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  1. What exactly is that tank? It might be the angle, but I just can't place it.
  2. I rather suspect someone dun goofed with the update. They wouldn't release it if all it did was to break existing audio.
  3. I rather suspect someone dun goofed with the update. :)
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is anyone else getting errors related to some S-25 variants? OF and LD, in particular. Something about missing config name. S-25 also doesn't show its name when selected (though the rocket itself seems to work fine otherwise). Also, the "single shot" mode on S-25 and S-24 rockets doesn't seem to work as intended. If you hold down the trigger, multiple rockets will still be launched. This is inconsistent with how "single fire" works on the US rocket pods.
  5. Imperial Measurements Please

    Yeah, you might've heard references to "klicks" (kilometers) as far back as 'Nam. 6-digit grids are divided in 100m squares. Caliber is given in milimeters (except holdovers like the .50cal). The military uses metric in almost everything. The only real holdout of old units would be aviation and navy, where feet, knots and (nautical) miles are still in use.
  6. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Wow, brilliant. Wasn't expecting that so soon. :) Seriously though, it's great that fixes and improvements are being released so promptly.
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm not sure of the exact mechanism involved, but as long as it's not redistributed with the addon, it'd essentially be a completely independent work that happens to use RHS as dependency (which is not prohibited even by an ARR license). Even if it is, if the model is not modified, it's simple redistribution. Again, that's all assuming the texture doesn't use anything from the original as a source, which is pretty unlikely unless the UVs are set up specifically to make that sort of thing doable.
  8. VTOLs only, like IRL. LHD's deck is too short for normal fixed wing, some small (Cessna-sized, that is) STOLs could use it, but it's not normally done. Fixed wing support module may not work in that case (never used it, so I don't know how it works), and I'm not sure about helicopter ones. Invisible helipad might help with the latter, though I'm not sure about that, either.
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Well, technically, if he made a texture completely from scratch and substituted it using in-game functionality, it wouldn't be a derivative of any sort. That said, I've never seen anyone actually manage something like that unless the UV was extremely simple.
  10. No idea what's going on, then. Are you on devbranch? There have been some locking changes today, maybe it's related to that fix. That said, I don't have CUP right now, so I can't check. BTW, Seattle looks wonderful. :) Maybe my Red Dawn-inspired campaign will yet have a chance of happening... How did you guys get the reflections to work? I remember it being an issue in previous conversion attempts.
  11. It works just fine with AI. RHS even has SACLOS-only missiles which also work fine, at least if the player is doing the flying (some devs have mentioned problems, but I haven't ran into them yet).
  12. *Condescending tech support voice* Are you sure the radar is on? :) Seriously, though, for K version it's to be expected, you do need a laser target. L should lock onto anything you can target on radar (not vis/IR!). At least, that's how I think radar guidance works in ArmA.
  13. If you don't move, the gunner will in all likelihood just keep the missile pointed where it was and may still hit. That said, smoke could probably use some tweaking. I never found it that effective at obscuring much, TBH. KoTH is not BIS' concern. The missile goes where the turret is pointing. If the turret works without a gunner in KoTH, then missiles will, too.
  14. That's probably manual guidance (that's why I always wanted separate missile types for manual, visual and heat guidance). It's effective because the AI gunner always knows where the target is and will point at it regardless of smoke. It's a bit more difficult IRL (though if you just pop smoke and don't move, the missile will still hit you if the gunner doesn't move the sight).
  15. I suppose I don't have anything to worry about, then. You see, most artists I know are, well, artists. Especially ones making professional quality models. You could have just told me straightaway that you already have actual pilots who can work out the FM, which is the specific thing I wanted to help with. I would have taken no issue with my skills being redundant, no snarking required.