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Found 33 results

  1. Hi there bohemia hello everyone...add the abilities to use regular binoculars and see the distance how far they are so we could calculate how to shoot ,I was wondering how much important is to see clearly who's waiting for you behind those rocks or even in those bushes, so I think is necessary to use binoculars to make sure there's nobody camping for you from long distance , after you been working so hard doing loot or trying to survive as a good player, but sometimes you are not able to use a sniper like those players cause you have to unlock those snipers weapons first and you could die so easily cause there was another player watching you from long distance with a sniper gun or maybe camping just waiting for that moment to stole all your items you had ... so I think that would be amazing and even you could go and loot pieces to improve your binouculars and take them to the next level with more zoom ...please consider this suggestion thank you so much for reading
  2. Camera Distance

    Add optional camera distance settings
  3. Captcha Fix

    Fix the captcha to a lesser amount. When im writing it gets really annoying to have to do one of those every 30 seconds
  4. Need a sandbox map.

    This game could really use a sandbox type map where people could basically just play consistantly in a event. Kinda like a playground of sorts to finesse their adjustment to the game. The tutorial is great but more interaction with others is a must to fully be prepared for your first event. This being designed as a cutthroat experience i can understand some will balk at this idea but this experience is not just for those who are naturally great at games lime these, the experience is for meant for all. What harm could come from helping others be a better challenge for you vets?
  5. Healing Items

    It seems to me now with the new shooting mechanics, healing is pointless. As from what I have gathered so far, if you get shot at, you ARE going to die. Using the Thompson mainly I've noticed it takes one shot to the head to kill, same with the Luger. If you are getting shot at from a distance and get hit, you have a chance to heal if you bothered to bring some meds. Other than that, since the shooting mechanic update, medical items are kind of pointless imo. Unless you're supposed to use them just for fall damage lol, I don't see meds being useful for the time being. Maybe a buff or a complete change to them and how they're used?
  6. As it says in the title, I just think this game should be available in Gameroom. I have been playing it for a while on Android and one thing I really like about the game are the graphics and the details devs have decided to include. However, when playing on my mobile devise, I find it very laggy and some of this game details get lost. Also, having it available in Facebook Gameroom would increase the number of players as it is popular platform. It was a sad surprise when I decided to look for Arma Mobile Ops in Gameroom and didn’t find anything. Other games like Allies and Empires and Star Wars: Commander are available in this platform, so why AMO wouldn’t? Just a suggestion :)
  7. Looting ressources from players

    I think it would be a good thing if we would be able to loot gathered ressources from killed/dead players. Right now you only loot weapons, ammunition and consumables from players. Greetings Dino
  8. Ideas for better improvement

    How’s it going devs, I gotta day I absolutely love vigor so far!! There has been one main issue I have run into, I’m not sure this has been for other players like my self. But when you go to loot a vehicle, dresser, boxes, crates, even the air drop, the X button to loot that item doesn’t register right away. It takes several try’s (moving around) to find that X button to loot. I would recommend to give that a look and see if that’s an issue for other players, and try to fix that issue. Thanks once again Vigor, Game is for sure going some where!!
  9. i would personally like to see some sort of quest or mission system implemented. nothing crazy complicated but just another layer that can be added for extended end game content. if there were weekly or daily quests it would give the player incentive to continue to play even after maxing out the shelter. for example: if you complete a weekly quest of looting 20 airdrops in week you get a special cosmetic item for your character or a cool decorative piece for your shelter. if you complete the daily quest of killing 3 players in a single round then you get a crate containing 2,000 materials etc.. and the quests can vary depending on the map. that way the quests are always in rotation, same as the maps are. you can even go further into it by adding milestones that would really give players a reason to grind. example: if a player reaches idk say 100 kills you get a special melee weapon like a hatchet or ax. granted this would mean they would have to also add a sort of stat tracker for the player to be able to see their progression, but i think it would be a great addition.
  10. I often come across kills with good weapons I want but can't take, so I have to leave them behind. My suggestion is to add the option to store them in your back pack inventory. Doing so would require 10 free slots for each AR or sniper etc. I say 10 free slots so you can't carry a crazy amount of guns at one time. Also you wouldn't be able to equip them in a match, just store them in your back pack till you extract. You could even add it as a high level shelter unlock. Would be nice to have the option. It would put you in situations of, do you want to loot the materials, or loot the weapons for weapon parts.
  11. To me it makes no sense to have a guy be able to keep up with me when I have a knife and he has an RPK, Mosin, Luger, and knife. What do you think?
  12. Game handling

    To me this handles very bad, getting sights on target is like turning a battle ship. Keeping them there is like surgery. A shotgun or ambush tactics seem to be the way to go because hitting someone who is running is way to hard, and trying. To shoot someone who is right next to you is impossible! I know this is the unreal engine and not a frostbite engine or any of the other high dollar engines but the general handling of the guns and camera is in a bad spot. I don’t know if a very minor amount of aim assist is needed or what. I am just a gamer you guys know how to make it work?
  13. So an idea to make shelter more immersed an a way to team matchmake/show off shelter would be make host of team/duo invite friend to there shelter, there the friend could access his loadout(wep/ect..) but not upgrade his own shelter, then host starts matchmaking, now to give more incentive to actually upgrade shelter an too play with friends is add a pve raid element on player shelters like every 5 successful extractions, i was thinkinglike feral animals effected by radiation or like fiends(highly irradiated npc) that only melee, an so how this would work would be you have lets say 15 npcs start out on lvl 1 shelter and for every shelter lvl you increase so does X amount of npcs like plus 3 per lvl or something and obviously if you die defending you shelter you lose loadout and X amount of materials, if you dont die you get rewarded X amount of materials, so you would add like a shelter health/traps (palisades/tripwire non explosive to slow down attackers) the goal would be to kill them as quickly as possible an take the least amountof damage, so for every X amount of damage you lose materials(obviously for repairs) so if you take heavy damage but kill all it may even out(no mats reward) or be negative, combine this with a 5 min timer/warning b4 raid and team inviting to shelter so the higher lvl your shelter the more likely you'll invite a friend to help you on defense, this would add a cool pve/shelter raid element without havingto create a whole new gamemode aince shelter is already in game, an it would serve as hosting mechanic for team. If you read this leave a reply letting me know what you think! Love the game as is so far, just think this would make a great addition w/o too much work.
  14. So first of all i like the accurate display of the weapon's but i feel all the reload animations and ads animations are clunky an inaccurate, the weapons definitely need a rework specifically pistols, there almost too inefficient most people just use ar's granted there the better option but pistols should be more effective especially close range so there's more incentive to use them, for example i like to run m1911 but i find myself pumping 15-20 rounds at a person b4 they die or that when i see someone they are able to draw there ar faster then my pistol (makes no logical sense) plus i see no damage differencebetween luger/m1911/pm. The m1911 shoots 45 caliber so why do i feel like it's a pea shooter? It also has more stopping power than both other options in IRL so there's no reason it shouldn't drop someone faster than the other two, now the ak's you have one in 7.62 and one in 5.45 so why is the recoil pattern the same along with damage an stopping power? 7.62 is bigger caliber=more recoil/stopping power/damage? I love the feel for all guns but definitely needs a rework on stats/animation both, especially mosin nagant when ads or third person the bolt chambering animation is never accurate you never see the bolt turned pulled back an put back in place? Its a bolt action so make it feel like one please.
  15. I've played nearly 100 hours of the beta and loved every second. No two games are the same but something like a radiation siren could make the game even better.
  16. I would prefer option 2 as it means that you don't lose all your progress from that round, perhaps requiring you to not be in combat so it wouldn't be exploited
  17. Just thought it would be helpful to know exactly what has been fixed or added right when the game boots up so I don't have to ask around since the game doesn't have much media cover atm
  18. Hard core gamers will certainly disagree with this, but as a VERY casual player I feel the need to make a suggestion. As a casual I play strictly for fun, when something ceases to be fun, I just don't play it. Another result of my being a casual is my K/D in shooters is anywhere between .50 and .62 depending on the game. In this game that translates to me actually making it out alive with basic loot only one in three matches, and I have never yet actually gotten the drop. That said, only making it out with loot one in three matches combined with loosing everything when you die makes the grind incredible for the casual player. This is exacerbated by the fact that once you reach the max amount of materials for the next upgrade you cease accruing mats. It does me no good to get 915 mats when I die when I'm already maxed out at the 6000 for the next upgrade and that 915 mats just goes into the digital void because my counter can't go above the max for the next upgrade. I propose that the death penalty be reduced to 50% of your loot going away with a RNG mechanic in place to randomly select what that 50% is comprised of. That way players who die more often than they live and / or get a kill can still feel like they're making progression. Now, I'm not trying to convince hard cores to agree with me, I already know from other games and other forums that any conversation along those lines devolves into "GIT GUD" and "But a game should be fun" - already heard that. So, hard cores, just stay calm and realize that I'm making this post for the game developers to see, I'm not trying to convince you personally to be less hard core. Just realize some folks play strictly for fun, and still want to have fun even if they're not that great.
  19. This may be in the works already, but I wanted to ask / suggest that at some point there be scoped and red dot / holographic sited weapons. So far every weapon I've used has been iron sights. It would be great to get a magnifying scope with reticle or a red dot site. I know this game is set in the '90s, but red dot sites really came into being in 1975 with the Aimpoint Electronic. (There were some as soon as the end of WWII, but this was the first mass produced commercially available). Also, hit markers / registers when hitting your enemy. There's no visual feedback as to whether or not you're hitting your target. No health bar going down, no numbers popping up to indicate how much health you're taking away. I think a health bar would be bad for this game, but maybe make an opponent grunt / moan very loudly when hit and a very visible splash of blood where you hit. I know some games don't like blood because they want a very inclusive ESRB rating, but Vigor is PEGI 16 which equates to ESRB M, so blood on your target when hitting shouldn't be a problem rating wise.
  20. Suggestion

    I believe there is a feature that would make alliances really worth getting into. The feature can be as follows: In the allaince building you should be able to request troops and not just supports! Troops that you will be able to use afterwards in order to attack a base or defend your base. Defense troops will be automatically deployed when somebody attacks your base. They will start scanning and attacking hostile troops. That way alliance members will be able to help each other directly and effectively! Additionally, when an alliance member provides such troops he will get alliance points that he will be able to use to buy boosters such as 10% more resource production or shields and things like that. Any chance for such a thing to be doable? -------------------------------------------------- One thing that is unique about this game is that your activity can be like 1 minute each day without losing anything. It does not tire you or anything. It is kinda relaxing. Hopefully it will stay that way
  21. Feedback

    What new puzzles or features would you like to see in the game? Leave us your feedback about the game, the Bohemia Incubator website and forum.
  22. Imperial Measurements Please

    All right, so I have been playing the game and enjoying it quite a bit, but I have noticed that there does not seem to be an option to switch from Metric to Imperial, and Celsius to Fahrenheit. If there is a way to change it, could someone please tell me, and if not, could the developers please add the option?
  23. CSAT Based Official Campaign

    Through both official campaigns we have only been able to look through the eyes of NATO personnel, be it with Ben Kerry or the CTRG team in Apex. Perhaps being able to play from a different perspective could bring some new life into Arma 3 single-player, and create for a more interesting story when combined with the knowledge gained from the two NATO campaigns. A perfect solution for this would be to introduce a CSAT campaign in which the player could act as one of the elite Viper Teams recently introduced in Apex, secretly deployed during the process of the Adapt campaign to counter the FIA insurgency or alternatively covertly operating in Tanoa. An element that's been missing from Arma 2 would be the greater freedom in terms of Open-World movement, so perhaps reviving elements from Arma 2's "Harvest Red" campaign would make for an interesting style of play. The Independent and OPFOR factions have really been under-represented in terms of single player content, and this would undoubtedly bring some more attention to them, and would fill the void for those who were disappointed with the Apex campaigns solo-gameplay. Of course, this may not be the best idea considering the devs workloads with respect to the DLC releases, but just something to consider.

    Hi, I am an avid Arma 3 player and have been playing zues quite a bit. Here are some suggestions and bug reports that I have for Arma 3 dev team on the topic of Zues. (Official servers) Suggestions: - Allow a "ban for 5 minutes option". This would help out so much with trolls and the like. It would also prevent people who go join back with auto-join scripts, just so they can cause trouble. - ..I find myself spending alot of time moving units into buildings that I have put down. It would be cool if there was an option to move a set group of units into the building unit, and it would move them into preset positions all throughout the building. (bunkers, shops, offices) - It would be very cool if I could place pre-made loadouts from the arsenal as units DIRECTLY from the unit menu. - It would be much appreciated if the placeable non-static objects like Trawlers and whatnot, had their invisible barriers updated. Some of them are too wonky and have invisible walls and unwalkable floors. - It would be cool if I could place trees and plant life. - It would be cool if there was a VERY stormy weather option, where wind speeds are very fast and trees are moving alot more. - It would be cool if I record a voice message on a recorder, and then place it down as a unit. Then a player could pick it up and hear that message. - It would be nice if I could spawn groups units into different formations rather than having to change them after they have spawned. Bug reports: - I crash a lot when opening my map as zues. This could be from units that have been placed, but it is very anoying. - I cannot turn on lights of cars or helicopters when controlling units as zues. - There seems to be a unit cap when placing too many of one faction, but it could be a bug. - Some people seem to have trouble loading classes from a crate that has been made into an arsenal. - It seems that AI units refrain from using barrel attachments like flashlights and lasers. Not sure if that was intended. Thats all I can think of off the top of my head. Might add more later. Also feel free to add to the list.
  25. The important differences between the Combat Command modes Safe/Aware/Combat/Stealth are not listed in the Field Manual in the game (in point form like here). Players have to Google to find the rare pages about this, yet it is crucial to thrive in missions that give the player command of non-player squads.