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  1. dragon01

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    It was an expansion for ArmA3 (and I think its SP was botched, TBH). By "standalone" I meant a separate title like Iron Front. If you gave the new DLC another 5-10 missions (not necessarily in the campaign, ArmA2 had about 10 campaign missions and a number of single ones) it would be comparable to what full ArmA series titles typically had at release.
  2. dragon01

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    This does look like something akin to Iron Front. Now, this probably doesn't apply to every such DLC, but this one could very well be packaged and sold as a separate game altogether. 10 SP missions is a bit short for a standalone, but I think that's fine if the price is set accordingly. The assets are cool, and I suppose they could be used in an asymmetrical mission with 2035 units, but TBH, i think it would be somewhat odd considering the vehicles only come in West/East German liveries. This DLC is meant to be used completely separately from all the other ArmA3 assets. If you think of it as a standalone game tacked onto ArmA3 distribution for logistical reasons, it looks OK. For something that integrates with vanilla assets, I'd be opposed (BI should use the normal DLC system for that), but from what we know the other Creator DLCs are going to be similarly detached from vanilla setting (they're going for diversity, and there's little that vanilla hadn't tried). As a matter of fact, "Iron Front II" would be a really cool DLC idea, IMO (either Iron Front extended and revamped as A3 DLC, or another WWII story). I'll probably buy it if a bundle comes out, and it's on a good sale (the usual procedure for me, games are ridiculously overpriced in my country). It looks cool, but without the ability to test it out, I can't be sure if I really want it (I bought Iron Front for what amounts to pocket change for the same reason).
  3. I think that the last part might be because it would be very silly for a regular vehicle to keep burning while underwater. It does make sense to disable fire and smoke when in the water, though it causes problems for stuff like the ANZAC, which isn't a very common use case, to be fair.
  4. dragon01

    Jets DLC Suggestions

    Long range, as in, more than 25km? 🙂 Seriously, though, even the jets we have, even if we had a TOH-sized map to go with them, would realistically have combat range far exceeding the longest distance available on the maps. ArmA also doesn't really do conflict on a scale where strategic bombers would come into play. An off-map cruise missile is all you'd realistically get.
  5. Just saw the SitRep. A 3rd party DLC and a non-traditional BIS DLC? And here I thought ArmA3 development was winding down. 🙂 Well, it probably is winding down, but still, it's awesome that we're still getting new stuff after all this time (maybe that also means DLC bundle #2 will be sufficiently discounted for my budget come next sale 🙂). Eh, or at least it would be awesome and all, if I could play it. My GPU died a week or so ago and the integrated one is... not up to the task, to say the least. I hope I can get a replacement before all this gets staged to devbranch.
  6. dragon01

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    As a matter of fact, the Blackfish is almost exactly the size of C-130.
  7. There should be an option to render an object all the way up to terrain rendering distance. It's currently used for aircraft, may be worth looking into for the ships, as well.
  8. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Will the Trophy be functional on the new M1A2C?
  9. dragon01

    Next DLC

    Let's start with the fact that naval warfare would require new AI routines, which are definitely not in the cards at this point. The best we can hope for is another static, maybe for OPFOR this time. However, I suspect that those new assets have something to do with civilian side of things, since that's the most under-explored aspect of the game.
  10. dragon01

    Next DLC

    The next DLC will be from the 3rd party project. As far as I remember, BIS only has the "Old Man" mission slated for this year (probably soon), and it'll be a free addition. Very few people are left on ArmA3 by now.
  11. Ah, allright. I suppose I forgot to test that when interiors first came out. It's now working as intended, then. 🙂
  12. What's the "settle-in animation" thing about? I've tried the Gorgon and neither mounting nor turning in or out seem to have any new animations.
  13. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just as well, Russian military equipment is currently a moving target. With Armata, Su-57, Ratnik and many other projects kicking into high gear (and, at the same time, money trouble due to economic downturn and sanctions), it's hard to say how the Russian military will end up looking like. I'd imagine it'll take them a while to both iron out the kinks in the new equipment and to find the best ways to make the most of it.
  14. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    From what I heard, A few years ago at least it reflected reality pretty well. 🙂 Aside from a few elite units (those that the government uses for photo-ops, that is), the average Russian grunt would have the same gear (not just the same kind, but the exact same items, too!) as his equivalent from just before the USSR fell. Not sure how current that info is, but they certainly haven't gotten rid of the 90s equipment. I once investigated making an Afghanistan/Gulf War mod based on RHS, and while for the US it'd require a lot of new assets, the Russians would only require some config work.
  15. Well, the mine detector uses the same system, IIRC. Although I don't know if custom panels can be done.