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Found 29 results

  1. StarzRiser

    Vigor_Only 30FPS ?!?

    Hi everyone. I've just created an account in order to give you my feedback about this game. I've watched a lot of Vigor Youtube videos lately, and I was really excited to try this game out. So of course I installed it and started right away. After just a few seconds, I felt like something was wrong.. Felt like I was playing the fat Xbox or worse, the 360. My eyes notice right away : this runs on 30FPS. A quick search on google confirmed this because apparently the devs '"can't" make this run on 60FPS. What a joke. Guys, I've paid 500 Euros last October to be able to play modern games on 60FPS on my Gears 5 Limited Edition Xbox One X. IT WAS THE ONLY REASON for me to spend that much money (which never happens). So my excitement about this game went away soo fast ! As soon as I got confirmation of this info, I uninstalled your game. Please somebody explain why I don't I have the choice in the options to play this game however I want ? I DONT CARE about 4K, in shooters FPS is actually MORE IMPORTANT than the resolution itself. SO this makes NO SENSE to me, especially in 2020. PLEASE update the game with an option for 1080p/60FPS. When turning the camera it gets so messy it hurts my eyes. I bet people who are used to 30fps dont even notice, and worse they will defend your (bad) arguments. Again, pc players get the best deal even though my console is 'the most powerful' as of now. SHAME. Apex is a free battle royale game. FREE. Just like Vigor. The playable maps are even bigger, and still, they make it run at 60FPS on X or PS4 Pro because THEY KNOW how much better it feels and we're more accurate and reactive. Fortnite was also updated for 60fps a few months after its release. And yes, even on Xbox one S I could play it with 60FPS. I dont play it anymore, but Epic games GAVE YOU THE CHOICE to use it or not. I have so many other examples of "free" games like those that are up to date. Its a shame to release such a game with low standards, and even worse the player is FORCED to acept this with no choice whatsoever. The kind of things that actually pisses me off real bad (as you probably notice). So my only question is : do the devs have any plans to give us the choice between resolution or framerate ? If yes, then I'll be really glad to play your game and even give you money (yes, I live a confortable life and dont mind giving away hundreds for a game I like). It's uninstalled, for now.... We're at the very end of this current generation, so I expect HIGH STANDARDS (as promised by Microsoft). People should do the same, I'm surprised NO ONE is talking about this (at least, from what I could see). Now it's gonna take me a few days to get rid of this desire to play this game. I KNOW I'm NOT gonna enjoy it on 30fps. I gave up on this resolution last October and players should NOT accept this. My console is more than capable of running games on 60fps, so I dont buy your lazy arguments. SORRY for speaking the truth. Hell, a game like Ark Evolved, which is crazy big and demands A LOT from my console STILL RUNS at 60FPS ! And its ALSO in the Game Pass. Take example on those games, they're really good and well executed. This will be my only message so I apologize for the size of this one ! Its almost a book at this point but PLAYERS gotta voice their opinion otherwise we end up in the situation where I am right now. I guess nobody complained enough about this, so they never update their game.... LOL I'm mad at the players as well for this. If they keep accepting low quality stuff, then this is exactly what we're gonna get. On the verge of 2021 ? PLEASE stop trolling ! P.S : Also wanted to try DayZ out. But if it's also only 30FPS, I'm not gonna play it... Oh ok google tells me its on 60fps. LOL so why DayZ and not Vigor ? And why only 30fps for 4K resolution ?!? Games like Gears 5 showed us that it can easily be done. The game is georgous and runs so smoothly. So why limit the players when we know the console can do it ? Still makes no sense. Just hire some devs and there you go. You have money no ?!? Then invest it.
  2. So far I booted up the game docked, the sound seems off... I'm using a basic surround sound system, footsteps seem correct, but vaulting or other actions tend to be pushed to the right of my speakers, kind of breaks immersion. Beyond that, I noticed you put 1400 crowns into my account, so I purchased the battle pass and the AK-M all black skin... couldnt wear anything from the battle pass, i guess im level 0... got my first build started, and when I clicked to finish the build... the game is stuck on *Waiting*... Restarted game and, it finished the build... played few games - crashed... Did my Animal Crossing Dailies... And so I decided to find out what makes the game tick... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After every match, there is a loud audible *POP* - if you mute the music volume ts disappears... could be an influx of sounds, but my guess is the music file is wonky... It happens every game and that fixes the issue Every time your base upgrades, and you return from the visual upgrade, you cant click anything when you return to the menu screen... you either need to exit the menu, or swap between them ( crafting, store, ect.. ) - this is through the front sign, but I would assume this is relevant even in the in house menu access.. I played with the shooting range, and tried getting all the gold with the crossbow... that's impossible... - The crossbow takes 5 seconds to reload, you need to hit 4 moving targets within 15 seconds to obtain gold... the fastest I could do it was 18 seconds shooting immediately after reloading... and... I even tried seeing if one bolt could pierce 2 boards, it cannot... so... When a match starts, the player screen ( where you can choose boosters ) matches the safe window, but the background does not and will bleed through the edges - kind of ruining the illusion of UI Also another weird bug, IDK how or why, but sometimes when a game starts a bunch of random coloured squares appear around the border of the screen, sometimes they leave, sometimes they dont... and it could be my imagination but it seemed to make the screen fuzzier and perhaps lessened the field of view? I undocked it, no real issues, but, I always need to adjust the brightness and contrast when I do so... - This game can be either extremely dark or extremely bright on some maps aswell... Everytime you get disconnected while in a lobby, you lose your entire inventory... and after you lose 3 SVD's that can become aggravating... Sound is a big issue for me - Im sure you are using 2 different sound clips for moving, at least, a running, or a not running... the problem is the not running is overlapping the running, so it always sounds like there are another set of footsteps, not to mention, the (as I will call it) not running footsteps will sound better if your camera is offset to look to your left, because they only play out of the right speaker... When I was crafting disinfectants sometimes the crafting time would be 30 seconds... IDK why, I upgraded the thing that was supposed to reduce it and I thought that made it go to 30, but... sometimes, it just doesnt feel like being a 4 second craft i guess... sometimes it takes 6 seconds.... is weird... The A2, idk exactly the rifle name... resembles the m4 m16... when shooting in the shooting range the "shooting effect" would shoot back into the screen... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think... thats most of them... If I find more ill add to this... I really had fun playing it, got to level 20 in the Battle Pass, got my SVD crafting slip... several things I HIGHLY suggest adding.. Custom controls, Ive been killed sooooo many times because Im not used to the left button swapping guns and the top button reloading... You made this for Xbox first, and as someone whose played every halo except the new ones... Y = swap guns and X = reload on Xbox... and even CoD on WiiU had that setup... since its a Nintendo controller, just make x = swap guns and y = reload.... or, at least give us an option to switch those.... Its so frustrating to just jump around inside a house screaming at your television because you accidentally swapped guns to an unloaded gun and then holstered the gun because you accidentally pressed the health button in a fit of rage and now you have a crossbow bolt sticking out of your own arm for some reason... its a shame... it really is... I became a threat in one game... and then I proceeded to kill the last man who decided the crate was his crate... It was not... I was a promise... OH! I need like way less, Inner deadzone?... i dont know what you called it... like... 0... cause, these arent Xbox Controllers... these are Nintendo Controllers... I want the screen to move even if i push it the width of a piece of paper... I know Joy cons drift, but.... I couldnt look at the undocked version for very long, so... As one more final thing to say, is the switch really limiting the textures you can push into it? Cause, watching these videos online... .. .... .......................... Thanks for putting it on switch I guess... l: I wonder if the Switch can run Crysis :l I did enjoy playing this for about 12 hours today... I think it crashed a total of 6 or 7 times... maybe more but i said if i found issues id report them... If this isnt in the right spot... feel free to move it, idk where it should go and this seemed appropriate enough to me...
  3. InboundsMoth803

    Audio Issues

    On Xbox my audio in game doesn't work properly. Once I start up the game I can't hear my footsteps in base and in an encounter as I run around. I've been playing on the map Batterie: Snodekt for most of the time in which this issue is happening I don't know if it happens in the other maps. The firing of a gun in the game is muffled to an extreme extent where it is difficult to hear it. Though sometimes the issue fixes itself far into an encounter I am currently playing. In other encounters I have a constant search sound effect that starts playing when I'm in the map and ends once I am out of it. The only ways I have been able to resolve it is by restart my game to correct the audio issues. I don't know if other people are experiencing the same issue as I am. I hope that this can be resolved later down the road. Thank you for your time I hope to hear from moderator soon to be informed on the situation causing me this problem.
  4. Brooks Maxwell

    Bug Report

    Sometimes when switching or reloading weapons my character bugs out and I am unable to aim, shoot or holster my weapon. Also not really a bug, but the sound of footsteps and opening doors is really quiet resulting in players just stumbling into each other. Anyway other than that I love the game and can't wait to watch it grow it a full fledged masterpiece. Thanks Vigor Team!
  5. Anyone got this challenge? If you wanna team up my gamer-tag is: Referredlamb82, send me a message on Xbox and let me know! Cheers.
  6. Hi there! Playing your game last 2-3 weeks and completing challenges, but last two challenges are buggy , I already did 10 headshots and leave encounter with airdrop without killing anyone, but quests still active, please help me solve the problem, in crates drop materials and it helps improve lobby:) My Xbox account - a1chu Thank you!
  7. Hey Bohemia, I've been playing VIGOR now for the better part of the year. I enjoy the game and it has A TON of potential... however there are huge issues that still have yet to be addressed ... specifically with your CROWN/REWARD system. I've literally had (1) purple crate from daily challenges and nothing else but materials, which weren't even enough to be considered a reward since we bring more materials to our shelter after an encounter, and a bunch of cheap common/white crates... The whole reason why this a big deal for me is because daily challenges are the ONLY way besides boosters to get any of the Blue/Purple/Gold crates and EVERYONE IS SO CHEAP WITH THEIR CROWNS, IT'S RARE THAT ANY CRATES OR LOOT WILL GET BOOSTED PAST 200%... HENCE I'VE BEEN STARING AT THE EXACT SAME MILITARY/SPECIAL CRATE REWARDS THAT I HAVE NO CHANCE OF OBTAINING. BASICALLY, I'M ASKING Y'ALL TO CONSIDER OTHER MEANS IN WHICH WE CAN EARN OR RECIEVE THESE REWARDS!!!!!!! I ALSO WANTED TO RUN AN IDEA BY YOU ABOUT POSSIBLY INCLUDING SOME SORT OF REIMBURSMENT (ie. Once a week/month...) FOR ALL OF THE CROWNS/WEAPONS THAT WERE LOST DUE TO SERVER CONNECTION!!! I know these are issues you've heard all of us bitching about and would appreciate you spending a little time and attention on addressing these KEY ISSUSES with VIGOR!!!!
  8. Vigor may might as well die in its current state or ward off new or casual players. I consider myself lucky to "Beat the destruction" and what I mean by that is the crown generator nerf along with 1.1 . I'll explain why this makes since. You go into a match and with no loot boost there is barely any loot besides barred house and general houses.The problem is now that with a new player only getting like 3 crowns a day with a low level generator. Math it up and it take about 10 days to do a loot upgrade.But what's worse is it take 15 days of daily collecting to get an airdrop upgrade 45 crowns. A new player will not like to use a pistol because all ammo is hard to find and guns are hard to get. How did I get all my guns. Through airdrops. If the airdrops aren't leveled up the new player can't get decent plans to craft guns and the compatible ammo. What is insult to injury is the fact that airdrops make you super slow. Like half speed. A player without a good weapon will get shot tuh hell by another player because they move slow and are new to the game. The only way to progress in the game is to get a stock of guns and crafting plans. The creators sealed their fate in changing the sense of progress to 0 when it take too long for the noob player to get out of the crater. no good guns are easily obtainable because of skill required to get airdrop with slowing effect and marked effect.upgrades occur at approximately 1/3 as often as before the crowns nerf took effect, theoretically anyway 20 was max upgrade now is 6.4 . Good upgrades are so rare now that your lucky to be in a game that has a 250% loot or a blue crate. What's even worse is if the airdrop is upgraded to special issue or military grade. Only one person gets it .4 people just spend 15 days of crowns I to only have 1 person get it. So you have to basically get lucky that a veteran isn't going for drop because your screwed when your getting killed by an ADR or AUR A1. Suomi has now been nerfed and so no lower grade guns are top tier anymore in competitive nature. A pistol with 16 rounds isn't enough ammo to effective kill an experienced player. Basically the new players are put in a hole because of weapon access and the penalties that make the game realistic.I understand the airdrop is heavy and needs to "slow you down" but you cannot limit the main thing that is used to progress a new players competitive level in the game. You start out as non self sustaining on loot and thus looting is only method to gain items. If guns didn't take ammo this whole issue would go from a Nuke to a conventional ww1 bomb. You can get the gun but not a reliable source of ammo for it. Digging out of this hole takes skill and an extreme amount of time, a casual or new player will drop your game if it's too difficult and time consuming because many people can't play 6 plus hours a day maximum basically the game is rigged as if everyone has a self sustaining community backing them up. When your self sustaining you can go for airdrop and use a good gun to basically Nuke players with no guns. You are basically a slave that gets whipped up when they eat there 4 oz daily meal. And drink the muddy water. You have no way of conventionly getting out of this mess in a effective manner. This may as well kill your game and or nullify that chances of it blowing up even larger inn the future.
  9. Austin_Black_Latte_Man

    Close range shots aren't registering

    Ran into an encounter, shot at my opponent, none of my shots registered. After I emptied my mag, my gun refused to reload until several seconds later but by then it was too late and I got fatally shot. I have died this way before and lost my inventory, but this time I've decided to report it, I would also like my inventory back that I had on me in this incident as I assume previous incidents you can't account for and return my items. I had on me: PM-63 RAK, 90 of 9×18 Makarov ammo, 1 disinfectant. I have the video of the incident as proof. Thank you.
  10. C0MI0

    Vigor post wipe

    After the wipe for the 0.9 update, i for some reason got another wipe about a week after. i was wondering if there’s a way to revert that, thank you.
  11. Johnathin Martin

    Vigor: bugs

    This is simply a list of bugs you may or may not be aware of. 1: map markers are far off. I could be inside an area and still not "discover" it. 2: on occasion, the reload will not register, confusing the player why they are not shooting. 3: some exit timers reset when you are hit. 4: some items can only be activated when facing it from a specific point and direction. 5: board mazes at the top a barnhouse knocks players off, leaving the visibly inaccessible.
  12. ThatPersonCampN

    Favorite gun and why?

    Honestly I find the AK-M my go to. It feels rather smooth when using it compared to the A74-K. M1911 is hands down my favorite pistol in any situation if it's needed.
  13. GRNsquall


    I enjoyed playing vigor, I did the trial, I think it would be a lot of fun if I was able to custom build my own base. I would like the control over where things go and how it looks. I think it would add more intense game play since it feels more like my personal place. Also I don't understand the point in having multiple interactive structures in the base such as the map, crafting table and the base table when I can go into just one of these and access them all by scrolling over.
  14. KidSlaughter

    My one and only issue

    My only issue because I know it's a game preview so the actuall mechanics dont bother me, and I dont know if this has been stated in a previous post, but I got one of my friends to play and end up buying the game playing duos with them was alot of fun, however our only problem was that while in duos the only way you can tell where your teamate is, is by looking at the map we would like to see some sort of icon or something to indicate where your teamate is without having to bring up the map so there for you dont accidentally annihilate your own teamate because they run in to the barred house because your freaking out because you can hear multiple footsteps, haha. Otherwise we love this game!!!!!
  15. Response to the Vigor team's tweet. Some of these ideas where mentioned on twitter from the community and the rest are from me and my friends. Apologies for my poor English in advance :P. * Some music in the shelter be it a cassette player or a vinyl record. It would add to the atmosphere and add character to the shelter. I also think that it would be a good option if you decided to make the cassettes or vinyl's a collectible item. I think some downtime is needed while your at ease after some intense looting and shooting. * Adding weather effects to the home shelter would be a step in the right direction and prevents the home from becoming distasteful over time. Also adding to the previous point I think some music in the shelter would be so comfy while it’s raining. * I think an extra improvement would be a visual representation of your resources. As the game is going for a immersive feel it would be great to see a pile of wood logs stacking up at the back of the house to represent how much crafting parts the player has. Bigger the resources , bigger the pile. Fable 3 done this idea justice in the way it displays your resources. * A lot of people are suggesting pets. Personally a dog would be a great way to add some company in your home. I also understand that you want the player to feel isolated and vulnerable but that is where the gameplay and maps come to life. * If you don’t agree with the previous point then maybe try and make the shelters accessible to friends if they are in your duo team. Adding some more social interaction while you are waiting for ques would be more enjoyable. * Another feature which would be adored by the community is if we could display our favourite guns in a display case or above the fireplace. These simple touches add to the survivalist feel. * Similar to the previous point maybe as an alternative we could have a mannequin to show off our cosmetics. It could also be used as a gun holder to show off the firearms. * A change that is minor but would be appreciated is if we can use our knives on the training dummies as there is no way to try them out. * My final suggestion would be to make some interactive objects to pass the time while we are queuing or waiting for friends. The Rubik's cube was a good addition but maybe something more immersive. Lets say you were in the living room next to the fire place and the "X" button was prompted on screen and your character could sit down and warm his/her hands near the fire. Gta online houses are a good example of this.
  16. TattooedToker

    New Xbox One Club

    Hi everyone! Just created an Xbox Club for players to share clips, pics, find other players and share anything vigor related! Club name on Xbox is : Vigor Survivors. I will be streaming this game and sharing it via stream so hopefully it will grow! Thank you all!
  17. WoollenDisc311

    Name Tags for teamates

    Me and my friend were playing and we kept tking because we could not tell the difference between each other and the end I’d also along with that feature you could also add it were if you get a supply drop while you and your teammate are looting then when you get back to base you both get a wooden crate each that way it’s actually worth playing with your friends and getting crates also add a spectating mode were if you die while playing with a teammate then you can watch them play
  18. Me and my friend were playing and I got stuck in between 2 objects and could not get out and had to die and lose my stuff to play another match.
  19. KnoxHoots

    Never Leave Beta Mode

    Keep the game in Beta mode so it will be easier to update as well as cheaper.
  20. Eskye

    Just some ideas

    I bought the game a couple weeks or months ago (don’t remember) and I’m really enjoying it.I know that you are focused on making the game work well and all but it would be cool to put some of theses ideas into the final game. Remember these are only ideas. put a first person mode do like dayz where you can zoom in to see stuff further away. players render in only a couple hundred feet in front out you, could you make them render further? Add squads and duos (I think you guys were already planning that). add more maps/encounters (a cool one would be an encounter during the night) Also, it would be cool to include some gun play in your next dev stream ( with aim down sight and over the shoulder aiming). Unless you want to keep that as a surprise. Thanks for the great stuff so far!
  21. llI

    Key Bind

    Addin key bind to controller would be amazing!
  22. ug majboyington


    The M67 frag is not working properly. The current rate is 4 out of 10 are working properly.
  23. PearceyBaws

    Game modes?

    I think adding game modes to Vigor would be a good way to keep players satisfied, game modes were friends could team up with each other. So have the single player looting maps/game modes to gear up players, and then allow them to use there loot in bigger game modes, perhaps a a war mode similar to Arma 2 wasteland all out war between large teams or smaller scale objective game modes, maybe teams of 2, 3 and 4, fighting for objectives with good rewards Or even just a free roam pvp map where players are free to do whatever they want
  24. I played dayz mods and standalone and feel this game has good potential, but also feel it has good potential to crash and burn I really think the battle royale/survival type thing you have going on is a good idea, but is far too repetitive, there’s no real freedom on the game which made Arma 2, 3 and standalone the great and not so great(Standalone) games they were. Shooting mechanics are horrible, remind me of DayZ standalone, maybe if they were more like pubg or rainbow six a lot more people would enjoy this game It is far too repetitive, far far far far far too reptitive.... I loot some gear, maybe kill someone, and then leave the game and go stash the gear in a place where no one can touch it, and then go out and do the same. There’s no real tension and no real achievement. Let’s say you die during the game, then what. Go back to your stash house geared up again? Don’t jump on the bandwagon and try to do what every other developer is doing, fuck battle royal we’ve got enough games of it, keep to your roots and then this into a proper survival game, make this game what DayZ SA failed to be, don’t make us waste our money on shite again Things that could be edited or improved : shooting mechanics MUST be improved more players per server hunger/thirst mechanism bigger maps attachments to guns more attractive areas of the map, which have more loot than other areas And I can’t think of any, but give players a reason to play it, because the stash house shit really isn’t cutting it If I had it my way and I know many would agree, I’d strip this game down to its basics. And make a good version of DayZ SA, Xbox literally has no good online survival games and this game has the foundations to do so Have a good think of what you guys are going to do with this game because it’s on extremely thin ice ATM
  25. Vast Oracle

    Vigor Day One-Review

    Vigor is a survival post apocalyptic game set in 1990's Norway, that throws a handful of survivors together and challenges them to take on what ever is thrown at them. Norway is a unique location to set any video game, let alone a post nuclear environment. With rugged terrain, snow kissed mountains and beautiful lakes, the views are breathless. Firstly, this game allows the player to play how they want and where they want. Whether thats a stealth approach, avoiding all contact with fellow players to get the loot you need , or going in all guns blazing and stealing what you can from the unfortunate players you kill. Once you have the supplies you need, you can return to your base, complete with a firing range, bed and a cosy fire under the mantle piece. This game has shown so much potential, as Xbox have been missing a title like this, and with such a small development team its much better than most games releases on Game Preview. The graphics are absolutely top draw, I can't even imagine it at 60FPS. The developers have concentrated on the smallest things to bring this game together, such as the inscriptions on the guns, the damage objects take when hit, and even the sound effects from the weather makes going inside incredibly cosy and warm. However, this game is still a work in progress, but the concept has hit the nail on the head as on release the servers have been solid, loading times reasonable and rendering has been incredibly smooth. Through playing however I have come across a few bugs and things that need ironing out, to allow this game to reach its true potential. Bugs and Improvements: Reload and first aid Animations glitching and sometimes not even occurring Gun reloading even though its fully loaded (happens frequently when looting and pressing 'X') The radius in which the 'X' button will prompt you to loot needs to be widened The circle the surround the looting 'X" glitching and stuttering and won't allow looting Switching weapons animation could be much smoother The vaulting and climbing mechanics are very rough, as you can be thrown up when vaulting and can continue climbing up an invisible ladder A ability to increase your bag capacity should be implemented Having your settings (including your sensitivity) reset to default when you quit the game Giving guns less of a spray when firing in 3rd person, as it can been frustrating to always use 1st person When using the Mosin Nagant in 1st person, you have to manually switch back to third in order to pull the bolt back, this would be much easier if it could bolt the gun in1st person Decrease the sway in 1st person More freedom with customisation- clothing, instead of having an outfit, let us choose our jacket, trousers and boots Weapon attachments, such as scopes should be added (may already be, but have never found one Blueprints for ammo Introduction of armour, perhaps blueprints for it, or blueprints to make new clothes Find clothing when looting wardrobes Stop the gun from reseting to single fire mode when you put it on automatic Introduction of more throwable weapons, such as knives, Molotov's and flash bangs Add an armoury into your base, so you can have the weapons you've found on display Make the sprinting animation more obvious as it difficult to tell whether you are or just jogging Hit radar needs to be more accurate when shot These are of course all my opinion, and be aware it is still very early days, however this game could be able to compete with PUBG's game preview on the Xbox One if many of these bugs are looked at and improved. But overall, developers please keep up the good work and listen to our feedback.