. I started a simple FPS on a famous platform used by many people nowadays to create games and I've started scripting my AI routines but it was a "very hard" job and personally and unfortunately I don't have so many resources, so I've decided to return into the ArmA world where I can start with a solid base (already presents animations, scripting functions already implemented inside the game engine and so on). I've decided to start with ArmA:CWC because it was my very first beloved videogame that spurred me to study computer science so I have a debt with it ;) I'm working into this project without particular ambitions but with only a great passion into the realistic singleplayer FPS games world! I've been working on this script for just over a week now and it goes on! I will inform you on progresses on this script and maybe I will post some videos of my work. Cheers, Goliath
  6. Hi Guys, my second project and this time for AI aircrafts. Helicopter Patrol Fixed Wing Patrol Features Developed for AI Aircraft (helicopters and fixed wings) Aircraft patrols between markers and adjusts the height based on setup Possiblity to limit speed In case enemy is noticed during patrol, aircraft engages Intel share from ground units in search distance. Which means if there is ongoing battle air unit will be aware of enemy positions if they are in search distance (adjustable) Adjustable communication delay for intel share Restarting the patrol after aircraft finds no more enemy after an engagement Possibility to have multiple aircraft patrols in a scenario Script can be called from triggers or init.sqf Detecting all enemies inside kill zone. From now on aircrafts will not ignore infantry which do not fire on them. Advanced optics will detect all inside kill zone (adjustable) Return to base (RTB) if fuel is low (20% considered as bingo fuel) RTB based on damage situation (less tolerance to damage during normal flight compared to being in combat) RTB based on ammo. The decision is made based on cannon ammo count. RTB if gunner dies. Refuel, repair and reload ammo at base Target priority rules. Enemy aircrafts are highest value targets. After that comes tanks, armored vehicles, static weapons and infantry. Dense enemy formations have value multiplier which means 10 infantry in close formation is more valuable target than a single Humwee Laser guidence is used if aircraft has any missiles/bombs which can benefit from laser lock. Future Plans Possibility to have multiple bases Known Issue(s) I didn't code anything to improve the aiming of AI pilots. So still vanilla skils and attack methods are in play which means helicopters are also doing fly by to attack and they cannot hit that accurate. Download Dropbox (version 2.1) Armaholic (version 2.1) Sample Mission Dropbox Usage Details are in readMe.txt inside the zip. Examples about how to add custom code or adjust patrol behaviour are inside AirPatrolEnd.sqf. Sample mission can be found above. Version History v.2.1 Fixed: Independent aircrafts were not using laser guidence. Fixed: Logic Objects on map can cause aircraft to stuck in combat mode over an area as such objects might be categorized as enemy. Added: After attack while waiting the restart countdown, aircrafts will do loiter over the area. Tweaked: Some code optimizations. v.2.0 Fixed: Workaround applied due to bug in BIS_fnc_EnemyTargets function which does not consider static weapons as enemy Added: Fixed wing support Added: RTB based on ammunition Added: RTB if gunner is dead Added: Aircraft uses laser for guided bombs Added: Target priority rules v.1.5 Fixed: Possiblity that aircraft stucks at a marker and starts turning around it Added: RTB based on damage Tweaked: Adjustable ServiceTime option removed from script call. Service time is now depending on how much fuel is missing or how much damage is taken Tweaked: AltitudeArray removed from script call. Multi-dimensional array will be used to hold markers and altitude together v.1.0 Initial version Enjoy!
  7. Is the artificial intelligence in Arma 3 following after the [Laws of War] principle ?
  8. What is CF_Woodland? The mod enables branch cracking sounds for units as they move through forests that informs the AI about the player's whereabouts. Features AI can hear players moving Players can also hear the AI Sound travels further the faster the unit is moving All aspects configurable including the range and chances of the branches cracking as well as performance aspects such as terrain range and count checks. Release Latest Release Steam Workshop Requires CBA 3.6.0. Armaholic does not have permission to redistribute the mod as their terms and conditions are not compatible. Changelog 26/07/2018 V1.1 Fixed bug with initialisers that clashed with CF_BAI (and potentially other mods). Improved performance when there are many units on the same machine. Reduced the range test as the effect was happening too far away from foliage. Reduced the period of tests to 5 seconds. Fixed bug where passengers in vehicles would produce branch cracks based on the speed they entered the vehicle. Made sprinting produce only the heavier branch cracks. 29/06/2018 V1.0 Added CBA Settings Reduced the range of sound Made sound volume dependent on range Resampled and prepared the branch sounds and rebalanced to +5Dba. Changed the reveal and knowsAbout to be configured values and no longer dependent on range
  9. Hi all! I know that kind of event handler does not exist, but since the "AUTOCOMBAT" AI feature exists, it is definetly something BIS should implement to avoid disabling it and looping around unit current behaviour and switch it "manually". I want to take advantage of some UPSMon feature which orders AI to set in STEALTH, and, in that case, add them a supressor and make them use it. Is there any Smart way to do this avoiding loops? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey guys, Mainquestion: where are the ai command functions, which the 'command action menu' executes, stored inside arma 3? Some of you might know about voice control for arma 3, especially for commanding ai. Voice Attack and Articualte come in mind. These are directx key based and translate your spoken commands into virtual keyboard presses which are then send like your real keyboard presses to arma 3. This makes commanding ai way easier than jumping all over your keyboard by hand. It has some drawbacks like keyboard layout and timing issues when the game experiences strong fps variations. The holy grail would be to access the ai commands directly via script completely bypassing directx keys and thus bypassing the key based command action menu. The problem is; we cannot find all commands from the command action menu on the wiki. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 For instance: there is the 'commandmove' script command (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/commandMove), but no such script command for 'commandheal' or 'commandregroup'. So where and in what form are all the commands from the command action menu stored? Are only some of these script based and the rest is somewhere hardcoded and simply cannot be accessed? There must be a way to find out how the command action menu links to the commands. Bypassing the directx keys is already working, but again, we miss many commands that seem to be not on the wiki. Any ideas on how to get access to the commands is greatly appreciated. Best, xon2
  11. Is there any way how can i detect whether certain AI see certain enemy unit? I tried trigger in the editor but It can only distinguish which side detected certain side which is useless for me.
  12. Commander Salamander

    Elevation, Categorization, and Slots

    Elevation: I have snipers/marksmen set atop metal towers with small platforms and rails on those platforms, and the snipers won't shoot if they see an enemy contact; they simply initiate a repetitive process of raising and lowering their rifle. Categorization: You need to go to the OPFOR tab in Zeus to spawn Taliban militants, and that's my problem.. why the hell would the developer or developers of RHS think it a good idea to have Taliban set on the same team as OPFOR?? Do they not know of the Soviet Afghan war and the Syrian war that's taking place now and is going to be amplified soon by the Russians (if it already hasn't been)? It's as if they don't know history or player's desires to make Russian vs. Terrorist scenarios as if they would only be interested in the cliche American vs. Terrorist scenario which is beyond me. Slots: How do you organize the slots so that the Platoon leader and his team are at the top and the subsidiary squads under his command are properly organized as well? NOTE: I'm using RHS and ACE. Also, if you don't have the answers to all of my inquiries, then please only answer the ones that you can, although I would like an answer to all of my inquiries.
  13. Hello. I am looking for some addon or script which provide simulation of high command in certain area. For example I would like enemies AIs to share info about my position between squads and if they get contact with enemy then the HQ will send reinforcements and if they lost enemy of sight they will send reconnaissance helicopter. etc. Does anybody have some experience with such addon or script?