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Found 43 results

  1. Hello, I recently noted that the DayZ mobilegame got an Update but unfortunately I had to realize that this bug that every item is named "0" is still a thing... This is very annoying but also fatal because it makes this quests you get from friendly survivors impossible to accomplish. So I'd like to request at least this to get fixed.
  2. Fred2832

    Broken Reload glitch

    I have found many occasions where another player without a weapon would grab the package and leave undamaged due to a reload bug. For example: Using a thompson and the m1911, i shot the player multiple times (im unsure how much damage i dealt), however, my weapon would not allow me to reload, and in the bottom right corner there was simply a dash (-) instead of my ammo count. I had over 50 ACP rounds in my inventory. My character would not reload, and therefore the player escaped. This left me especially frustrated as I along with a few other players placed coins on a better package drop. I hope someone in the development team sees this and finds out this bug for themselves for a fix. I love this game, it’s an excellent idea and very fun when crashes and bugs don’t ruin the experience. thanks, Fred
  3. I've been playing this game since the 20th I would say and I do enjoy it, but I have noticed some issues with some things like how people may complain that some players go into matches with nothing and it makes the pvp less interesting. It was easier the first few days to get crates and crowns form challenges the first week or so and now now one boots the crates as much. When people can bring in nothing to get more loot and when challenges do not reset as often anymore it makes it so not many people will boost the crate. This makes it near impossible to get the higher crates since no one will boost it if they don't want to bring guns in so they won't lose anything. I suggest that you change the crate system just a little bit to where you can trade in lower tier crates for higher ones after saving up a certain amount. Example: 2 common crates can be traded in for 1 uncommon crate. 2 uncommon for 1 rare. 2 rare for 1 military grade. 2 military grade for 1 special issue. This will mean uncommon crates will take 2 commons, rare crates will take 4 commons, military grade will take 8 commons, and special issue will take 16 common crates. The numbers I think are reasonable as if you want something in the special issue crate then you need to get the airdrop max in 16 solos or 8 duos assuming your teammate let's you take both and that all crates are common like most matches. The benefits to this system is that it will make it so all crates are possible instead of never really being able to get the high end crates since you can't pay to win which I do like how you did that i just feel there should be a way to still get them especially which how a lot of player bring in low or no weapons so they will most likely never boost the crate to special issue. If the crate system is changed to this it would also cause people to probably boost the crates more since it will help speed up the process of getting to a higher crate since they can halfway to a special issue with a military grade crate boost instead of always getting commons. Players would probably be more encouraged to bring in at least some weapon since crates would be boosted a little more often and if they bring in a weapon then maybe they would want to boost it since they would be able to defend themself as well as maybe hunt other players going for the crate. All crates will still be obtainable through your normal methods and in addition by trading lower tier crates, players would probably be more interested in bringing some weapon in more often if the crate would be boosted and help them get to the crate they need faster. Players would complain less about there being less action when all people come with in is nothing or just a knife. Players might see more pvp action and get the game more popular. This might also get players to buy more crowns to help boost crate or loot more often to speed up the process of trading in crates which will help make the company more money that can hopefully get us more content and maybe more maps as well as fixing glitches such as the one that fires your gun for you when it's in auto, or where you get stuck aiming or stuck crouching. The numbers for the crates do not have to be the exact ones I came up with but I feel this would benefit the game in multiple ways and make the experience much more enjoyable for players who are seeing much less action for a loot and shoot game than expected in some matches.
  4. Arma 2 was my first Arma and the one wich thrilled me to the idea of Arma. With Arma 3 we win and loose some things in Arma. We win the ability to dive, clothe oure characters and create missions in a 3d editor. We loose the reality nearness of the game setting, the arma womens and the diversity and number of uniforms and weapons. Sources: https://arma3.com/ http://www.arma2.com/ The idea is simple, rework the content of Arma 2 (wich are under some licenses free available to be edited) and integrate it into Arma 3 as third party DLC. It includes the reworked campaign (in A3 Vanilla campaign style), content and the maps (larger as the maps) of Arma 2 in Arma 3 Vanilla quality. Sources: https://steamcommunity.com/id/rhsmods/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1383093546&searchtext=zamak
  5. Asphronix

    Unused .50 cal ammo

    I have been playing Arma 3 for the last 3 years and i am a very satisfied player.However,there are some things that can improve the gameplay a bit more,like the unused B_127x99_SLAP ammo for the M2 HMGs.I would love to see this ammo used in offroads which have mounted M2 HMGs.
  6. thegamingpiplup931

    Optional first person mode?

    I love this game and its combat, but I find that I only ever use the third person mode to abuse the camera perspective. Whenever I'm in an actual gunfight, I prefer to use the first person aim-down-sight. I dislike the ability to win a fight only because of your ability to look at people around corners. Additionally, even though I find more use and accuracy out of using the iron sights, it feels incredibly janky and attempting to lock on to a target is difficult when your gun pops back into the center of your screen instantly after aiming. I feel an optional first person mode could be enjoyable to those who prefer skill based combat based more on situational awareness and could be a much more satisfying experience if the first person animations and feel were improved.
  7. ScoodaDuda

    More loot

    with the increase to loot around the world I think we need a new way to get more, I find myself filling up very quickly and it gives me no reason to risk it for the airdrop making for some pretty quick in and out encounters, id love to see some sort of backpack or accessory we could find in world to be able to carry more, or perhaps a drop box type thing? idk just spitballing here. thoughts?
  8. In the MP game mode "Commander" you'll play a commander like in "Warlords" but here are just two sides, the NATO vs CSAT & AAF (on Altis & Stratis) ore only NATO vs CSAT (on Tanoa & Malden). You have as commander of your troop fix resources wich you can use (infantry, vehicles) but this depending on the count of towns, villages and strategic important structures they're under the control of your side. It mean, smaller your resources are, smaller your vehicles and count of infantry. In "Commander" also exist a fix command structure, at first the "General" (AI follows a fix scripted plan) who gives orders, at second you and other players (as commander). There are a lot of normal infantry commanders (motorized inf) but also commanders of special groups (with special tasks), commanders of tanks, commanders of artillery, commanders of parts of the air wing, commanders of naval forces and commanders of support and vehicle service. All becomes orders from the "General" but it's on you how you get your goal. Every commander need the others, all units need ammo, fuel, repaire, not every fithing ground of you will be easy to arrive with your resources and not every operation have his fix line of happenings, the other side will try everything to stopp you on your way to the victory. All sides are playable or just one side is playable, but i think the game play will be better when all sides are playable. I would suggest, that also civil losses/causalties can lower the resources of your troop. When you have ideas, write them, i would really like to see that in the future in A3 Vanilla.
  9. I expect a short but good singleplayer scenario what tells me more about Tanoa, the pacific CSAT and CTRG/regular pacific NATO troops and i hope it brings more animals to A3, special pacific animals, i hope also well get static Cargo and Tank Ships (pacific and mediterane) and a pilotable Ferry.
  10. Problem: Currently if you attach a unit to a vehicle via attachTo, that unit cannot rotate or shoot. But if you attach a turret (mg, grenade launcher, mortar) to a vehicle, the unit CAN rotate and shoot. Solution: A new mod that creates a Man Turret that allows a man class unit to turn and shoot. This would be like the FFV turrets currently on vehicles, except without a vehicle. We could then attach a man turret to any position on a vehicle or object and they would be able to shoot. Ideally, the unit would be able transition from prone to crouch to standing while in this "turret". Then this would be possible: Attach defending shooters to Trawler object. Attach a shooting rider to DBO Horse. Attach shooters to top of any APC. Etc. Maybe this is simple for someone who mods vehicles. You make an invisible vehicle model with a Man Turret at ground level. You could base the Man Turret off of the turret position in an offroad that allows Turn Out (standing). Or make a few different Man Turret vehicles: One for sitting. One for standing. Allow 360 degrees rotation. I'm a scripter, not a modder, so this is outside my skillset. Any takers out there?
  11. when you invite your friend to your game they join into your shelter and you can have clans, or four man teams that help you defend your shelter against others trying to raid, and add defenses like turrets and walls to your shelter and bigger shelters that could maybe eventually be turned into forts and defend your fort against other teams and maybe have like servers with up to like maybe 6 teams and 6 shelters per server, this could add another aspect to the game to make it more unique and add another way to aquire weapons and loot, but raiding forts should not come easy to any extent.
  12. Hi there bohemia hello everyone...add the abilities to use regular binoculars and see the distance how far they are so we could calculate how to shoot ,I was wondering how much important is to see clearly who's waiting for you behind those rocks or even in those bushes, so I think is necessary to use binoculars to make sure there's nobody camping for you from long distance , after you been working so hard doing loot or trying to survive as a good player, but sometimes you are not able to use a sniper like those players cause you have to unlock those snipers weapons first and you could die so easily cause there was another player watching you from long distance with a sniper gun or maybe camping just waiting for that moment to stole all your items you had ... so I think that would be amazing and even you could go and loot pieces to improve your binouculars and take them to the next level with more zoom ...please consider this suggestion thank you so much for reading
  13. KnoxHoots

    Camera Distance

    Add optional camera distance settings
  14. KnoxHoots

    Captcha Fix

    Fix the captcha to a lesser amount. When im writing it gets really annoying to have to do one of those every 30 seconds
  15. Shawn Conner

    Need a sandbox map.

    This game could really use a sandbox type map where people could basically just play consistantly in a event. Kinda like a playground of sorts to finesse their adjustment to the game. The tutorial is great but more interaction with others is a must to fully be prepared for your first event. This being designed as a cutthroat experience i can understand some will balk at this idea but this experience is not just for those who are naturally great at games lime these, the experience is for meant for all. What harm could come from helping others be a better challenge for you vets?
  16. s1r james ii

    Healing Items

    It seems to me now with the new shooting mechanics, healing is pointless. As from what I have gathered so far, if you get shot at, you ARE going to die. Using the Thompson mainly I've noticed it takes one shot to the head to kill, same with the Luger. If you are getting shot at from a distance and get hit, you have a chance to heal if you bothered to bring some meds. Other than that, since the shooting mechanic update, medical items are kind of pointless imo. Unless you're supposed to use them just for fall damage lol, I don't see meds being useful for the time being. Maybe a buff or a complete change to them and how they're used?
  17. twitch_DinotheRRhino

    Looting ressources from players

    I think it would be a good thing if we would be able to loot gathered ressources from killed/dead players. Right now you only loot weapons, ammunition and consumables from players. Greetings Dino
  18. Pararescue AF15

    Ideas for better improvement

    How’s it going devs, I gotta day I absolutely love vigor so far!! There has been one main issue I have run into, I’m not sure this has been for other players like my self. But when you go to loot a vehicle, dresser, boxes, crates, even the air drop, the X button to loot that item doesn’t register right away. It takes several try’s (moving around) to find that X button to loot. I would recommend to give that a look and see if that’s an issue for other players, and try to fix that issue. Thanks once again Vigor, Game is for sure going some where!!
  19. i would personally like to see some sort of quest or mission system implemented. nothing crazy complicated but just another layer that can be added for extended end game content. if there were weekly or daily quests it would give the player incentive to continue to play even after maxing out the shelter. for example: if you complete a weekly quest of looting 20 airdrops in week you get a special cosmetic item for your character or a cool decorative piece for your shelter. if you complete the daily quest of killing 3 players in a single round then you get a crate containing 2,000 materials etc.. and the quests can vary depending on the map. that way the quests are always in rotation, same as the maps are. you can even go further into it by adding milestones that would really give players a reason to grind. example: if a player reaches idk say 100 kills you get a special melee weapon like a hatchet or ax. granted this would mean they would have to also add a sort of stat tracker for the player to be able to see their progression, but i think it would be a great addition.
  20. I often come across kills with good weapons I want but can't take, so I have to leave them behind. My suggestion is to add the option to store them in your back pack inventory. Doing so would require 10 free slots for each AR or sniper etc. I say 10 free slots so you can't carry a crazy amount of guns at one time. Also you wouldn't be able to equip them in a match, just store them in your back pack till you extract. You could even add it as a high level shelter unlock. Would be nice to have the option. It would put you in situations of, do you want to loot the materials, or loot the weapons for weapon parts.
  21. To me it makes no sense to have a guy be able to keep up with me when I have a knife and he has an RPK, Mosin, Luger, and knife. What do you think?
  22. Barker_Taube

    Game handling

    To me this handles very bad, getting sights on target is like turning a battle ship. Keeping them there is like surgery. A shotgun or ambush tactics seem to be the way to go because hitting someone who is running is way to hard, and trying. To shoot someone who is right next to you is impossible! I know this is the unreal engine and not a frostbite engine or any of the other high dollar engines but the general handling of the guns and camera is in a bad spot. I don’t know if a very minor amount of aim assist is needed or what. I am just a gamer you guys know how to make it work?
  23. So an idea to make shelter more immersed an a way to team matchmake/show off shelter would be make host of team/duo invite friend to there shelter, there the friend could access his loadout(wep/ect..) but not upgrade his own shelter, then host starts matchmaking, now to give more incentive to actually upgrade shelter an too play with friends is add a pve raid element on player shelters like every 5 successful extractions, i was thinkinglike feral animals effected by radiation or like fiends(highly irradiated npc) that only melee, an so how this would work would be you have lets say 15 npcs start out on lvl 1 shelter and for every shelter lvl you increase so does X amount of npcs like plus 3 per lvl or something and obviously if you die defending you shelter you lose loadout and X amount of materials, if you dont die you get rewarded X amount of materials, so you would add like a shelter health/traps (palisades/tripwire non explosive to slow down attackers) the goal would be to kill them as quickly as possible an take the least amountof damage, so for every X amount of damage you lose materials(obviously for repairs) so if you take heavy damage but kill all it may even out(no mats reward) or be negative, combine this with a 5 min timer/warning b4 raid and team inviting to shelter so the higher lvl your shelter the more likely you'll invite a friend to help you on defense, this would add a cool pve/shelter raid element without havingto create a whole new gamemode aince shelter is already in game, an it would serve as hosting mechanic for team. If you read this leave a reply letting me know what you think! Love the game as is so far, just think this would make a great addition w/o too much work.
  24. So first of all i like the accurate display of the weapon's but i feel all the reload animations and ads animations are clunky an inaccurate, the weapons definitely need a rework specifically pistols, there almost too inefficient most people just use ar's granted there the better option but pistols should be more effective especially close range so there's more incentive to use them, for example i like to run m1911 but i find myself pumping 15-20 rounds at a person b4 they die or that when i see someone they are able to draw there ar faster then my pistol (makes no logical sense) plus i see no damage differencebetween luger/m1911/pm. The m1911 shoots 45 caliber so why do i feel like it's a pea shooter? It also has more stopping power than both other options in IRL so there's no reason it shouldn't drop someone faster than the other two, now the ak's you have one in 7.62 and one in 5.45 so why is the recoil pattern the same along with damage an stopping power? 7.62 is bigger caliber=more recoil/stopping power/damage? I love the feel for all guns but definitely needs a rework on stats/animation both, especially mosin nagant when ads or third person the bolt chambering animation is never accurate you never see the bolt turned pulled back an put back in place? Its a bolt action so make it feel like one please.
  25. I've played nearly 100 hours of the beta and loved every second. No two games are the same but something like a radiation siren could make the game even better.