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  1. dragon01

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    They have to keep the money flowing somehow. Ideally, that would be achieved by releasing ArmA4, but seeing as RV reached its limits with ArmA3, that means a new engine. Engine changes are hard. I would appreciate it if my money went towards developing ArmA4 and not, say, DayZ or Ylands, but that's just me. At least DayZ has an engine which could possibly serve as a basis for ArmA4, if they ever get to actually doing that...
  2. dragon01

    Huron Not Really VTOL?

    AFM pretty much requires analog controls, and on all four axes at that. Stick, collective and pedals are operated in a very smooth, fine manner in real helicopters, something you cannot replicate on the keyboard. A HOTAS is best, but even a gamepad would help, people fly RC helicopters using radios with similar arrangements (albeit with collective axis non-centering). Analog control is a must in this case.
  3. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Was it actually called LAV-150 at any point? I know it as a V-150, and I recall it being in some other mod (CUP, perhaps?), under that name, as well.
  4. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Vodnik, perhaps? Such a fun vehicle to use in ArmA2. 🙂
  5. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    IIRC, that was a gift from a WWII mod that closed down. So it's unlikely that there'll be more development in that direction, unless someone else has a bucketful of relevant models to donate.
  6. TBH, people have been asking for that since the beginning, but BI has been unwilling to address the issue, probably because of sheer amount of remodeling it would take to allow them access to all of the same gears as males. Just ask the modders who are tried to do exactly that. They'd basically need to remodel every uniform and vest in the armory, and there's an awful lot of those. All for something that would be in really bad taste to put into a DLC. I hope that ArmA4, whenever it comes, has more than one body type available. RPGs have had character generators for years now, and it's an approach that static body and face models just can't match with regards to diversity. Considering that we've been hearing a lot about diversity lately, I'd think it'd be a good thing to consider. 🙂
  7. Once again, a desert helps there. If you've got water on one side and a sea of sand on the other, the boundaries won't be as jarring as they are with heavily forested terrain. Even DCS has this problem near the edges of its maps, and it has a much larger scale and lower detail than ArmA. An interesting option would be a peninsula with high mountains on one end. They also wouldn't have much vegetation, and they do a good job of obscuring things.
  8. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Actually, it isn't, almost every workplace I've heard from is doing this work from home thing wrong. It seems like when bosses and teachers can't look over your shoulder all the time, they pile on extra work, as if to make sure you don't have it too good. Heaven forbid you actually use the time you save by not commuting and so on for your own purposes. At least I hope you guys are getting paid for that overtime. Some people don't seem to think you're working unless you actually go there and "officially" clock in.
  9. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Prop planes can be loud, all right. Super Tucano, in particular, is a turboprop, makes quite a racket at full power. Jets too, in fact, jets should be even louder, much more so than they are now, but A3 plays fast and loose with those things. What is needed is fixing the AI so that it knows how to use it. It can't be fired on the move because it's a SACLOS missile with a non-stabilized sight. You'd never hit anything when moving at anything but a snail's pace, anyway.
  10. Actually, with VBIEDs, I think that was less of a problem with small arms fire not getting through the armor, but rather with it being unable to detonate the IED. If you shoot up the engine of a bomb truck coming at you... well, you still have a bomb truck coming at you, only now without an engine, which is of little help if it had already gotten close. It can't blow you up if it's shot to pieces, which is what GMGs are good for. This "hillbilly armor" was, in reality, never good for much. It could have some effect on RPGs if mounted some distance from the hull, to create a makeshift spaced armor, but without a solid backing plate that won't work, either.
  11. For jets (and also meaningful naval operations), you really need something like 100x100km (TOH-sized) maps. For ArmA4, I'd very much love to see something like that, but making a map like that detailed enough for infantry operations is nontrivial, to say the least. An option would be setting the game in a desert (something like the Persian Gulf, with lots of water on one side), which would allow concentrated high-detail areas with plenty of open space between them.
  12. What happened to the attempt at porting TOH maps to A3? I remember it being mentioned here a long time ago as being WIP. Was that project abandoned, or is it still going on behind the scenes?
  13. dragon01

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Are you sure it isn't the Contact DLC respirator? It looks remarkably similar.
  14. That picture proves my point. There is no way to fully conceal a heat signature, especially of a running engine. I do know what I'm talking about, seeing as not only do I study physics, I've got quite a few hours logged in flight sims. You clearly either didn't give camo nets a try, or you're trying to use Tanoa ones on Livonia, which will not work too well. The problem in ArmA is that everything that is not a unit or vehicle has the exact same temperature, so anything that is warm stands out. IRL, thermal imaging is not nearly as good. The bottom line is: if you're getting killed by jets, stock up on AA weapons. The truth is, aircraft really are that powerful, and it's very hard to hide a tank from them. If they know, roughly, where to look for you, you're toast, camo net or not. You can't prevent them from locking onto you (even with a cold engine) and you're unlikely to prevent them from finding you. Planes and attack helos kill tanks, that's just how the world works.
  15. Not true. They should work against IR to a degree, and depending on the environment (just like real camo) can make a tank much harder to spot at long range. It's impossible to make anything better on the ArmA3 engine, and besides, no camo is perfect.