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Found 15 results

  1. I tried to post some code using the code block functionality on the forum, but I miss clicked where the red X is on the image above. The code block window closed without asking for confirmation and everything in the code block window was lost forever. I do not wish to lose the code I wrote because my hand is inaccurate at clicking or if I sneeze and click. I think this may be a problem when writing code in the code window and then accidentally clicking anywhere outside the code window. It would be better to disable the off-window click or just have a confirmation.
  2. The search delay frequently interferes with searches on this forum as a lot of them need to be corrected to find what someone is looking for, therefore needs to be removed. Yes I know the search delay is part of some stupid anti-ddos crap but still...
  3. SwiggidyDiggity2

    Application to be in-banned

    Hello! I have been a member of the Arma 3 community for years and I’ve met some very great people on the Arma 3 Official discord over that time. I was banned today out of nowhere and cited for “advertising” in DM’s. I mentioned my clan to a person and all of a sudden I was kicked with no warning. I saw no rules against that otherwise I would never have said anything. I’d like to request this ban be undone if possible. B. Zack on the Discord.
  4. Iv had this problem for months when using the ORBAT. I keep getting the same error when i try to run the game with the exported faction in the add on section, its extremely frustrating as these factions take nearly 3 days to create, iv had to delete them then remake them multiple times. Could someone please help me as i want to make a RMC faction, RAF, RAF regiment RN and so on. Asked this question on the ALIVE forum months ago and no one has replied , posted it on reddit and no one replied either, I even uninstalled and reinstalled ARMA twice hopefully someone here could help me out or redo it for me. (sorry for the crap quality) sorry for sounding so petty. Let me know if i should send you the folder or config etc. Please help https://ibb.co/0BG6Lcc https://ibb.co/rpSWxFn
  5. Not sure where to post this. Heads up, I just got this, from @suswill, and a quick google search shows romance scam. Reported.
  6. Hi Guys, Just want to quickly highlight two interconnected plugins we are developing for nodeBB. Both plugins are meant to feel native in nodeBB style. Disclaimer Although work is still in progress we already put them into daily use. We cant offer descriptions how to install nodeBB or the plugins themselves though. If you want to use this software, keep in mind we are still actively developing and some functions are customized for our own needs. If you happen to be a dev this wont be a big problem for you. Feel free to join our discord if you are stuck (best ask for Fusselwurm) : https://discord.gg/ZDqp45q Plugin Attendance Allows users to self manage their attendance and displays overall attendance and own attendance in event list as well as in particular event. Plugin Slotting Allows users to self manage slotting for a mission in a beautiful ORBAT like structure. Creation in backend is managed via XML input. Features scales well across devices (responsive) nodeBB group restrictions possible for single slots/sections nodeBB Notifications if someone slots/attends in a followed topic kick from slot for admins drag & drop users from/into slots for admins display all NATO symbols available in ARMA3 display fireteam, squad, platoon and company hierarchy easy implementation of custom callsigns, slotnames and shortcodes Screens http://imgur.com/a/2aRoX How to create a slotting list (german only so far) https://wiki.gruppe-adler.de/index.php?title=Slotting-Plugin Source Code https://github.com/gruppe-adler/nodebb-plugin-attendance https://github.com/gruppe-adler/nodebb-plugin-arma3-slotting/ (Yes, we dont mind if you want to to fix our bugs or want to contribute in any way)
  7. Yeah, looks like the sound overhaul is going full steam ahead. If only the forum upgrade went as well. More like forum downgrade, bet we won't get post autosaving anymore. Really, I remember vBulletin and it had its quirks, but it was quite usable. Whatever we had before... mostly worked. And now we have another step down.
  8. Hello, Check back here and provide feedback to this thread for forum issues and updates. Since the forums migration from vBulletin to IPB a couple of weeks ago we have been busy resolving issues and making improvements. I know for some of you it has not been as quick as you want, but thank you for your understanding and patience. Rest assured the web team is continuing to address issues and make improvements. Please know that the main purpose for the migration was for special back end support for the unified BI account system. The unified account system is used in the store, for new games and for all future features and services intended for the community. If you don't see your issue here, provide your detailed feedback in a reply in this thread and we will be sure to address it. Also, if you feel that an issue that now appears in the fixed list is not fixed in the way that you desire, please provide such feedback for discussion. While we cannot guarantee that every request for changes will be implemented, please know that we fully respect all of your viewpoints and concerns of how the forums function and how you like to use the forums. We will make every reasonable effort to review, asses and implement the features and functionality you desire. Here are issues/suggestions we are tracking(not in any particular order): 821. Issue with IE after long inactivity on post edit, logout - constant page refresh 800. Missing ability to state a reason when displaying the "Edited by" text. 760. Email notification per subscribed thread. Currently email is on or off, then per thread is all, daily or weekly. 757. Login takes user to front page, should stay on page user was browsing after login. 680. Search functionality limited to four characters or more only. Looking into performance issues by adding at least three characters or more. 679. Community groups from previous forums, migrate and add functionality to new forums. 678. Go to latest unread post(small blue dot icon) not on locked thread(small lock icon in way) 622. Ability to export PMs as xls. (archive conversation - export PM to email available) 898. Friends list, can hover over name but more clear interaction options, like send PM should be visible. 906. Vote on own thread(stars at top). 573. No inheritance in forums selected via "Filter by forum" in New Content. 584. Set the amount of posts to be displayed per page. Display user signature only once per page. 604. Ignore signature popup is clipped. 570. Missing badge display in posts for supporters. Currently badges are only displayed in the Profile page. 569. Tapatalk functionality / compatibility 581. Mark threads/indication if BI staff have replied. 580. Custom Syntax highlighting of code. 912. Threads with polls light up as unread every time a vote is made. 679. Missing the Community groups from the old forums. 913. Missing bottom panel showing server time, etc. 914. Missing ability to set format of time and date. To 24h, american date formatting, etc. 586. Themes dark / light color UI theme choices 920. Improvements to the mobile version. Navigation of very large threads. 926. post shortcut link not working correctly when add link to a post content(posts in large thread) Have grab page URL + add ?=p(postid) to url manually 927. Import subscriptions users had from old forums 928. Option to create folders for different subscriptions 2053. Notification when someone directly quotes your post Issue/suggestions not repeated or under investigation to gather proper requirements: Links to latest posts are malformed for not logged in users. They lack the ?view=getnewpost parameter. Only the link to the date (such as: Yesterday, 14:50) has that parameter. (- might be related to 926.) Fixed issues/suggestions: lowercase username issue. If your username has become all lowercase, you can resolve this by changing your username at account.bistudio.com after you login, go to account.bistudio.com change your username in the top left corner save changes in the bottom right corner click on logout go to forums.bistudio.com and logout(again) After those steps, after you login again, your username should now have the proper case that you saved it as. Missing button to easily insert videos in posts. There are a couple of ways you can embed videos. 1. Use the blue/green icon between the eraser icon and the "Font" dropdown, to insert media. Select Media and insert the video URL. The following video sites are currently supported:YouTube, MySpace Video, GameTrailers, YouTu.be, Vimeo, Dailymotion 2. use these tags to directly write in the embedded media in your post: Member title editable. Now functions as the rank based on # of posts like previous forums. Group name and member titles dupe display issue. Right-clicking an image displays the picture instead of showing the browser's context menu. Profile: Social links can now be edited by user. Upload of image file for avatar, basic function, limited size and format issues. Missing sub-forums for editing OFP. Users can edit their own ban reason. Legacy url links to forums. Internal server error issue on logins. Page resets to front page in middle of reading posts. The private message limit was way too low, now increased. Width of threads/post and content too narrow, now for x1920 displays. Quotes within post same color as post, not noticeable, now in higher contrast. Font color too light, Font size too small, not enough contrast for reading. Like this on own post. Email notification not properly configured. Private message save draft issue, was high concern when initial PM limit was so low, PM limit now increased. Missing ability to easily create nested lists. To nest a list press the "Increase Indent" button. Inconsistency in the number of the displayed page when browsing through page numbers. It's too easy to get "trapped" inside a quote when editing one. Share page on social media, incorrect meta data and thubnail image. Subscribe to thread functionality. Video player rendering in user signatures. Display of 0 warnings on user profile/avatar. Report a post needs more distinction. Better separation of posts Archive PM conversation link broken, now sends email. Author of thread indication within thread on his/her posts. Profile: social links with proper link(e.g. Twitter username link, not just plain text). Profile: edit social links section clean up, removal of dead services, clean up edit page UI. Signature size limit match previous forums Multiquote limit at 10 quotes, can select more but then get error message, increase limit or display error on 11th quote add. Like button location and discussion on having or not having this functionality.(closed) When writing post, in edit field, font styles and link format bleed into the blank space after the word or line break. As in: underscore strikethrough link etc.(closed) Too much vertical space used at the top of the page. Set the amount of posts to be displayed per page. Display user signature only once per page.(closed) There's a hard limit of 10 maximum images per post. This limit seems a bit too strict. Dailymotion videos Post # and share link icon next to post date and time(ideally on right) Quote or multiquote buttons after "Reply with more options" or "Full editor", while writing post. Login issues with Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock must be disabled. Horizontal scroll bar in post from < Code > content in post Removed old no longer used secondary Location field from your user profile. Removed display of own warning points for user.(only moderators can see) Member since display on post bio. Only shows up on the profile card when you hover over username. Emoticons / smileys too limited compared to the previous version. :cheers: Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  9. cybercoco

    Arma 3 Forum Member Title

    Hi all, everyone has a member title assigned on this forum. Mine is Newcomer. Is it related to the number of posts/thread published ? And does anybody know what are the different titles ?
  10. [Oric-1]

    No End Game forum?

    I see a section for Zeus but no where to discuss End game. Is there somewhere to give suggestions/feedback.
  11. Bugs and glitches: Links to latest posts are malformed for not logged in users. They lack the ?view=getnewpost parameter. Only the link to the date (such as: Yesterday, 14:50) has that parameter. Threads with polls light up as unread every time a vote is made. You can vote on your own threads. I mean, the stars at the top of a thread. Missing features: Features that were present in the previous version of the forums that haven't been implemented in the new version yet. Missing ability to set the amount of posts to be displayed per page. Missing badge display in posts for supporters. Currently badges are only displayed in the Profile page. Missing the Community groups. Missing bottom panel showing server time, etc. Smiley selection is way too limited. At least compared to the previous version. Missing ability to set format of time and date. To 24h, american date formatting, etc. Missing ability to state a reason when displaying the "Edited by" text. Missing ability to export PMs as xls. While the "Archive this conversation" feature might help with saving PMs it still seems quite limited compared to the ability to export as xls. Missing button to easily insert videos in posts. Meanwhile, you can embed videos using this format: [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<ID of your video>[/media] or just: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<ID of your video> Missing more forum layouts. There's currently an user made Dark Theme that could be of use to you devs. It's not possible to embed Daylimotion videos. Partially solved or unkown status issues: --- Suggestions and Inconsistent/Suboptimal behaviour: You are directed to the main forums page whenever you log in. You should be redirected to the page you were viewing before logging in, as it happened in the previous forums. Quote or multiquote isn't available in the "Reply with more options" or "Full editor" screen. I mean in the list of posts shown there. IIRC this was also the case in the old version, but it'd be nice to have. The Friends list doesn't seem to serve a purpose right now. One would imagine that they would work, among other things, as a "Contact list", so you can easily select any of them when creating a new PM. Yet, there's no link nor any other way to access your Friends when composing a PM. No inheritance in forums selected via "Filter by forum" in New Content. While not an issue per se, this isn't the behaviour I was personally expecting. I thought that by selecting the parent forum ("or subforums hub", such as the ARMA: COLD WAR ASSAULT / OPERATION FLASHPOINT one) all the children elements inherited that selection. Actually, you have to manually click every single subforum for this to work as (I) expected. If this behaviour stays, you could as well remove the parent ones, as selecting them does absolutely nothing and just confuses things. uBlock must be disabled to proceed correctly through the login process. The conflict lies here: Static filter /setcookie? . As in: https://account.bistudio.com/setCookie?client_id=... It's part of the EasyPrivacy filtering. APB seems to also conflict with the login process. Font styles and link format bleed to the blank space after a word or line break. As in: underscore strikethrough link etc. It'd be preferred to contain all that to pages and have styles close after line breaks. The current forum layout uses way too much vertical space. Multiquote limit is inconsistent. While it allows you to multiquote a whole page (20 posts) you won't be able to post that unless you trim it to 10 or less quotes. Search function doesn't allow common scripting/modding or military terms if they are under 4 characters. Such as sqf, sqs, COP, FOB, etc. There's a hard limit of 10 maximum images per post. This limit seems a bit too strict. Latest unread post in a locked thread. Ignore signature popup is clipped. Member since display on post bio. Only shows up on the profile card when you hover over username. Mark threads/indication if BI staff have replied. Custom Syntax highlighting of code. Tapatalk integrated functionality. It is installed however there are issues in the testing we have been performing. Unfortunately, there will likely need to be possibly some changes to Tapatalk client software, because of the unified BI account system. Solved issues: Non-issues that were reported as issues: Won't fix / Add / Re-Implement:
  12. All the subforums related to OFP editing (from scripting to configuration or modelling) are gone now. There's just an OFP EDITING subforum that is actually empty. Is this something temporary, something that has slipped through while upgrading to the new forums engine, or is it permanent?
  13. Kingsley1997

    Dark Forum Theme

    I've made a very rough theme for this forum since I can't stand the ugly box shadows and dark grey on white... I've tried to resemble Windows 10 in its dark look. It's very rough at the moment as I've only spent like 30 minutes on it but if you want to improve it please post back here with the CSS. I'm using Styler to load the CSS (Chrome app). CSS:
  14. MattLightfoot

    DayZ Forum downtime

    Hi all, As some of you are aware, both the BI forums and the DayZ forums were taken down late last week in response to someone attempting to gain illicit access to some areas of our websites. As is clear the BI forums are now back online. Hopefully the DayZ forums will be up shortly, so hopefully we will have more news either later today or first thing tomorrow morning (CET Time). I'll post an update here with any changes in the situation.
  15. Hello everyone. I have a question about ACE Flashbang. In the newest version of ACE mod, flashbangs doesn't work like this. How to make flashbang effect like in this video ?? Thanks for replies! ---------- Post added at 12:21 ---------- Previous post was at 12:20 ---------- Look at this video: Here is a video with flashbang effect, which I want to make in ACE... How ?