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  1. I also forgot that it might save some players' money, making them use the controller more longer until its completely unusable, and probably enhances the skills and gaming experiences of players in playing the game because they edited the functions of some buttons to their liking/preferred functions and comfort. RumiaYoukai
  2. The developers should add a setting where we can edit the function of a button, helps people who have buttons that cant respond due to some accident (like me who has their 'R' button unresponsive, making me unable to play the game because i cant equip weapons) edit: It saves some players' money, making them use the controller longer until it is completely unusable (due to more functions being added to the game, thus overcrowding the button, button being unresponsive, etc...). It also enhances the gameplay of players in the game, and raises the skill of players because they edited the functions of the buttons to their liking/preferences. edit 2: added a suggestion sign in the start of title and the game name at the end so the staff knows im suggesting something to vigor.