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  1. Changelog 0.5.27963

    Server maintenance is coming! please keep in mind that the servers are going to be down for a little while around 12 PM CEST and the update will bring the following: Added: Doors now have proper audio cues – they squeak while opening and closing Fixed: Saving of user settings should now be more consistent Changed: Number of regions for matchmaking was optimized to allow faster matchmaking times
  2. note: those're just binaries, no data, that's still WIP, no ETA atm., Linux server to come later too please provide feedback multiplayer incompatible with any older version of A2OA link to Arma discord https://discord.gg/arma channel #end_of_life_arma https://discord.gg/0aWSevYPq5UwEvEP 1.64.144629 (cumulative ontop 144373) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxvpummd1gw4gcj/arma2oa_164_144629.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EnRk-9nHlkE161r6czFVMGNUbEnUwkB9 1.64.144373 windows https://www.dropbox.com/s/68bkm4br9z7w3dd/arma2oa_164_144373.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sLE9Rb9C2u6AfsNmsv98MN-uhMq4h2tA linux https://www.dropbox.com/s/ocq6m3afsi7oc34/a2oa-server-1.64.144373.tar.bz2?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JRK-A4Ho37rbQaSFRTR8u6pH_WoiRgly 1.64.144343: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbchk1cy2ssmcvy/arma2oa_164_144343.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d2iOeHFNCdSRtqRjhrowBL9wHu3eo6n8 1.64.144253: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9wow6peuhcwx0y/arma2oa_164_144253.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=17M0R3RCISz0OFkxj0ToegEM5KRfKpHb5 1.64.144246: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tegisi94nv5jxqp/arma2oa_164_144246.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mk-MRvTsQox9RTLppHaUzWCzNkIkNs8R 1.64.144198: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kjctemljlpfns8c/arma2oa_164_144198.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ux4z8q1TmK5NG93yLSZGkqb5dwaGVU94 1.64.144191: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i88d9b8jsvi5zjp/arma2oa_164_144191.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TVeBJ4kZlUCeY51IhvarrNVzQiLJwayH 1.64.144160: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wcxbjvw0emsasm5/arma2oa_164_144160.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mpWO0vTGljmgamkdjcrsi2ek7e0PENiF 1.64.144152: https://www.dropbox.com/s/857t9wyhkl58l1n/arma2oa_164_144152.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZXp_zjlmp9DF6Q9-LQ_9aE1fTp3neYTs 1.64.144120: https://www.dropbox.com/s/55gji8mck6zupsv/arma2oa_164_144120_with_corepatch.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PeIa-4hnnJWeIN1EU0CUOmWFj98Yh1Q1 1.64.144112: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7gycfsy8orj4v23/arma2oa_164_144112.7z?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Li11k5vv4DHl8_rceNe7WJqxnAyYBW-U
  3. Changelog 0.5.27007

    Changelog 0.5.27007 Improved: Interaction with the interactive objects (loot, doors, windows, ladders...) is now more comfortable Improved: Stability of the game in many regards
  4. Dear friends! Today we show you result a long and hard work - unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01 by [4RTech] OFP Clan! We went to this event for a long time, make many tests for every upgrade and fix. Unofficial patch was checked for compability with different modifications (look for crash-test videos). We found and fixed a lot of bugs, lags, crashes and updated a network defence. So, this is a unofficial patch ArmA Resistance 2.01! Compatiblity: You need to install ArmA Resistance 2.01 on original game Arma: Cold War Assault 1.99 for it to work correctly. ArmA Resistance 2.01 confirmed its work on Windows XP, Windows 7 (x32, x64), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and dedicated server also confirmed its work on GNU/Linux (Wine 32-bit): Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, CentOS 7. Contents [Included files]: Changelog [MUST READ ALL, also include 2.00 features]: Credits: Pictures: Some game features... ...and Windows and Linux friendly dedicated server Video demonstration: Crash-test playlist: Language expansion (since 15 june 2018): Download ArmA Resistance 2.01 (+ bonus: example mission with new commands use) Download ArmA Resistance 2.01 "Lite" («Lite» don't have dedicated server (console), GNU/Linux scripts, d3d8to9, Command Reference, no Backup original files and remove files manually from the game not needed. Provided only in archive .7z)
  5. The Helicopters DLC need a big update ! Thats not fair, where is the steering animation ? And why i cant take up while i am rolling on the airstrip ?
  6. Changelog 0.5.25128

    Changelog 0.5.25128 Added: Tips from onboarding added to the options menu Added: "Reset To Default" to Options screens Changed: Matchmaking status now displays elapsed time instead of player count Fixed: Accuracy in the result screen should no longer be higher than 100 %. Shotguns were scoring more hits than shots, resulting in above 100 % accuracy Fixed: It was not possible to loot dead players in some cases due to wooden crate physics Fixed: a Broken visual style of "Advanced Controls" button
  7. Server optimization

    Prepare Outlanders, at 17:00 CEST there will be server optimization. Some of you may notice disconnections from encounters in post-war Norway. If that will be your case, please a have a little patience. Thank you!
  8. Note: I'm not having an issue with the base game (all add-ons disabled) after the last update at the time of this post: Hotfix 1.82 ArmA3 vers, 1.82.144710, I'm getting a few script errors. Seems every major update for A3 breaks the mods. I don't blame BIS for that. But some people are saying to go to CUP's website and download the add-ons because the workshop can't handle huge files. Some are saying that BIS never anticipated such large downloads. What ever the cause, I thought the whole point of using the workshop was the have your mods kept up to date automatically. Has anyone else experienced this when adding CUP assets into the editor and then playing the game? No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CUP_D_RadarProtocal_RU/SentConvering.'. There's also another error I'm getting that's freezing the game temporary until the error leaves the screen. Something about a Transit function. Again, everything was fine till this last main update to A3. These CUP mods are HUGE, I don't what to have to download them all again, but I guess I don't have a choice. The only mods I'm running are CUP, CBA, Eden settings and RedHammer. These are are workshop subscriptions. I've tried the Repair feature on each and every mod. Everything show OK for the status. I don't know what to do with this, and ArmA3 is getting to be more work then it's fun. I'm always trying to fix things after each major update. Maybe I just need to turn updates off once everything is working and not update again until everything settles. EDIT Well I just downloaded all the CUP add-ons, added them manually to the launcher options, and I'm still getting bin, function.. ect..ect errors. Like I said, every time there is an update to ArmA3, something gets broke. I don't remember dealing with this as often back in the A2 days. I'm getting sick of spending all my time trouble shooting this game. BIS, stop releasing DLC's and focus on compatibility. 22 years I've been playing this since OFP, and I'm about to hang it up with this title.
  9. My problem is the workshop continuously trying to update, it is fine but as soon as I subscribe to one single mod in the workshop it goes crazy and continuously tries to update a zero byte file, the only way to get it to stop is to delete all the mods, I have uninstalled steam and Arma twice now but the problem returns as soon as I pick any mod and subscribe to it, here is a short youtube video of the problem https://youtu.be/jz4Ri0HlWbo As you can see it goes so fast it flickers with its constant download tries, it also uses 20% ish cpu power and continues even if I start a game, my settings are to stop downloads when in game, I'm pulling my hair out over this and have spent hours searching google, steam and these forums for an answer, if anyone can help me with this I would be so grateful. Thanks Auntystatic
  10. I am reporting on the same bugs that I experienced during the Xbox Insider "Beta." I picked up the Game Preview thinking that some progress would have been made with the game being down for a week. What I experienced tonight almost made me want to get a refund. I am disappointed. Are you, the devs, actually utilizing these forums and taking in the heaps of feedback we are giving you? Camera is janky. When I am running around, the camera has the micro shakes that don't seem intentional. The camera bugs out if I crouch and stand up rapidly. Not sure what it's trying to do, but again, this does not seem intentional. I cannot tell if gun jamming is a feature of the game or not. It feels incredibly frustrating when it happens. If it is a feature, why not give some type of audial cue that it has happened, and please make the trigger pulls consistent to get my gun firing again. Trying to loot cars is problematic because I have to go to the other side of the car that shows the 'Hold X' prompt. Why not have a prompt on both sides? Or what about making the whole vehicle a prompt? Increase the volume of the footsteps, and how far away the character begins to hear them. Decrease the gunshot volume. If I have to turn up my headphones to hear footsteps, then the gunshots will make my eardrums bleed. This game needs serious audio balancing. Nerf the knives or make it so I can shoot someone point blank without them making my gun aim to the sealing because they are too close trying to knife me. This is unbelievably frustrating, and soon, people are going to exploit this even more than they are. Why did you remove the player count when I am trying to join a lobby? I appreciate seeing how much time it's taken since I started a queue, but why remove the other information. Baffling. Can we get a description for all the options that we have under 'Advanced Controls/Settings?" I wonder if anyone, besides the devs, know what they mean. Add an audio cue to switching firing modes on all guns. A simple "click" would suffice. Sometimes ammo looks like it doesn't leave my inventory. This has resulted in me joining a match without any ammo because I thought I had 90 rounds in my backpack. Putting a gun on my character and then putting it back in my stash will result in the gun still appearing on my back. Add a strong epilepsy warning at the start of the game because, my god, the muzzle flash on any fully automatic gun is insane. Like a fast paced strobe light. Fix the spawns! I spawned within 50 feet/15 meters from a person and he rushed me with a knife and subsequently killed me because I couldn't shoot down at him. Activating the vault mechanic is very inconsistent, and sometimes my character will "high jump" to get over a small ledge. This can reveal my position unintentionally. Please, please, PLEASE show a stronger visual cue that I actually hit someone during a firefight. The current experience is spray, pray, and wait til either party dies, which is NOT a good experience when that's a huge aspect of this game. Fix the shooting! Get help from MS or something. An audio bug can be found at the waterfall next to the safehouse. It sounds like a generator is running, or one of the sound effects of water crashing on rocks is looping too soon. The shotgun doesn't align right when ADS. From what I remember, the tip of the gun is pointing slightly left. That's all I can think of, for now. You may want to establish a template for bug reporting, sooner than later.
  11. SPOTREPs

    Whereas SITREPs are general development updates, the SPOTREPs will focus solely on big default branch updates to the game. Keep checking the Dev Hub for all details. ---------- Post added at 13:16 ---------- Previous post was at 13:14 ---------- Full changelog and SPOTREP
  12. Changelog 0.5.24877

    Changelog 0.5.24877 Added: Michel Wijnand to special thanks Changed: Water surface fixed in Tutorial map Changed: Fixed places where a player could get stuck in Tutorial map Changed: Adjusted loot distributions in levels Fixed: Various uniforms have their textures improved Tweaked: Correct interior for houses set on Snow Forrest Updated: You can now vault over many fences around balconies and terraces (including Shelter) Updated: Improved quality of shadows in interiors
  13. loving the game, keep up the great work, im hoping we some bigger maps or map extension, people are on you straight away and u get somewhere and its already looted because the maps small, movement needs refining and made a little better for console, i have sensitivity right up and its still too slow. guns jam during battles. i like the half loot idea on death or even keep 25% so ur coming back with something. and there needs to be fist melee if you have no weapons. u need to be able to defend urself in those situations.
  14. Jets DLC Encore Update.

    I have seen the news about the encore update, I supposed that after the Tanks DLC, there will be no more additions into the game, so for me, it have been a really great surprise. BUT!, in my opinion, what arma 3 needs the most, are several good multiplayer game modes. No more King of the Hill please.
  15. Changelog 0.5.24516

    Changelog 0.5.24516 Changed: the Up-to-date version of Tog Station with a batch of improvements and bugfixes Changed: the Up-to-date version of Grontheim with a batch of improvements and bugfixes Changed: Game Preview disclaimer splash screen is available slightly longer Fixed: Options no longer persist after the user is changed Fixed: Disconnect when joining staging dedicated server due to missing dev signature key Fixed: Various weapon related crashes Fixed: Black Screen should no longer happen during the encounter on Xbox One X
  16. Updates

    02-11-2016 HOTFIX 0.65 Fixed: Player will no longer get stuck on "Receiving mission file" in lobby after the scenario is finished. Fixed: The mission countdown in lobby is now clearly visible. Tweaked: Default fire mode is now full auto with an exception of Marksman rifles.
  17. I mean we need a Police Update for the campaign and roleplayers of Arma 3. 1. Altis Police with a Police Offroad (texture) and a better Police Boat (texture) i mean the greek blue, withe strips looks really bad. Maybe a Heli like the unarmored WY-55 Hellcat. 2. Tanoa Gendarmerie with Police MB 4WD and Police Boat (texture), Tonoa is a group of islands (it make no sense when the police have nothing on the water). Maybe a Heli like the MH-9 Hummingbird.
  18. I quest it's time to plea the great god of Bohemia to actually release (read push build button) 1.78 version of Arma3 for the Linux guys... I mean after the hotfixes obviously :D but... well i don't know what else to say.
  19. Hey Guys, I made a python script to automate updating my server and figured I'd share. I've only tested it on Python 3.6 but I think it would work for any version. Just update the directories and files section to where your stuff is located. The "Steam Workshop IDs.txt" file just contains the workshop item number and a human readable string which automatically gets changed to a lowercase name without spaces. It uses a symbolic link to add the mods to the server's addons folder instead of moving it so updating works without redownloading everything. I know theres a bunch of GUI server managers out there, but I don't like the complexity that adds and this way I can just SSH from any device to update/boot my server. Update.py import os import sys from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, CalledProcessError, DEVNULL, STDOUT, check_call import glob armaServerAppId = "233780" armaClientAppId = "107410" modsDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master\\addons\\" keysDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master\\keys\\" armaDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Master" steamCMD = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\steamcmd.exe" steamContentDirectory = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\steamapps\\workshop\\content\\" + armaClientAppId + "\\" steamTempScript = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\tempUpdateScript.txt" steamAuth = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\steamcmd\\auth.txt" workshopItems = "C:\\Users\\arma\\Desktop\\Arma\\Steam Workshop IDs.txt" userLogin = "" userPass = "" def updateServer(): print("Updating Server...") # Get the users login checkUserLogin() os.system(steamCMD + ' +login ' + userLogin + ' ' + userPass + ' +force_install_dir ' + armaDirectory + ' "+app_update ' + armaServerAppId + '" validate +quit') def checkUserLogin(): global userLogin global userPass if userLogin == "": userLogin = input("Steam> Username: ") if userPass == "": userPass = input("Steam> Password: ") def copyKeys(): for filename in glob.iglob(modsDirectory+'**\\*.bikey', recursive=True): os.system("xcopy " + filename + " " + keysDirectory + " /s /y") error = "" os.system('cls') try: with open(steamAuth) as f: for line in f: info = line.split(" ") if len(info) == 2: userLogin = info[0] userPass = info[1] except: pass while True: userInput = input("Main Menu \n1. Update Server\n2. Update Mods\n4. Update Keys\n4. Exit\n" + error + ">> ") error = "" if userInput == "1": updateServer() input("Press any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "2": # Get the users login checkUserLogin() # Clear the temp script file = open(steamTempScript, 'w') script = "@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1\n" script += "@NoPromptForPassword 1\n" script += "login " + userLogin + " " + userPass + "\n" script += "force_install_dir " + armaDirectory + "\n" mods = {} # Loop through each item in the workshop file with open(workshopItems) as f: for line in f: modInfo = line.split(" ", 1) steamWorkshopId = modInfo[0].strip() modName = modInfo[1].strip() modFolder = "@"+modName.replace(" ", "_").lower() mods[steamWorkshopId] = {"name": modName, "folder": modFolder} script += 'workshop_download_item ' + armaClientAppId + ' ' + steamWorkshopId + ' validate\n' # Make a link to the downloaded content (way better than moving...) symLink = modsDirectory + modFolder if not os.path.exists(symLink): os.system('mklink /J ' + symLink + ' ' + steamContentDirectory + steamWorkshopId + '\n') script += "quit" file.write(script) file.close() # Run the script print("\n=====================================\nLogging into Steam...\n=====================================") with Popen(steamCMD + " +runscript " + steamTempScript, stdout=PIPE, bufsize=1, universal_newlines=True) as p: for line in p.stdout: line = line.strip() if line != "": if line.find("Downloading item") != -1: downloadingLine = line.split("Downloading item") if downloadingLine[0]: print(downloadingLine[0]) try: modIdLine = downloadingLine[1].strip().split(" ") steamWorkshopId = modIdLine[0] print("\n=====================================\nDownloading "+mods[steamWorkshopId]["name"] + " ["+str(steamWorkshopId)+"]...\n=====================================") except: pass else: print(line) # Automatically copy bikeys over print("\n=====================================\nCopying addon keys...\n=====================================") copyKeys() input("\nPress any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "3": # Search for any bikeys and copy them into keys folder copyKeys() input("Press any key to continue...") os.system('cls') elif userInput == "4": sys.exit(0) elif userInput == "": os.system('cls') else: error = "[ERROR] Unknown choice. Try again\n" Steam Workshop IDs.txt 450814997 CBA 463939057 ACE 708250744 ACEX 773131200 ACE Compat RHSAFRF 773125288 ACE Compat RHSUSAF 689845793 ACD 853743366 CUP Terrains CWA 583496184 CUP Terrains Core 583544987 CUP Terrains Maps 671539540 EM Buildings 753946944 Murshun Cigs 498740884 Shacktac 698078148 Spec4gear 696177964 VSM WARFIGHTERS ... and so on ...
  20. This is a discussion about things that you think should be added to the game.
  21. updating through steam

    hello I am new to ARMA 3 I have purchased it off steam and I am having some problems with my audio dropping off. I am wondering if there is an update and if steam will prompt for the update; or is it something I have to do myself.
  22. Today I bought Argo supporter's pack, but new items with last halloween update are unavalible )=
  23. Quick question that bothers me for a while now: Why are updates for Arma 3 so big? For example, the recent update for the "Laws of War"-DLC had 6.1 GB, but only contained - 1 new vehicle - 1 new UAV - 3 "missions", one of them quite large - reskins for new IDAP units - new bombs and mines - tweaks to the platform I would expect a size of 2 GB at most for such an update. So why is it the size it is?
  24. Upcoming update????

    hello everyone, this is a amazing game. But i think it will be better if there is an online mode. Do you know PUBG, the online mode will like that. May be 15-20 players drop in the island, and try to survival, last one will win... I think this game will become very popular with online mode. I hope that you can update that in some days, or atleast a multiplayers co-op!! Thanks for reading!!
  25. I don't understand this. Before steam, I never had major issues that caused inconveniences with this game. Every time I go a few months without playing ArmA 3 I come back and there is either some new error with steam itself, or the game is broke. I'm getting tired of this becoming a second job. Anyway I just loaded ArmA3, four months ago everything was working great, Red Hammer, CUP, and all my other add-ons. Now today Jul, 16th I load the game and it's asking me to agree with the license as though I just installed it for the first time. I've been playing this game since OFP, and now days it's been nothing but a hassle with the inclusion of steam. Also, None of my add-ons are working because my Set Launch Options are wiped out of the settings. How did that happen? I have not changed anything on this computer as I only use this computer for gaming which I have not played any in 4 months. Anyone know what the devs broke so I can go fix it once again? This game was so much better before Steam. You went to the website to get your updates, no big deal. All Steam does is adds more complexity to system instability because now you have something else running that can have it's own issues. It just compiles the chance of an issue. Steam developers have thousands of games to try to be compatible with, they can't manage and test their service against them all. This is why ArmA 3 has been a nightmare for some people. As always, the developers at BIS are masters and artists at what they do, but steam has to go. I lost my entire clan when BIS adopted steam.