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  1. Are there any particular hoops I have to jump through to enable rcon except for doing it in the BEserver_x64.cfg?
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  3. Even tho the project is on hold, is it still functioning? If not, then ignore the spoiler below. But if it does work then I could need some help. (See spoiler)
  4. What is EllmanOps: EllmanOps is a place where anyone can come play Arma 3 missions, the group is not a clan nor a unit so it will generally not go against milsim unit guidelines. There is no applications or unecessary hassle and all missions are hosted in a relaxed and casual environment. How to join a Operation: Head over to the Website. Join the Website/Make a account. Download the mods (Found under the Information menu tab) Go over to the Calendar and signup for your desired role. Show up to the Operation and play. Schedule: Missions are hosted twice a week. Thursday 20:00 GMT (3pm EST) Saturday 22:00 GMT (5pm EST) Mods: The mods used are typical milsim ones, such as ACE3 & TFAR + others to create a great experience. If you show up early then there will be assistance with mods and keys. Current missions theme: The current mission theme is "Vietnam". Links: Website Steam Group Discord TS3 direct join
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  6. Been having that issue as well and seems like others have had the issue as well.
  7. Have anyone found a way to Zeus with VCOM without tearing your hair out because the AI doesn't listen? Edit: Just tested with 3.2 and a helicopter will still ignore the orders to move away and not engage enemies.
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  9. Any chance anyone know what the script is called that says the name of the civi if you kill one? Would love to use it in my missions.
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  11. Hey. So in my unit we use RHS USAF and I've noticed that some helicopters does not have a the intercom system. Such as: CH-53E "Super Stallion" AH-1Z "Cobra" Now I did read about the framework system for it but I don't understand fully how to implement it. Link: http://acre2.idi-systems.com/wiki/frameworks/vehicle-intercom Do I put it in a init.sqf? Do I need to alter acre2 itself. (Would be a tad odd) Or do call it somewhere else? I highly apprecaite any assistance with this. I'd also be interested in how to do it with Vehicle Racks as well. Thx
  12. This unit no longer exists
  13. Squad name: 82nd Marine Regiment Timezone/location: GMT +1 Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop Contact email: Recruiter-82ndMR@outlook.com Website address: https://www.82ndmarineregiment.com/ Short description: USMC Milsim, MOS's, Promotion Policy, Started Nov 2018. Language: English