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  1. Hi JOHN007, I've tried to reproduce on A2OA with no mods the countermeasures flickering bug you've mentioned but it seems it is not present. From what I see you are using ACE. On the config you've posted I saw that you correctly add my fix on baseclass but immediately after that (from class F_40mm_White) the previous fixes are overwrited with new values (brightness and intensity). Try to delete those values from the F_40mm_White class and see if it change something for you. I repeat that A2OA countermeasures are not affected by the flickering bug effect. Thank you again JOHN007 - Goliath
  2. You're welcome JOHN007! Thank you again for the bug report. The countermeasures script you've posted is here: POST I'll search for countermeasures baseclass and I'll inform you on any update ;) Thank you again JOHN007
  3. Hi JOHN007! The fix that I've used is this: class cfgAmmo { class FlareCore; class FlareBase: FlareCore { timeToLive = 80; brightness = 200; intensity = 1000000; }; class F_40mm_White: FlareBase { timeToLive = 40; brightness = 100; intensity = 5; }; class F_40mm_Green: F_40mm_White { }; class F_40mm_Red: F_40mm_White { }; class F_40mm_Yellow: F_40mm_White { }; };
  4. Hi Sgt_Kelly please, can you post here some screenshots of the issues you has encountered? Thank you
  5. I've fixed the Ambient Civilian (Expansion) module so it does not spawns western civilians anymore. If more bugs are present on this module, please inform me and I will fix them, thank you! Goliath
  6. Are there still problems with the Battlefield Clereance module (AKA First Aid Module)? Because I can't reproduce any problem at all (in singleplayer or as host). Thank you! Goliath
  7. Fixed! Thank you again pcc! Goliath
  8. Fixed, thank you pcc! Goliath
  9. Fixed, thank you Opus! Goliath
  10. Hi @JOHN007 thank your for your feedback regarding the flares' bug. I think that I've solved it with simples config changes. As far as I know there is not a script that control the particle effects of the flares (the previously script you've posted is for the countermeasures). Thank you again! Goliath
  11. g0liath86

    Advanced AI Mod - WIP

    Now if the bot knows about the enemy some of them provide covering fire while others find cover. But if they do not know anything about the enemy and they only hear shoots near them, the first thing they do is to find cover and then try to predict the enemy position and provide covering fire.
  12. g0liath86

    Advanced AI Mod - WIP

    This mod will be a set of scripts. In the futture I will insert even a config.cpp for further engagements. This a little video demonstrating the 'search cover' script: in the video is possible to see how the AI react immediately to an unknown threat by searching for a cover based on bullet trajectory (if no target has been saw). When the AI reach a cover they try to suppress the probable position of the target. In the video, it is even possible to hear the positional bullet crack sound (scripted) near the player when he's suppressed. The scripts are WIP: https://youtu.be/dkpLo7wQnh8
  13. g0liath86

    Advanced AI Mod - WIP

    I'm not dead I'm continuously working on this project! Thanks all for your support
  14. - ADVANCED AI (WIP) - Hi guys, I'm Goliath86 (I've worked on CorePatch for ArmA 2 and on the ArmA 2 Medevac Module). Today I'm here to inform you that I'm working on an experiment I've got in my mind for some time: I'm working on creating a script to improve the AI of this game. I know there are some many addons/mods that improve the AI but not in a manner that I want; I want that AI can use cover smarter behind every kind of object they find (based on the type of cover that they find). I want that AI can effectively use suppressive fire to advance and/or retreat instead of only firing toward the enemy without a tactic in mind. I want...some many things. I think that today FPS games are lacking of smarter AI and I think this is because most games are particularly multiplayer oriented, where the AI is not so important. I've played hundreds of hours on multiplayer FPS games and I've not found the realism and tactics that I want, maybe because I was not so lucky to find the right players (I know that I can join some CLAN and I've done that but especially fot time reasons I could not stay there anymore). So my only option is to find a good singleplayer FPS with a good AI that react realistically and tactically. I've got ArmA 3, ArmA 2, ArmA and ArmA:CWC and I think that all of them are very good FPS singleplayer games but I want more from the AI. I've searched through dozen of AI addons but none of them had personally satisfied me. I needed some more. I started a simple FPS on a famous platform used by many people nowadays to create games and I've started scripting my AI routines but it was a "very hard" job and personally and unfortunately I don't have so many resources, so I've decided to return into the ArmA world where I can start with a solid base (already presents animations, scripting functions already implemented inside the game engine and so on). I've decided to start with ArmA:CWC because it was my very first beloved videogame that spurred me to study computer science so I have a debt with it ;) I'm working into this project without particular ambitions but with only a great passion into the realistic singleplayer FPS games world! I've been working on this script for just over a week now and it goes on! I will inform you on progresses on this script and maybe I will post some videos of my work. Cheers, Goliath
  15. Already fixed! They will be included in the next version of CorePatch ;)