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Found 15 results

  1. WhoTookMyNickName

    Remove Exploding vehicles

    If bohemia's goal is to make a hyper realistic sim. Here's one from my experience In my time in the field. Vehicles should not explode, it's so rare that a vehicle explodes even if the fuel tank is the one on fire. Only time a vehicle explodes 9/10 is because of ammunition detonation. In game you can gun down a humvee until it eventually blows up, and the body of the vehicle is heavily damaged as if it rolled down a cliff, or was destroyed via Air strike. Even though it was just regular small arms fire that caused it to explode. What do I suggest? I suggest completely removing the blown up model, and just enhance the regular in game vehicle object by slowly decaying in the one realistic area a fire may rage at, or AT mines blowing the wheels off a vehicle instead of blowing up the vehicle. Also I should probably mention that this is the part where Bohemia will probably have to make all vehicles have realistic physical body parts that can blow off the vehicle it's self. Anyways... For example: You're driving a supply truck. An rpg slams into your engine bay or fuel tank, causing a fire to start. That fuel that's caught on fire will begin to burn, but eventually when it runs out of fuel to burn, it stops. So where ever that fire was, on that one section of the vehicle, the texture should change to the same texture the blown up model has(burnt metal effect). While the rest of the vehicle keeps its natural paint job. Bohemia is currently working on bullet holes and sound effects because they want the vehicle to tell a story and show us which direction those rounds came from. Which is awawesome. But I also think implementing something like what I brought up will also help players figure out if a vehicle is worth the trouble or not if it's still standing and half burnt. Moral of the story, vehicles don't need to blow up to bits(wrecked bodies, tires missing) to be rendered useless. Most of the time a player will tell with just by looking at it. Anyways feel free to add on and let me know what you think.
  2. Hey there BI devs, for the longest time, I had a dream of me being able to walk or drive vehicles on top of a moving platform like a carrier. I tried a lot of ways to make that happen and even CUP attempted it with their ANZAC Frigate where you can "land" a helicopter at the back. The problem is that it tends to blow up or injure players if they move about. I am not sure where the problem with this feature truly lies, is it in PhysX? Netcode? The Engine itself? I tried the same in Reforger with limited results, and this leads me to my question: Is walking/driving on a moving platform in Enfusion: a) Possible in the current engine with internal tweaks b) Planned future feature c) Possible right now with modding d) needs major overhaul and possibly not worth it Thanks a lot, BorderKeeper. Czech version since I am Czech 😄 Ahoj BI vývojáři, dlouhou dobu jsem měl sen o tom že můžu chodit po povrchu vozidel jako je letadlová loď. Zkoušel jsem hodně způsobů jak toho dosáhnout a i CUP se o to pokusil s vozidlem jako je ANZAC Frigate, kde můžeš "přistát" s helikoptérou na na záďi. Problém je že to nefunguje dobře. Nevím kde problém může být. Je to ve PhysX, net kódu? Přímo v enginu? Zkoušel jsem něco podobného v Reforger s omezeným úspěchem a to mě navádí na otázku" Is chození/řízení na hýbající se platformě možné v Enfusion: a) možné s lehkýmí změnamí v enginu b) plánováná funkce do budoucna c) možné s mody d) potřebuje velkou změnu v enginu a asi není možné Díky moc, BorderKeeper. EDIT: Jestli mi nikdo neodpoví tak půjdu na Skořepku během obědové pauzy s velkou značkou co bude mít napsané "dejte mi možnost se hejbat na hejbajících se vozidlech" 😄
  3. The Mora behaves very weird on destruction. It flys throug the air almost every time and the Wreck gets stuck in the ground. I encountered this bug already a few weeks ago. I now reinstalled Arma, making sure no mod are enabled. Didn't fix it thou. Here a video that showcases the bug. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDVdJIRHQqQ Am i the only one with that bug?
  4. Sorry for criticism but I just want to help. Arma 3 helicopters FM not only terrible, but also initially wrong. In advanced FM mode when you pull joystick(cyclic stick) to do G-turn, rotor RPM is dramatically decreasing. IRL rotor RPM doesn't decreasing by G-turns(maneuvers), but instead they(RPM) increasing, because autorotation happens. Fix this problem please, because its ruining all flight experience in advanced mode.
  5. Title says it all. I'm trying to add proper physics to my object, and I have no idea where to start. I have been picking apart a config dump and trying things like adding simulation = "ThingX"; to my config, to no avail. I believe the problem is that the object is a Simple Object when it shouldn't be, since the object returns a zero when I try to add an action to it. If this is the case, I have no idea how to fix it as I have not intentionally programmed it to be a simple object. Any help here would be appreciated. Would this be something I need to fix in the Object Builder, an issue with the config, or what? Config.cpp below.
  6. Anti-Bounce System (ABS) by Leopard20 This is a simple and lightweight addon that attempts to improve (not fix) the weird PhysX problem where the vehicles bounce up into the air in a ridiculous way. I made this addon for my upcoming AI mod, as they had a tendency to flip their vehicles a lot while driving. But I suppose it is worth using by players as well. I have tried my best to make the vehicle movement look as natural as possible (basically no "teleporting"). There shouldn't be any undesirable side-effects (interference with normal vehicle physics) Please note that the problem with PhysX cannot be fixed with a simple addon, because it is engine related. Also, please note that this mod is still work-in-progress, so do not use it in any serious missions until you've tested it and made sure it satisfies your needs. I will try to improve the mod with your feedback, so please report all your issues and findings. For comparison purposes, if you know of any similar mods, please let me know (I couldn't find any). Mod Features: Notes: Download: Steam Workshop GitHub Armaholic Installation: Requirements: Community Base Addons (CBA)
  7. I've created a soccer ball, and I'm having a pretty hard time trying to find a way to create a config that allows a player to interact with the ball so they can push it while walking, running or possibly shoot at it to push it around. I've seen some on Youtube take a gander at it, but it seems to be mostly scripting. I really want to stay away from it, and keep it as a config in the mod's folder as much as possible. Is there any suggestions, templates to work with or info i can use to make it possible? I will give credit to where credit is due for the help.
  8. Did someone ever succeed in implanting flowing water in game Arma? Arma 3 specifically. Have any of you guys ever have to played with waterfall, muddy river and such with real psychical mechanic (meaning your dude move where the water flows)?
  9. With Tanks DLC one of our priorities is to improve the feeling of driving a tank or any other tracked vehicle. Refine how the vehicles perform, handle or simply how enjoyable they are. What do the improvements consist of: updated PhysX libraries to 3.4 and switched wheel contact queries from raycast to sweep. We believe the precision and reliability of terrain traversal has improved quite significantly. On the other hand it's been a change that undoubtedly affects already released content. Especially the n-wheeled vehicles and tanks. Watch out for new issues with us, please. Report anything suspicious. And if your own mod got negatively affected by the update - get in touch with us asap ;) revisited physics configuration of individual vehicles, their engines, drivetrains and suspensions. Together with new config. properties and options. revisited sound configuration, with new samples and new approaches AI tank driving - AI driving feedback topic, following up on previous AI car driving refactoring player tank commanding changed to direct control over the vehicle (test) Most of these changes are WIP, to test things and get feedback from you!
  10. Helicopter physics seem to feel closer to a rail system recently. I've got all the difficulty options up, but they still feel too responsive and with less aerodynamic effects. Vortex ring state is still a new term to me , but other shaking and wing noise seem to be gone. Also the turn rates on everything seem to be really fast now. Pitch, roll and yaw is faster to accelerate even with controller curves turned way down. I noticed RHS has way lower stress damage tolerance, but the VRS and accelerations seem to be the same. I realize Arma isn't trying to be DCS world with future equipment, but I also can't find much in the patch notes about it changing so much. Would be nice to see some more options in the advanced flight model for noise, max turn rates or VRS effects just for making vanilla stuff more difficult. I'm enjoying the easier flying, but feels like the heli challenge has a low upper limit (if that makes any sense). Atorq damage was something I struggled with for a while, but the other helicopter atmospheric effects I remember seem to be missing or really reduced influence on flying. Anyone else notice the change?
  11. This is mainly for the developers or anyone who actually knows for fact the inner workings of arma physics.... Which model is arma using for calculating ballistic calculations for bullet flight? ASM or ICAO? I see people making mods trying to give 'realism' and they using apparently two different standards according to the ammo data given.Vanilla says ICAO (g7) but also ASM (G1) I just want to make sure that arma can tell the difference.
  12. Hi all! Im having an issues with objects physics in multiplayer: I have a forklift vehicle that can take and lift objects, i.e. loot crates, boxes etc. When i test it in EDEN editor everyrhing works fine - i take and place objects perfectly. BUT when i do the same on my server in multiplayer mission - the object becomes very heavy and stucks all the time, then if i hardly hook it up it just jumps high from me:) For example - object - CargoNet_01_box_F - http://wiki.gruppe-adler.de/arma_pictures/classes/CargoNet_01_box_F.png But actually it happens with all cargo boxes. Also if i spawn the very same object with my admin menu or with some other spawn scripts while being in MP game - it works pretty fine just like im in EDEN - physics of the spawned object is perfect. But if it was spawned by a mission.sqm or a server-side script from mission - it's physics is terrible. Can anyone make this all clear?)) And how to make it work in mp ?
  13. Did a search and could not find an answer to this, so.... When I am aiming down a rifle sight I have clear-line-of-sight in scope cross-hairs. Then none of my hits land, only to discover they are hitting the wall in front of me, which only is only revealed in 3rd person with cross hairs. Ruins immersion and realism that line of sight is not really line of sight, and no way of knowing how much one is exposed in firefight. Is their a mod that fixes this bug/anomaly(corrects the offset), as it not something that would happen in real-life physics ? Thanks
  14. Ok, so I have this tank that works fine in Arma 2, and I'm working to get it working as it should in Arma 3. I understand that for a vehicle to have engine sounds, it must have a physX simulation. So in the config, I (to my knowledge) changed the simulation and added the physx properties as they should be. In-game, my troubles are that the vehicle is stuck in the ground, and while the tracks spin, I cannot move anywhere with it. I believe it has to do with it being physx simulation. Originally there was no physx simulation until I realized I need physx simulation for engine sounds to work. Here are two screenshots of what it looks like, if anyone has ideas, please give them to me. I will provide more info upon request. Geometry Phys LOD - It is the same as the Geometry LOD, save that this one has no properties. What it looks like in game - as you can see, it sinks into the ground a few inches, you should be able to see the tracks touch the ground.