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  1. Morning, Just looking through the notes and I can't find anything about there being a stealth bomber now delivering the air drops, did you find one hidden down the back of the sofa ? Please bring back the plane that drops the crate as being able to hear the plane meant you knew it was arriving as opposed to maybe seeing the message at the bottom of the screen - which you aren't always looking at if you're currently being shot at. Cheers
  2. TheKelly4

    Who killed the crows ?

    Morning, Was just wondering who had killed the crows, i've been minding my own business and going to leave the area and been attacked by a couple of sneaky campers at a couple of exits recently. Normally, you'd get a warning due to the crows, but they haven't been around ? Has somebody killed them or was it just too early for them to be up ? Cheers 🍅
  3. Logging in today i've been in 5 lobbies and then kicked out of 3 of them..... We need a Support page for PS. 🍅
  4. TheKelly4

    how to deal with campers and cheaters

    Lets be honest, it's a legitimate strategy and my daily challenges the last three days have been "kill X amount of outlanders with a rifle" - So, sorry, but i'm going to do some camping until i get that challenge, normally i don't do it, but it's the easiest way to get the challenge. I used to think they were evil, but i've learnt where they're likely to be, i take detectors out with me and then sneak up behind them and shoot them in the head, much more fun 😈 Have fun out there, that's what it's about... 🍅
  5. TheKelly4

    Confusion Regarding Season8

    Morning, Just to let you know, as i'm helpful like that, Fiske Fabrikk is currently playing, you've got 40 minutes left. Cheers TK4
  6. Evening, An easy one for you. The runners that appear giving you helpful hints etc., You still have one saying that mortar strikes have started for campers, just needs removing. Cheers
  7. On the Dev video, they said the first weekend after launch was going to be a double XP and there would be more double XP Weekends due to the reduction in XP bonuses within the Pass. Where / when does it start ?
  8. Afternoon, This is now my 3rd Season of Vigor and am enjoying the different ways you can play. The only 'issue' I have is to do with looking through my stash, I would consider myself a 'completionist' so i like to have everything and i have at least one of every weapon available to me (it makes the bunker look more homely) and in my 3rd Season that's quite a few. The suggestion i have is to be able to sort the stash in two additional ways to the random one you get shown now. By 'type' of weapon - this would help with the daily challenges as 'kill 5 people with Machine Guns' i have to scroll through the entire list to find which machine guns i have and how many i have of them. As i obviously don't want to go out and loose the last one if that's all I've got of that type. By 'amount' of weapon - when i'm on a scavenging hunt / trying to get those last few bits of food for the weekly food challenge, i like to use whichever weapon i have the most of so i'm less stressed when i get killed. Apart from that little gripe, the missing title for finding the Albums and the fact i can't find all the little trolls, still enjoying it after a few months, which i don't usually have with this sort of game. If there is a way to do this and I've missed it, please be kind in any responses. Cheers