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Found 64 results

  1. Hello there. I would like to request a Quality of Life feature: Saving Video and control setups. Sometimes, we want to see things looking nice, but returning to the last custom options is a pain. Would be great to be able to save our own presets to make it easier to swap back to them; E.g.: I would save one for better fps and another for screenshots. Same for Controls. Be more free to test, make mistakes, and change it back to the right custom preset. That is it. Thank you some much devs for being awesome and creating this amazing game.
  2. I have a simple suggestion and think others might agree. On the pre-game screen players can "thumbs up" when ready to play, but most of the time all do but maybe one player so we all have to wait still. My suggestion is that if at least half (50%) of the players "ready up" the 10-second timer should start then. This would speed up matches and not have everyone have to wait due to one or two players just waiting out the whole timer.
  3. doshskia

    tripods and mortars

    no idea on how they will do the mortars but it think it would be a great idea for them to have the base plate and tripods as a backpack placeable in the same manner that the land mines currently are and having a bag for mortar ammo rather then arma 3's tube/ammo bag combo and having heavy tripod mounted weapons being able to dismantle them from pintle mounts on vehicles would open up alot, imgine being to just change the weapon on a jeep rather then getting a whole new one, and ontop on that being able to take the weapon with you and use on a tripod
  4. add an interactive option to the driver doors to turn the vehicle off without getting in it
  5. adding a player carryable-then-placeable bags so in other words a back pack that you can place on the ground as a player portable storage in the same way that battlefield allows the support class to drop a resupply point and to farther take it adding mine crates that players can carry
  6. Hi everyone, i can't find like this mod 'Overhrow' anyone can suggest to me like this mod?
  7. This game isn’t very friendly to new players, I keep getting killed by people with kills in the thousands while I’m at only 17 thus making encounters unenjoyable for new comers
  8. I am not a mod developer by any standard of measure. It's just that I believe that out of all the mods that Arma 3 has in its dedicated workshop, there is no mod that provides anything related to Tron. Now I am not suggesting that there be an entire game conversion mod with functional derezzing and new Grid maps because most of the stuff needed for Tron is already in the base game. We have, for example: - The VR Map, which can be played on like the Tron Grid. - VR Neon Suits, which look like the neon circuitry on the characters of the Tron franchise. - VR Neon objects like walls and gates and ramps, etc. I'm just saying that maybe we don't need to have everything. Maybe we can just try to add in the basic elements from the films and try to replicate them. Now about the light cycles: I'm not confident enough in Arma-3's game engine for it to run a full-on liquid simulation of light trails emitting from a glowing leaning crashable motorcycle with blue headlights. The light cycles that I think would actually be possible in the game, would be the light cycles from the 1982 Tron film. They emit light trails, and they turn left and right exactly 90 degrees all the time. That kind of simplicity would be perfect for Arma's game engine, and it wouldn't cost so much performance loss on single-player missions and on multiplayer servers. I've been, rather ludicrously I may add, begging mod devs around Discord to at least create a functional light cycle. I once even tried to make my own script for a light cycle using a white Yamaha racing motorcycle mod, and the VR Gate objects, eventually arriving at a disappointing failure of a script. So if any of you mod developers, scripters, or editors want to come together and finally think about the possibilities of Tron in Arma, and how much players would love to see their digital dreams come to life, please say so. I'd love to get a team going and finally get this done. By the way, my Discord is Dog#7148. You can contact me there if you want.
  9. Xbox-FancyOxygen

    Airdrop system

    In my opinion, the airdrop system of now version is useless and not attractive enough for players, for players need to upgrade the level of the airdrop to gain the better crates before they enter one game instead of upgrading the possibility of it. in another word, if no one upgrades the level of the airdrop(quite common in my games), then the crate of the airdrop in this round is just the lowest level, which lead to high risk but very low rewards to players(so it is just not attractive and not reasonable to take great risks to grab the airdrop). so why not just set the airdrop in one random level, but before everyone enters the game they will have a chance to use crowns to uplevel the possibility to gain better airdrop crate, but if they dont uplevel the possibility they still have chance to gain a gold one or a purple one(whatever better than the gray one)to make airdrop more valuable and make the game more exciting. generally speaking, i think it is really not a good idea to set the level of the airdrop down before entery( at least it do make me think it is useless and no-need to grab the airdrop if no one or just few of them upgrade the level of the airdrop). Hope my advice can be taken by your guys! Thanks for reading!
  10. The developers should add a setting where we can edit the function of a button, helps people who have buttons that cant respond due to some accident (like me who has their 'R' button unresponsive, making me unable to play the game because i cant equip weapons) edit: It saves some players' money, making them use the controller longer until it is completely unusable (due to more functions being added to the game, thus overcrowding the button, button being unresponsive, etc...). It also enhances the gameplay of players in the game, and raises the skill of players because they edited the functions of the buttons to their liking/preferences. edit 2: added a suggestion sign in the start of title and the game name at the end so the staff knows im suggesting something to vigor.
  11. Coldand Ugly

    Rival type idea...?Vigor

    I think it would be awesome if someone you've killed or got killed by was Informed either at the lobby and/or while playing...(" A rival from the past is close by") or something to that nature. Have the option to turn it off for those 5000+ kill ppl who have killed everyone. I mean I sooo want revenge on some exit campers lol. I know it's not the intention of the game but revenge is sweet. I dunno , anyone else agree or have some tweaks to that idea?
  12. I can't stress how annoying it is to wait 30 minutes to repair my 5 broken sledgehammers, then my 4 guns, then my mind after all the wait, etc. Please give us the ability to craft/repair multiple things at once. Also controller support would be nice, just a QOL thing because my fingers drag on the screen protector rather than slide and that is annoying a teeny bit.
  13. Afternoon, This is now my 3rd Season of Vigor and am enjoying the different ways you can play. The only 'issue' I have is to do with looking through my stash, I would consider myself a 'completionist' so i like to have everything and i have at least one of every weapon available to me (it makes the bunker look more homely) and in my 3rd Season that's quite a few. The suggestion i have is to be able to sort the stash in two additional ways to the random one you get shown now. By 'type' of weapon - this would help with the daily challenges as 'kill 5 people with Machine Guns' i have to scroll through the entire list to find which machine guns i have and how many i have of them. As i obviously don't want to go out and loose the last one if that's all I've got of that type. By 'amount' of weapon - when i'm on a scavenging hunt / trying to get those last few bits of food for the weekly food challenge, i like to use whichever weapon i have the most of so i'm less stressed when i get killed. Apart from that little gripe, the missing title for finding the Albums and the fact i can't find all the little trolls, still enjoying it after a few months, which i don't usually have with this sort of game. If there is a way to do this and I've missed it, please be kind in any responses. Cheers
  14. Real_Deputy_Sparkles


  15. Vikvendi

    Combining crates.

    So a lot of loot (Weaponry etc) in this game seems to be pretty dependant on loot crates, and thats fine as there is a myriad of methods to obtain them. I've noticed that generally speaking we can only systematically earn common/uncommon crates as rewards though (challenges ommited). I thought it might be cool to incorporate a crates combining system. In which for example; 6 common crates can be combined into one uncommon crate, to use the system requires forking out some materials with alternative option to use crowns also. The amount of both to use this system increases depending on the loot crates rarity. Just a quick overhead of how this would look in theory; 6 Common crates +2k materials or 5 crowns= 1 uncommon crate. As for how this would look in game, it could be added as a new shelter upgrade perhaps? 4 stages of upgrade that allow you to combine up to a higher tier of crate with each progressive upgrade on the shelter upgrade. Any feedback on this idea would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi,I would suggest for a future patch to add a clan base Camp, where all the members can stay together and improve the house
  17. So ArmA 3 has come a long way since the old days, one of which being a full working 3D Editor, which allows us to make amazing things in an easy way. But I always found it lacking of one thing, and as you might've read from the title, that's the ability to add trees and some bushes, perhaps even grass and flowers. All these things exist within the game, and can be spawned in via scripting commands, but I find this way to be rather complicated, and not user friendly. I can understand performance would go down if people would spawn in 1000 trees.. (would it though?) but sometimes, adding 5 trees to a small, hand-created neighborhood, can give so much more atmosphere to the environment, that it makes user-created missions better and feel more alive. So.. my question, can we have Trees, Bushes etc. supported and placeable within the 3DEN Editor?
  18. AceWinchester

    Vest Skins

    Custom texture on vest Something that seems a bit odd to me is the fact that you cant skin vest in a vanilla mission like Altis life. I am aware that this is possible with mods, but it would give vanilla Arma that extra customizable feature. Im sure there are more people that would like to see this feature thrown in to one of the future Arma 3 updates.
  19. the_one_and_only_Venator

    SPAR-16 Optics position

    Hello good people, after a lot of great additions to the game one thing always kind of bothered me: The position of the optics on the SPAR-16 family of rifles introduced wit APEX DLC seems to be very far forward. While I understand why it could make sense to put some collimators further forward it doesn't really make sense with optical sights. It also just looks off somehow. Would it be possible to put the optics further back (like the SPAR-17 already has)? That would really please me and (imho) just make it a lot better looking. Thanks in advance, David / Venator
  20. I doubt this would be put through as a good idea but i think it would be bigger for the game to be on PC in PC only servers just for players who don't have console or prefer playing on PC. Also i would like to point out there is no player to player trading/market i think this would be fun to sell materials and weapons for a common currency that you could add to the game If this is seen by someone from Bohemia thank you for looking at this and reading over My Thanks
  21. It coulb be nice to have special weeks / and weekends bonus offer by developpers like during this time : All players have a bonus to 50% or 100% more XP or Games start with 1 or 2 bonus resources (150% or 200% bonus for looting) or Games start with 1 bonus for airdrop. (green) or 2 more missions ... Why ? Because people will have more interest to play, :D
  22. Laurent L


    What new puzzles or features would you like to see in the game? Leave us your feedback about the game, the Bohemia Incubator website and forum.
  23. Hello, I recently noted that the DayZ mobilegame got an Update but unfortunately I had to realize that this bug that every item is named "0" is still a thing... This is very annoying but also fatal because it makes this quests you get from friendly survivors impossible to accomplish. So I'd like to request at least this to get fixed.
  24. Fred2832

    Broken Reload glitch

    I have found many occasions where another player without a weapon would grab the package and leave undamaged due to a reload bug. For example: Using a thompson and the m1911, i shot the player multiple times (im unsure how much damage i dealt), however, my weapon would not allow me to reload, and in the bottom right corner there was simply a dash (-) instead of my ammo count. I had over 50 ACP rounds in my inventory. My character would not reload, and therefore the player escaped. This left me especially frustrated as I along with a few other players placed coins on a better package drop. I hope someone in the development team sees this and finds out this bug for themselves for a fix. I love this game, it’s an excellent idea and very fun when crashes and bugs don’t ruin the experience. thanks, Fred
  25. I've been playing this game since the 20th I would say and I do enjoy it, but I have noticed some issues with some things like how people may complain that some players go into matches with nothing and it makes the pvp less interesting. It was easier the first few days to get crates and crowns form challenges the first week or so and now now one boots the crates as much. When people can bring in nothing to get more loot and when challenges do not reset as often anymore it makes it so not many people will boost the crate. This makes it near impossible to get the higher crates since no one will boost it if they don't want to bring guns in so they won't lose anything. I suggest that you change the crate system just a little bit to where you can trade in lower tier crates for higher ones after saving up a certain amount. Example: 2 common crates can be traded in for 1 uncommon crate. 2 uncommon for 1 rare. 2 rare for 1 military grade. 2 military grade for 1 special issue. This will mean uncommon crates will take 2 commons, rare crates will take 4 commons, military grade will take 8 commons, and special issue will take 16 common crates. The numbers I think are reasonable as if you want something in the special issue crate then you need to get the airdrop max in 16 solos or 8 duos assuming your teammate let's you take both and that all crates are common like most matches. The benefits to this system is that it will make it so all crates are possible instead of never really being able to get the high end crates since you can't pay to win which I do like how you did that i just feel there should be a way to still get them especially which how a lot of player bring in low or no weapons so they will most likely never boost the crate to special issue. If the crate system is changed to this it would also cause people to probably boost the crates more since it will help speed up the process of getting to a higher crate since they can halfway to a special issue with a military grade crate boost instead of always getting commons. Players would probably be more encouraged to bring in at least some weapon since crates would be boosted a little more often and if they bring in a weapon then maybe they would want to boost it since they would be able to defend themself as well as maybe hunt other players going for the crate. All crates will still be obtainable through your normal methods and in addition by trading lower tier crates, players would probably be more interested in bringing some weapon in more often if the crate would be boosted and help them get to the crate they need faster. Players would complain less about there being less action when all people come with in is nothing or just a knife. Players might see more pvp action and get the game more popular. This might also get players to buy more crowns to help boost crate or loot more often to speed up the process of trading in crates which will help make the company more money that can hopefully get us more content and maybe more maps as well as fixing glitches such as the one that fires your gun for you when it's in auto, or where you get stuck aiming or stuck crouching. The numbers for the crates do not have to be the exact ones I came up with but I feel this would benefit the game in multiple ways and make the experience much more enjoyable for players who are seeing much less action for a loot and shoot game than expected in some matches.