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Found 74 results

  1. Jets DLC Encore Update.

    I have seen the news about the encore update, I supposed that after the Tanks DLC, there will be no more additions into the game, so for me, it have been a really great surprise. BUT!, in my opinion, what arma 3 needs the most, are several good multiplayer game modes. No more King of the Hill please.
  2. note: those're just binaries, no data, that's still WIP, no ETA atm., Linux server to come later too please provide feedback multiplayer incompatible with any older version of A2OA link to Arma discord https://discord.gg/arma channel #end_of_life_arma https://discord.gg/0aWSevYPq5UwEvEP 1.64.144629 (cumulative ontop 144373) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxvpummd1gw4gcj/arma2oa_164_144629.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EnRk-9nHlkE161r6czFVMGNUbEnUwkB9 1.64.144373 windows https://www.dropbox.com/s/68bkm4br9z7w3dd/arma2oa_164_144373.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sLE9Rb9C2u6AfsNmsv98MN-uhMq4h2tA linux https://www.dropbox.com/s/ocq6m3afsi7oc34/a2oa-server-1.64.144373.tar.bz2?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JRK-A4Ho37rbQaSFRTR8u6pH_WoiRgly 1.64.144343: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbchk1cy2ssmcvy/arma2oa_164_144343.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d2iOeHFNCdSRtqRjhrowBL9wHu3eo6n8 1.64.144253: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9wow6peuhcwx0y/arma2oa_164_144253.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=17M0R3RCISz0OFkxj0ToegEM5KRfKpHb5 1.64.144246: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tegisi94nv5jxqp/arma2oa_164_144246.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mk-MRvTsQox9RTLppHaUzWCzNkIkNs8R 1.64.144198: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kjctemljlpfns8c/arma2oa_164_144198.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ux4z8q1TmK5NG93yLSZGkqb5dwaGVU94 1.64.144191: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i88d9b8jsvi5zjp/arma2oa_164_144191.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TVeBJ4kZlUCeY51IhvarrNVzQiLJwayH 1.64.144160: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wcxbjvw0emsasm5/arma2oa_164_144160.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mpWO0vTGljmgamkdjcrsi2ek7e0PENiF 1.64.144152: https://www.dropbox.com/s/857t9wyhkl58l1n/arma2oa_164_144152.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZXp_zjlmp9DF6Q9-LQ_9aE1fTp3neYTs 1.64.144120: https://www.dropbox.com/s/55gji8mck6zupsv/arma2oa_164_144120_with_corepatch.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PeIa-4hnnJWeIN1EU0CUOmWFj98Yh1Q1 1.64.144112: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7gycfsy8orj4v23/arma2oa_164_144112.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Li11k5vv4DHl8_rceNe7WJqxnAyYBW-U
  3. Dear friends! Today we show you result a long and hard work - unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01 by [4RTech] OFP Clan! We went to this event for a long time, make many tests for every upgrade and fix. Unofficial patch was checked for compability with different modifications (look for crash-test videos). We found and fixed a lot of bugs, lags, crashes and updated a network defence. So, this is a unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01! Compatiblity: You need to install ArmA Resistance 2.01 on original game Arma: Cold War Assault 1.99 for it to work correctly. ArmA Resistance 2.01 confirmed its work on Windows XP, Windows 7 (x32, x64), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and dedicated server also confirmed its work on GNU/Linux (Wine 32-bit): Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, CentOS 7. Contents [Included files]: Changelog [MUST READ ALL, also include 2.00 features]: Credits: Pictures: Some game features... ...and Windows and Linux friendly dedicated server Video demonstration: Crash-test playlist: Language expansion (since 15 june 2018): Download ArmA Resistance 2.01 (+ bonus: example mission with new commands use) Download ArmA Resistance 2.01 "Lite" («Lite» don't have dedicated server (console), GNU/Linux scripts, d3d8to9, Command Reference, no Backup original files and remove files manually from the game not needed. Provided only in archive .7z)
  4. Updates

    02-11-2016 HOTFIX 0.65 Fixed: Player will no longer get stuck on "Receiving mission file" in lobby after the scenario is finished. Fixed: The mission countdown in lobby is now clearly visible. Tweaked: Default fire mode is now full auto with an exception of Marksman rifles.

    Whereas SITREPs are general development updates, the SPOTREPs will focus solely on big default branch updates to the game. Keep checking the Dev Hub for all details. ---------- Post added at 13:16 ---------- Previous post was at 13:14 ---------- Full changelog and SPOTREP
  6. I mean we need a Police Update for the campaign and roleplayers of Arma 3. 1. Altis Police with a Police Offroad (texture) and a better Police Boat (texture) i mean the greek blue, withe strips looks really bad. Maybe a Heli like the unarmored WY-55 Hellcat. 2. Tanoa Gendarmerie with Police MB 4WD and Police Boat (texture), Tonoa is a group of islands (it make no sense when the police have nothing on the water). Maybe a Heli like the MH-9 Hummingbird.
  7. I quest it's time to plea the great god of Bohemia to actually release (read push build button) 1.78 version of Arma3 for the Linux guys... I mean after the hotfixes obviously :D but... well i don't know what else to say.
  8. Hey Guys, I made a python script to automate updating my server and figured I'd share. I've only tested it on Python 3.6 but I think it would work for any version. Just update the directories and files section to where your stuff is located. The "Steam Workshop IDs.txt" file just contains the workshop item number and a human readable string which automatically gets changed to a lowercase name without spaces. It uses a symbolic link to add the mods to the server's addons folder instead of moving it so updating works without redownloading everything. I know theres a bunch of GUI server managers out there, but I don't like the complexity that adds and this way I can just SSH from any device to update/boot my server. Update.py import os import sys from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, CalledProcessError, DEVNULL, STDOUT, check_call import glob armaServerAppId = "233780" armaClientAppId = "107410" modsDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master\\addons\\" keysDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master\\keys\\" armaDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master" steamCMD = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\steamcmd.exe" steamContentDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\steamapps\\workshop\\content\\" + armaClientAppId + "\\" steamTempScript = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\tempUpdateScript.txt" steamAuth = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\auth.txt" workshopItems = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Steam Workshop IDs.txt" userLogin = "" userPass = "" def updateServer(): print("Updating Server...") # Get the users login checkUserLogin() os.system(steamCMD + ' +login ' + userLogin + ' ' + userPass + ' +force_install_dir ' + armaDirectory + ' "+app_update ' + armaServerAppId + '" validate +quit') def checkUserLogin(): global userLogin global userPass if userLogin == "": userLogin = input("Steam> Username: ") if userPass == "": userPass = input("Steam> Password: ") def copyKeys(): for filename in glob.iglob(modsDirectory+'**\\*.bikey', recursive=True): os.system("xcopy " + filename + " " + keysDirectory + " /s /y") error = "" os.system('cls') try: with open(steamAuth) as f: for line in f: info = line.split(" ") if len(info) == 2: userLogin = info[0] userPass = info[1] except: pass while True: userInput = input("Main Menu \n1. Update Server\n2. Update Mods\n4. Update Keys\n4. Exit\n" + error + ">> ") error = "" if userInput == "1": updateServer() input("Press any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "2": # Get the users login checkUserLogin() # Clear the temp script file = open(steamTempScript, 'w') script = "@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1\n" script += "@NoPromptForPassword 1\n" script += "login " + userLogin + " " + userPass + "\n" script += "force_install_dir " + armaDirectory + "\n" mods = {} # Loop through each item in the workshop file with open(workshopItems) as f: for line in f: modInfo = line.split(" ", 1) steamWorkshopId = modInfo[0].strip() modName = modInfo[1].strip() modFolder = "@"+modName.replace(" ", "_").lower() mods[steamWorkshopId] = {"name": modName, "folder": modFolder} script += 'workshop_download_item ' + armaClientAppId + ' ' + steamWorkshopId + ' validate\n' # Make a link to the downloaded content (way better than moving...) symLink = modsDirectory + modFolder if not os.path.exists(symLink): os.system('mklink /J ' + symLink + ' ' + steamContentDirectory + steamWorkshopId + '\n') script += "quit" file.write(script) file.close() # Run the script print("\n=====================================\nLogging into Steam...\n=====================================") with Popen(steamCMD + " +runscript " + steamTempScript, stdout=PIPE, bufsize=1, universal_newlines=True) as p: for line in p.stdout: line = line.strip() if line != "": if line.find("Downloading item") != -1: downloadingLine = line.split("Downloading item") if downloadingLine[0]: print(downloadingLine[0]) try: modIdLine = downloadingLine[1].strip().split(" ") steamWorkshopId = modIdLine[0] print("\n=====================================\nDownloading "+mods[steamWorkshopId]["name"] + " ["+str(steamWorkshopId)+"]...\n=====================================") except: pass else: print(line) # Automatically copy bikeys over print("\n=====================================\nCopying addon keys...\n=====================================") copyKeys() input("\nPress any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "3": # Search for any bikeys and copy them into keys folder copyKeys() input("Press any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "4": sys.exit(0) elif userInput == "": os.system('cls') else: error = "[ERROR] Unknown choice. Try again\n" Steam Workshop IDs.txt 450814997 CBA 463939057 ACE 708250744 ACEX 773131200 ACE Compat RHSAFRF 773125288 ACE Compat RHSUSAF 689845793 ACD 853743366 CUP Terrains CWA 583496184 CUP Terrains Core 583544987 CUP Terrains Maps 671539540 EM Buildings 753946944 Murshun Cigs 498740884 Shacktac 698078148 Spec4gear 696177964 VSM WARFIGHTERS ... and so on ...
  9. This is a discussion about things that you think should be added to the game.
  10. updating through steam

    hello I am new to ARMA 3 I have purchased it off steam and I am having some problems with my audio dropping off. I am wondering if there is an update and if steam will prompt for the update; or is it something I have to do myself.
  11. Today I bought Argo supporter's pack, but new items with last halloween update are unavalible )=
  12. Quick question that bothers me for a while now: Why are updates for Arma 3 so big? For example, the recent update for the "Laws of War"-DLC had 6.1 GB, but only contained - 1 new vehicle - 1 new UAV - 3 "missions", one of them quite large - reskins for new IDAP units - new bombs and mines - tweaks to the platform I would expect a size of 2 GB at most for such an update. So why is it the size it is?
  13. Upcoming update????

    hello everyone, this is a amazing game. But i think it will be better if there is an online mode. Do you know PUBG, the online mode will like that. May be 15-20 players drop in the island, and try to survival, last one will win... I think this game will become very popular with online mode. I hope that you can update that in some days, or atleast a multiplayers co-op!! Thanks for reading!!
  14. I don't understand this. Before steam, I never had major issues that caused inconveniences with this game. Every time I go a few months without playing ArmA 3 I come back and there is either some new error with steam itself, or the game is broke. I'm getting tired of this becoming a second job. Anyway I just loaded ArmA3, four months ago everything was working great, Red Hammer, CUP, and all my other add-ons. Now today Jul, 16th I load the game and it's asking me to agree with the license as though I just installed it for the first time. I've been playing this game since OFP, and now days it's been nothing but a hassle with the inclusion of steam. Also, None of my add-ons are working because my Set Launch Options are wiped out of the settings. How did that happen? I have not changed anything on this computer as I only use this computer for gaming which I have not played any in 4 months. Anyone know what the devs broke so I can go fix it once again? This game was so much better before Steam. You went to the website to get your updates, no big deal. All Steam does is adds more complexity to system instability because now you have something else running that can have it's own issues. It just compiles the chance of an issue. Steam developers have thousands of games to try to be compatible with, they can't manage and test their service against them all. This is why ArmA 3 has been a nightmare for some people. As always, the developers at BIS are masters and artists at what they do, but steam has to go. I lost my entire clan when BIS adopted steam.
  15. All I see is that this is a bug fix update. Anything else we should know about?
  16. Hello All, Today I come to you as a dedicated Zeus player, moderator, admin and Zeus from official servers. Most of you may know me as simply Andrew, I am around on Arma on a daily basis. I come to you to ask for your help in restoring the official Zeus servers to there former glory by asking Bohemia Interactive to remove the nonsense respawn option added in the last update. Before I start, I want to acknowledge the positive side of the revive mode as yes, there are occasionally bonuses from it. It shows that there is a lot of flexibility for Arma and that the options are always there. For the odd mission here and there without respawns if all the settings are set to cruel times, it can partly work to generate a good mission. It has many options and provides players with an alternative to the main death system. Despite this however, I believe all the cons far out way the pros. Arma 3 is advertised as a military simulator, the most realistic one in the world in fact, yet last update with Malden they added the option for revive. Reviving does not exist in military combat. There is no first aid or medic kit that can deal with a fatal or even light bullet would enough for a soldier to continue in battle without issue. Never has a person taken a sniper bullet through the brain and been able to stand up and carry on fighting after first aid. So why do we have to endure this on Arma? I appreciate that Bohemia are trying to show off the possibilities of Arma and that server hosting is an option, but the official servers are meant to represent Arma and do we really want Arma represented in this manner to new players? Those of us who are unable to host a server due to costings or other technical restrictions have to use official servers, and as the main player base if we can come together I believe we can fix this problem. The other option told to us is that the admin can remove the option in parameters, or the Zeus can request the admin turn it off. This will just encourage people to vote out Zeus's and admins just to disable revive mode and in fact it is happening right now. A number of communities will join servers with the ultimatum of remove revive mode or lose admin/Zeus. We don't want to generate a toxic player base for a game that has such a positive and supportive community. Overall, we the community, have a job to make sure the Dev's know when they have made a mistake or that they have done things we don't like so they can understand the fans views even if nothing changes. Lets join up and see if we can help the Dev's realise how much better Zeus is without revive mode. Thank you for reading. Andrew/Bubbles
  17. Hey. I have a sector module with its costInfantry variable being set to 0.5 on mission start. I have placed triggers that use the setVariable command to change this mid-game and can confirm that the variables change using: hint format ["%1", SECTORNAME getVariable 'costInfantry']; afterwards. However the module doesn't update its variables. By changing this variable to 0, the module should become un-cappable by infantry but as I've found out, this is not the case. Q: Is there a function to force a module to update and use the variables set upon it after initialisation of that module? Thanks.
  18. Apex aircrafts upgrade

    After the jet DLC update Apex aircrafts (Blackfish, Xi'am) can be controlled with the new buttons in context menu. But why there is no way to set engine to 90° or 0° with just 1 button? And why this aircrafts have been upgraded with new engines, which are so hard to control, because >40 % power - youre going down and blowing up, < 50% - youre taking off faster than rocket. Just give us old control system for Blackfishes and Xi'ams, Bohemia! Please!
  19. Hey guys, I m trying to automate some things on my linux server. In this case I try to autoupdate bikeys and mods but my method is not as good as I wish to. I know howto download a mod (vcomai) via steamcmd like this: /steamcmd.sh +login steamname mysecretpasswd +workshop_download_item 107410 721359761 +quit but this command downloads the whole mod every time and this is annoying if I want to update 2 times a day. So my first question is if there is a way to just check if the mod is updated and then download it? Like as I do while updating the server with those "validate" option. I tried /steamcmd.sh +login steamname mysecretpasswd +workshop_download_item 107410 721359761 validate +quit but that seems just to download the whole mod. The second thing is that I m looking for a way to download the bikey only for some mods. This is thought for updating bikeys of mods which are used client side only and which I want to allow on my server like some sound mods and particle mods. Is there a way to do this? Any help is very appreciated. Cheers EDIT: okay, first question was nonsense as steam seems to remember which version is already downloaded. But the second thing remains. I dont want to download all allowed (on my server) client side mods to my server just to get the new bikeys. Is there a way to get that key files only? I guess its not :-(
  20. Easy Mission Creator (E.M.C) Ver 0.91 This is a simple mission generator. Using two simple routines and some functions can be created more than 9 different types of combat missions without having to program anything. Allows an exhaustive control map and the various missions separately. It generates both debug tasks as positions on the map easily. Is currently in beta and is not finished. Runs all missions and control without problems but not translated into English at the moment. W.I.P Changelog: Added task control Updated STEP BY STEP guide. Added control variables into the E.M.C init. ToDo list: Refine code Improvements New missions Credits Shuko (this script make an extensive use of SHK_PATROL, SHK_POS and other SHUKO "delicatessen"). Bangabob (Edition of shk_patrol) License Creative Commons: Attribution Attribution (by), ShareAlike ShareAlike (sa) License Terms: All routine and this code is creating entirely by me using my own ideas and talent. You have perssion to use and modify using the Creative Commons license but all the work remains free and open to the community. If you make modificacions to this code you are only the owner of you own not mine and you cannot change the open code and free terms. IP/MP/Dedicated support Link: https://mega.nz/#!nlpRjZIS!RTWfBwoTNPqidvfxToXBAYB2m56107ZOSdpOlnT9YkA
  21. Tick Tock CRASH

    the game is crash after 5 to 10mins, its like you added a timer for it to crash for me. I could be playing a game, or just be on the main menu, it will freeze. I have to do ctrl alt delete everytime. Iv yet to play the game without crashing since i did the update today. One time it took only 2 mins to crash, I clicked on Multiplayer on the main menu then clicked Server Browser, I crashed, here is the info i saw after i ended Arma program through ctrl Alt Delete if it helps- https://i.gyazo.com/7ea2cc1080c9cd8ae29edbcd8344f6d2.png Exit code- 0xCFFFFFFF - STATUS_APPLICATION_HANG OS 64BIT: TRUE Process 64bit: FALSE Culture: en-US
  22. Hello guys yesterday we had some problems to update our ArmA 3 Servers to 64 bit update. The update command via steamcmd was not a problem, but to run the servers. First we received a message "XAPOFX1_5.dll" is missing. So I copied it from my computer (testing virtual machine for ArmA 3 for mods, etc.) in C:\Windows\System32. After that we got a message "could not start, exception 0xc000007b". Several retries, cheking procedures via steamcmd, second testing machine, etc. After that I found my solution: Copying all vcomp120.dll, X3DAudio1_7.dll and XAPOFX1_5.dll to C:\Windows\System32 and reboot did the work. But don't get me wrong - of course I had this files on my server before. But first the new copies brought it to work. Creepy, hm? So I cannot upload the fixed files here - so I'll not do so and link them here. But if anybody needs thems, I'll post the original post of my clan's forum where the 3 files are available as download. Just let me know. After that all it worked without a problem and I'm happy to have the new 64 bit stable update. Thanks for that and have a nice weekend. Your Martyn
  23. CCE2 beta 7.x series

    Hi all, I've been given approval by Drongo69/TacRod to publish a fixed version of his CCE2 beta 7 template. ABOUT COIN COOP ENGINE 2 Your goal is to succeed in the COIN operation by hindering all resistance activity in the area. To do so, you will be assigned a range of missions. The countryside is crawling with resistance squads and camps. As you complete missions and kill enemies, you may requisition additional vehicles and troops. ABOUT THE DIFFERENT VERSIONS In this thread you'll find two iterations of the original CCE2 created by Drongo69. The first one is beta 7.1.x, which doesn't change anything from the original CCE2 releases and is only focused on fixing bugs. The second one is beta 7.2 onwards, which uses the fixes from beta 7.1 and expands CCE2 with new features and gameplay changes. So, it's up to you to decide which version to use. If you want oldschool CCE2 then pick 7.1. If you want more stuff pick 7.2. You can find more info about CCE2 in the threads of old CCE versions by Drongo69, such as this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?98846-CCE2-for-Operation-Enduring-Freedom -- CCE2 BETA 7.1.1 REQUIRED ADDONS - CoC Unified Artillery (if you use CWA you'll also need to apply this fix) This update includes the following fixes: beta 7.1.1 - Enemy unit won't be seen mounted in crashed chopper anymore (in CCE\Mission\RecoverIntel.sqs) - Convoy groups will enter ActionLoop if the vehicle is destroyed OR can't move (in CCE\Mission\ManageConvoy.sqs) beta 7.1 - Added check to control amount of CAP groups spawned, so it doesn't spawn so many that there's no room for mission groups or custom enemy units. (in mission editor, CCE\Misc\sideCount.sqf, CCE\StartCCE2.sqs, CCE\CAP\SpawnSquad.sqs and CCE\CAP\SpawnVehicles.sqs) - Enemy groups spawned in missions should be removed properly now once a new mission is requested (in CCE\Misc\CleanUp.sqs) - Fixed destroyed vehicle counter (in CCE\Units\KilledEnemyConvoyVehicle.sqs) - Fixed serveral problems in CAP\spawnsquad.sqs and CAP\spawnsquad2.sqs - Fixed "simultaneous mission" bug which was causing the spawn of tons of enemy mission groups and targets in the same one mission (in CCE\Mission\requestMission.sqs) - Fixed mission target counter displaying wrong count after aborting a mission (in Mission\MissionMonitorGroup.sqs) - Convoy destination marker now isn't visible once the Convoy mission ends or is aborted (in Mission\MissionOver.sqs) - Rescue mission should be aborted properly now, deleting the unit to be rescued (in Mission\rescue.sqs, Mission\rescueAI.sqs and Mission\MissionOver.sqs) - Fixed being able to abort missions when there weren't any, which caused the next requested mission to auto-abort on start (in CCE\Client\AbortMission.sqs) - Added check to spawning scripts, so they stop running if the leader is dead while the script is still forming the squad. (in CCE\CAP\SpawnSquad2.sqs and CCE\CAP\SpawnVehicles2.sqs) - Fixed counter of enemy units killed in the Search and Destroy mission. Previously the mission needed 1 more kill than it was asking for (in CCE\Mission\SnD.sqs) - Fixed artillery units being added to global array without checking if they were already in the artillery vehicles. (in CCE\Add\artillery.sqs) - Chance of enemy groups spawning over water greatly reduced (in CCE\Misc\overwater.sqf, CCE\StartCCE2.sqs, CCE\CAP\StartPatrol.sqs, CCE\Mission\MissionLocation.sqs and CCE\Mission\ConvoyDestination.sqs) - Added missing CoC markers (in mission editor) - Cost of CAS and Airstrikes is now displayed when requesting them (in CCE\Support\StartCAS.sqs and CCE\Support\StartAirstrike.sqs) - Blowing up the chopper after recovering the intel won't tag you as "enemy" and be killed by your teammates anymore (in CCE\Mission\RecoverIntel.sqs) - Fixed weather not following the values set in DefineMission.sqs (in CCE\Server\Weather.sqs and CCE\Client\Weather.sqs) I think those are all the bugs in the beta 7 version that needed fixing. Note that I mean fixing bugs (broken stuff), not gameplay issues (like mission X being too hard or whatever). For the latter, read below. To apply the fixes over your mission just copy/paste the CCE directory over your that of your mission (make a backup first, just in case), then tweak DefineMission.sqs and DefineUnits.sqs accordingly (or copy the content of the CCE dir but those two files to avoid having to re-tweak). Then copy the trigger in the middle of the map in the mission editor to your mission or create a new one yourself with the settings: Axis a and Axis b about 8000 both (adjust depending on the size of your island, but it has to cover every single unit), Activation: anybody, Once (so, no repeat), Condition: CCE_Ready, On Activation: CCE_All = thislist DOWNLOAD CCE2 beta 7.1.1 Template: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zzs9vwrp73huuyg -- CCE2 BETA 7.2.3 This version of CCE2 expands on the original, fixing bugs and adding new features and gameplay changes. REQUIRED ADDONS - CoC Unified Artillery (if you use CWA you'll also need to apply this fix) These below aren't actually needed, but heavily recommended: - SNYSptPack.pbo (from SP/MP support pack) - for the rope and rappel anims - DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo (a modified version from Drongo's Toolkit), ECP_DSAI.pbo and ECP_DSAI_2.pbo (from ECP and its patch) - to activate DSAI - BN_tracer.pbo (BN880 version) - to see the tracers OTHER - FWATCH - to be able to show the personal menu with a key press - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NEW FEATURES - New mission: Liberate Hostage - Helicopter insertions and extractions: The insertion types available are normal (by landing), fast rope, paradrop and HALO - Informer: There's a local informer in the camp that might know the approximate location of active camps, for a price. (additions in CCE\Informant, CCE\CAP\CampBossAI.sqs, CCE\Client\Start.sqs) - Equipment automatically assigned to players on (re)spawn (starting gear can be edited at CCE\respawnGear.sqs) - Disband: You can disband any of your units. When doing so, those units will be able to be recruited by any player. They'll be removed after a few minutes (in CCE\disband) - Reorder Unit(s): You can now send any unit or units to the end of your group formation. This way you can now, for instance, easily sort the big gaps in formations when units die or by having vehicles in the middle or the start of your group. (in CCE\reorder) - Reinforce: You can access the Reinforce menu from anywhere - Request Airdrop (CWA ONLY): Players can request vehicles and ammo crates to be airdropped to a specific location, for an increased fee. Only works for CWA. It's automatically deactivated for OFP servers. - Rearm: Players can now rearm the whole squad with their standard equipment. They'll keep radios and NV goggles given by the player, though. - civPopulate is now integrated into CCE2, in a modified version that works in MP. This allows to populate all the towns (and any other desired area) with civs, while actually using just a handful of civ units. It also features traffic, but only while playing in SP. For the full changelog refer to the readme in the /docs directory. BETA 7.2.3 MISSIONS WW4 Lead a Special Forces squad in your mission to hinder resistance activity in southern Everon. REQUIRED ADDONS - WW4 v2.5 For the rest of addons needed refer to the ones listed in the beta 7.2.3 template FEATURES PARTICULAR TO THIS MISSION - Modular Weapon System (MWS): You'll be able to apply different modules to your weapon on the fly. You can find this feature in the actions menu. CREDITS - Sanctuary, for WW4 DOWNLOAD MISSION CCE2 BETA 7.2.3 - WW4: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?y906t32eneyvisa WW4 - MAPFACT's RUCKSACK Same mission as above, but with rucksacks. REQUIRED ADDONS - WW4 v2.5 - MAPFACT's Rucksack - WW4 DOWNLOAD MISSION CCE2 BETA 7.2.3 - WW4, MAPFACT's Rucksack: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?p705mgcxa9ranm0 -- EXTRA Modified DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo While you can use the default DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo found in Drongo's Toolkit it is recommended that you use this version instead. I edited the sound levels so they are like those found in ECP. Previously, all were set to 1, the maximum level, and it was hard to tell the distance from you of the yelling enemies as they all sounded like they were a few meters ahead. Now this issue should have been solved. DOWNLOAD MODIFIED DrongosToolkitVoices.pbo: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kiro3zbgvgkv6cz -- CREDITS - Drongo 6-9. Because, you know, CCE2. Props to the man. - Blip, for his Multi Rappel scripts - snYpir, for SNYSptPack.pbo and overwater.sqf - David Berka, for helidrop.sqs (renamed to airdrop.sqs) - toadlife (Real Halo scripts and shuffle.sqf) - Backoff (createunit2.sqf) - Liquid_Silence (distancepos3d.sqf) - General Barron (nearestobj.sqf) - Tophe of Östgöta Ops (randomBuildingPos.sqf) - weasello (rndPosInRadius.sqf) - Igor Drukov (getrelpos.sqf) - bn880 (sortbubble.sqf, tracers) - Faguss (FWATCH) - The BAS team, for the river crossing and helo rotor wash scripts (permission obtained through Ebud) - The VTE team, for the mist script (permission obtained through Snake Man) - Sanctuary, for the sandstorm script (used with permission) - The people who still maintain OFPR.info, OFPEC.com and the other few sites that still host OFP stuff. You are a very important part of why OFP is still alive. - All the rest of modders, scripters, modellers, forumites and contributors in general to OFP, those still active and those who left. None of my stuff would have been released without your work, guidance and tools. So, a big thank you to you all. - Anything else not credited was created by either Drongo69 or kenoxite
  24. Hi, today the 1.68 was released and is on stabil. But my question is, what kind of + gives brings 64 Bit Version, i cant find any improvement. FPS is the same. Thx for the answers
  25. I was wondering if there are CHANGELOGS for the 2 Arma 2 updates (42.1mb and 35.1mb) that just arrived via Steam ?