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Found 28 results

  1. This would be great on PS Vita! Vita has two joysticks, direction buttons for ez inventory management(also touchscreen!),index finger buttons for shooting and reloading and four more buttons! And vita does not have any good survival games or 2D multiplayer shooters.(hotline miami is not multiplayer!:D)
  2. So I am making plans on using the BIS_fnc_playVideo function and I am wondering if it is MP compatible. I tried searching for the answer to no avail and I cannot test it myself at this time so, is it MP compatible and if not how can I make it? and in general are such functions MP compatible? The BIS_fnc_ambientAnim one is. I have tested that one. I have also tried implementing the BIS_fnc_MP to be sure and not have to ask but it reported an error. So any help will be appreciated..
  3. The last post I made over in the Vigor forum was marked / made hidden. Why would this happen? Pretty sure I didn't violate any forum guidelines.
  4. Game?

    Hi.Any hope for new update?I really love this game but i do not see any progress/updates in few months.Thanks for answer :)
  5. Why is the Debug console for offical servers gone? Zeus without it is pretty lame and annoying to do.. now I can't put my premade missions in it either nor can I make arsenals. Please add this back or add a key for ares achillies mod. I have no idea why you removed it or what might have caused it to dissapear.
  6. new update

    ok so ive been away from the game for a while and i see so many new things can someone give me a rundown?
  7. Hello everyone, I've got multiple playable units and have some scripts that include those units. But i want the script to ignore that part when no one is playing with them. I've tried this: if (unit1 != nil) then { //Very cool script that includes unit1 }; Any efficient way to do this?
  8. Arma 4 a look to the future

    Hey guys I have been working in Arma for a little bit now and was curious whether or not there has been any news on an arma 4. Whether its not coming or planned for like 2020. I'm sure the whole community is curious if this is in the works or is Arma 3 the last we will see of Arma?
  9. Is some ways ,better then checking all objects with loop, to execute somethng when dynamic simulation waking up unit ?
  10. Hi, looking for a scripter to solve this Flowchart Theoretical Framework', via use of scripts. I am a videographer, not a scripter or anything technical. Basically, using what apex has given us, have put down a load of modules and triggers in a planned manner, all related around tasks and briefings, along with scripts within triggers filling in the gaps which will make the changes when certain conditions are met. The hypothesis is that these modules should be able to add up/correlate so an objective can either be completed or failed, with the (missing) script in triggers making the missing links. Why do i not do it? Because 1) Not a scripter 2) It would take me a decade to crack it If you take it on and crack it; - include a 'noob' definition of how it works - Add me on steam - Will give you credit in my video for theory, with possibly more rewards Check the link for a image of the theory, along with mission.sqm https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4kc066vn329dsz/Theory.png?dl=0
  11. Is any way to change these vehicle confg values during mission?
  12. Hello, I was making a custom Helicopter (A retexture of the Hummingbird) in my Mod, and wondered if I could configure the Heli to withstand rougher landings. In the Advanced Flight Model you can Land pretty hard, so I thought it must be doable in the config somewhere. I tried some different things: impactEffectSpeedLimit epeImpulseDamageCoef And making a custom RTDConfig (just upped "thresholdLoad") But nothing worked like we wanted. The "epeImpulseDamageCoef" however changes the vertical landing damage, but doesn't really affect the normal (not just coming down vertically) landings. Is there even a possibillity to change that? -Dj
  13. Hello o7, I have a question: I have a script for my arma group where every player can send me a .png file that will be shown as their unit insignia. But I fear that, when I get more players in the group, the mission files will be pretty big as I'm currently having all the pictures and the script in the missions themselves. Now I got the Idea to make a little mod with all the common scripts and other files I use in my missions, that way the mission download at the start of the mission won't take ages. So now the Question(s): Does this even make sense, or is there a better way to achieve this? How would I do that? I hope someone can help me! -Dj
  14. Hey there guys; Working on the F-16C sound mod and was curios to know how I could go about adding in environmental reverb to the sound sets / shaders in the mod? So when the aircraft is moving around the environment there is more of a "surround" effect? I think something like this would be a huge improvement for jets/helicopter audio as it would definitely enhance the soundscape in general, providing a more realistic sense of direction as well as being able to hear the aircraft's effect on buildings, trees and even fields. Thanks all!
  15. Hello, everyone! I am making a single player mission, and want to know how to know if the player has pressed a button? My specific reason is that, on the mission start. The players has all their equipment/weapons hosltered in backpack/vest. If anyone can help with this, that would be awesome. Alternatively: Is it possible to open the inventory without player needed to press a button? Warm Regards, Jack.
  16. Hello, everyone! I duped the post. Please delete this one, that you are looking at. Sorry. Warm Regards, Jack.
  17. Hello! I've stumbled upon a small problem to solve. I was curious as to what the simplest method is to enable a trigger's ability to activate. Example: Say there's a zone that ends the mission, but you want to force the player to complete tasks before they can walk into the specific zone, ending the mission. It seems using standard zone triggers has nothing preventing the player from walking into the zone, ending the mission. Essentially, I look to have the trigger's ability to activate enabled only after something specific has been completed (Whether it be a task or a trigger first.) This being the goal, "triggeractivated" isn't ideal as it forces activation. If there's a simpler way (or better, coding as well), I'd love to know. Many thanks.
  18. Does the Arma 3 Game engine support multiple different "sea" levels. For example, does it support a lake and river that is above the sea level?
  19. Can someone help me with this. I'm Kinda new to the whole sound mod but am interested, I have no idea but gotten this far and im just Confused on how to proceed from this point on how i can even get sound through. if someone could help me Thank you. the export for the file is .wss mono out of a pcm 16bit mono wave file. the script is in a config.cpp file. class CfgPatches { class mx { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Data_F", "A3_Sounds_F", "A3_Weapons_F" }; version="1"; author="cheif22"; }; }; class CfgSoundShaders { class MX_Closure_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shots\closure1", 1 }, { "\mx\shots\closure2", 1 } }; volume=0.17782794; range=5; }; class MX_closeShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\closeshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=50; rangeCurve="closeShotCurve"; }; class MX_midShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\midshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot3", 1 } }; volume=0.79432821; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0.2}, {50,1}, {300,0}, {1800,0} }; }; class MX_distShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\distshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0}, {50,0}, {300,1}, {1800,1} }; }; };
  20. Hi, I'm just trying to make a sound mod test thingy but I have no clue how to do the correct format for a sound. such as does it need to be mono, what export of wav file, is there any special way to do it. My one friend said the script works perfectly with his own audio but won't share the samples since I have my own. So if someone could answer how I can format a sound file correctly would be helpful. Current export that works on most things but not working on a closure or something of that area is a WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM with audacity then converting to .wss with arma tools. The sounds seems to work on everything but not when i fire a weapon. If any Bohemia or community members willing to share to help1, thanks.
  21. I've heard before that you can edit a config to allow more flashlights to be visible at once. As standing in a group of 32 units, only a small handful have flashlights visible. Moving around changes which of these are active. My question is, where is the config and what do I edit to allow more lights/flashlights to be visible. I've searched this extensively and only found different flashlight related questions. Edit: The max I can seem to get on the default setting is 7 units flashlights, or 6 when I turn on my own. Which has always ruined the immersion in dark or night time missions I've made for myself.
  22. As the title says, I have always been getting this recurring thought: It seems very likely that the Devs will be making a continuation of the story, as like before in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead. Usually, with every official map comes an epic saga. ;) What do you guys think? Is the Arma community geared up for another continuation of the campaign?
  23. Hey guys, quick question (Which maybe useful for others to read). What are some ways I can debug my MP code without having to go actually online and/or pay for a dedicated server? (I also noticed Here that the content has disappeared, how come?!?) Also, I was not able to join my own dedicated server as I keep on getting kicked. So since my PC is beastly, I launched Arma 3 two times with different roles: 1st Arma 3: Hosted a server WITHOUT arma3server.exe. 2nd Arma 3: Joined the server as the client. Is this another way of testing client-side for multiplayer scripting? Thanks, :ok: Rawner135
  24. ARMA LAN w/ Casual friends

    I'm in the awkward situation of being a fan of ARMA, but having friends who aren't into it enough to buy it. I went to great lengths to work up some missions in ARMA 2 Free, but it's pretty limited and I have to do all the work (since all the custom missions people make are for the full game). I could go on, but whining isn't the point of this post. The idea occurred to me, "Wouldn't it be great if BIS released a limited multiplayer-client-only version of ARMA III so that I could host LANs without my friends needing to make a big investment?" In a sense it would be a bit like F2P, giving people who do pay more people to play with, and allowing more people to see what they're missing without needing to pay up front. Anyone else think this is a fine idea? (or have other options for me and my LAN dreams?)
  25. Backstory (will be expanded): Year 2018: After 3 years of economical crisis, with the Ruble at its historical minimum, riots start spreading throughout the whole Russian Federation. Citizens start uprising demanding better economic conditions and extremists groups are seen as the only viable alternative to accomplish a brighter future. The protest quickly turn deadly, with the security forces getting more and more violent. Year 2020: Terrorist group named "Bering Star", in an attempt to take advantage of the civil unrest, attacks a classified biological warfare facility in ÄŒukotka, stealing many biological agents. Russian Federation government keeps this attack hidden, fearing a further increase of the riots violence. August 3rd, 2023: Bering Star hits, releasing an artificial virus in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Government is weakened after years of unrest, and the emergency response is not effective enough. During the following months, the virus spreads in Europe and Asia, with some cases in the USA. While the International Community joins forces to develop a vaccine, it gets clear that the rate of infection is extremely high. March, 2024: 9 months after patient zero, the infection is now spread worldwide. There is no known cure yet. April, 2030: 7 years later, an estimate of 90% of the global population was infected with peaks of 95% in the whole Russian sub-continent. Only 0.04% of survival chance. Big areas in the United States become unhabited, including the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound. Terrain Features: Size: 20480 x 20480 meters (4096 px * 5m) 1:1 copy of Lopez, Blakely, Decatur, Shaw (cropped), Cypress, Burrows, Allan and Fidalgo (cropped) Islands Elevation data from Real-world 1/9th arc-second DEMs Real roads network Dense forests and realistic vegetation placement - 1.3 million trees General overgrown and decaying feeling, making the terrain perfect for warfare or post-apocalyptic mods Current Status (last update: Dec 18th, 2014): Heightmap: 90% done, needs refinish and roads smoothing Sat Map: 99% done Sat Mask: 95% done Configs: 99% done Roads: 20% done Custom models: 0% done Vegetation placement: 90% done Articial objects placement: 1% done Internal testing: 10% done Public Beta Testing: TBA Screenshots: Videos: Live Development: I usually stream my development on my Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/schultzit Help Needed!!: I am looking for 3d artists to help me create assets for this map. If you like the project and feel like helping me, drop me a line on Skype or reply to this post License: This terrain will be released under ARMA PUBLIC LICENSE SHARE ALIKE (APL-SA)