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Found 68 results

  1. Hello everyone, Iwant to do some sripting in arma and now I have some time so I wanted to make AI talk in one of my scenarios, more precisely they will give a mission. I followed this tutorial by OnlineCombatBN and the ones giving me quests are talking normaly. I then wanted to add a guard that is closing of an area and when you get near him he will say something but i cant get him to talk i tried many things on my own (adding another class to the description.ext, and stuff like that) but i cant get it to work and i dont know what do do anymore, I know I am probably missing something so easy but again I am new at this stuff and dont know much. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: I also tried to put one convo into a folder. Like Folder Chat1 and the inside all the things I need and but i dont know if it will word and what to type into the trigger
  2. Please add DLSS and FSR2. The current type of smoothing takes a lot of resources and does nothing, the edges of the foliage are always flickering, it is very shaking. I would also like to have a motion blur option to compensate for the low frame rate. Thanks!
  3. marki980908

    Public zeus Client side?

    I have been zeusing for a private arma unit for a long time, recently I was told there is such thing as public zeus. I remember in old days you could load out Archilles and have expanded zeus functions. However today I tried loading only Zeus Enhanced, it required CBA, tried Archilles, it required CBA. Downloaded old version of achilles which didnt require CBA, Server didint allow me to join it. Is there a way to use expanded zeus on Public Zeus servers?
  4. Hey everyone, I have been looking around for an answer to my question! I am wondering if you can put into say the init file of your mission that always it will give all players present like a huge rating increase, and then say repeat it over and over. I want the players at all time to never ever switch to the sideEnemy or turn into renegades, no matter what happens. Any player who leave and enter. cheers,
  5. Whenever I start Arma I get this error message: "Problem occurred when saving profile data. The file may be set to read-only or can be blocked by another instance of the game (e.g., dedicated server.)" I've tried everything I could possibly find on Google without any success. I just got the game and I'm so ready to get it going, but nothing saves... Not my settings, not my profile "avatar" and not any of the missions. I start the game and I'm greeted by that horrendous message and the "New To Arma? We recommend playing through the bootcamp-" YES I KNOW, I'VE TRIED TO A MILLION TIMES BUT YOU WON'T LET ME SAVE!!! It's so fucking annoying, (pardon my French), to buy a game and then you have to spend two days to even get it running properly. I'm so sorry for this aggressive little post, but I'm starting to get moderately pissed. I... ...just... ...want... ...to... ...play... ...some... ...Arma.
  6. Doomsday Orange

    Maya Animation Rig

    I downloaded the character model with the intention of making a rig in Maya. I quickly realized that the demands of the character are way beyond my capabilities. Assuming that Maya was used for the development of animations for Reforger, is there a way the rig could be provided to the community? People like me want to help out devs and provide animations, but the lack of a rig for Maya prevents that.
  7. Hello everyone. So I know it's quite a stupid question, but I'm gonna ask anyway lol. I wanna buy Arma 3 (CD key) but I don't know if my pc is able to handle Arma 3. It meets the requirements, but I saw that it might not be enough so I prefer to ask first. My specs are here, not best specs but I hope that's enough. AMD A8-7600 R7 Series. 8gb RAM I'll appreciate all help. Have a nice day!
  8. Hi everyone, i can't find like this mod 'Overhrow' anyone can suggest to me like this mod?
  9. froggyluv

    Why is Aiming So Easy

    One thing about this series that always struck me was -why is it so easy to hit an enemy even at 400m+ out? Im an old timer (51yo) and yet its really no biggie to 1 shot an enemy tank crew who's head is turned out at 150m with just iron sights. I feel like something in the world of Parallax? maybe is missing. Like its just a 2d world and i merely have to align pixels and blam -kill shot no problem. Almost like a part of the 3dworld dynamic is missing. For instance in some other games like Insurgency and many of the new VR FPS games, I cant hit anything easily outside of 50m. I mean I can, but it feels like i really had to work for it. So what is it that missing in Arma? I know the recoil/hand shake setting has some effect here and maybe the default one is just set to easily
  10. Is it possible to configure vehicle components in the orbat creator? i.e. camo netting, cages etc. unlike in the mission editor, the vehicle editor in orbat does not have a vehicle component section.
  11. Hello! I'm new to the game, I just bought it earlier and I've racked in hours already just from the campaign. There are certain missions which are straight up frustrating and I've been seeing discussions about cheats FOR single player campaign. I'm wondering if it will get me into trouble for using it? I apologize if this is not the place to ask this or if it is a dumb question. I'm still new to the forums and the game
  12. Im using a handful of scripts to create a "single player respawn." The "system" works by adding an evenhandler to the player and, once the player dies, creates a new playable unit that the player can switch to. The problem is, once the player dies and selects the new unit, the player/new unit looses access to the military symbols module. Map markers which were displayed for the "original" player unit are not longer displayed for the new unit. Here is what I am using: Init File: PlayerLoadOut = getUnitLoadout player; _RespawnMarker = createMarkerLocal ['PlayerRespawn', getpos Player]; _RespawnMarker setMarkerTypeLocal 'mil_dot'; _RespawnMarker setMarkerTextLocal 'Respawn Point'; _RespawnMarker setMarkerColorLocal 'ColorOrange'; _RespawnMarker setMarkerSizeLocal [0.5, 0.5]; Player addEventHandler ["Killed", {[(_this select 0)] execVM "Scripts\Support\Support_PlayerRespawn.sqf";}]; PlayerRespawn File: params ["_oldUnit"]; [_oldUnit] join grpnull; _newUnit = group _oldUnit createUnit [typeOf _oldUnit, getMarkerPos "PlayerRespawn",[],0,"NONE"]; _newUnit addEventHandler ["Killed", {[(_this select 0)] execVM "Scripts\Support\Support_PlayerRespawn.sqf";}]; addSwitchableUnit _newUnit; _newUnit disableai "path"; _newUnit setUnitLoadout PlayerLoadout; Is there anyway to re-apply the military symbols module to the new unit once the player dies? Any help would be appreciated. **EDIT** I've been doing some testing and I've found something unusual. I joined a game, killed myself via trigger (setdamage 1), and then switched units. Once I switch to the new unit, I killed myself with the map open. After the death of the unit but before I switched again, the enemy map marker's reappeared on the map....?
  13. Looked around but can't find any definitive answer. Playing antistasi on my own dedicated server but 9/10 AI spawn with contact DLC guns that I can't even pick up. This ofc means that getting a reasonable amount of guns in the arsenal is taking the piss. Any way to disable AI spawning with guns from the contact DLC as there's no part of me or my mates willing to spend 20 quid so we can play antistasi. Cheers
  14. Hi I'm trying to copy over all my files using Arma3P to my (P:) drive but I just keep getting errors. Is there a way using Arma 3 tools to copy these files over or do I have to use the "Arma3P.bat" file? I basically receive the error for every action that the bat file attempts to do and the error is related to DeRapDos.exe & ExtractPboDos.exe. (See screenshot below) I do have all of Mikero's Tools installed. Any help with this would be super appreciated. Have a great day 😊
  15. Hello, I'm very new to Arma 3 scripting. I'm trying to figure out how selections in a dialog work (I'm just using the GUI editor via debug menu), and how pulling certain vehicles to assign to each selection (then spawning at marker) would work. Figured I'd ask since I'm not really sure what to even search for. If my prior knowledge of basic HTML coding is correct I'd need to assign some kind of variable to the selected item(s) then pass that to the spawn script, but I just don't know how that works with Arma's code 😛 What I've got so far is my defines and all the code from the dialog I needed to paste into a file, plus the description.ext. Anything helps! Cheers.
  16. So, in my current mission file, I have a limited zeus. However, this limited Zeus has no access to the modules section, the yellow one, in his spawn menu. Is there a way to add this back to a Zeus? If so, is there a way to specifically add only certain modules back to that spawn section. Thanks!
  17. Screenshots of what is happening: https://imgur.com/gallery/Cu1YUHX I cannot figure out how to get regular units to appear in the Respawn > Loadouts tab of the Zeus menu, on community maps. They appear just fine on Bohemia's default Zeus missions, but on any Zeus mission made by myself or the community the loadout screen stays blank. This is very annoying when wanting to play scenarios in Total Conversion mods, where I'd like my players to be able to respawn as various units from the mod's available roster. (Space Marines in There Is Only War, Stormtroopers in SW: Opposition, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi, i am fairly new to coding and i am wondering is there a way to detect if a player inside of a zone designated by a trigger has a weapon out or equipped and if so change the relation between indie and blufore, so far I am using this; this && !(currentWeapon player isEqualTo "AssaultRifle"); resistance setFriend [west, 0]; west setFriend [resistance,
  19. Hey all, I am quite new to scripting and have been looking into eventHandlers a bit lately. I stumbled across the scriptedEventHandlers. I am not sure I really understand the concept of a scipted eventHandler against a "normal" eventHandler. So, what exactly is the difference between those two? I mean, that in my understanding (which I believe to be incomplete) both "kinds" of eventHandlers are called when a specific event is happened and if this is the case what is the difference then? 😕 So, the question I am posing here is quite broad, I know, but if there's any good text I could have a look at somewhere online, or a video or some educational material I would really like to have a look. Otherwise if anyone here could throw some clarifications (without having to spend too much time as to write down a full guide on eventHandlers) they would be extremely welcome. Thanks, Achilles.
  20. SwiggidyDiggity2

    Application to be in-banned

    Hello! I have been a member of the Arma 3 community for years and I’ve met some very great people on the Arma 3 Official discord over that time. I was banned today out of nowhere and cited for “advertising” in DM’s. I mentioned my clan to a person and all of a sudden I was kicked with no warning. I saw no rules against that otherwise I would never have said anything. I’d like to request this ban be undone if possible. B. Zack on the Discord.
  21. The Arma 3 Sector Module creates a zone in-game with a visible HUD Icon when near said sector. It also creates a icon on the side of your screen for when you enter a sector. How would one change these icons, similar to how you can drawIcon3D? Context: Thank you!
  22. Hi, I'm trying to find way how to assign teams/colors for squad in editor. I only found - [this assignTeam "COLOR"] ,but it doesn't work for multiplayer. Anyone knows some command?
  23. I have a lot of stuff and valuables in vigor and would not want to waste my time that i collected in switch because i mainly play on ps4(will move to ps5) and want to keep my shelter and weapons through cross save or at least a transfer
  24. StarFish-50124bf6f5acc6e5

    First time modeling

    (im new to this) Hello, im trying to import a 3D building i made in blender into Arma 3. I have already inserted it into object builder and messed around with the LOD's and etc. My issue is the config files needed to make it into a PBO and work within arma as a building / model. I dont really understand where im able to get the configs or even to write them. i've only done this once but forgot to save the files before formatting my computer. I was wondering if anyone has a tutorial or the files needed (where i just rewrite the names inside the script) Any help is appreciated! Thank you
  25. hey, i bought Arma 3 at the beginning of lock down for the UK, the game was running smooth and well until around 2 months ago, i thought this may of been a clashing of mods but am still to find out, when i look at my virtual arsenal i can see face wear on my character but when i click play and load in the face wear has been removed, has anyone had issues with this bug or has anyone got any fixes to it, i have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that did not work.