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  1. Ah, allright. I suppose I forgot to test that when interiors first came out. It's now working as intended, then. 🙂
  2. What's the "settle-in animation" thing about? I've tried the Gorgon and neither mounting nor turning in or out seem to have any new animations.
  3. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just as well, Russian military equipment is currently a moving target. With Armata, Su-57, Ratnik and many other projects kicking into high gear (and, at the same time, money trouble due to economic downturn and sanctions), it's hard to say how the Russian military will end up looking like. I'd imagine it'll take them a while to both iron out the kinks in the new equipment and to find the best ways to make the most of it.
  4. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    From what I heard, A few years ago at least it reflected reality pretty well. 🙂 Aside from a few elite units (those that the government uses for photo-ops, that is), the average Russian grunt would have the same gear (not just the same kind, but the exact same items, too!) as his equivalent from just before the USSR fell. Not sure how current that info is, but they certainly haven't gotten rid of the 90s equipment. I once investigated making an Afghanistan/Gulf War mod based on RHS, and while for the US it'd require a lot of new assets, the Russians would only require some config work.
  5. Well, the mine detector uses the same system, IIRC. Although I don't know if custom panels can be done.
  6. Aegis is a system that allows multiple ships to coordinate their radars and missile fire, as well as providing the commander with a comprehensive picture of the situation. It also records it, which is useful in case the commander does something stupid like shooting down an airliner. All in all, it's of little use in ArmA, since it doesn't really provide that kind of depth to naval combat.
  7. I think you didn't understand what I meant. ArmA3 is getting expanded, instead of replaced, because the devs are still working on Enfusion, presumably to get it into a state where it could be used for ArmA4. This is taking a long time, much longer than usual (otherwise we'd be on the 5th game in the series by now, or at least a major expansion for 4). They need to keep the series alive in the meantime, so they keep adding things to ArmA3.
  8. It looks similar in size to other modern destroyers. Yes, it's big, but what is considered a "destroyer" has steadily balooned in size. A Zumwalt-class destroyer is 190m long, same as New Mexico-class superdreadnought from WWI era. I haven't measured it, but it seems to be around that length, as well.
  9. If I had to choose, I'd rather make it arty-only. It's the same argument I've made for the USS Liberty destroyer's gun while it was on dev branch. 5 inch guns in ArmA are most useful for shore bombardment, and, especially in absence of OPFOR naval assets, have limited utility otherwise. A situation in which you're picking off tanks on the shore with direct fire is a rare one, and against small boats the gun is overkill.
  10. I have to say, it's amazing that ArmA3 is still getting new content after all these years. I think it shows just how colossal an undertaking Enfusion is. I hope the end result lives up to it.
  11. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    BIS really should've added cannon rounds to Dynamic Loadout. It might be that Apache is sometimes flown without a full magazine - hot and high conditions, for example (or logistical considerations), might necessitate lighter loads.
  12. dragon01

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    As a matter of fact, the AH-64 actually does carry 1200 rounds for its main gun. It is a very large amount, but that's exactly what you get on the real thing. 30x113 is fairly short (for a 30mm round) and the shell casing isn't that much larger in diameter than the bullet itself, so you can cram a lot of them into a small space. If you still want to adjust I recall there being an "ammunition" slider somewhere in the unit attributes. That said, I don't know how it interacts with dynamic loadouts, you might end up with some missiles gone, as well.
  13. Actually, I have a suggestion regarding arty that might be useful. Make the players buy individual shells if they want to use it. This might be hard to implement, but from game-balance standpoint it'd not only allow the arty not to be overpowered, but also allow selection of shells according to situation. If you're short on points you might want to stick to smoke rounds, while you might want to shell out (pun intended :) ) for a guided one if they're using tanks (of course, you need to decide between that and buying a tank of your own...). The arty system itself should have a modest cost, except for MLRS launchers, which should have an "endgame" price. Ideally, smoke and illumination would be the primary use for most of the game.
  14. Not true. My father builds drones as a hobby (quadcopters and fixed-wing, for most part, but knowing him he'll eventually go into helos as well), and you can definitely mount a gimballed camera on something that small. Those cameras can be tiny, and you only need a pair of high-angle servos and a mount. Two-axis gimbaled cameras in general aren't very practical on copters (single-axis movement can be useful to a degree), but if you wanted that for some reason you could do it. That said, Black Hornet doesn't look like it has it.
  15. It's a problem with any game that does not account for where forces used for steering come from. In particular, a "magic" speed increase on one side without either slowing down on the other or putting extra load on the engine. If this was accomplished by braking a wheel/thread instead, it would be better, but the vehicle would lose a lot of speed in turns (a serious problem with IRL systems that operate in this principle).